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A Day In The Life

I have been meaning to do one of these Day in the Life posts for a while now, more for my own benefit than because I think any readers will find it interesting. It’s a wonderful way to remember how life is right at this very moment, so I owe thanks to Kayla (Baby Hazel Grey) for suggesting a mass Mumblr D-i-t-L-athon.

I wish I would have done this sort of post when Eleanor was a newborn, and then again a year ago so that I could better remember what daily life was like with a three month old, but at least now I will always remember what life is like with a 15 month old toddler. And let me tell you, it isn’t very glamorous. In fact, it is so unglamorous that I almost scrapped the entire project. We didn’t do anything special or interesting. I didn’t dress nicely. I didn’t even brush my hair until after 2pm. On top of that, Eleanor had a very toddlery sort of toddler day with more tantrums than I could count. She wanted me to carry her all day long, and if I tried to put her down she would hang on to me like a little monkey and cry hysterically. No one would be envious of this ordinary, boring, frustrating day. But I suppose that’s all the more reason to document it. This is it, this is my life. This is really it.

Monday, September 17th, 2012

8:00 - Wake up

It all started out so nicely. We slept in an hour later than usual, stretched, nursed, and cuddled. Eleanor said “Morning!” and was all smiles.

Then a trip to the bathroom. We are getting E familiar with the concept. No luck this morning though.

Off to the living room where Eleanor found her favorite toys.

She played for a few minutes and then we settled down on the couch for some nursing and cuddles.

8:30 - First Tantrum

All of this just over a diaper change. She really didn’t want a diaper change.

9:00 - Breakfast

We ate cheerios with bananas and strawberries, toast, and orange juice for Mama. I don’t drink coffee, but I look forward to a big, cold glass of OJ in the morning the way most people look forward to their first cup of joe.

9:30 - Tantrum #2

She didn’t want to get dressed. Of course getting dressed also involved another traumatic diaper change.

What should have taken two minutes ended up taking fifteen, but I finally managed to get some clothes on her.

10:00 - Chores

We put on the Raffi Pandora station and started cleaning.

We vacuumed, dusted, and washed a load of diapers. Not pictured is the tantrum she threw while I was vacuuming. Then we sat down and read a few (dozen) books.

11:30 - Lunch

Eleanor played with the magnetic letters on the fridge while I made lunch. We had turkey (a sandwich for me), cheese, tomatoes, and an apple. 

12:00 - Naptime

Naptime, sweet naptime. We laid down in bed together, nursed, read Guess How Much I Love You, and sang a lullaby. She was out in five minutes and slept for two and a half hours straight. Usually she sleeps for one hour, then needs to nurse again for a bit before going back to sleep for another hour or so, but she gave me a special treat, an uninterrupted two hour break from mommy duties. She owed it to me after all of the that fussing. I caught up on Tumblr, browsed Slate, and went through my Google Reader.

3:00 - Walk & Park

After she woke up from her nap we hung up the diapers to dry and got ready to go out on a walk and to the park. This was the first time I looked in the mirror all day. I really needed a shower, but I knew I couldn’t get away with taking one that morning since Eleanor was so unhappy. My hair was pretty gross, so I threw it up in a ponytail and brushed my bangs back. I put on a little bit of makeup, just enough to cover the worst of my pimples so that people don’t think I’m a teen mom. If I had better skin, I would have probably skipped the makeup altogether. Remember, I said this was unglamorous.

Oh, hi!

Eleanor helped with my makeup. 

I put on her brand new Keds.

We’re ready to go!

Mom’s Eye View, chillin in the stroller.

Since Eleanor was having such a cranky day I decided we should be out of the house for a long as possible. We walked around the lake and went to a park on its far side. I love living next to the lake; we walk around it at least twice a week. Eleanor was happy for the first quarter of the way, but then fussed until we got to the park and fussed all the way home from the park, so it didn’t end up being the great distraction I had hoped it would be. She had a wonderful time at the playground though.

5:00 - Home Again

We stayed a the park for a long time, and finally headed home to deal with the most difficult part of our day, the late afternoon. The last hour or so before Andrew gets home is always a challenge because Eleanor is starting to get really tired and hungry.

We nursed and snacked.

We read books.

Eleanor threw a tantrum because I had to put her down to go to the bathroom. I know it sounds cruel, but I just couldn’t manage to unbutton and pull down my jeans while holding a 23 pound toddler on my hip, so I had to literally pry her fingers off of me as I sat her down on the bathroom floor, where she proceeded to lay down and sob. The crying continued until I decided to let her watch a few minutes of Sesame Street.

6:30 - Dinner

I started prepping dinner. Burritos were on the menu. I gave Eleanor some kitchen utensils to play with while I made guacamole. That only kept her happy for a few minutes, and I couldn’t hold her and chop shallots at the same time, so she once again cried on the floor. I ruined dinner by putting a spoiled tomato into the guacamole. I couldn’t remember how old it was, and it felt a little squishy, but I tasted it and I swore it was fine. Andrew was really upset with me over the guac because he had been looking forward to it all day. The last thing I needed was two people being cranky with me. I was ready for this day to be done. I wanted to crawl into a quiet hole and just be alone for the rest of the night. Of course that didn’t happen. Andrew went to take a shower (lucky bastard) and I put Eleanor on my back in the Ergo to finish dinner. 

7:30 - Bedtime

She was so tired that I put her straight to bed after dinner, and so cranky that I didn’t manage to take any more pictures. We read Goodnight Moon, nursed, sang, and she fell asleep. Andrew and I finished off the evening by watching Parenthood on Netflix. I ate ice cream and a cookie because I find sweets to be cathartic. 

There you have it. A day in my life. 

A Day in the Life (17/09/2012)

I woke up at 9:04am this morning. GLORIOUS! Tsuki slept straight through for the first time in FOREVER, no 4-5-6am wake ups to give her some water. I jumped out of bed though on realisation on the time because I obviously automatically assume something is wrong if shes quiet. She was fine, sitting in her cot quite happily. Then I remembered the gas engineer was supposed to be coming at 9:30am. I had a cigarette, woke David up and threw some clothes on.

While we were waiting for the gas man to arrive and the kettle to boil I got a bit of cleaning done.

half the pots are done

Tsuki decided she would ‘help’ me hang up the laundry to dry

We then decided to watch and scream at the now running washing machine full of a load of laundry.

While the gas man was here, we ate our breakfasts. David had coco pops, Tsuki had nectarine and mummy had weetabix

normally, I watch the Wright Stuff in the morning, but more and more recently I havent been able to sit down long enough to watch it :/

So we got ready to go to the library!

Tsukis outfit (Im trying to to put her in any of the clothes I want to take on holiday with us, so she`s wearing rather strange outfits this week!)

We all left the house and on the way to the library we saw the gas man again who said he wasnt finished and needed to concrete the flue thing in as it wasnt attached properly. David went back upstairs with the gas man and I went to the library ON MY OWN.

However, the library was closed :(

So Tsuki and I had a little wander round the co-op and peacocks. We just got some bread, iced buns and these little wonders. Tsuki LOVES them!

After a little picnic of cakes and cereal puffs on the patio Tsuki had a little run around in her walker (which she is scarily good at now) and then went down for her midday nap (eventually).

While Tsuki was napping I attempted to organise my music collection, again. Its obscene how many songs I have!

Tsuki woke up at 10 to 3  so we watched Lost for an hour or so while she played and then we all had 'lunch’. Tsuki and David had mashed potato, cheese and beans. I had beans on toast.

We keep trying with fruit other than nectarines and bananas but Tsuki mostly isnt interested. She nibbled her pear today but didnt really eat any of it.

At 5pm we decided to go to Asda and collect the extra wide stairgate we had ordered. While we were there the landlord rang me and we had a long conversation about how crap the management agency she is employing is. She agreed. Tomorrow shes popping over and bringing a guy to give her a quote to fix the leaking garage roof (FINALLY).

As I feared, David decided we`d go to his mums to pick up the drill so we could put the gate up tonight. Also, as I feared, we were there for AGES. Tsuki was knackered and starving and hasnt had a bath tonight because we didnt have time.

We finally got home at almost 8pm so I put her pajamas on straight away and gave her a bottle. Then she had a little playtime while Eastenders was on and David and his mother were faffing with the gate so I put her to bed.

After that, I naively thought Davids mother would go home. How wrong I was. She stayed until almost 10pm. That woman, as much as I like her, really cant take a hint.

While all this was going on I was keeping my eye on my ebay account as the bundles of Tsukis clothes finished tonight. £34.50 I got for 2 bundles! Im really chuffed as thats most of the playpen/room divider that we need.

So I sat watching the new episode of Touch and browsing tumblr, while uploading pictures to flickr and crocheting a new bunny for my etsy shop. Multi-tasking FTW.

Its now 1 minute past midnight and Ive given up any hope of David coming off Minecraft long enough to hold a conversation with me, so Im going to bed!

This has been my day.

A Day In The Life

So this is a day in the life of myself and Aiden.  We normally have one activity or errand to do (sing-a-long, swimming, shopping, visiting family), but for the past 2 weeks we’ve been without a car and thus, can only go locally.

6:30: Hear Aiden making noise, talking to himself, playing, kicking the crib, I roll over and pretend I’m still sleeping.

7am: Finally awake I roll my ass out of bed and go down the hall to pick up a grinning baby. Change his diaper/clothes while he keeps trying to flip over on his tummy, each time I give his bum a smack that makes him grin. Put the little monkey in his high chair while I make dogs their food with mixed vitamins, make baby breakfast, make my breakfast and make coffee.  Take everything upstairs to the computer room then eat while watching a TV show on the computer and while baby is playing in his play pen beside me.

8 am: Feed baby - fruit and rice cereal.  Finish watching TV show while Aiden is in the jolly jumper.

8:30: Play with baby, sing, make faces, tickle him and then pretend to eat his hands and feet.

9:30: Give monkey a bottle, put him to sleep.  Take shower, and clean entire bathroom while showering as husband washed the dogs last night and it needs a clean. (some days we skip AM nap and go to story time, swimming or some other activity)

10:15: Decide against blow drying hair - husband and baby both think I’m beautiful anyways.  Decide to style hair on weekends only.  Collect dirty plates all over the house, do dishes, fill dog bowls, quick clean living room.  Blog, check facebook.

11: Aiden wakes up, another wrestling match to change his diaper.  Take him downstairs and put him on kitchen floor, sigh because its dirty from AM dog slobbering session (Leia, my shar pei, likes to drink water so much she sometimes throws up some of it at the end).  Make scrambled eggs with tomatoes, peppers, cheese and make toast.  Continuously moving baby to the ‘clean’ area of the kitchen, kick self if baby reaches the dog dishes (and then change his clothes and put him in the living room).

11:30-12:30: Lunch date with Aiden in which he takes frequent breaks to play with toys.  Play with toys, walk to the park and play on swing.

1:30- Naptime, baby has a bottle, mommy sings, baby plays in his crib for half an hour and then goes to sleep.  Mommy tries to nap, finds it futile after half an hour, studies for her return to work.

3:00 - Munchkin is awake!  Give him a bottle, go for walk up to chapters to look at books, see if any interest my lil guy.  Toy with the idea of getting 50 shades of grey.

4:30: Daddy’s home and plays with lil guy, mommy studies more for work and eventually gets up to cook some dinner.

5:30: Dinner time, baby gets whatever we’re eating or some frozen mush.  More play time, practice walking.  Another half a bottle.

6:45: Bath in the big boy tub with rubber duckies, floating fish and bright cloths.  Mommy unwillingly has a shower from baby’s splashes, realize it was a great idea not to style my hair.

7:30: Bedtime - fresh diaper, a bottle, mommy singing and then off to sleep.  Mommy and daddy sigh in relief and play video games together.  Pop downstairs to clean bottles

9:30: Bedtime! Snuggle while watching Stargate, maybe some nookie.  Skip the bottle and diaper - we go straight to sleep.