Why “Fed is Best” is Better Than “Breast is Best”
The breast is best ideology is so ubiquitous, so sneakily persuasive, that even those determined to remain open-minded to feeding options are overcome ...




I know I might sound like a bit of a hypocrite saying this, as I’m deep into 10 months of exclusively breast feeding my daughter, but my GOD you guys, breast feeding is such a racket. 


Feed your baby. Feed your baby with your boob, or with formula, or with a combination. Do not feel insufficient if you are not making enough milk in the early days, or ever. I supplemented, because as our pediatrician very wisely told me, our baby was just too hungry to eat. We topped her off with half an ounce or so of formula at feedings over a few days, and then my milk fully came in and she grew fat like a little suckling pig.

I was FREAKED OUT by it. I did not want to do it. But I did, bc what I wanted even more than to breastfeed was to have a baby that was strong and healthy. And it freaked me out that she was not gaining weight. She was fine, and we fixed it, but we fixed it with formula. And from then on, breastfeeding was easy for us.

But let me say this: if it’s hard next time, I will just go to formula. Knowing everything I know now, with almost a year of breastfeeding under my belt, I am MORE confident that I am not 100% committed to it next time. 

Formula is not lesser. It is a complete food that will grow a healthy baby, period. There are pros and cons to each– breastfeeding is free, and a wonderful relationship, and so easy in a pinch, but pumping is THE WORST (and definitely NOT free, esp if you feel your time has value), and no one can help feed her at bedtime or in the middle of the night– I haven’t had a 7pm in 8 months. Formula is expensive, and less natural than breastmilk, but can help your baby develop deeper relationships with her dad, and allows more uninterrupted sleep for mom. Both are good. Neither is wholly better. And Fed is Best. 

Please, please, please new moms, do not beat yourself up about using formula, either partially or wholly. 

And as I always say, nary a drop of breastmilk ever passed my infant lips, and I am a perfect human specimen. And that was crappy 80′s formula! 

Be kind to yourself, help your baby grow, and remember that FED is best.

THIS is what the weeks after delivery of a baby look like. Messy bed hair, milk stains all over my nursing night gown from engorgement, baby flab and bags under my eyes. Last night was the first time I was overwhelmed to tears from my baby just not sleeping and crying every time he unlatched. I keep telling myself; “This too shall pass.” … because it will! I won’t be in this spot forever. I love being a Mommy and I like to think that these sleepless night and perseverance make me a stronger person. For now, I am “just a Mom” and that’s fine with me.

Terrible Twos?

Cayden has been so, so, so bad this week.  He’s been throwing tantrums, laying on the ground, screaming at the top of his lungs, running the opposite direction from me, throwing things.  You name it, he’s been defiant.

I’m trying to chalk it up to him being tired but I honestly think it’s more than that.  So is it the terrible twos? Because if this shit keeps up, we’re gunna have to do something different.

Little person

It’s so cool watching Wesley turn into a little person. I love watching her personality grow, seeing her likes and dislikes. Like she loves to color. She’s a mini artist. She’s always taking my notebooks and pencils or pens. I bought her crayons today and she was so happy. And she likes animals. I mean I know all kids like animals but she loves them. She’s always playing with Zeus and she loves seeing them at the zoo. Her favorite books are the ones that have pictures of animals. She won’t watch cartoons but she’ll watch a half hour documentary with baby animals. It’s just so awesome getting to be a part of her growth.

So I have some news...

…and it’s big news and I imagine I’m going to want to vent, express my feelings, and ask for help on here sometimes, so I might as well go ahead and tell everyone.

I’m pregnant. I’m going to have a baby.

That said, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions (that I’m willing to elaborate on if you wish):

- this wasn’t the plan and I didn’t know if I even wanted children, but plans rarely work out anyway and unplanned circumstances can be beautiful all the same

- I am not with the father. I dated him over the summer and found that we were incompatible, but he is still planning on being involved in the child’s life

- contraception isn’t 100%

- it’s a boy

- I didn’t have an abortion because I didn’t want to

- I am scared as hell but also very excited

- I fucking miss beer

So, yeah. Pregnant. Me. I’m pregnant.

19 Genius Ways To Upcycle Your Child’s Plastic Dinosaur Collection

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Turn Them Into Drawer Handles

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Make Yourself Some Great Place Holders

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Here we go again
As most of my followers probably know I gave birth to my son Kendrick three weeks ago.  He’s perfect in almost every way - except he only has one kidney.  It’s currently not functioning at it’s full capacity and will likely require corrective surgery.  Unfortunately, his specialist isn’t in our insurance network and they are refusing him care because we can’t put up the down payment for his treatment. I tried other specialists but we’re basically at a stand still - it’s the same problem with all of them - they’re all not covered and we can’t get a referral due to issues with his coverage.
I can’t work right now because I have to spend my time taking him to doctors and hospitals AND I can’t exactly afford daycare for him so we’re really tight for money.  Between the hospital bills he already has, our normal utility expenses and being down to one income, I honestly don’t know what to do. I can’t get any assistance for food or formula for him because my fiance makes too much money.  We’re poor, just not poor enough.
So I hate to ask for handouts or help, I’m too much of a prideful person but it’s not just about me anymore.  I have to make sure my son will be okay too. I took the donate button off my blog, PayPal was taking a lot of money from the donations i was getting, so if you’d like to help us out, my email is - you can send it there. Also keep us in your thoughts.
Anyone who donates I will find something to give you in return but right now I have nothing to give.  Anything helps, it’s all appreciated.  And if you can’t donate, share and we’ll hopefully figure it out.  I’ll probably be starting a gofundme, but I’ve heard something about a percentage being taken off for the website or smth idk, I have to do some research,  but anything helps.  Thanks for reading, Kendrick thanks you!