So Patrick developed and attempted to scan some 35mm film the other day and our scanner just… spontaneously didn’t work. He ended up digitalizing the film using a makeshift light table with his cell phone and a photo frame and our macro lens on the Fuji

They didn’t come out perfect at all… and there was definitely a light leak in this camera but I LOVE how dreamy they are and honestly just love them in general. He’s upset they aren’t perfect but they seem pretty perfect to me minus the weird water spot looking morph from the cell phone light

So question for ya’ll, do mittens really work? On the advice of a nurse we’ve just used baby socks since we got the bulk 50pk but he gets them off so easily and he scratches his face 😭 We’ve tried filing and clipping his nails but no matter when we do it he moves or clenches his fist and if we force him to open his hand or give us a finger he wakes up or gets upset.

He’s gonna live in sleepers for the next few days because the built in mittens help so much and idc if he has a full outfit at home… Rocky thinks mittens are useless even though his daughter used them for 3 months…

*pic is Rocky last Saturday before we took him home ❤ I swear those shorts are newborn 😂 He looks just like daddy ❤

My friend sent me a podcast about a woman talking about her daughter with Down syndrome who is a teenager.

I laughed. I cried. And now I can’t get one part out of my head “she told us she doesn’t like the Down syndrome part and wants it to go away.” And just like that I am rethinking my life and parenting and trying to come up with ways for her to just love herself as she grows. Ugh. Parenting is emotional.

Jamie and I didn’t intend on getting married at the beginning. Free spirit soulmates who finally found someone on the same wavelength. As our relationship progressed and our life together blossomed, we decided to have a baby and the “wife someday” and “one day, husband” came out. Once River was born we began to call each other wifey and husband, as that’s what our life became. Neither of us religious, more freely spiritual (on my end), so it had nothing to do with the creepy “no sex until you declare an oath for the invisible man in the sky”. That was out of the question. Boyfriend/girlfriend just began to feel so juvenile of a term.

So in January Jamie proposed. More than anything, I am thrilled to share my son and Jamie’s last name, and we are pretty excited for a big party.

I know the news is delayed, but hurray. 😋💕

I’ve been terrible at checking Tumblr other than when I want to vent or talk about random shit. So I have been missing out on all the baby updates. @babybeanlife And @mel1nated keep tagging your stuff mumblr like you have and I’ll check that tag so I can keep up with the babies! I’m so happy for you guys and that everyhting seems to be going good for you both. These first few days and weeks are such a beautiful blur and I hope you’re loving motherhood. 💕💞

This little giraffe is awesome. It plays continuous songs for a couple min even after the little night light goes off. And yes she does have a blanket on her but I’m sitting right next to her and she was so asleep she wasn’t even moving so I don’t wanna hear anything about it. Same for the giraffe. I was right next to her and it was in a place where she couldn’t magically somehow grab it and put her face in it. It’s also not like super soft so you can’t really shove your face in it and cover your mouth and nose. But either way. I was watching her to make sure nothing happened. This is just how she likes to sleep during the day when I’m awake to watch.

I have been a childcare professional for almost six years and been a parent for ten.

Whenever someone says that children are too young to learn about ‘gay’ stuff, I practically die laughing because, ladies and gents:

I have seen small children do WAY more stereotypically ‘gay’ stuff than straight without a care in the bloody world.

I have seen little boys happily put on dresses, kiss each other, hug, take care of babies, expertly put a nappy on a doll and be completely unafraid to cry when they’re hurt.

I saw two little boys being Dads and when one of them asked me ‘Can you ask one of the girls to be the Mummy?’ I replied ‘Well, some houses have two Dads, why don’t you guys have two Dads?’ and THEY SHRUGGED, NODDED AND WENT OFF TO PLAY TWO DADS.

I have seen little girls declare loudly they will marry their best friend, marry two dollies together, play house with two mums, build aeroplanes out of lego, get angry and love dinosaurs.

Why? Because they don’t give a shit what you think and they haven’t been told any of this is ‘wrong’. Maybe none of these children are gay, but the fact that they think- KNOW- that this stuff is just stuff and any basis in gender or sexual preference is completely arbitrary, is so important and it gives me so much hope.

Also, I asked my daughter if she wanted to marry a boy or a girl, she said girl.

Because it’s an option. So there.

Enjoy your children. If you see them as an inconvenience, then they will always inconvenience you. When your days are dark, make them your sun, and soon, you’ll watch your entire life brighten more and more as the days come.
—  Something I remind myself of during my lows.