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BTS Scenario: Morning Sex Maknae line

Warnings: SMUT and a light choking kink with one of the maknae members…you’ve been warned.

Requested by anon: A bts reaction to morning sex. 

I did it in a scenario format instead. Enjoy everyone!

Here’s hyung line :) 

Park Jimin:

You turned around to give Jimin a hug, but instead was met with emptiness, the warmth of his spot was all that lingered, signs that he had just gotten up. Groggily, you got up to survey the house, wanting nothing but to hug your boyfriend, who’d just gotten back late that night from a long tour, and found him making some coffee in the kitchen.

To your unknowing luck, he only had on a pair of black and red plaid pajama pants that hung just right around his waist. The hug you had wanted earlier turned into something more as his strong, chiseled back muscles that flexed with every small movement, so you walked up behind him, running your hands up his warm back and around his waist.

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Originally posted by lovingluke

A/N: This is so raunchy like raunchy to the point that it should have more warnings…

Warning: Contains Sexual Content. View At Your Own Risk!!!

     The smell that emitted off of Luke had your senses on high. You loved the smell Luke came home with after a full day of work. It was the same smell that followed Luke home when he had just finished working out. It made you want to climb on him and possibly suck the soul out his body. The minute he came home you had jumped on him. Initiating an intense makeout and marking his skin to your liking. This had gone on for weeks and each time Luke came close to actually getting your clothes off and fucking you until your mind went numb you’d pull away. The constant teasing had angered Luke to a point where he decided to play you at your own game. Luke’s version of teasing was of course tortuous. He was already dominate in bed but when it came to punishing you Luke became a whole different person.

You were stark naked, hands tied behind your back, and nipple clamps clung to your breasts. Your chest heaved up and down in exhilaration and your eyes were watered with tears as the pain subsided. Luke’s hand ran over your ass trying to smooth away the pain. His hand cold against your now hot skin. You swallowed hard and your eyes squeezed shut in pain went Luke sent another harsh slap to your ass. Another yelp left your lips and you let out a small moan “Fifty,” the number left your lips in a staggered breath and you were beginning to see stars. Luke licked at his bottom lip and his hand slipped between your legs. A grin made its way onto his face at how soaked you were. Your juices slipped down your thigh and coated Luke’s fingers. Your clit throbbed when his fingertips brushed over it and your body shook.

“I don’t think you’ve had enough,” Luke said, grasping one of your still burning ass cheeks and squeezing it. You winced in pain and whimpered as Luke continued to squeeze at the cheeks. “Get up,” he said in a deep voice, yanking at your tied hands to lift you up. Luke let out a sigh of relief when you sat up, relieving the pressure you had placed on his cock. You stood up and legs wobbling beneath you as you turned to face Luke. Luke unzipped his pants and began to pull them down until he was just in his boxers. You quietly stood in your spot, teeth sinking into your bottom lip as you stared at Luke innocently. “Oh no that’s not going to work now,” Luke said, beckoning you over. “You’re the one that did this. You do the crime you pay the time now get on your knees,” he demanded. You did as you were told and carefully sunk down to your knees. Luke walked up to you and his hand reached out to rub at your hair. “Do you know what I want?” Luke questioned, you nodded your head and Luke smirked. “You can talk,” he said.

“Yes, Mister,” you answered, slowly catching your breath. Your mouth watered at the thought and having his cock in your mouth was something you had been longing for. 

“I want to hear you say it,” Luke mumbled, running his thumb over your bottom lip. Your mouth parted and he slipped his thumb between your lips. Luke gaze was dark and a smirk was on his lips as you sucked on his thumb. Tongue sliding along the side like you’d do as if you were sucking him off. You moaned against his thumb and Luke pulled his finger from your mouth. “What do I want you to do?” Luke asked.

“You want me suck your cock, Mister,” you replied. Luke tsked at your words and shook his head. 

“I don’t just want you to suck,” he said, grabbing at your cheeks and making your lips pucker. Luke stared at your darkly a fire burning in his eyes. “I want you to deep throat me…to choke on my cock until your crying and about ready to pass out.” You swallowed hard at his words and his hold on your face loosened. “Do you think you can do that for me?” he softly asked though you knew you didn’t have a choice. You had angered Luke to a point where his thoughts of having you his way couldn’t be changed. Whether he asked you or not you were going to do exactly as he said.

“Yes, Mister I can do that,” you whispered. Luke grinned as stood up straight. You moved closer to Luke and leaned forward your lips kissing at his clothed cock. Luke closed his eyes at the action and you smiled to yourself. You kissed at his skin and then took the hem of his boxer briefs into your mouth. Slowly you pulled them down until his cock was visible and in your face. Luke stepped out of his underwear and then sat down at the edge of the bed. 

“Get to work, Peaches,” he said. Your hands were still tied behind your back and with how tight the strip tie was you knew it was going to leave marks. You bent down, tongue coming out to lick at his cock. It stood erect and a low grunt left Luke’s lips as you continued to lick his cock as if it was a popcicle. You sucked at the head of his cock tongue poking out to lick at his slit and tasting his precum. You pulled away from him and blew cool air onto the head of his cock. “Fuck what did I say about teasing do you want more spanks?” Luke moaned, raising his hips up so push his cock in your face. You shook your head fast, your ass still burning from the fifty slaps Luke had given you before. You hollowed your mouth and took him down your throat. Luke wanted you to deep throat him, so that was exactly what you were about to do. Your head began to bob up and down at a steady pace and a series of moans left Luke’s lips. Your tongue stuck out to rest under his cock as you sucked some more. You came up for air and dipped your head low to fondle with Luke’s balls. Luke sat up on his elbows to watch you. Your head came back up and you took him in your mouth once again keeping eye contact the whole time. “I thought I told you to choke on my cock,” Luke hissed, bucking his hips up and making your gag at the action. You quickly pulled up and coughed for a second before sucking in some air. He looked down at you with raised eyebrows and you quickly nodded. 

“M’sorry, Mister I’ll do as you say,” you whimpered once he roughly grabbed at your hair. Luke nodded for you to continue and you began to take him down your throat once again. This time Luke took control bucking his hips up so that he was fucking your mouth. You moaned around his cock and breathed through your nose to steady your breath. Luke pushed your head far down and you gagged a bit. 

“Take it all the way,” he growled, repeating the action until the tip of your nose hit against Luke’s pubic bones. He held your head down and was muttering dirty nothings in your ear. Luke’s grip on your head loosened to allow you to pull up for a bit of air. Once you had gotten just a smidge of breath he had his cock down your throat again. Luke kept repeating the action and when your head lifted again he moaned at the sight; your lips were swollen in a pout, saliva mixing in with his precum and a string of it following along as you lifted up. “Fuck that’s it, Peaches you’re taking my cock so well,” Luke praised as you took him down your throat again. Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes and Luke kept on fucking your mouth until you were crying. It was getting harder for you to breath and your eyelids fluttered and just as you were about to lose your breath Luke came. Loud moans left his lips and you began to suck him dry and swallowed up his load. “That wasn’t so bad was it?” Luke breathlessly said, resting back into the mattress. His arm came up to rest over face and Luke sucked in a few deep breaths until he had wind down from the high. You were still on your knees going quiet and watching Luke intently. You knew not to move especially since you weren’t sure if Luke was still in a punishing mood or not. “Get up here,” Luke demanded.

You stood up as best as you could with your hands still being tied up and climbed onto the bed. Luke looked over to you with hooded eyes and his hand reached out to rest on your thigh. His fingers trailed up your body to take the nipple clamps off and you let out a sigh of relief as the pain went away. You were soaked and your body ached at the thought of having him fill you up. Luke’s hand slid back down your body then went between your legs and his thumb pressed against your clit. You sucked in a deep breath and your teeth sunk into your bottom lip as Luke softly rubbed at your clit. “Mister please,” you whined, feeling Luke slide a finger into your heat. He added in another finger and began to thrust them into you. 

“Come sit on my face,” Luke said in a low voice, curling his fingers up and making a loud moan leave your lips. He pulled away from your core and reached behind you to take off the strip ties. You began to rub at your wrists and Luke let out a low chuckle. “Don’t be so smug,” Luke said, grabbing at your hands to tie them in front of you this time. “I don’t need you falling without being able to catch yourself,” he said, putting them on tighter this time. You let out a huff and began to move until you were hovering over Luke’s face. Luke licked at his lips and you held onto the headboard as best as you could with tied hands. His hands immediately circled around your thighs and pulled you down closer to his face. Luke moaned at the aroma of your juices and lifted his head to take a long lick between your folds. You gasped at the feeling and your eyes closed in pleasure as Luke took another lick. After teasing you for a while Luke got to work and began to suck at your clit. The sounds of him slurping at your juices echoed in your ears and you began to rock your hips starting to ride Luke’s tongue. You wanted more than just his tongue and with your hands tied up you couldn’t touch him the way you wanted to. 

“Mhm that feels so good, Mister,” you hummed, your grip on the headboard tightening as Luke inched his fingers back into your heat. Luke mumble something against your core the vibrations of his words being sent to your clit. Luke’s other hand reached up to slap at your ass and you whined in pleasure beginning to ride his fingers. Luke smiled at the action and he nibbled at your clit twice before sending two kitty licks up your folds. Luke was teasing you. giving you a taste of your own medicine for the long week of teasing him. It was torture and each time Luke’s tongue lapped at your folds teasingly your knees went weak. He began to thrust his fingers up into you. The digits twisting and turning as his fingertips brushed at your g-spot. Already you could feel your release approaching. Combined with the adrenaline of Luke spanking you and now him fingering and eating you out, it made you in bliss. You began to clench around Luke’s fingers and he pulled away before your orgasm could come. “LUKE!” you whined in frustrations being harshly pulled down from above him. You let out a small yelp and Luke slapped the inside of your thigh close to your clit. 

“What did you call me?” Luke questioned through gritted teeth. He slowly rubbed at your clit and dipped his head down to mark the skin between your earlobe. 

“L-Luke,” you hesitantly repeated, feeling heat flush at your chest as he continued to pleasure you.

“That’s what I thought. What did I tell you to call me?” he asked, hands pulling away from your core. You frowned at the action and gripped at Luke’s wrists. He stopped in action and stared at you darkly. “Let go or you’ll be punished even more,” the words came out in a low voice. So low that it sent a chill down your spine and made a flood of wetness rush towards your core. When your hand didn’t remove Luke tsked and then tore away from your grip. “I don’t want you cumming until I say so got it? And since you decided to disobey me-” Luke climbed off the bed then left out the room. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and you patiently waited for his return. Your tied hands slid between your legs as best as it could and you began to pleasure yourself as Luke did whatever it was that he was doing. Your head fell back into the pillows as you rubbed at your clit small hums leaving your lips at the pleasure. You knew if Luke had caught you you’d been in trouble, but he had been denying you so you were taking matters into your own hands. Unbeknownst to you Luke had gotten back. He watched with a fire in his eyes as you were playing with yourself. His hands clenching in frustration at the sight. It two long strides Luke had made his way to you. His large hand circled around your ankle and he dragged you to the edge of the bed. “Who said you could touch yourself?” Luke growled, sending a hard pinch to one of your nipples. You whined in both pain and pleasure eyes shooting open to stare at Luke. He pulled you up by the hand ties and to your dismay Luke took them off to tie your hands behind your back once more. Even tighter to the point where they couldn’t move this time. 

“No one, Mister. I’m sorry,” you replied voice wavering. Luke nodded at your words the expression on his face unreadable. Your eyes trailed down his body and landed on his once again hard cock. You knew Luke wanted you just as much as you wanted him. “Do you want me to suck your cock again, Mister?” you innocently asked. A moan slipped passed his lips and Luke’s eyes closed as he tried to focus on not blowing a load right there, He was going to punish you again, but seeing you pleasure yourself made Luke wanted to be balls deep inside of you.

“Face down ass up, Peaches,” he demanded, the tight grip on your ankle releasing as he went to grab the lube from the closet. Luke knew he really didn’t need the lube. You were soaking wet and your juices were already coating your thighs and staining the sheets. The lube was going to add something extra and he knew the feeling would burn once he spanked you again. You slowly turned over onto your side then onto your stomach. It took a lot of strength to lift you hips up with your hands being tied behind your back. You were rested at the edge of the bed and soon felt the coolness of the lube being poured onto your ass. The liquid spilled down between your folds and you wiggled your ass in anticipation. Luke ran the head of his cock between your folds to tease you both. Instead of feeling him enter you like you had expected Luke sent a hard slap to your ass. You gasped in surprise and while you were distracted he swiftly entered you without warning. 

“Oh f-fuck,” you sputtered out a cry of pain leaving your lips as he slid deeper inside of you. Your eyes squeezed shut as you tried to focus on him being inside of you. The pain soon subsided and Luke began with a fast pace. It was almost like he was chasing for his orgasm the sounds of both your slick skins hitting against one one another echoing about the room. Luke was grunting like crazy his moans motivating you. You began to move back into him and felt Luke pour on more lube. Your moans were loud as Luke pounded hard into you his hand reached out to grab at your tied wrists and he pulled you up. Your back arched as you came up Luke’s cock beginning to reach a different angle at the action. 

“You like that?” Luke questioned earning a moan from you. “Mhm? Can anyone else fuck you like this?” he spanked you once again and you let out a tiny scream.

“Yes-no one fucks me like you do Mister,” you purred, head turning to the side to capture Luke’s lips with yours. You missed the taste of his lips and throughout this whole time he hasn’t kissed you once. Luke’s pace slowed to allow you to feel every inch of his cock as he kissed you. Teeth clashing together in a heated kiss, tongues massaging one another. The kiss broke and Luke softly pushed you back down into the pillows. His hips snapped against yours and your thighs quivered as you felt your release approaching. You still hadn’t come from before and from what it seemed Luke wasn’t going to allow you to orgasm just yet. His cock pulling out of you and slipping up and down your folds in a teasing manner. “Mister please,” you whined feeling your walls clench. You felt empty without Luke filling you up and you knew he was stalling. 

“Please what?” Luke said, hand going down to rub at your clit. Your torso fell onto the bed at the pleasure and you shook your head violently. You knew what Luke was doing and you despised him for it. You knew you couldn’t hold out much longer and if he kept playing with you the way that he was you were going to explode. You felt the strip ties come off and you moaned at the relief of no longer feeling pain. Your hands rested on the side of you near your head and your chest rose at a fast pace. “Please what?” Luke repeated, grabbing your ass cheeks and beginning to play with them. 

“Please let me come,” you whispered, lifting up on wobbly arms and pushing back into Luke’s cock. His hands flew to your hips and he gripped it tightly. Luke smirked in response and you turned over to look at him. Eyes wide and a pout on your lips. He climbed onto the bed and lined his cock up with your entrance before slowly sinking in. This time Luke’s strokes were longer this time more agile as he went in deep. Your legs circled around his waist to draw him in closer his pubic bone hitting against your clit in time with his thrusts. Your nails scratched down his back and Luke moaned into the crook of your neck as he rolled his hips into you. You were so close clenching uncontrollably around his cock and seeing stars. One of your hands reached down to rub at your clit. “Let for me baby. Scream my name until your lose your voice,” Luke whispered in your ear, sucking love bites into your skin. Luke gave you a sharp thrust and you came undone beneath him shouting his name at the top of your lungs like he had asked. 

“Fuck it’s yours, Luke!” you screamed, body tensing as waves of pleasure crashed over you.

“That’s right, Peaches this pussy belongs to me.” Luke kept muttering dirty words in your ear riding out your high. A few strokes later Luke let out a low moan and hunched over spilling his seed into you. You moaned at the feeling head drifting from side to side as you began to wind down from the orgasm. Luke pulled out and you moaned at the loss of not having him fill you up. Your orgasm was mind blowing and you felt your body mold into the mattress as the weight of your limbs turned into jelly. The bed shifted and you soon heard the sound of water running. Seconds later Luke came back with a wash cloth. His actions were delicate and careful this time as he touched you. Pulling your legs apart with care and cleaning you up. Even when Luke was being dominant in bed to the point where he was almost animal like he never failed to make sure you were okay. His sweet side coming through once more and taking care of you until you were as comfortable as possible. You loved to be submissive for Luke. Being in charge all day everyday at work was tiring and being dominated for once was pleasurable. You loved the fear it provided but at the same time you knew Luke wasn’t going to hurt you. Even through it all he would protect you.  

Wild Ride (E.D) smut

This ones for you dad (@wonderfuldolans)

(so this actually started as a joke but then I decided to make it a thing.)

Summary: Ethan Has always been “submissive” and some may say “vanilla” in bed, but a overheard conversation between a guy that’s always had a crush on y/n switches all of that up, bringing an entire new side of Ethan to light.

A/N don’t mind me just making my cum back

Warnings: Dom E,ass eating, thigh riding,  face sitting, restraints, ass smacking,choking, “daddy”, 69, shit ton of biting, Nipple clamps, you know the usual.

“Babe, I’ll be right back i’m going to get us another drink.” My boyfriend Ethan whispered into the shell of my ear, loosening his grasp from my waist, wandering off into the party surrounding us soon disappearing into drunken souls all around the house, including myself.

“Hey Y/n, thanks for coming!” I heard a voice slurring from behind me.

That voice could only belong to one person, and that is Jc Caylen, yes the “JC” this was his party for god’s sakes. The twins and Jc, were on pretty rocky terms as of late because of a fight that erupted between Kian and Grayson, but I had always been good with Jc, we’re basically best friends, so that didn’t stop me from coming, but Ethan decided to come as well, which was surprising to be honest.

“No Problemo Jc, great party so far thanks for inviting us!” I yelled back, trying to be heard over the loud crowd.

“Mind If I steal a dance gorgeous?” He asked, filling the gap between my ass and his crotch, damn this is going to piss Ethan off.

Usually, I would pry myself away, but I was feeling pretty bold tonight, and knew this would infuriate Ethan

“So, how are you and E going?” He asked as he moved his hips along with the beat.

“Oh pretty good! What about you, are you seeing anyone?” I basically shouted out in attempt to be heard by my friend.

“No one really. But, back to you, how’s it really going, like sex wise?” 

“Shit Caylen you’re really going in deep huh? But not going to lie, I’ve had to fake a few orgasms lately.”  I said in my drunken state

Honestly Ethan wasn’t bad in bed, he was really good actually, it was just it felt like the same thing over and over again, plain vanilla sex, nothing different or extraordinary, but I never say anything because i’ve always been embarrassed of asking for sexual favors, and always feared confrontation so I never brought it up to Ethan

“Shit, that’s not good but, I know i can fuck you better than he ever could.” He purred in my ear. Damn, Jc was always flirty, but the booze is really in his head tonight.

“You want to say that fucking again, what the fuck are you doing on my girl?” I hear yelled out, as Ethan pried Jc from my waist.

“That’s fucking it, we’re going home.” Ethan practically growled dragging me to the car. Not even looking in Jc’s direction, his eyes baring down on my body as he slammed the door open, and threw me onto his shoulder, carrying me to the car.

“Ethan what the fuck are you doing?” I yelled out, trying to fight my way down, but his strong grip kept me atop his shoulder.

Once he walked us over to the car he opened the door for me, not even making eye contact. Soon making his way to the drivers seat, gripping the wheel with strength, to the point his knuckles were nearly white.

“Tsk tsk, you’re going to regret everything that happened in that house by the time i’m done with you.” he mumbled. 

The entire car ride was painfully silent, I didn’t dare to say a word, because I didn’t know what Ethan would do honestly, i’ve never seen him like this, he was always the “nice, caring” boyfriend, I don’t think he’s ever been dominant a day in our relationship, he’s always been submissive which I never minded but this side of Ethan needed to come out more often. 

Damn, did he look sexy like this, feeling a little daring I decided to move my hand to his crotch. 

No reaction.

And that pushed me further, as I began to massage him through his dark wash jeans, this time he let out a small sigh, immediately catching himself by biting his lip.

I continued my actions, grinning to myself as he slowly grew hard beneath my palm.

“Fucking stop i’m driving.” He growled once more.

Damn, his animal tattoo has some really meaning tonight,

The car ride longed on, causing me to grow more anxious by the second. I couldn’t take this anymore. I needed Ethan, some way or another.                        Just as I was getting to my breaking point, the car stopped, thank god.

“We’re here.” He blatantly spoke. Making his way toward the door, grabbing my hand and dragging me along with him, once we made our way to the door he fumbled his keys around and opened it, steeping back so I could enter first.

No hesitation, he crashed his lips against mine,shoving me roughly against the wall, seconds later breaking the kiss causing me to whine out loud.

“Strip,then head toward the bedroom while I grab a few things, don’t you dare touch yourself.” he demanded as he stared my body down intensely causing me to grow wetter by the second.  I wonder what he’s even getting, do we even own any type of sex related object? Because if we did I had no fucking clue. But, obliging his request I stripped all of my clothes off, and headed toward our shared room.

Once I made my way to our room, I laid down on the bed  sitting on the side of the bed, waiting impatiently for E. Ten minutes have passed and he’s nowhere to be found, but I’m not testing the waters tonight, i’m staying put, well for now.

“Good girl, stripping for daddy.” Ethan spoke entering the room, with a pair of handcuffs, something that looked like a clamp of some sort, and a pair of darkened, lust filled eyes.

When in the hell did he get these?

“Daddy?” I questioned.

“Yes baby girl, I’m not Ethan tonight.” He spoke, nearing my body.

“Stand.” He demanded, causing me to spring up immediately.

“Okay baby girl, here’s a few rules for tonight, speak when spoken to, no touching or i’ll tie you up, and no moaning or i’ll stop, or worse.” He growled into the shell of my ear, smacking my ass, causing a squeal to erupt form my lips.

“Lay down baby girl” Ethan demanded once more.

“Yes sir.” I replied obliging to his commands

Once I laid down, Ethan lowered himself down to my stomach, placing butterfly kisses atop it, slowly moving his way up my torso moving to my left breast, making his way to my nipple, wrapping his mouth around it and biting gently, causing me to suppress a large moan, because he couldn’t stop, not right now.

“You like that huh baby girl? I can tell, I know you want to moan, but not yet gorgeous, trust me you’ll be screaming my name in a while.” 

Ethan soon began to leave large hickey’s on my chest, going lower, and lower, until he reached just above where I needed him right now.

“Mhmm, you want me to eat you out babygirl? Or maybe I can do something a little different? Hmm, you’ll see baby.” He teased, as he had I decisive look on his face, looking like he was thinking deeply about what he wanted next.

“Sit on my face princess” He bluntly said, motioning for us to switch positions, I was nervous as hell honestly, i’ve never done this, with anyone, but I have to listen to “daddy”.

“What are you waiting for, Daddy doesn’t have much patience tonight” Ethan called out.

Once he said that, I grew a burst of confidence and brought my pussy up to his face, lowering myself down slowly to his lips, as soon as I did, he attached his large plump lips to my clit, sucking harshly, causing me to let out a small moan, shit I hope he didn’t notice.

And he did, as soon as that damned moan left my mouth, he stopped his actions. “What did I say?” He questioned.

“No moaning daddy.” I replied hoping he wouldn’t stop.

“Get up.” He demanded, getting up from his spot, and moving to the edge of the bed.

“Lean over my lap.” He demanded once more.

And I did as he said, leaning over his lap.

“Since you didn’t listen to daddy, you’re going to get a spanking baby girl. How many do you think you deserve?” He asked

“I-I don’t know daddy, how many do you think I deserve?”


Smack “one” Smack “two” smack “three” I ended up counting to 20, damn he was enjoying this “daddy” persona.

“Okay babygirl, I think you’ve had enough.” He spoke, giving a gently kiss to my now raw skin.

“Come up here” He demanded patting his thigh.

“Ok daddy” I replied, making my way to his clothed thigh, “ride it” he demanded once more.

I complied, rocking myself back and forth on his thigh, leaning my head into the crick of his neck, biting down gently.  On the brink of cumming, he stopped my actions, removing me from his thigh. Moving toward the head of the bed.

“Since you were so good baby, I think you get a little reward.” He said, climbing back into the position we were once in, this time removing his pants, and boxers.

“Sit on my face again babygirl, this time I’m going to get some enjoyment out of this.

Getting the message he was sending, I positioned my core on his face once more, but this time leaning my body down toward his semi hard length, as he began to lick harshly at my lips, but knowing the consequences this time, I knew to not let a moan out.

Taking his dick in my hand, I slowly pumped up and down causing him to groan lightly. He soon began to grow harder against my hand, as he also began to suck my clit hard bringing me close to the edge, but I couldn’t warn him, or say anything at this point, fuck I could barely focus on pleasuring him because of the sheer euphoria I was experiencing. To try, and hold off as long as possible, I started to focus on Ethans pleasure, taking the tip of his hard length into my mouth, and sucking harshly, causing a loud moan from him to escape.

“Fuck do that again babygirl.” He moaned out, catching a breath.

As he commanded, I started to take his entire length into my mouth, hallowing my cheeks in, and pumping the rest that wouldn’t fit. Because damn, this boy was fucking well endowed, jesus bless.

“Baby, get ready, I’m going to try something a little different” He mumbled against my core. I had no idea what to expect as of now, I was just focusing on the pleasure I was receiving, along with the pleasure I was reciprocating.

As I continued to suck Ethan, occasionally licking the underside of his cock, causing him to shutter. He switched from eating my pussy, to my ass? 

“Stop sucking princess, I want to cum inside of you, not yet.”

With that, I leaned myself back once more, gripping at the headboard, preparing for Ethans touch.

As he switched regions, I moaned at the foreign pleasure I was receiving, not caring if he stopped, but hoping he didn’t, because damn did these feel oddly good.

“Don’t moan princess, next time i’ll stop for good, and you won’t even cum tonight.”

Fearing that would actually happen, I needed to keep them at a low.

As I rode his face, and he continued to lick my ass softly, I was in pure euphoria, nothing comparing to the current pleasure I was now feeling.

Without warning, he removed me from his face.

“Damnit E! Let me fucking cum once atleast!” I protested. 

Bad idea.

“What the fuck did you just say?” He growled out, once more. Damn he was a beast tonight.

“You heard me” I boldly stated.

“All fours, now.” He commanded, as he trailed off to the corner of the room.

I obliged, getting on all fours, waiting for whatever may come my way.                 Soon enough, Ethan comes back, but with a few things this time.

Nipple clamps, Handcuffs, and now a completely naked body, that I could stare at all day if i’m being honest, his figure was something carved from the gods, thick but not too thick, muscular but not too muscular, and he was defiantly packing in the crotch department.

“This is what you get for being a bad girl” He whispered into the thick sex filled air.

He neared me, flipping my body over, and placing the clamps upon my hardened nipples. soon to flip me over once more, and cuff my hands to the headboard.

Causing me to yelp, at the sharp pain of the clamps, and the pressure of the restraints, but I liked it odd enough.

“Prepare babygirl, this is going to be  wild ride.” He said while stroking himself a few times, placing his now hardened tip against my entrance, causing me to pull at the restraints.

“Cum when I say too” He ordered, pushing his hard length into my core deeply, and roughly. “You can moan babygirl, scream out my name.” He spoke, pounding into me, not giving any time to adjust.

“How do those clamps feel baby?” He asked, while punding harder into my core from behind.

“Yes they do daddy” I replied, moaning loudly as he thrusted into the right spot.

“I hit it didn’t I princess” he asked, pounding into the same spot over and over.

I moaned loudly, as I did so, Ethan placed his large hands around my neck, applying a little pressure, thrusting deeper than ever, hitting my G-spot repetitively, causing me to scream out in pleasure, also causing Ethans grip on my neck to strengthen, this turning me on enough, but the whole sight could make me cum on demand, but I had to wait to cum, until Ethan told me so.

“Fuck E i’m gonna cum!” I called out loudly.

“Don’t you fucking dare, not yet.”

This, caused Ethan to thrust harder, and rub my clit with his free hand, as his other had a grip on my neck, releasing pressure ever so often.

“Cum now” He ordered, as he pounded into me one last time, before releasing into me, the warmth alone causing me to cum.

A few sloppy thrusts later, after riding our intense highs, he removed himself from my core. And removed the restraints and cuffs, before leaving to put them away.

Five minutes later, he returned all cleaned up as if nothing had happened whatsoever.

“Was that vanilla babygirl?” He asked, climbing into our shared bed, as I laid still bare and breathless.

“No… daddy” I winked his way.

“I love you ya know.” He whispered into my ear, squeezing my breast lightly.

“I love you too Dolan.” I replied, leaning my head on his shoulder, as he slowly drifted to sleep.

Thanks JC, I thought silently, damn, I really owed him a massive thank you, who know’s maybe he can join in next time?

Another Side of You

A/N: An anon request. This is a Spencer x Reader, around season 5 and Spencer has a serve kink in regards to the reader. He loves when she calls him Dr. Reid. So smutty smut ensues. ;)


“Morning, Dr. Reid,” Y/N said, emphasizing his title as she nearly always did. Why did she do that? He wasn’t complaining - not at all as a matter of fact. But he did wonder what made her do that.

“Why do you always call me Doctor, Y/N?” he asked, slapping his hand across his mouth. He hadn’t meant to say that out loud. “We’ve been working together for nearly two years and everyone else calls me Spencer.”

“I don’t know, I guess I just know what it takes to get a Ph.D., so I like using it when someone has earned it,” she said, bending over the desk in front of him. The locket she never went a day without was hanging down in between her breasts and Spencer had to try with every fiber in him to look up at her eyes and not where they were naturally drawn. When he looked up, he saw her smiling - almost a smirk. She must have known what she was doing to him. He wondered if she knew that every time she called him doctor, he imagined her saying it to him in the bedroom.

“Well,” he said, gazing into her eyes, noticing that her pupils had dilated. Wait? Is she actually into me? he thought. “I did earn three of them, and you’re the only one that calls me doctor, which I like.”

“Oh really, Dr. Reid,” she said standing up and crossing her arms in front of her body. As she stood up from the desk with her hip jutted out to one side she spoke, “I’ll be sure to continue calling you Dr. Reid then.” He could have sworn she winked as she turned away.

As she walked toward her own desk, he couldn’t help but glance at her body, which was being hugged by her pencil skirt and silk blouse. There were a ton of images running through his mind - none of them innocent.


Ever since he’d asked Y/N why she called him Dr. Reid, the tension between the two had been palpable. Even the other members of the team took notice. Garcia egging them both on to just go for it. 

The subtle glances, figure-hugging clothing and continuous use of his title did not go unnoticed by Spencer. He wanted her so badly. But he wanted something different. Something people wouldn’t expect from him, even look down on him for, so he was wary about bringing it up with her.

Towards the end of the day, when both were entering the car garage as the last ones out of the building, Spencer saw Y/N drop her bag by her car and rushed over to help her pick up her things. Just because the thoughts running through his mind weren’t very gentlemanly, didn’t mean he wasn’t a gentleman. “Thank you, Dr. Reid,” she cooed, after all of her things had been picked up. As they stood up, she closed the gap between them - the heat in the air could melt ice. 

Without thinking, he pinned her between himself and her car, wrapping his one hand around her waist and the other around the back of her neck, pulling her in for a kiss. Her pupils dilated immediately - nearly black with wanting - and the two breathed into each other for a few moments before devouring one another.

“Do you want to come back to my place?” she asked, pulling out of the kiss. Her kiss-swollen lips were open in a way that only made his mind race further down the rabbit hole.

“Yes,” he responded, biting at her lower lip. “I’ll be right behind you.”


Both Y/N and Spencer had to keep themselves from speeding to her apartment - the adrenaline coursing through their veins at lightning speed. At nearly the same time, they pulled up to her apartment building and rushed up the stairs, clashing into each other at her front door, barely making it inside.

“I have one stipulation,” Spencer said through heavy breaths.

“Oh, really? Not a request? Are you telling me what to do?” she asked, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she ran her hands through his shoulder-length hair.

“Yes, I am.” His strength and confidence was throwing her off, but in the most delicious way. “Continue to call me doctor.”

She bit at his bottom lip, lightly tugging his hair. “I hadn’t thought to do anything else, Dr.”

“Oh, fuck me,” he groaned, as he picked her up and proceeded toward her bedroom. “You’re killing me.” As they approached the bedroom, clothing flew in all directions - leaving them in only their underwear by the time they hit the bed.

He took her off guard by turning her around and placing her on all fours on the bed, positioning himself behind her. This was all happening so quickly and without much thought, so he attempted to slow himself down, but she was killing him.

She turned her head towards him, her eyes betraying exactly what she craved. “What are you waiting for Doctor?”

In one quick movement, he put two fingers in between the lace of her panties and her center, feeling her slickness before ripping the panties off and positioning his length at her entrance, slipping in slowly. Once he was partially enveloped in her wet heat, he commanded, “Put your legs together.”

“I think I like this side of you, Dr. Reid,” Y/N breathed as she did what he said and he slipped in completely. The tightness was nearly enough to push him over the already precarious edge he was on. 

“Mmm…fuck,” she moaned, her front end collapsing into the mattress.

He grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back, giving him leverage to thrust into her with reckless abandon - the sound of skin slapping against skin beginning to fill the room as he thrust into her over and over again. Her staggered breaths coaxed him on. He picked up speed, racing toward their mutual release. “Oh, god, Reid…” she groaned. Her volume rose to the point where someone might have thought about alerting the landlord, so he reached down, grabbed her waist and pulled her flush against him.

“You forgot the Dr.,” he said, reaching toward the bed for the panties he’d ripped off her, never once losing the pace he’d built up “and your going to get the cops called on us.” Just when she thought she couldn’t be enjoying this different side of Spencer more, he took the panties that he’d ripped off her and put them in her mouth. “Oh, hell…” she mumbled, feeling her core begin to tighten.

Still flush against him, he wrapped his hands around her breasts, giving them the attention they needed and finally pushing her over the edge, with him following soon after.

As they began to catch their breaths, Spencer lifted her towards the top of the bed, collapsing at her side and pulling the underwear from her mouth. “I had no idea there was this side of you, Dr. Reid,” she murmured, taking his mouth in her own.

“We may have been working together for two years, Y/N,” he spoke, tasting all of her, “But there is still so much about me you don’t know.”

Just How I Like It

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Isaac


Word Count: 2,768

Originally posted by m-atilda

           I glance up at her, scribbling in her notebook, and her tongue is peeking out of the corner of her mouth slightly.

           Isaac comes up behind her, whispering something in her ear and she looks startled. She jumps in her chair, slamming her notebook closed before shoving it away from her slightly.      

           “So what have you found so far?” He asks me and I look up quickly.

           “Nothing. I’ve found nothing, absolutely nothing.” I grumble in irritation while tugging at my hair in frustration. “What about you, Y/N? Did you find anything useful? You’ve been writing in your notebook non-stop for like an hour.”

           “Oh, just a few things, possible ideas. Nothing too useful yet, definitely nothing share worthy.” She say quickly, inching her fingers towards her notebook that’s made its way closer to my side of the table. “Anyways, I just remembered that my mom needed me to go run some errands while she’s at work so I’m just going to go.”

           She grabs the notebook quickly and stuff it into her backpack before swinging the bag over her shoulder and leave the library before I even have time to say goodbye.

           “Well, someone seems a little jumpy.” Isaac remarks, raising an eyebrow at her empty seat and I shrug, pulling my notebook towards me. “Alright well Scott and I are going to go and see if we can catch the Alpha pack’s scent so I’ll catch you later.” He adds, getting up from his seat, and I nod at him in farewell.

           I flip the notebook open and am greeted with Y/N’s neat handwriting. My eyebrows furrow in confusion, wondering if maybe she added some things into my notebook to combine out notes together.

           He slides a finger into her, his thumb rubbing against her clit and she throws her head back. “Fuck, right there Stiles,” She says, moaning in satisfaction.

           I scan along the page, reading a few sentences here and there and my face flushes immediately when I see my name, and my dick tightens in response.

           Holy shit. I think to myself when I realize what I was holding in my hand. Y/N hadn’t been doing research for the past hour, she’d been writing smut. My eyes scan down along the page again, reading a bit more and I shift in my seat; very, very detailed smut. I take a shaky breath before shoving everything into my backpack and rushing out of the library to my car, anxious to head home and read the rest of the holy grail that I’ve stumbled on.


           I search through my backpack frantically, dumping everything out on to the floor desperately looking for my notebook. Finally I find it, flipping it open and all I see if a messy scrawl scribbled all over the pages. A sense of panic surges through me as I stare at the endless notes on possible leads and various supernatural creatures that could be in Beacon Hills. I bite my lip, trying to breathe in slowly, desperately trying to contain my freak out. This is Stiles’ notebook, and if I have his notebook then that means that he more than likely has mine and I hope to God he hasn’t opened it yet.

           I grab my keys off of my desk and run down the stairs of my house. I’m out the front door and in the driver’s seat of my car within a minute. I pull out of the driveway and make my way to Stiles’ as quickly as possible. I pull up in front of his house, jumping out of the car and slamming the door behind me.

           I’m panting slightly when I get to the front door, banging against the wood loudly. I tap my foot anxiously, waiting for Stiles to open the door. Finally, the door budges and I see Stiles staring back at me in surprise.


           “I have your notebook, figured you might need it.” I say quickly, holding it up to show him and he quirks an eyebrow at me.

           “Come on in.” He turns away from the door and I hurry in behind him, turning to close the door.

           “Right so you probably didn’t even notice you had the wrong notebook,” I start to say as the door clicks shut and he presses up against me, pushing my chest tightly against the door. His hands smoothing over my hips as he moves my hair away from my neck and presses a few soft kisses to the skin there and I feel like I’m going to melt. “Stiles, what are you doing?” I ask breathlessly and it comes out in a soft moan and my head falls back against his shoulder.

           “Nothing,” He whispers against me, his tongue tracing patterns against my skin before tugging my earlobe in between his teeth. “Just let it happen.”

           I try to convince myself to pull away from him, to stop this and find out why he’s doing this, but all I can think about is how good his hands feel against my body. He slides his hands up, cupping my breasts in his hands, squeezing them gently and I let out a mewl of pleasure. I can feel him harden as he presses roughly against me, his erection digging into my hip before he turns me around to face him.

           I look at his face, searching for answers but all I can see are his eyes dark with lust; staring back at me as if he had been wandering the desert and I was the only thing that could quench his thirst.

           His hips press against mine as he leans towards me, pausing for a moment just millimeters from my lips, flicking his gaze up to meet mine as if to see if I’m going to stop his and I bite my lip unintentionally. A look of pure lust washes over his face and a low growl escapes from this back of his throat before he slams his lips against mine. I wrap my arms around his neck, and he grabs the back of my thighs, lifting me up as if I weight nothing. I lock my legs around his waist and he keeps me pressed tightly against the wall, pinning me there.

           He tugs on my bottom lip with his teeth, sucking on it and I moan against his lips. He uses the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth, battling against mine before exploring the inside of my mouth as if he wants to taste every inch of me. My hands make there way from the nape of his neck into his hair and I fist my hands into his messy brown hair, causing him to groan in appreciation.

           He holds onto me tightly, walking us up the stairs, his lips never disconnecting from mine. When we get up to the second floor he makes his way across the hall, kicking the door to him room open. He drops me onto his bed and I lie there panting slightly.

           “Stiles,” I whisper, still trying to catch my breath and his lips are on mine again, silencing me. His begins kissing along my jaw and down my neck and I tilt my head to allow him better access. “We need to talk about this.” I say, barely able to get the words out before I moan again.

           “No we don’t,” He mumbles against me, “Think about it later.”

           He continues kissing down my neck, pulling down the collar of my t-shirt before planting a few soft kisses along my clavicles, and tracing his tongue along where the bone is visible. His hands slip under my t-shirt, his warm hands caressing up my stomach before he tugs it over my head.

           Once my shirt is off he looks at me in awe, my bra pushing up my breasts making them swell, and he begins tracing his thumbs over the simple black lace. He nips gently at the newly exposed skin, sliding his tongue down along the valley of my breasts and I whimper. I arch my back and his hands reach around me to unclasp my bra and pull it off of me.

           “Holy shit, you’re fucking gorgeous.” He groans and I can feel a blush coloring my face. He presses his hands against my chest, kneeding my breasts and I can feel my nipples harden under his hands. He takes a hardened peak into his mouth, sucking on it and I moan, dragging my hand through his hair before pressing his face tightly against me. “You’re tits are fucking perfect.” He rasps, his voice thick with lust as he takes my other nipple in his mouth and all I can do is moan in response.

           “I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” He moans, trailing open mouth kisses down my stomach and I whimper. In one smooth motion he’s pulled my skirt and panties down, leaving me bare to him. I shiver as the cold air hits my core where wetness is quickly pooling.

           He sucks roughly against my hip, leaving a dark purple mark before repeating the same action on the other side. His lips work over the inside of my thighs and I squirm in anticipation of him getting to where I need him most. Slowly, his mouth moves nearer and nearer to my core.

           “Stiles, please,” I plead, my need for him mixing with desperation.

           “What’s wrong baby girl?” He breathes against me and I shudder at the feeling of his hot breath against my center. “Tell me what you need.”

           “Anything,” I whimper, begging him, “Please just do anything.”

           He sticks his tongue out, licking slowly along my slit from my core to my clit and I shudder against him. He continues sliding his tongue along me languidly, as if he has all the time in the world and it feels like complete torture. I buck my hips against him, desperate for more, and he uses his hands to hold my thighs down as he continues his sweet torture.

           He swirls his tongue around my bundle of nerves and I let out a loud gasp, my head lurching forward as my back arches off of the bed. “You taste so fucking sweet,” He mumbles against my core, sending vibrations shooting through me and I writhe against him. He slides a finger into me, keeping rhythm with his tongue and my eyes roll back into my head at the sensation.

           “Won’t you make some more of those pretty noises I love so much, baby girl?” He asks, curling his fingers inside of me to hit that perfect spot and I let out a loud moan. He pulls his fingers out of me, reaching them out to my lips, offering to me and I open my mouth slightly. He slips his fingers into my mouth and I slide my tongue around them, sucking against his fingers and he looks at me, his mouth slightly wide.

           “Holy fuck that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” He says, returning his mouth to my core and I wrap my legs around his head. He continues licking, sucking, and flicking his tongue over me, making it impossible for me to contain my moans when he pulls away from me suddenly and I whimper at the loss of contact.

           He pulls me towards him, pressing his lips to mine, slipping his tongue inside of my mouth and I can taste myself on him. I capture his tongue with my lips and suck on it, making him moan against my mouth. His moan triggers something in me and I tear his clothes off of him. His shirt goes flying across the room as I tug at his pants and boxers, throwing them to the floor once they’re off of him.

           His erection springs up proudly and my eyes widen slightly. I grasp his length in my hands and lets out a sharp intake of breath. I lick a stripe up along the underside of his cock before swirling my tongue around his tip and he moans, his eyes fluttering closed. I take him into my mouth, sliding him all the way to the back of my throat and he thrusts hard against my mouth. I bob my head against him, hollowing out my cheeks and I slide him in and out of my throat, pressing my tongue along a prominent veins and he shudders.

           “Your mouth feels so good, baby girl,” He groans and I moan at the nickname. The sound sends vibrations shuddering through him and he bucks his hips against me. I pull him out of my mouth slowly, sliding my hand up and down his length, pumping his firmly before taking his length back fully into my mouth. “I’m going to come,” He pants and I can feel him twitching in my mouth before a warm liquid trickles into the back of my throat and he throws his head back as his orgasm crashes over him. I slide my tongue along him, licking ever drop of his release before pulling him out of my mouth with a pop.

           “Fuck, I knew you had a wicked mouth but I didn’t realize you could do that,” He pants and I smirk at him. He pulls me towards him, flipping us so that I’m underneath him. “Don’t worry baby girl, I’m going to take good care of you.” He whispers against the shell of my ear, pumping his cock a few times before lining himself up with my entrance.

           He slides into me, slowly, and I moan loudly. “You’re so fucking tight.” He breathes out in a pant as he slides out of me and back in and I whimper.

           “Fuck, Stiles, I need you.” I say, wrapping my legs around his hips and he begins pounding into me. I lift my hips up in rhythm to his thrusts, making it to where he hits that perfect spot deep within me every time and I drag my nails roughly down his back. He holds onto the headboard tightly with one hand, the leverage allowing him to thrust even more deeply into me.

           I can feel the pressure building inside of me, a fine sheen of sweat lining his forehead as he continue to slam into me. I look up at him through half lidded eyes, and he flips us again so that I’m straddling him. I roll my hips against him, riding him quickly and he one hand against my breast while the other hand is quickly rubbing against my clit, quickly bringing me closer and closer to my release.

           “F-fuck, yes, just like that, Stiles,” I moan, my voice coming out raspy and he leans up slightly to replace the hand on my breast with his mouth. He sucks on my nipple roughly as he applies more pressure to my bundle of nerves and all at once my orgasm slams into me. I clench around him, throwing my head back and screaming his name repeatedly, as he continues to thrust into me to prolong my orgasm. My orgasm pushes him over the edge and I can feel him twitch inside me as he begins to pulsate. His eyes close tightly as he comes undone underneath me, releasing with a shudder. He slumps back against the bed and I roll off of the top of him trying to capture my breath.

           He wraps his arms around me, pulling me towards him as my chest rises and falls rapidly.

           “Holy shit that was amazing,” I say, my voice barely louder than a breathless whisper, “It’s like you knew just how I like it.”

           “I read your notebook,” He admits guiltily, pressing a kiss to my temple and I choke on a breath.

           “Oh my god you read it?” I ask, embarrassment flooding my face and he lets out a low chuckle.

           “What do you think gave me the courage to make a move?” He asks and I shrug, “Besides, it was probably the most useful research I’ve ever stumbled across.” He adds, capturing my lips with him and I kiss him back passionately.

           “So, can we talk about everything now?” I ask hesitantly and he nuzzles his face into my neck.

           “What’s there to talk about? You’re mine now and forever. You’ve always been mine.” He mumbles against my skin and my heart drops into the pit of my stomach at his words.

           “Just how I like it.” I whisper, cuddling in closer to him, and he presses soft kisses into my neck before pulling a blanket over us.


dom!kyungsoo / dub-con / established relationship (nsfw)

His right hand rested on your thigh as the other one gripped the steering wheel tightly, “Kyungsoo?” you said softly, distracting him from his thoughts and the road. He looked at you, “Is everything okay?”

His grip seemed to almost tighten just then before he promptly removed it from your thigh and placed it back on the steering wheel, “Everything’s fine.” he replied, his voice detached. He pulled into the driveway and, before you could say anything, turned off the car and left with a slam of the door.

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one last time- mature pt2

as you wished anon :) [mature imagine justin x reader]

“You always seem to come back for more,” you say as swing your arms around Justin’s neck, caressing his baby hairs, softly tugging them.

“You don’t seem to mind” he shoots back, “do you?”

“No-but,” you quick as a bullet unravel your fingers from his hair. “I have someone in my life now.”

“Seriously?” He speaks, not angry but amused, “do you have a boyfriend?”

“Yeah, sorry” you say as you stare into his eyes, trying to make out what he was thinking at the moment. “After the last time we slept together, you hadn’t called me,-I assume it was over.”

Justin awkwardly coughs as he watches the way you were acting so innocent like, just because you had a boyfriend, justin knew how and when you were ready for a bit of fun, he knew you were holding back. He could tell how you were shuttling your legs back and forth, he could tell how forced and awkward this little speech was.

“Did he tell you to end things off with me?” Justin says breaking your explanation off, “what’s your boyfriend’s name?” He grins as he taps his fingers on your lower back.

“Justin! I’m serious. This has to end!” You raise your voice, getting angry that this was all fun and games to him.

“Babe, I can tell he forced you to say these things to me.” He says as he steps a bit forwards, making you feel his body heat against yours. You could smell his signature scent that made your head spin. You gulp down as you feel his large hand sneak it’s way under you shirt.

“Justin-I have a boyfriend.” You say hoping he’ll stop with the touching cause you knew you’ll melt into his touch again.

“babe, you should know by now how much I love you, how much I love your body, how much pleasure I could bring you, how much it could bring us,” he says taunting me as he allows his hot breath to hit my neck. “Let’s stop these little mind games, aye babe? Let’s go back to way it was.”

Justin places a soft kiss, his pink lips against the side of your neck, nipping the skin softly. You moan as you feel the feeling of his teeth bite down on your skin. You feel his cold fingers brushing your waist, causing a shiver to run down your spine.

Justin pulls away from abusing your neck and travels his kisses further down, pulling a your shirt off your shoulder as he places his tender loving kisses across your upper chest. “You see,” he mumbles as he places one last kiss at your shoulder before yanking your bra down your chest, exposing your sensitive skin, “you belong to me.”

You feel the coolness of the air hit your exposed nipple making goosebumps travel around your arms. You moan out as you feel his wet mouth around your bud, tugging it with his teeth.

“Who do you belong to now babe?” Justin smiles as he pops his mouth away from your hardened bud. He watches as you, waiting for you to make a move.

“So perfect and tasty, how could I ever give you up?”

You watch as Justin picks you up with ease, grabbing your thighs and moving you on top of the kitchen counter. You watch as he looks back at you with nothing but lust worthy eyes.

Justin takes in his flushed you were, how your skin had gotten so sensitive after only one month of not seeing you, how shaky you were, how perfect you looked, how amazingly gorgeous you were and how you were all like this just for his eyes.

“‘Ive missed you so much,” Justin spills the truth from his lips uncontrollably as he quickly begins to work on your jeans. He easily pops the button open with his skillful fingers. He yanks them along with your panties until they reach your knees.

Justin watches how shy you had become just after one month of not being intimate with each other. Justin sees how unresponsive you were, this worried him. Were you not enjoying this?

“Are you ok?” Justin says in a serious tone, eyeing you with suspension as you sit there on the counter, closing your legs together.

You sit there, kind of ashamed of yourself. Your boyfriend would body shame you like hell, comparing you to his previous girlfriends he had in the past. Sure you weren’t the skinniest or the prettiest girl but you could help but feel the insecurities coming back to haunt you, even though it was Justin and not Adam you were being intimate with. You didn’t feel the love or intimacy in a long time during sex, you couldn’t help but feel ugly again.

“I-I don’t know if you Will see me the sand way,” you say honestly, “I’m used and worthless and-”

“ what?”

“I said, i’m worth-”

“Who said this! Or was this just a thought? Did someone tell you this?” Justin says as he brings his hands around your waist, rubbing circles on your back, hoping it’ll calm you down.

“He says I’m used..” you trail along in shame, “I’m not yours anymore. I’m sorry, I should just go.”

You felt wrong to let Justin see you anymore, you don’t want Justin to see you like this. You felt like old worn rag that nobody wanted to love.

“Don’t leave.” Justin says as he holds your face with his hands harshly, gripping you to look at him directly, “don’t fucking think like that-you are beautiful.”

Justin presses his lips against yours. You felt all the strong feelings you’ve missed over the month, you felt how wanted felt like, how much passion the kiss was worth.

You feel Justin’s cold fingers dancing between your legs, indicating to spread them. “Justin” you warn as you pull away from the long passionate kiss, “I-”

Justin touches your clit, feeling your legs feel a bit dry and empty. Justin twists his head in confusion, “why aren’t you wet?” Justin questions as he doesn’t feel the usual damp feeling he was used to making you feel. “Is something sexually wrong or..”

You sit there, not having a explanation at all, staring at him blankly.

“when was the last time you had sex?”

You hesitate but answer him “2 days ago,” you sigh out.

“well..” he trails off, the answer surprising him and not really making any sense to why you were suddenly had no sex drive.

“did you cum?” He asks.

You feel heat rising in your cheeks as you hear him ask you such a private question. “Did you?” he urges you.

“No..” you trail off into a soft voice “ I haven’t in a long time.”

“How long?” He shoots a question that make you want to hide under a rock again.

“I don’t remember” you say as you feel his eyes on you, boring a hole into your skull. I think the last time was with you“

Justin’s eyes were now laced in concerned. “here, “ he says as he travels down to your heat, gripping your legs tenderly, “i’ll make you cum- I can make you cum.”

Justin watches with wide eyes as he tugs your bottoms off your legs, leaving them bare. You sit there, awaiting his next move.

“Don’t be scared, i won’t judge-i promise.” justin cooes as he watches your expression cautiously. He slowly spreads your legs apart, widening them apart for his eyes to see everything.

You violently blush as you see his eyes on your exposed womanhood. You keep telling yourself it’s just Justin. But you couldn’t help but feel so wrong and forced. “Justin-stop-its not going to work.”

Justin takes a glimpse of your worried expression before pushing his thumb on your clit, rubbing slowly, warming you up. “It’s okay baby,- relax, feel it, c’mon babe.” justin whispers as he feels how stiff and hesitate you were being. Justin knew he could make you cum. He had many many times before, he knew this time was no different, he knew your body.

You start to feel the slow rubbing on your bud tingle a bit on your stomach. You could feel the familiar tug at your lower stomach.

“That’s it baby girl, you’re getting wetter.” he says as he quickly rubs a tad faster, his thumb rubbing up and down, he could feel the warm juices start to build up along your heat.

Justin removes his thumb from your bundle of nerves. He latches two fingers into his mouth, coating it with his saliva before pressing them against your entrance. Justin holds your hips still with his other hand as you squirm a bit at the fingers entering.

“God- you are so tight,” justin breathes out uncontrollably as he feels your walls around his digits. He pulls out, before pushing them back in, feeling and missing how amazing you felt.

He looks at how easily his fingers could slip in and out of you, how every time he would pull out, his fingers were coated in your juices. “Baby, are you wet enough?”

“Yeah,” you reply simply, “i think its working.”

“No shit babe,” he smirks, “you’re fucking coating my fingers.”

He pulls his fingers out before examining how your juices were sticking between his fingers. He grins as he shoves the fingers in your mouth.

You suck, kind of out of discomfort as justin holds your face with his other hand, forcing your mouth apart. You knew justin and how he liked being intimate with you, you had remembered what he liked and what he hated.

“How’d you taste?” he asks as he pulls his fingers out of your mouth with a pop. “sweet?” he questions before lunging in and pulling your head towards his, plunging his tongue into your mouth, before you could even swallow the taste.

“Dont fool yourself, y/n, don’t go back to him. I can treat you so much better,” he says he pushes your ankles until they hit the back of your thighs, exposing yourself fully. You could feel the tingle hit your core because of this position.

He mouths over your heat, eating you out with desire. “Are you gonna cum today?”

You feel your stomach plunging and twisting with a strong indication you were going to let go any second now. You feel his tongue dip his way into your entrance, making you shiver from your top to the tip of your toes. You quickly stumble your fingers into his light locks of hair.

You wail out as you feel him flick his tongue over and over your clit repeatedly, making your squirm and push your hips onto his face.

You close your eyes shut as you feel yourself finally let go, after what felt like years. “That’s it baby girl,” he mumbles against your core, the vibrations making you go wild.

Justin pulls away between your legs. You shyly blush at how messy his brown hair was, how he was wet from the tip of his nose to the end of his chin. He doesn’t say anything but grasp your hair and pull you into a passionate kiss.

Lovely secrets

Remus Lupin x Reader

Contains smut

Requested by anon

Originally posted by queenc-x

“Better than a quidditch match, isn’t it?” - your boyfriend asked between two kisses as he layed on top of you.

“Mhm, maybe.” - you smirked.
You started to dating not so long, but you decided to not to say to anybody yet. You knew the marauders wouldn’t give a break to you if they’d knew, so you kept it low before it’s getting more serious. Today was the Slytherin - Hufflepuff match, so since everbody will be there you could get some alone time. 

“Remus.” - you moaned in a low tone as he started sucking the sweet spot on your neck. - “Stop. Somebody will walk in.” You could feel his hands all over on your body.

“No.” - he grumbled into your neck as he caressed your inner tights. As he went up and up in your tights, you started to care less about everything; it just felt so good.

Shortly, his fingers found your panties that already were soaked. You let out a shaky breath as he touched it and pulled back mildly, looking into your eyes. 

“Still want me to stop?”

You didn’t say anything, just pulling him closer by his neck so you could kiss him deeply as he rubbing your clit through the fabric of your knickers. You let out a groan into his mouth as he slip a finger into you.

He was moaning, sighing and praising into your ears as he slowly goes in and out. “So wet for me, darling. You feel so good, God, so good…”

You just turn on more by this, so you whisper in his ear between two moans.


“Yes, love?”

“Eat me out. Please.” You moaned as you cupped his face, and he didn’t answer, just going down on you fast, drawing off your underwear in the next moment and as he’s already turned on so much, he licking on your slit, slowly first but faster after a few seconds. 

As you sank your fingers into his disheveled, brown locks, he dug his fingers into your hips while he keep eating you out; you can’t stop moaning and scratching his neck with your nails.

“Shh.” - he mumbled into your core. - “We don’t want to somebody hear us, do we?”

“D-don’t stop I’m close.”

So he licked deeply and fastly into you, and you couln’t control yourself anymore but screaming his name as you reached your high. You still panted hard as he licked you clean and layed back on top of you after. He press some short kiss in your lips as you let out a weak smile. 

“That felt good.”

You felt good. My sweet girl.” - he smiles; and as you feel yourself on his lips and his hardness pressed in your tights, you suddently want more. You pull it out slowly from his boxer, making him quietly moan into your mouth.

You were so melted into each other you didn’t even realized when the door opened. Remus just were about slid into you, when you heard a familiar voice. 

“Woaah.” - James yelled with an amused voice from the doorway Sirius next to him with, jaw dropped, but grinning. 

“Get out!” - you shouted as Remus pulled a blanket over you. 

“Well Y/N, you know, that’s our dorm too…” - Sirius said, laughing, as Remus threw a pillow to them. 

“Get. OUT!” 

They laughed but left the room.


You avoided your friends at the rest of the day, but in the next morning you sat down beside to Remus in the Great Hall, kissing him on the cheek - you realized it’s no need to pretending you’re still just friends anymore - while both Sirius and James grinning at you. Sirius cocked an eyebrow.

“Shut up.” - you said.

“I didn’t say anything!” - he said, chewing on his porridge.

You gave him an angry look before an awkward silence sat in between you. Remus just poke his breakfast with his fork before James spoke:

“Not hungry, are you, Moony? Or just for something else?”

You put down your spoon angrily, but Remus just bit the inside of his cheek to suppress a grin. “Okay, both of you. Try to forget what you saw, will you? That’s none of your business.”

“Well, I thought we’re friends. So it is, a little bit. I mean, why are you keeping secrets from us?” - James asked, and suddenly, you felt as guilt growing in your chest. The guys always tell you everything.  You glanced at Remus who has a similar face expression as you.

“You’re right.” - you said. “We just wanted to make sure things between us are serious.”

“It looked like.” - Sirius said, smirking. 

“And I almost say sorry.”- you sighed.

“No, really, we’re just happy for you! And you know, if you wouldn’t keep it as a secret, we wouldn’t accidentally walked into you and ruin Moony’s best fifteen seconds.”

“Well, that’s still fifteen seconds longer than what you had with Lily so far, so I can’t complain.” - Remus said him calmly.

Sirius tried to disguised his snort as a fit of coughing, but failed and burst into a laughter. Prongs hit his shoulder before said,

“That was rude Moony.” 

“Okay now calm down.” - you said after you could stop laughing too. - “Sorry guys, we won’t keep secrets from you.”  You hugged both of them above the table. 

“James, Lily said you were really nice with him yesterday at Herbology.”

“Ah, Evans. So in love with me. Wonder when will she confess to herself.” - he said, and even thought he was just joking, you exchange a quick glance with Remus; you both now that’s the truth.

You left the Great Hall and headed to the courtyard after breakfast when Sirius stopped. 

“If you want to finish something we won’t come back soon to the common room.”

“I hate you.” - you said to them, but turned on your heels and dragged Remus with yourself up to the tower.




Request: Yes, I made two requests into one, thank you for requesting! 

Genre: Smut, daddy kink

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Originally posted by sugutie

Plot: Meeting an old face in a unfamiliar place can be calming, but when you both go back to your hotel it’s far from calm, nothing but steamy. 

You had first met Jungkook when he visited your country, you were working at the venue organising everything making sure nothing went wrong, this wasn’t something you usually did but you had to fill in for a friend, she had a family emergency and you couldn’t say no, even though you so badly wanted to. 

He walked into the venue for rehearsal with the rest of his group with such confidence that you couldn’t take your eyes off him, he was tall and very muscular, he was young probably in his early 20’s the same age as you, his hair was a dark shade of black that looked blue when it lit the lights, his hair was styled perfectly showing a slight amount of forehead, he stood there in ripped jeans and boots, and long shirt covering just above his thigh, he looked so professional and calm, and don’t forget ridiculously handsome.

  “Y/N, fill the boys on their schedule” your temporary boss told you as he shoved a piece of paper into your hands, full of interview and performance times.

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alexdnvers  asked:

Kiss meme: 19 /or/ 9 + first pairing that pops into your head

19.  Kisses because I don’t want you to go and maybe I can convince you to stay just a few minutes longer. 

I wanted to do some Pink Lemonade (Trini/Kimberly). Remember, all my PR fics are aged up to college age.

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Sciles x Reader~ Who's better?

Warnings: sexual content, including: threesome, swearing, oral, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, fingering.

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Prompts: Scott x Stiles x reader, threesome.

Second person pov:
Day and night, day and night they fight over you. You’re incredibly flattered to have two such attractive guys want you, but you didn’t know what to do. You liked both of them, but didn’t know who to choose.

And so you hatched an idea to stop the fighting and reach a decision.


“Hey, Y/n!” Scott called from across the hallway as you stopped and waiting while he jogged over to you.

“Hey, I was wondering if you’d want to hang out tonight?” He asked you with a smile on his face, which you mirrored.

You had already made plans with Stiles for him to come over and Scott coming over as well would complete your plan.

“Sure! Come over at 8.” You smirked before sending him a wink, making his face heat up. You giggled at the effect you had on him and you waved a bit before strutting away, swaying your hips.


“Y/n!?” You heard two voices yell up the stairs, making you smirk and let out a chuckle.

“Up here, boys!” You yelled back, waiting as you heard the two sets of footsteps run up the stairs.

“Y/n, I thought it was just going to be us-” Scott’s voice spoke down the hall before pushing the door open, his sentence cutting short as he gazed upon you.

You were stripped down to your red matching lingerie set, along with a pair of black heels. Your hair was down in loose waves, your makeup light.

Both Scott and Stiles had their eyes on you, with their jaws slack in surprise. You giggled as you saw their unwavering eyes.

“Y-y/n? What is this?” Stiles asked, his eyes unflinching from your frame.

“Well, boys. We’re going to play a little game.” Your lips turned up into a smirk, pacing back and forth in front of the boys, your heels hitting the ground echoing throughout the room.

“You both are going to fuck me tonight.” Your vulgar words left your lips, making the boys flinch a bit.

“You’ll each get 20 minutes and whoever makes me cum the most wins.” You explained, a grin evident on your lips.

The two boys sucked in a sharp breath at your words as they began to fidget with anticipation.

“What’s our prize?” Stiles asked cheekily, a smirk now on his lips.

“Me.” You shrugged simply, Scott and Stiles rose their eyebrows at the challenge and licked their lips, hungry with desire.

“Now let’s see. Who’s better?”

You set a timer on your phone for the 20 minutes, and set it down and glanced up at the boys.

“Go.” You mouthed at them.

Stiles was the first to strike. He pinned you to the bed and had his lips on yours instantly. You kissed back, running your fingers through his dark locks as his lips travelled down to your neck, marking your s/c skin with love bites.

Scott sat in a chair facing you both and simply waited patiently and watched, and you smirked at the sight of his hard on.

Stiles shrugged off his flannel as his lips attached to your breasts through your thin bra. Once his shirt and flannel were off he grabbed your breasts in each hand and rolled them between his large palms, earning a soft whimper from you.

He kissed down on your skin as he unclipped your bra with one hand and slid it off. You rose and impressed eyebrow at this, and he met your eyes with a smirk before kissing down your breasts to your panties. You had a feeling he’d try to tease you so you stopped him before he could.

“17 minutes, Stiles.” You warned teasingly.

He growled and ripped the lingerie from your hips, the swift action causing a gasp to leave your lips, as the cold air met your dripping heat.

Stiles quickly then attached his lips to your clit, and began to swirl his tongue around the sensitive bundle of nerves. Your jaw fell slack at the feeling, your hands instantly going to his hair.

“Stiles!” You mewled softly, running your hands through his dark locks.

His soft pink lips sucked on your clit, then he thrusted his tongue quickly inside you, causing you let out loud moans.
Stiles swiftly then began darting his tongue in and out of you quickly.

“F-fuck! Stiless!” You hissed as you rocked your hips against his mouth, making you grunt in pleasure.

He kissed and nibbled at your clit as his fingers toyed with your entrance before slipping in one then another finger.

“Fuck yes, Stiles!!” You moaned before biting your lip, as you erupted in euphoria as you came around Stiles’ finger and tongue.

Stiles kept going, though. His fingers thrusting in and out of your heat. It was when you started to clench around his fingers that he began to kiss to your clit. The sensation started made your knees weak.

You gazed over to Scott to see him palming his large cock through his boxers, making you moan at the sight.

“What do you need, Y/n?” Stiles mumbled against your core, the vibrations of his words made you whimper softly.

“F-fuck me, Stiles.” Your voice small and tired, yet full of anticipation.

Stiles nodded and pushed his fingers in your harder and deeper, causing your eyes to roll back as you felt washed over with bliss. The feeling overcame you as you felt your thighs begin to shake, as you let another orgasm flow, your bliss evident on his tongue.

“Alright, Y/n.” Stiles sent you a wink as he dropped his pants and boxers, revealing his long, hard, member.

He smirked and kissed your lips before he slid on a condom and you felt his tip line up with your slit. He slowly slipped into you, since he knew you were still sensitive from your orgasm.

You whimpered as his length slid into you fully, him letting out a soft groan. He began to snap his hips against yours in a steady rhythm.

As he thrusted in and out of you, groans and moans made their way out of both his and your mouth. Sweat formed over both your bodies in tiredness.

“Yes, Stiles faster!” You bit your lip.

Stiles groaned in reply and began to pummel into you faster, his thrusts growing faster, as well as harder.

Your back arched against the mattress as you felt your high nearing yet again.

“Fuck! Stiles! Oh yes!” You wailed as your toes curled in gratification.

“Oh fuck, Y/n.” He groaned against your skin as he placed a kiss to your neck.

“I’m so close!” You moaned out as you fisted the sheets in your hands.

“Fuck, me too!” His lips parted as pants and moans left them, and his member thrusted deeper into you as you screamed in delight.

“I’m cumming!” You screamed as you released around Stiles, your warmth spilling out of you.

“I’m gonna cum too! Uhh fuck!” He groaned loudly as he filled the condom with his load.

He slowed his thrusts before stilling and pulling out of you, disposing of the used rubber.

“Your turn, Scott.” You smirked.

Scott got on the bed, stripped down to his boxers with his hard on.

“Stiles made me cum 3 times in 17 minutes. If you beat that, you win.” You explained, making him smirk.

Scott simply nodded as his eyes dilated with desire at the challenge.

He started by spreading your thighs apart and lapping up your juices as you whimpered.

Your thighs clenched around his head as he began to lick your bundle of nerves as he slid a finger into you.

“Scott, Ohh.” You took your bottom lip between your teeth as he added another finger.

He thrusted his fingers quickly in you, and your thighs shook as your arousal coated his tongue. This was your fourth orgasm of the day, yet first with Scott.

Scott lifted you off your back and positioned you on your hands and knees.
He slid on a condom before you felt his tip at your entrance.

“Ready, Y/n?” He asked you, making you smile at his thoughts of caution.

“Yes.” You muttered almost breathlessly as Scott then swiftly entered you.

A moan left your mouth as you felt him touch your sensitive patch inside you.

“Oh fuck, Scott.” You whimpered as he kissed your cheek quickly, and increased his pace. He began to pound harder into you, hitting your gspot with each thrust.

“Oh fuck, Y/n.” Scott groaned as he kissed your neck and shoulder as he fucked you hard from behind.

“Yes. Don’t stop! Oh yes!” You wailed as your toes curled in gratification, your jaw slack as your eyes rolled back in pleasure.

Your knees grew wobbly and Scott wrapped an arm securely around your waist as he fucked you faster.

“Yes! Fuck yes, Scott!” You whimpered, your eyes fluttering close in bliss.

As he thrusted in and out of you, you both moaned and screamed out in contentment. Your back arched as you felt your high nearing.

Scott hit your spot repeatedly, causing your fifth orgasm of the day to transpire. Scott slowed before halting his thrusts, allowing you a rest.

You sighed out as you came down from your high. Scott made a love bite on your shoulder, making you whimper out, as he picked up his pace and began thrusting into you again.

“Fuck, Y/n.” Scott whispered, his lips agape as small groans and left them, as he thrusted deeper into you as you moaned louder.

“Scott, yess.” You cried, grasping onto the pillow as you moaned and whimpered.

You felt his nails dig into your skin as his thrusting got sloppier, and you felt him twitch inside you.

“Fuck, Scott.” You moaned and your vision began to blur, seeing white stars.

“I-I’m gonna cum.” He said, kissing whatever skin he could reach as his hip met your ass with each thrust.

After a few more thrusts you finally released for the sixth time, and he followed soon after.

Scott collapsed against your body and all that was heard was yours and his heavy panting.

“What was my time?” Scott smirked and asked cheekily as you picked up your phone to check.

“Let’s see, you gave me 3 orgasms in,” you paused as you unlocked the phone and gasped.

“17 minutes.”


A/n: thanks for reading! That ending thoughhh!

Question of the day:
Favorite movie?

Answer of the day:
Coraline or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 👌🏽


hunbins can you shut up now about this

requested by many

you x hanbin 

 description: shower sex with hanbin 

I hope you enjoy! lmao from a habin angst to a smut.. what am i…. Xx

 "Fuck she looks so good,“ he murmurs, staring you down. You can feel his eyes look at you, but you wouldn’t turn around, knowing that your smile would give away that you heard him.

You were wearing one off his large t-shirts that never match with anything but on you, he thought it was a masterpiece. He loved that you wore his clothes. It made him feel like you were all his. You knew that so every chance you get, you would wear one of his shirts and cute lingerie, hoping for a good time.

“Baby, I’m going to take a shower, then we can watch a movie,” you say, handing him a glass of water. You walk behind him and massage his shoulders. His eyes close and he throws his head back, relaxing under your touch. Your hands slowly trace down his chest, and back up to his shoulders making him shudder. After a few minutes, you wrap your arms around him and rest your head on his shoulders. You bite his earlobe, making him jump as you whisper in his ear.

“Come join me, I’ll be waiting,” 

His eyes light up, as he began to stand up. You push him back down, telling him to stay.

“Ladies first, Kim Hanbin,” you say with a wink. You let your hips sway back and forth, teasing him. 

While you were having your fun, Hanbin felt as if he was being tortured: he wanted you so bad. Your little giggle as you close the bathroom door only caused the tightening is his pants to increase. 

It was hard to stand and walk as he slowly made his way to the bathroom, the thought of you wet in a steaming shower, the thought of your breasts wet and warm, the thought of dominating you in such tight space made it even harder, every bit of movement caused some friction against his hard one, making him wince. The foreplay was the best part about the sex between you two, and he couldn’t cum now.

He stepped into the bathroom and stripped off his clothes- you didn’t notice until the cool air hit your back as the door opened. There he stood with his cock standing straight up. A smirk rested on his face as he looked at your body. Everything was perfect; from your curves to your breast, to your hair sticking to your back. It was too much for him. 

He stepped into the shower, and grabbed your waist, pulling you closer to him. You crashed your lips onto his, and let your tongue explore his mouth. his hands traveled down your waist to your ass and he massaged your ass cheeks in his hands making you moan.

“Baby I’ve been waiting for this all day,” he growled into our mouth. You respond with a moan as you let your hand travel to his dick, pumping it slowly, making him thrust his hips forward. His hands grip your ass harder making you throw your head back. His mouth attacks your nipple, swirling his tongue around it, making it harden. 

He suddenly pushed you up against the cold wall, spreading your legs as he gets on his knees in between your legs.

“Babe look at me,” he mumbles against your core, Your eyes shot open as you made eye contact with him as his tongue licked a long stripe up your pussy., hitting your clit. You bit back a moan as his tongue circled your clit, flicking it back and forth. 

He suddenly shoves a finger in you, curling it inside of you, hitting your g-spot.

“Oh fuck, baby fuck,” you moan as he licked you faster, and insert two fingers into you.

“Baby your walls are so tight,” he says, causing vibrations all along your pussy.

“Fuck Hanbin if you keep going I’m going to cum,”

his fingers and tongue leave you immediately as you shakily get on your knees, ready to take his lengthy cock into your mouth.

“Shit babe take it all fuck,” he groans, thrusting his hips into your face. Your tongue licked his tip before taking as much as you can without choking. With one hand fondling his balls, and the other pumping the rest of his cock. 

The hot water dripped down his body, and from your angle, he looked so hot. The water dripping down his abs made your core ache, and you couldn’t wait to get him inside of you.

You moaned around his cock making him grip your hair harshly, trying to shove more and more of his cock into your mouth.

“Holy shit baby just like that,” he moaned. You moaned back, making him shudder. You release his cock from your mouth, and stood back up.

“Front or back, baby?” you ask him. his jaw dropped, as you rested your body against the shower wall, biting your lip.

“Fuck baby don’t do this to me,” he whines,  grabbing your hips. A giggle slips pass your lips making his cock twitch. 

You had him wrapped around your finger. You made him a mess. 

He spreads your legs, and lined his cock up to your wet core.

“Just hurry up Hanbin,” you hiss as he teases you by rubbing his tip against your clit. He smiles at your impatient attitude before slipping his cock in.

“Fuck you feel so tight baby,” he growls. “Has it really been that long since we’ve had sex?”

“Well, you were on tour and recording for two months. You kept me waiting,” 

He didn’t waste anymore time; he lifted your body and started to quickly thrust upwards, hitting you g-spot with precision, making you moan. You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him passionately, letting the kiss smolder the moans that threatened to slip pass your lips.

“Scream for me baby. Scream my name” 


“Let it out baby let it out,” he says with a raspy voice. You clench around him, screaming as you release your juices. He continues to pound into you, trying to get his release. Your sensitive walls clenched around him, making him moan loudly.

“Fuck fuck fuck baby. Y/n fuck,” he mutters as his juices spill inside of you. He let you down slowly, only to have to catch you again due to your weak legs.

“I won’t be able to walk tomorrow,” you admit.

“Good. I have tomorrow off too. We can do this again,”

My Little Gift

 “Let’s just say this is an early Christmas gift from your amazing boyfriend,” Ashton announces with cheer in his voice. I bite down on my lower lip as I try to eliminate the beaming smile that is ready to set on my lips.

Originally posted by irwinsource

Words: 2000+

Rating: R

Request: No

A blizzard of snow danced across the window as the moon nearly peaked through the powdered coloured clouds that skidded across the dark night sky. The blazing fire sent warmth through out the living room as I lay along the ginger coloured couch, the flat screen TV above the fire place playing endless episodes of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ on a regular lifeless Saturday night.

The throbbing sound of the doorbell ringing made my lips let out a sigh of annoyance. I let my feet hit the warm ivory coloured carpet, before letting my feet maneuver their way to the front door. I reach my hand up and grasp the burnished door knob in my hand and twist it gently while retrieving the door open.

“Hey baby,” Ashton voice utters as the door opens to reveal his large frame in the doorway. I let my lips crack into a smile as I meet Ashton’s russet coloured eyes. I retrieved the door open wider for Ashton huge frame to stride into the warm house that we both share together.

“Did you leave your keys here or something?” I question as I watch Ashton peel off his Timberlands, snow falling onto the plastic black matt that we just bought a week ago when we noticed the snow falling heavily.

“No, I was just to cold to dig through my pockets to find them, and I was also excited to give you this.” Ashton states while holding a CHANEL gift bag in front of my face. My eyes beam with excitement as I see the gift in his hands.

“Is that my Christmas gift or something?” I speak as I continue to rake my eyes over the black and white bag that has my body shaking with excitement. Ashton lets a hearty chuckle leave his mouth before staring down at me. And I admire that he hasn’t shaven ever since the snow began to fall on the ground, he just looks extremely sexier when he doesn’t shave.

“Let’s just say this is an early Christmas gift from your amazing boyfriend,” Ashton announces with cheer in his voice. I bite down on my lower lip as I try to eliminate the beaming smile that is ready to set on my lips.

“Now, run upstairs and put this on and then meet me back downstairs with the bag and everything, and please, make it fast.” Ashton states while placing the CHANEL bag in my hands and wandering his way into the living room. I let my mouth tumble open with shock before knocking sense into myself and grasping the bag tighter into my hands and rustling up the cream coloured stairs to slip on whatever Ashton has bought me.

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You’re a Natural

Request: Basement Gerard being all insecure and blushy while giving the reader oral sex… Like she has to tell him what to do but he gets it and totally eats her out. Oh my god, I need this!

“Are you sure about this?” Gerard mumbled for the fortieth time tonight. 

“Yes. Jesus Christ Gerard just kiss me,” I groaned, pulling his lips down to mine. Gerard was a great boyfriend, super sweet, loving, and thoughtful. He was even a little shy when it came to intimate stuff. I was always patient with him, trying to take things slow and only do what he’s comfortable with, which was a handjob. Which is why I was surprised when he asked, very bashfully of course, about oral. I don’t think he thought I was going to say yes, because now he was determined to talk me out o it.

“Okay, I just don’t want to pressure you into anything,” he rambled, sitting cross legged with his hands in his lap.

“Gee, do you want to do this?”

“Well, I um…”

“Be honest, it’s okay if you don’t want to.”

“No, I want to,” he said affirmatively, making eye contact. “I’m just a little nervous.”

“It’s okay to be nervous. It’s gonna be fine, you know I want judge you,” I said comfortingly, pecking his lips.

“I just want it to be good for you.”

“It will be, because you’re the one doing it,” I insisted. “Trust me, anything sexual is amazing when you really love someone. You okay?” I asked, getting worried at how rapidly he was breathing.

“I’m good, i’m good. What do I uh, what d-do I do?”

“How about we kiss for a little bit?” I suggested, hoping going slow would make him more at ease. He nodded, leaning in to kiss me. As much as he denies it, Gerard was a really good kisser. Our lips moved in sync, tongues grazing past each other gently. I moaned softly in is mouth, moving forward to sit in his lip. I tangled my fingers into his long hair, heating up the kiss. I felt his hands stroke my back, hesitantly pulling at the hem of my shirt. I pull away from his mouth, helping him discard my shirt. His eyes widened when he saw my chest, blushing furiously.

“You’re really pretty,” he murmured, tucking his hair behind his ears.

“You’re not to bad yourself,” I giggled, wrapping my arms around his neck to pull him on top of me. He moved to my neck, knowing where my sweet spot was. I whimpered, curling my fingers deeper into his hair. He slowly moved down, stopping at the hem of my pants. He looked up at me, asking for permission. I nodded, watching him undo my buttons. He slowly pulled of my pants and underwear, going even redder when they were off. He visibly gulped, looking nervously up at me.

“Uh I don’t know what i’m doing,” he confessed, biting his lip. “I just know from what I’ve been told and, uh…seen.” 

“You’re fine, don’t worry,” I reassured, giving him an encouraging nod to start. I gasped when I felt a long lick up my slit, feeling Gerard’s shaky tongue. My hands flew down to his long hair, trying to pull him closer. He gained a little confidence at my reaction, speeding up his actions. “Slow down baby,” I whimpered.

“Sorry sorry,” he mumbled, giving my core another slow, sensual taste. I moaned as he gave my clit a soft lick, looking up at me for approval. “Like that?”

“Just like that Gee, don’t stop.” He smiled in satisfaction, flicking his tongue against the sensitive nub. I cried out when I felt his tongue dig deeper at my core, making him jump up immediately.

“Sorry sorry sorry, are you okay? Did I hurt you?” He stammered, reaching for my hand.

“No it’s okay, it felt good,” I smiled. “You’re doing fine.” He let out a small sigh of relief, nodding to himself. He lowered his head, easing his tongue into me at an agonizingly slow pace. I couldn’t help but roll my hips back against his face, tugging more harshly at his shaggy hair. Tuffs of his disheveled hair tickle the inside of my thighs as he wiggles his face in deeper. He was growing more and more comfortable, thrusting his tongue in and out of me with such efficiency I began to find it hard to believe he’s never done this before. “Gerard, oh my God…” I moaned as his nose bumped into my clit. He noticed how much noisier I got when he stimulated the bundle of nerves. 

“You taste so good,” he mumbles against me, blushing at his own words. There’s the Gee I know. His hand slipped between my legs to rub me while his tongue continued their slow, deep thrust into me. Fingers still stroking my clit, he lapped away at my entrance and slurped down my sweet wetness. My toes curl against the comforter, eyes squeezing shut and mouth falling open in wracking pleasure. My hands kneaded through his hair, chanting his name as he pushed me over the edge.

“Gee…i’m gonna…” I couldn’t finish the sentence, all the air leaving my body as I came into his mouth. I covered my mouth arm, biting down to ensure I stayed quiet when I remembered Gerard’s little brother was upstairs playing video games. My legs involuntarily wrapped around Gerard’s head, locking him in place as I rode out my orgasm. I relaxed onto his mattress, feeling completely spent as he cleaned me up. Gerard stood up slowly, wiping his dripping mouth with the sleeve of his hoodie.

“Was it uh…you know, any good?” He said nervously, brushing his hair out of his face. 

“Amazing,” I panted. “You’re sure that was your first time eating someone out?”

“Yeah,” he blushed, sitting down next to me. “Was it really that good? Be honest Y/n.”

“It was.”

“Because you know I’ll keep practicing till I get really good at it if there’s anything I can impro-”

“Gerard, you’re a natural okay? You did amazing. It was really hot too,” I teased, running my hand up and down his arm. “And did you say you would practice?” His face flushed bright red and he fidgeted in place.

“Uh yeah, you know to get better…”

“How would you practice?”

“Please don’t make me say it,” he groaned, covering his face with his hands.

“You act like I don’t know you watch porn,” I giggled, pulling him down next to me. 

“I still don’t want to talk about it,” he sighed, trying to cover his blush by burying his face into my neck. 

“Okay okay, i’ll stop. What do you want to do now?”

“Do you want to watch a movie?” He said excitedly, perking his head up. “I got all the Star Wars movies on Blue Ray for Christmas if you want to watch them?”

“Sure, as long as their not the new ones.” He beamed at me, jumping up and practically bouncing as he set up the movie. I smiled to myself as I watched him, admiring his child like innocence that made him absolutely adorable. We spent the rest of the afternoon curled up on his bed having a Star Wars marathon. I loved seeing his reactions to movies, how his eyes would light up when a character said a significant quote or how intently he would watch with wonder during the intense battle scenes. I leaned up to kiss him after watching him laugh at one of Han Solo’s cheesy jokes, feeling how smooth and gently he kissed back. 

“What was that for?” He giggled when I pulled away, caressing my cheek.

“Nothing,” I hummed, resting back down on his chest. 

“God I love you,” he chimed, kissing the top of my head as I snuggled into his sweatshirt.

The Nutcracker - Michael Clifford

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I really need to get back on track with this. Like ASAP. It’s really bugging me.

There’s one thing Michael would never admit about the holidays. And that was that he loved the Nutcracker. He despised everything about ballet from the stupid slippers to the fluffy tutu’s that were, in his mind, just a waste of fabric…yet, somehow, that boy was infatuated with one of the most classical parts of Christmas. And somehow, this boy ended up at the show every year. He had been going since he was younger, his best friend’s mom taking the two to see the ballerinas since it was her favorite thing in the world, her dream one day to be the lead in the show. It was his Christmas tradition whether he wanted to admit it or not.

When they were twelve, y/n had come running through the fence in their yard, envelope in hand with the casting roster to the show for one of the major production companies in their province, y/n getting a role as a sugar plum fairy, her entire being jumping with joy at the fact she was going to be on the big stage, even just as a sugar plum fairy because, “you can’t get better if you don’t take the roles you’re given.”

This happened for the next year and next year until she was eighteen where she was offered a full time position in the company performing in shows year round, gaining leads in swan lake, Giselle, and Sleeping Beauty, yet still not gaining the one roll she had been striving for since she had started as a dancer, her hope dwindling down with each passing year.

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Luke Hemmings Smut → Messing With The Enemy

PairingLuke x Reader

Request: Highly requested by myself

Word Count: 2.358

A.N:  It’s based on this text post 

I dedicate this smut to Cassie. You fucker.

Two rivals. One girl standing in the middle. Me. The younger sister of one of the best hokey players in town. My brother Michael is the team captain of our schools hokey team with an ego as big as Australia. His biggest rival is Luke Hemmings. The team captain of the hokey team from the school downtown.

For some reason Michael and Luke hate each other. They used to be friend when they were little but since they started going to different schools everything changed. They became the biggest rivals. Not only on the field but also in real life. If one of them won the game, the other had to get revenge. It was an endless back and forth.

Today was the final game of the season. Michael trained every day for this and he was determined to win. “I can’t wait to wipe that annoying smug look off of that guys face today.” Michael mumbled as we arrived at the stadium. “Don’t be mean Michael.” I said, rolling my eyes. “I’m not mean.” He defended himself, “But I’m still gonna kick his ass.”

“Yeah right. We’ll see.” I winked and playfully hit Michael’s shoulder. “Shut up. I’m gonna win.” He hissed and parked the car in the already crowded parking lot. Silently we made our way inside the arena and met the other players. Immediately I noticed Luke in the back of the room, leaning against the wall, talking to one of his team mates. I bit my lip and watched him from the corner of my eye. He was looking extremely handsome in his shorts and red-white jersey and his hair tousled in every direction. While I was talking to Ashton, one of Michael’s team mates, my eyes always wandered back to Luke. I watched his soft lips and imagined them connecting with my own, his strong, arms pressing me against his muscular body and his long fingers touching every inch of me.

I got torn out of my inappropriate thoughts when I noticed that had Luke build up eye contact with me. A smirk appeared on his face and he shot me a wink before he turned back to the conversation with his team mate.

Oh shit did he just caught me drooling over him? Great. Just great.

I fancied him since I was about eleven years old. He was hanging out daily with Michael and he always wanted to play with me as well but Michael never let him. Now Luke was flirting with every time he saw me. I wasn’t sure if he’s doing it to piss off Michael or because he actually likes me.

“Hey (Y/N)? (Y/N) are you even listening to me?” Michael asked and snapped his fingers in front of my face. “What? No sorry. What is it?” I asked absentmindedly. “We have to go to the changing rooms. Go to you seat.” Michael instructed and glanced over to Luke. “Sure. Have fun and be save okay?” I demanded. Before Michael could answer a familiar dark voice interrupted him. “Don’t worry (Y/N) he’ll be okay.” I swirled around and saw Luke walking towards us with a big smile on his face. “I hope you’ll cheer for the right team.” Luke said and turned his focus to me. “She will cheer for the winner team. Which is mine. Now piss off.” Michael snapped, shoving me behind him. Luke glanced at Michael for a second before he turned back to me, “See you later babe.” He winked and took leave. “Fucking asshole.” Michael mumbled. “Now go inside okay. I see you after the game.” I nodded and gave Michael a brief hug before I made my way inside to find my seat.

Like always I had the best view. I was seated in the vip area in the front row, along with other team mates friends and girlfriends. When the game started I was already on the edge of my seat. Ever since the game started Michael and Luke shoved each other around, both of them wanted nothing more than to win this game and if that meant they had the chance to hurt each other it was certainly a bonus.

The game was almost over. Only two more minutes to play. The score was 2-2 . Both, Michael and Luke shot one goal each.

One more minute. Michael’s team had the puck, they ran towards the goal but then Luke came from behind and stole the puck from Michael’s team. Quickly he outran everyone. He raised his arms to hit the puck. He lounged out. Goal. A shrieking sound vibrated through the hall and the game was over.

All of Luke’s team mates ran towards him to hug him. “Yes! Fuck yes!” I heard him scream. A smile spread over my face, everyone in the vip area was pissed and sad their team didn’t win and I had to keep myself from cheering.

Luke’s head shot in my direction, “That was for you!” He mouthed and shot me another wink. I flushed and I averted my eyes from Luke to find Michael on the field. He threw his hockey stick across the field and stormed off into the changing rooms, followed by his team mates.

With a big smile on my face I walked out of the arena and waited outside in the parking lot for Michael. “Hey there brother.” I chuckled when he walked towards me. He glanced at me angrily, “Let’s just go okay?”

“But we’re going to the after party now right?” I asked. “Sure. I need a drink.” He mumbled and climbed in the car.

The party was already full on going when Michael and I arrived and he left me standing alone right away. “Hey sexy.” A familiar voice called out. I turned around and saw Luke leaning against his car. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“You did really good today.” I smiled. “I know.” He shrugged and took a step towards me. “Michael is really pissed.” I stated. “He would be even more pissed if he knew what I’m about to do to you.” Luke said and took another step forward. “Oh yeah what would that be?” I asked with raised eyebrows.

“I’d take you to my car right now and fuck you hard.” He smirked and pulled me close to his body. “Wow very subtle.” I said as calm as I could. This was everything I always wanted but I couldn’t lead him on that easily. “Always.” He grinned and licked over his lips. “C’mon I could make you feel so fucking good.” Luke leaned his head down, his face now only inches away from mine. “What would you do to me?” I breathed.

“I’d start kissing your neck. Every inch of it, making sure to leave a lot of marks behind and trace my fingers over your wet pussy. I’d be such a fucking tease, I bet you’d like that. Wouldn’t you?” he asked and brushed his lip against mine. I nodded and a smirk spread over Luke’s face before he continued. “Then I’d kiss your thighs, completely ingonring your wet pussy and I know you’d moan my name, begging me to do something.” he explained and moved his hand under my dress. This boy talking dirty to me will be my death. I could cum by only hearing his deep, raspy voice. 

“I’d lick over your sweet little pussy and enter you with my tongue. I’d suck so fucking hard on your clit and I’d swirl my tongue around it, making you scream out. Fuck I’d make you feel so fucking good.” Luke hissed and pressed himself closer to my body. I bit my lip and felt his already hard lenght poking me. Fuck I wanted him. I inhaled deeply before I finally said. “Shut up and fuck me already.”

Without another word Luke grabbed my hand, dragged me towards his black Range Rover and psuhed me in the backseat of it. He hovered over me and kissed me passionately while he lifted up my dress and in a swift move pulled my panties down my legs. “Babe you’re dripping.” he chuckled and traced his finger along my slit. “Fuck.” I hissed through gritted teeth. Luke connected his lips with my neck, kissing and biting down on it, leaving dark red marks behind while his fingers lazily rubbed over my core. I let out small whimpers and grabbed the drivers seat to hold me steady. 

“Sit up a little.” he instructed after he left at least five hickeys on my neck. I quickly obeyed and sat up straight. “Good girl.” Luke smirked and lowered his head between my legs. He started kissing up and down my thighs and completely ignored my heated core. “Damn it Luke. Just do something.” I whined and bucked my hips. A chuckle escaped his mouth. “ What was that babe?“ 

"God Luke, please fuck me already.” I begged. “As you wish.” he smirked and licked over my slit before he started flicking his tongue over my clit. In quick movements Luke’s tongue swirled over my clit and all of a sudden I felt three of his long fingers enter me. My mouth formed an ‘o’ and I rolled my eyes back in pleasure. He pumped his fingers in a quick pace in and out of me while his tongue swirled sloppily over my clit. My chest rose and fell rapidly and I arched my back from the seat as I felt my stomach tighten. “Oh god, fuck I’m c-close” I moaned out. “Cum baby.” Luke mumbled against my core. I screamed out Luke’s name when my orgasm washed over me. “Oh god.” I breathed out as he pulled his fingers out of me and licked them clean. “Babe there is no need to call me god.” Luke smirked and got to his knees to unzip his pants. 

“Very funny.” I said sarcastically, pressed him down to the seat and straddled his lap. "I wanna ride you.“ I blurted out and rocked my hips back and forth. "With pleasure.” he grinned and grabbed my ass. I stripped down his shorts along his his boxers and palmed his already hard lenght. “Fuck.” he cursed as I started pumping it slowly. I traced my thumb over his tip, wiping away the pre-cum before I lowered myself onto him, which caused both of us to moan. I circled my hips a few times beofre I started moving up and down slowly. “Holy fuck.” Luke moaned and his hand connected with my ass again, helping me to move quicker. I was satisfied to see him with his mouth open, and his chest rasing and falling rapidly. His eyes were fixed on me and his breathing was shallow.

One of Luke’s hands left my ass and his index finger found my clit once again, rubbing over it in a quick pace. I rolled my eyes back in my head and moaned out Luke’s name, not caring if anyone could hear us. “Oh my god, fuck.” I screamed out, squeezing my eyes shut. “You look so fucking good riding me.” he breathed and started rubbing harder. I felt a familiar knot in my stomach building up again. My vision got blurry and my legs shaky.  I felt him twitch inside me and I knew he was as close as I was. He started to thrust into as good as he could form his position. “Fuck Luke!” I moaned out when he hit my g-spot over and over again. 

I clenched my walls around his cock when my orgasm washed over me. “Fuck. Shit do that again.” He moaned and I quickly obeyed, which drove him over the over the edge. I circled my hips around him again to ride out both our highs beofre I climbed off him. “God  that was amazing.” Luke breathed out and ruffled through his thick blonde hair. I nodded in agreement. “I hope no one heard us though.” 

“Who cares. Anyone can know that I won twice today.” he said and pulled his pants back up. “What do you mean?” I asked confused. “Well I didn’t only win the game but you as well. I actually didn’t want to start with fucking you in the backseat of my car but well, I lost control.” He chuckled. “So uhm what I wanted to ask you…would you like to go on a real date with me someday?” My eyes widened and a smile spread over my face. “I’d love that. But what about Michael? He wouldn’t approve." 

"I don’t give a fuck. I like you a lot (Y/N) and I really want to go out with you I don’t care what your brother says.” He explained. “You know what? You should take this.” He took of his red-white jersey and handed it to me. “I can’t take that.” I said, shaking my head. “Yeah you do. Put it on. I’m dying to see his face when he sees you in it. Plus I think you’d incredibly hot in it." 

"Fine.” I said and put on the jersey shirt. “See? Super hot.” Luke smiled and pecked my lips. “We should go back to the party.” He suggested and opened the door to climb out of the car. “Could I get my panties back first?” I asked. “Nope.” Luke chuckled and hid them in the pockets of his jeans. “But Luke, c’mon I can’t go without my panties." 

"Of course you can.” He winked and put on a hoodie which he got from the drivers seat. “Come on let’s go.” he instructed and took my hand. “I swear if anyone sees this..”  I started but Luke cut me off, “No one but me is going to see that you don’t have any panties on.”  I sighed and silently walked with Luke back to the party.

“(Y/N) there you are!” Michael’s voice called out from a distance. He ran towards us and stopped his tracks when he noticed my shirt and that Luke and I were walking hand in hand. “What the fuck is this?" 

“Seems like I didn’t only win the game, mate.”