“Batgirl doesn’t need cover. Those Guards are no match for her. Not even close. None of us Robins were ever as good as Batgirl. We knew it. Drove us all crazy. She’s got the the legs of a ballerina… …and the brains of a librarian… but that’s not all. It never was. I think it was because she didn’t do what she does for revenge. She doesn’t fight for some ghost. She fights for someone alive.”

“Batgirl will never stop. That woman doesn’t need us to protect her from anyone… …we need to protect her from herself.”

Letting your toddler make their own decisions for things is really cool because it’s like “Wow, look how independent my toddler is, he can pick out his own clothes!” But it’s also actually really annoyimg because we just spent the last half hour picking out what Avenger granola bar he wanted only for him to tell me that he’s now going to save that specific one for tomorrow.

The other day Gaia stuck her finger in a pencil sharper and cut a chunck of skin off.

Omg the screaming and blood! It was everywhere. She was naked just out of the shower and I had pjs on and we were both covered along with a rea towl.

So after putting pressure on and her falling asleep from screaming we put a nappy on her and went to after hours, I was still in my bloody pjs.

She woke up in the car happy as larry, pointing her bloody mess at everything and everyone, drinking water, asking about the baby crying down the hall.

End result was everything was fine and we now know babys bleed a fucking lot