The other day Gaia stuck her finger in a pencil sharper and cut a chunck of skin off.

Omg the screaming and blood! It was everywhere. She was naked just out of the shower and I had pjs on and we were both covered along with a rea towl.

So after putting pressure on and her falling asleep from screaming we put a nappy on her and went to after hours, I was still in my bloody pjs.

She woke up in the car happy as larry, pointing her bloody mess at everything and everyone, drinking water, asking about the baby crying down the hall.

End result was everything was fine and we now know babys bleed a fucking lot


Sometimes, no matter how much you train yourself to accomodate all and be a superficial like being awarded with queen mother of the decade or next in line to wonderwoman, odds will never be in your favor.
This day, i am in the brink of losing whatever is left of me, after a week of physical malfunction and yet it seems that the world will not evolve,if the superficial persona will not be activated.

Nobody told me this is how its gonna be.
And yet they say be thankful for what you have.

So thank you for still having this time to mumble all this before the wheel takes it turn again.

Bring it on tomorrow, I will never give up on you.

People from my childhood often wonder why i dont want anything to do with them and yet when i try to open up about anything concerning the problems i faced growing up all i get from them is a bunch of ‘oh well so and so didnt seem that bad’ or 'you seemed to be doing okay’ and 'are you sure it was like that’.

Well you know what - FUCK YOU

My dad was an abusive asshole who to this day still seems to have no idea of the pain he put me through. And you people have the gall to defend him just necause you met him a couple times and he didnt seem that bad? Or just because i didnt tell you i was struggling with mental illness and i wasnt have breakdowns every second on public you think it wasnt happening? What is wrong with you?! You people are the reason that those who are abused and mistreated and suffering mental illness or disability or any other mumber of hard things as a child struggle to be open about whats happening to them. Because when they are open you dont believe them!!! You are part of the reason these things keep happening because you make it impossible for people to look for help or support. I struggled to make it through my childhood and im damn lucky yo be here, so if you’re someone from my childhood whose going to question or try to deny it then you can fuck off and rot. Im done with you.

Scrapbook Diy Photo Album Traditional Chinese Happiness 12 X 9 Inches

Scrapbook Diy Photo Album Traditional Chinese Happiness 12 X 9 Inches

If you want to make your gift meaningful, made a gift by yourself may be a wonderful idea. And there are so many memories that you may want to keep, to store, to share with family mumbers, friends To fullfill the both, you may want to diy a photo albums, pick the happinest, most joyful,unforgetable moments which recorded on photos, decor it with scrapbooking supplies you carefully selected, come…

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