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Stan Lee’s Chakra: the Invincible 

“When Raju Rai, accidentally activates an experimental suit that unleashes the mystical chakras of the body, he gains superpowers and vows to protect the people of Mumbai as CHAKRA, The Invincible!

From the mind of legendary creator Stan Lee comes his newest superhero. Chakra tells the story of Raju Rai, a young Indian orphan living in Mumbai. Determined to use science to unlock the secrets of human potential, Raju and his mentor, the genius scientist Dr. Singh, develop a technological suit that activates the mystical Chakras of the body, unleashing superhuman abilities and powers.

Convinced that none must know of his new super-powered identity, Raju gives his new, mighty avatar a name, one that will represent everything he is and can ever hope to be, one that will resonate throughout the world and have the dramatic effect of bringing fear into the hearts of evildoers— CHAKRA, The Invincible!”

Co-created by Sharad Devarajan and Gotham Chopra


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Impact EP

1 Mumbai Science - Impact (Original Mix)
2 Mumbai Science - Impact (The Advent & Industrialyzer Music & Machine Remix)
3 Mumbai Science - Impact (John Roman Remix)

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Category/Release Number: LL76D

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Mumbai Science coming to Denver on Thursday?

One of my Belgian loves is coming… to… DENVER!!! I get invited to be on the comp’d guestlist… sounds great right?

Oh wait, it’s 21+. Fuck you and your stupid fucking laws, USA. You’ve oppressed the smart, responsible music-loving teenagers. Fuck. you.

See this is what sucks about being too cool for my age… kidding.

DOWNLOAD: Mumbai Science - The Unified Theory pt2 Mixtape [soundcloud]


1. Click Cick, M Ferry & Kasette boys - Ah! Yeah! Oh! Yeah! (Oliver $ remix) 
2. Kill Frenzy - Booty Clap 
3. Djedjotronic - Walk with me 
5. Mumbai Science - Reality 
6. Amnesia - Ibiza (Mumbai Science Rework) 
7. Polymorphic - Opposition (Nickel Remix) 
8. AutoKratz - Splinters 
9. Mumbai Science - Researchers 
10. Mumbai Science - Lotus (Alex Gopher remix) 
12. Lightyear - Moderation 
13. Mao - Emeralds 
14. Mumbai Science - Transcendence

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