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So I’ve seen the discussion and conversation about the Kardashian segment on the Late Late show with Harry being asked if it’s true/right that she (Kendall) ‘lays’ all day. A pun playing on the other guests chickens which he named after the Kardashian females.

It’s this type of subtle sexism and disrespect that infuriates me. Would they have asked Kendall about her sex life if she was there - NEVER. Harry (who we are meant to believe was Kendall’s sexual partner) is now 'dating’ Tess doesn’t get asked what frequency he’s getting laid but will shade Kendall and infer she’s a got a high sex drive at best or a slut at worst.

What makes it worse is that you’ve got three men there sitting there making that joke about the sex life of their apparent friend (if not ex).

Would they like their mum, their daughter, their sister described like that - my guess is no. So if that’s the case why do it to ANY OTHER FEMALE. This disrespect (and call it what it is, it’s not just a joke) is insidious and pervasive and makes people think it’s ok to treat women like objects.

Harry I love your music especially some of the new album, but the way your treating females as a commodity to sell a story or get a quick laugh isn’t ok. You talk about being a feminist, guess what that means more then posting about the womens March. Stand up for women and call out this shit not just participate.

To Harry and his team, not to mention James please try harder cause this isn’t good enough.


Happy Mother’s Day Women of Bones! 🌸


Powerless to help her foster mum S & daughter Kira when Ferdinand comes calling, Sarah’s number might finally be up.

Isolated from her family as Neolution closes in, and with twins to protect, the once indomitable Helena is brought to her knees.

Reunited with the love-of-her-life, Delphine, after a close brush with death, Cosima has never been more determined or reckless.

With Neolution and the police on her heels, Alison’s incidental infractions may finally send her house of cards tumbling down.

Now that she’s reached the top of the Neolution pyramid, Rachel is quickly discovering that not everything is as it seems.


What motivates you in the end?
Apart from being creatively satisfied? When I’m thirty, I want to have made it so far that I can care for the people around me. I already started to change the lives of my family. I come from a working-class family — my parents split up when I was three years old and both built new families. My mum has two daughters, aged three and five. My dad has four children and my oldest brother now attends a movie course at college. And one day I’ll have a family of my own. Those people are not there yet but they’re my motivation, as well.

showing my daughter pictures of my bias
  • me: look at him, isn't he hot?
  • daughter: uh mum-
  • me: okay okay look at this one. amazing, right?
  • daughter: mum please
  • daughter: i don't exactly feel right calling dad hot okay
Reasons why my grandmother is absolutely precious

- gasped when my mum used the dimmer to lower the lights and called it witchcraft
- took my cousins, my brother and me to see ice age 2 when it came out, didn’t like it and cried because “the animals were in danger!”
- calls the App Store “the market”
- cried for half an hour after I told her I was trans because she was devastated by the thought of me suffering in silence for years
- thought my mum’s friend’s boyfriend was the pizza delivery guy (because he picked up our pizza on the way over) and was completely chill thinking that we just invited some random pizza delivery guy in to have dinner with us.
- asked said boyfriend if the other pizzas in his car wouldn’t get cold.
- thinks frank iero is a random buddy of mine who just happens to be good at playing guitar.
- told me to tell him she says hi.
- was completely delighted when I told her he said hi back.
- asked if I had a crush on him and when I said kinda yeah she told me to try and get in his pants
- tried to give me tips on how to seduce him.
- reacted to “he’s 13 years older than me and married” with “age is just a number, you’re all adults and maybe his wife is into that”
- asks me how he’s doing every time I see her
- still won’t recognise him in photos and thinks every photo of frank is a photo of me.
- fucking loves the snapchat puppy filter and keeps telling me to make her into a dog.
- keep saying “this is incredible, I can SEE you!” every time on FaceTime. For the past 4 years.
- didn’t buy a wedding dress for her own wedding and instead spent the money on buying my grandfather a pair of shoes he could wear for their wedding
- when my greatgrandfather wouldn’t pay for their wedding dinner she sneakily handed my grandpa money under the table so he could pay for it and wouldn’t be embarrassed (fucking 60’s) because my grandfather had to give everything he earned to his parents (who wouldn’t pay for dinner)
- tried to save my father from my mum (her daughter) multiple times because she was scared he’d get hurt
- once before they got married because my mum travels a lot for work and meets a lot of new people and my grandmother was afraid my dad might get hurt in the process.
- spoils our cat while cat sitting him to the point where he won’t eat unless someone is sitting next to him and stroking his back.
- asked me what being stoned feels like and responded to my explanation with “I’ll have to see that for myself”

Ships Lost at Sea

A short little piece of fluff of a moment between Betty and Jughead shared on a couch. 

This ship inspires a need to write fluff like never before, it’s too cute and completely uncharted territory for me to be writing something so fluffy.

She wasn’t sure what they were. When Veronica had asked her why he had comforted her in such an intimate way she didn’t know what to say. She told her the truth he had been comforting her and she had found comfort in the most unlikely of places. That he was helping her through what had been one of the most difficult times of her life. She hadn’t even told her that they had kissed.

The pair  found themselves on the couch of the Blue and Gold offices well after school had finished and they had continued to work on the school paper, while the case of Jason Blossom had dried up for the time being. With his head resting on her lap Betty found herself reminiscing about the little touches they shared. The way he would reach for her hand as he walked her home and how in turn she would hold  on to his arm or placing her hand on his cheek. They were such simple gestures, on the surface so insignificant and inconsequential but to her they meant everything.

She absent mindedly moved her finger tips across his forehead, brushing away the hair that had settled there as he continued to read out his latest article to her as she listened attentively.

She didn’t want to put a label on it, what was occurring between them. She felt as though they were two ships lost at sea who had found each other. They both had their own problems, both trying to survive being a teenager with their own separate challenges. Her with a mum who was protective to the degree of being psychotic and him with a dad who just couldn’t get it right. It was this that brought them together in addition to their need to find Jason Blossom’s killer. Maybe that was why they both had latched onto this case as an interest, it was something else to focus on rather than the homes that they came from and the perceptions of who they should be that they were trying so desperately to distance themselves from.

The others didn’t get it, Archie’s dad was supportive and kind, Veronica’s mum cared for her daughter in a way that Betty envied, and Kevin had his dad supporting him through his coming out and the towns reaction, he would protect his son through it all. But her and Jughead they knew what it was like when your parents didn’t quite measure up the way you hoped they would, they understood what it felt like to be disappointed by your parents again and again and needing a soft place to land. Maybe that was what they were to each other a soft place to land.

“Betts, are you listening?” The change in his voice broke her away from her thoughts and she realised that he had now finished and was looking at her expectedly for her response.

“Sorry Juggie I just drifted off.” She explained. Turning her head away from him.

“Somewhere nice?” He asked intrigued as to where her thoughts had taken her.

“Not really. Just thinking.”

“I assume about my mind altering article on why our school mascot is a mongoose. Thanks again for the plum assignment.” He stated sarcasm tingeing his voice.

“It’s been a slow news week.” She explained. “But you have done wonders with it.”

“Good.” He smiled up at her, moving aside the printed article to rest on his chest and closed his eyes, as she continued to play with his hair.

He still couldn’t believe this was happening. Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones sharing an intimate moment. He had been afraid that once their friends had found about them that she would have distanced herself, that maybe this was a phase she was going through and while it was behind closed doors it was fine but outside in the real world where everyone could see that he wouldn’t be enough.

When he had been dragged away from school in the Sherrif Keller’s car he was sure that that would be the final nail in the coffin. The gorgeous golden girl Betty Cooper would not want to be associated with a suspected murderer. The boy from the wrong side of the tracks and a criminal record. But there she had been, holding his hands, reassuring him that she knew who he was she knew the real him and there was such trust in her eyes that he had felt safer just knowing that she was on his side. That if she was there he could make it through.

He found himself reaching for her constantly needing to feel her skin, her presence near him. It calmed him knowing that she was close.

They hadn’t talked about their relationship, he didn’t want to jinx it, he couldn’t bear the thought of losing her. He knew their friends were calling them ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ and they hadn’t corrected them.

“Can I?” Her voice broke into his thoughts and he noticed that she was motioning to his beanie. He nodded and she removed it, delicately placing it on the armrest of the couch. Her fingers returned to move through his hair, fingertips brushing against his scalp as he moaned his approval. She continued to massage his scalp delighting in the sounds he was making, knowing that she could bring him some peace. They stayed that way for a while her fingers moving across his scalp, directed at the areas that produced the greatest response. He felt like he was dreaming, completely at rest, safe in her arms.

“Betts,” He whispered to her even though they were the only two in the room.

“Yeah.” She whispered back

“We are going to stick together aren’t we? Through this even after we find out who killed Jason, if we do?” He kept his eyes closed not sure he could look straight into her eyes while he asked her. This was the most directly they had spoken about what was going on between them.

“I would like that Juggie.” He opened his eyes to find her smiling down at him, he could lose himself in those eyes. They felt like home. He shifted his body to move up and capture her lips with his. Before resting his head again in her lap, his arm moving to around her shoulders and closing his eyes. Safe and content he felt as though his ship had finally come into port.

Talking Body

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson



Imagine: You are in a extremely heated situation with Klaus and your younger daughter bursts in, so you have to explain to her what’s happening and the older one, who understands what you were doing, keeps making disgusted sounds. After it is all done, you go back to what you were doing.

Warnings: dirty, dirty smut. oral sex (female receiving). sex, ofc. a bit fluff. roughness. swearing. and i guess that’s it.

Word Count: 3105

Being Klaus Mikaelson’s partner was definitely not an easy task; aside the fact he was a very complicated and troubled man, the blond had many enemies who craved to see him defeated, which means you were always their first target when they wanted to draw his attention. A bunch of fools, if you were to be honest, for you were no damsel in distress. Matter fact, you had been taught to fight ever since you could remember. Born in a werewolf family, it was kind of obvious that your parents guaranteed to never leave their beloved child unprepared to the supernatural life.

“Mum!” Cami, your younger daughter, yelled, getting you out of your inner thoughts. You closed the book you were reading and offered her a happy smile. “Dad won’t let me have cookies!”

“That’s because you just had dinner!” A masculine voice replied, trying to sound angry. A soft laugh left your lips. “Agree with me on this, darling.”

“Your father is right, baby.” You stroke her red cheek, placing one blonde curl behind her ear. “Also, you need to go to bed. It’s late.”

“Urgh.” She whined, pouting, making both you and Klaus giggle. “This isn’t fair!”

Whilst the girl escaped, running out of the room, you stood up from the cushioned armchair you were sitting on and went straight to your husband's​ arms, enjoying, afterwards, the warm hug he gave you. It was adorable how he never stopped doing these little things like hugging, kissing, holding your hand, grabbing your ass whenever you were not paying attention… All of it; Klaus simply could never stop reassuring his love for you. As for yourself, well, the feelings were wildly mutual.

“I’ll tuck her in.” He whispered in your ear, sending chills down your spine. “Wait for me in our room wearing that. I’ve been wanting to tear that dress out of you all day long.”

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Sick - Harry Styles Imagine

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Harry knows that when (Y/N) is sick, something is up, he knows that whenever this happens, it is not good. Throughout the two years they’ve been together, it was him in the relationship that would get sick all the time, and she knows how to take care of him in every situation, she learned over time. Attention, loving, care, is what he needs, but when she is sick, he does not know how to deal with the situation.

That morning he was surprised when she was not up before him, he woke up to the same old usual, sunlight sweeping through the curtains, but to his left, (Y/N) was there, which made him question the situation. He rubbed his eyes, and looked at her, she was snoring, a sign he knows when you’re nose is stuffy, and usually she never snores.

“Hey baby.” He told her, rolling on his side, caressing her cheek. Her eyes started to flutter open, and a smile was written on her face, she mumbled a ‘hello’, and turned the other way.

“Oh, don’t do that, it’s rude. What’s happening?” He told her, she rolled back, and looked at him, sitting up and grabbing a tissue on the side of their bed, quickly blowing her nose. That’s when he realised that she was not up for it today, that she was not like herself. He went back to rubbing her cheek, and smiling, she still has not answered his question.

“I think I’m sick, thanks babe, you gave your bug to me.” She told him. (Y/N) tried to pull herself together, and got up, pulling the duvet off their mattress. He started to laugh, she turned around, sharply, giving him a glare.

“What, I’m cold.” She stated, trying to fumble with putting her slippers on, without using her hands. Harry got up with her, wearing just his pajama pants, nothing else. She would never admit, but she enjoyed it. (Y/N) walked out of the bedroom, and down the stairs of their townhouse.

“You’re making breakfast.” She stated once in the kitchen, Harry following her.

“Ok, what do you want?” He asked, heading towards the fridge, she plopped herself down on the couch and turned the television on, watching whatever news network that was on last. She looked at him, the duvet covered half her head, and was wrapped across her body, she grabbed her glasses on the side table of the couch and looked at him.

“Just a cup of tea, you can make whatever you want.” She told him, continuing to watch telly. He nodded, doing his business in the kitchen, occasionally talking to her.

“(Y/N), love, are you ok? You are never sick, the time I’ve known you, you’ve been sick once, and it was just the cold. You blocked me out, since it was the beginning of our relationship, but still, I’m worried.” He told her. He knows whenever she even has the slight symptoms of a sickness, she would just block away Harry, and keep to herself.

“Yup, just need some pills and several cups of tea, I’ll be better and done with this tomorrow.” She told, taking the cup of tea from Harry and continuing watching the television, not paying attention to Harry who took a sit next to her. He had no idea how to act towards her, therefore he just watched from afar.

Minutes later, she got up, Harry was instantly worried, she gave him a ‘what?’ look and went to a cupboard grabbing some pills and sitting back again.

“I never get sick and when I do, I’m really sick.” She simply said, consuming the advil, turning to him, smiling, he simply nodded, not knowing what to do in that situation. Of course he was worried, but it was hard for him to process it!

“It was one thing that my mum was proud of, her daughter was never getting sick.” She said, he knew about the troubles she has with her mum, but he never pressured her into saying anything.

“Have I ever told you that my mum and dad wanted me to become a doctor, or a lawyer, something fancy and poch, like them. Yeah, well I screw that and became a journalist, who lives under her boyfriend’s roof since rent is too expensive and it barely goes by with my hourly pay, like what am I supposed to do when older?” She says looking at him, eyes wide.

“Babe, don’t worry, it’s fine, it’ll all be fine.” He said, trying to bring her into a hug, she accepted, head under his chin.

“Please don’t leave me,” she says looking at him, “I’m poor and sick.”.

“I’ll never leave you, love, I love you too much.” He said, she nodded, nose sniffling.

“I love you too, gorgeous.” She simply said, watching the telly, eventually changing the channel.

Requested by: @tiaameliapnina

Changed it up a bit, sorry, since again, I want it to match my idea for the series. But thank you for requesting!

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((OOC: Someone asked me a while back if I had any writing prompts? Here’s a fic idea I’d like to see.

Soulmates are born with their fated partner’s FIRST. WORDS.

8,000,000 people looking for the one who said “Ma-ma!” with the right inflection. People from different countries daydreaming about their dreamy foreign soulmate who rolled, drooling, on a fine rug and burbled “PAPA!” to a room of delighted relatives.


The one individual with the word “Benadryl” stamped on her forearm. Who was that child? Where is her grown up precocious baby? Do they still have allergies to this day?

This is the thought that woke me up at midnight. Have at it, kiddies.))

“As it turned out, all I wanted from life was some cheap tins of Pringles and a few beers so it worked out well either way.”

Me as a mother kpop style part2
  • Daughter: mum who's this?
  • *points to an old bias group poster*
  • Me: well that's *bias group*
  • Daughter: he's cute *points to bias*
  • Dad: thanks sweetie😊
  • Daughter: ....
  • Me: .....
  • Daughter: ewwwwwww!
  • Dad: jk jk she doesn't even speak his language *starts laughing*
  • Me: you're sleeping on the couch tonight
  • Dad: ..*stops laughing*..
  • Daughter: ???????
Staying Up (Jonathan Byers fluff/smut)

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Request:  Do you think you can do a Jonathan Byers smut where his S/o is a virgin? I always see ones where he’s a virgin and I want to see him being super gentle and patient ❤️


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i’m kinda obsessed with the idea of kaikana grif getting tex as an ai