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Mum and calf

At least I'm not the one exploiting horses while sitting on a high one.

(warning: long story)

When I was in college, I went with a couple of girl friends of mine on a short camping trip, just the three of us. They were nice girls from several of my classes, and we all got along pretty well. The only thing that ever stuck thorns in our sides were our differences when it came to lifestyle choices. Specifically, these two particular girls were vegan, and they seemed to think it was their mission in life to make me vegan too.

Part of the reason for our going on this trip was for them to cook me some vegan campfire treats and show me the awesomeness of nature. I love camping anyway, and I figured I could deal with their preaching in exchange for sleeping for a couple nights under the stars and hiking in the woods of Appalachia with two people who were on the whole pretty nice people.

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Maya the baby elephant’s first 10 days (Planet Earth Live)


Dear Little Lucas,

We’ve finally unpacked the baby shower gifts! :) You have a finally had your cot properly set up,and  set up as much of the changing station as we can until we get some more whicker baskets and its making us so excited!!

Your Lucas side of the room looks so cute! I cannot wait for you to be born so we can have you home and in the moses basket and then into the lovely comfy cot.

Nanny Deb and Grandpop diz came over tonight and bought round this bag of knitted goodies, two knitted cardigans and these cute little knitted teddies! My favourite is the elephant. I cannot wait until you can play and cuddle them.

Everything is coming together now :)

Love you always
Mummy xxx