mum and sons


How do you get her to leave?

Does your pearl always walk next to you?

You are so patient with her. How do you do it?

Do keep up, pearl.

Lance and Red after their first battle
Lance: yeah! You were awesome out there girl! The way you swerved between those two ships and made them crash into each other… no wonder they call you the most agile!
Red: You’re sweet. I can see why Keith likes you so much.
Lance: …
Lance (turning progressively more red): wait what

Blue: And did you know that he once shot Slav out of a Galra’s hand from outside a closing airlock? And he has three little sisters, and he writes down all his adventures so he can remember to tell them when he gets back to Earth? And that he calls me his girl? And that even on days when we don’t train he always comes down to visit me? And he tells me all about the beaches and forests on Earth because I didn’t get to see them when I was there? And did I tell you…

I know this has been said plenty of times before but I just had a moment and I need to say this again - I’m so SO proud of Niall. As a louie it’s a bit bittersweet to see how amazing Niall’s promo is (compared to all the others but for me personally compared to louis’) but I’m just genuinely happy and excited for Niall cause he deserves everything good in the world and I’m so glad that he gets what he wants to do and gets the amazing promo he deserves. What he’s doing right now is basically what we all wanted for 1D for years - promo that focuses on the music instead of private life stuff. And as much as I wish they could all have that right now, the main feeling is being excited and proud of niall for finally getting the attention he always deserved but was refused while being in the band

the Power Rangers’ parents all coming together for a “parents of the power rangers” meeting and they’re discussing when they realised their child was a ranger

Zack’s mum is like my son jumped over a house and suddenly had four friends who all matched the other rangers I put it together, plus Zack once said he was going out to chill with his rangers and then tried to act like he’d confused the word rangers for friends #bilingual problems

Candace is so sweet saying about how she noticed Billy’s new friends and how they’re all so close and they even wear their cute little signature colours all the time it’s just precious

Kim and Trini’s parents just crack open a bottle of whiskey between the four of them and lament for a while on their daughter/future daughter in law and how they constantly leap up to each other windows at night as if their parents can’t see from the living room window literally just below Kim/Trini’s windows they think they’re subtle and sneaky

and Jason’s mum gushes too and it’s all nice and sweet, until Jason’s dad just deadpans “he broke the fucking sink"

foreign films 2.0

hi all! follow-up on THIS post.

this is another very long post giving you film and series suggestions in foreign languages - i have included my three target languages and french just to spice things up a bit. 

if you’ve seen any of these or want to expand on the post please fell free to do so!! this list is obviously very subjective and contains things that i have seen and enjoyed, so i would love to see a greater variety of genres/directors featured on here.


wakolda - this is straight up one of my favourite films ever. 1950s argentina. a family accomodates a guest at their hotel, unaware that their guest is nazi monster josef mengele. 

tiempo sin aire - colombian mum and son escape the horrors of civil war and move to the canary islands, but the mother will not rest until she has found her daughter’s rapist. contains some graphic scenes, not for the faint of heart.

la regenta - adaptation of 19th century classic, both film and miniseries (3 x 1.5 hrs) available on youtube. the film is mediocre but the miniseries stole my heart. pious wife anita torn between sexy local liberal and dark imposing priest. features an absolutely superb carmelo gomez as the cunning don fermin.

el crimen del padre amaro - another c19 classic, this time in a modern latin american setting where hot priest gael garcia b. can no longer fight his feelings for a certain young lady…

ocho apellidos vascos - SOOOOOOOO FUCKING FUNNY!!!!! 

la piel que habito - almodóvar, banderas, weird, cringy, intriguing,  “a horror story without screams or frights” [wiki]

la nana - “Raquel, la amargada e introvertida nana (eufemismo chileno para denominar a las sirvientas) de la casa de los Valdés … ve peligrar su puesto cuando éstos contratan a una nueva empleada para que le ayude durante su convalecencia. Raquel se dedica a hacerle la vida imposible a las nuevas nanas. Esta mecánica se repite una y otra vez hasta la aparición de Lucy, una mujer de provincia que logrará penetrar la coraza de Raquel.” [wiki]

el secreto de sus ojos - “Using a nonlinear narrative, the film depicts a judiciary employee and a judge in 1974 … as they investigate a rape and murder case that turns into an obsession for all the people involved, while also following the characters 25 years later reminiscing over the case and unearthing the buried romance between them.”[wiki] RECOMMENDED

vacas - portrays the conflict between two basque families that lasts three generations, starting in 1875.

la princesa de francia - looks ery promising, centred around a group of actors preparing shakespeare’s “love’s labour’s lost”, in buenos aires. read review here 


ligações perigosas [BR] - recently released tv globo miniseries, NOT A NOVELA, available on yt. adaptation of laclos’ les liaisons dangereuses. set in 1920s brazil. love, sex, intrigue, DRAMA, 1920s music. great acting by selton mello and alice wegmann. i cried watching this. i love selton mello

justiça [BR] - also a globo miniseries, follows various characters in recife as each of them searches for their own private justice. RECOMMENDED

amores roubados [BR] - yet another miniseries, based on the book “a emparedada da rua nova”. leandro returns to his hometown from SP and becomes involved with three women.

3% [BR] - a dystopian thriller series, apparently available on netflix. “ The show is set in a future wherein people are given a chance to go to the “better side” of a world divided between progress and affluence in the Offshore, and devastation and poverty in the Inland, but only 3% of the candidates succeed.”[wiki] RECOMMENDED

pecado fatal [EU] - angst, drama, shy sweet love but also bitten family secrets. “a young man and woman fall in love on the night they meet, but he takes advantage of her when she gets drunk. although she doesn’t remember anything from that night, something nags at the back of her mind.” not the most accurate description - just watch it its good

o convento [EU] - a literature professor goes to a portuguese convent to confirm a conspiracy theory about shakespeare. this film is actually in english and french as well as portuguese, but i’ve included it here because it was directed by the great manoel de oliveira. stars john malkovich and catherine deneuve.

o dia de desespero [EU] - another one by oliveira, portuguese entry for 1992 oscars. the film shows the final days of the life of famed c19 writer camilo castelo branco, his blindness and eventual suicide. probably available on youtube. 


malena - a classic, story of how a beautiful young woman is ridiculed by her prejudiced community told through the eyes of a young boy lusting over her. very tastefully done and visually very pretty. plus it has monica belucci

la prima notte di quiete - 1972. scruffy alain delon is bitter and elopes with a mysterious student of his who keeps some dark secrets. very beautiful visually, lovely music, unexpected ending. watch this if you want to be sad and vague

lºeredità ferramonti - set in 1880s rome, cunning young woman weds into a split family and wreaks havoc. dominique sanda is brilliant in this. also very nice music by morricone.


des hommes et des dieux - algeria. eight monks live a secluded life in the mountains. when war breaks out, they are forced to make a choice between their faith and their lives. “a luminous tale of faith and heroism”, and also very prettily made. 

venus noire - based on the true story of saartije bartman, a black woman showcased in 19th century europe because of her body. explores prejudice, otherness, fetishisation, directed by tunesian abdellatif kechiche. RECOMMENDED.

la dame aux camélias (1981) - isabelle huppert stars as the destitute and illiterate alphonsine who travels to paris and becomes a courtesan. based on alexandre dumas’ novel, of the same title.

In 10 years,
  • My daughter/son : Mum,what did you do when you were a teenager? I bet you did cool things and that you were popular in high school.
  • Me: *has flashbacks on all the nights I had spent on Tumblr, all the fandoms,having weird fangirls as friends, all the times ive shipped gay pairings and all the times I pretended to be in a relationship with a fictional character,some band member,or a youtuber*
  • Me: yeah, i was pretty cool
  • Me: ..
  • Me: No actually, there's this thing-
Things nobody tells you about raising a toddler

- you desperately try to keep them safe whilst they are on a one person mission to cause themselves injury as frequently as possible

- their first words will inevitably end up being “no” “shit” or “oh god” which is not exactly what you expected to write in the baby book

- changing nappies becomes VERY VERY difficult. They do not want you to change their diaper. They don’t want their diaper on. They also don’t want it off. They do want to put their hands in poop and smear it on the wall/your face/the cat

- they will say “no” ALL THE TIME

- toddlers suddenly obsess over certain toys or books. If their obsession is the latter, you will read the same book OVER and OVER and OVER again. You will want to burn said book; but can’t as toddler would be distraught. 

- they will fall over. A lot.

- they will bang into things. A lot. 

-they will be frequently bruised, scratched or marked. You will feel guilty about it. blame Daddy.

-sleeping times and schedules are so much harder - now they can stand up, move around, try to climb out of the crib, shout into the baby monitor, remove their bedding and throw it out of the cot, etc, etc

-things start to become very dramatic. Simple tasks, like putting the toddler in a car seat are MELTDOWN worthy, they will arch their backs, contorting in a way you didn’t think possible, scream (so loudly that the neighbours peer out of their windows wondering who is being murdered), cry and make things basically as difficult as possible

-your toddler will embarrass you often. Whether it is shouting, throwing food (bonus points for toddler if it hits the elderly lady on the next table), screaming (in places like the Doctor’s Surgery or Library) or throwing themselves on the floor because you won’t let them play with scissors. Try to remember that most people have been in this position before; if they look judgy its probably because they’ve tried to block out the toddler period from their memory and can’t remember the trauma, don’t worry Momma, you’re doing great. 

-everything takes a very long time. Nappy changing, dressing (a fun game is when Mummy puts a sock on and toddler takes the sock back off - repeat until mummy cries in the corner), shoes on, coat on, coat off, coat on, changing bag packed (toddler will kindly unpack things she or he doesn’t think you need; and will obviously be a disaster when you realise you don’t have nappies/wipes/bottles with you). 

-Walking. Toddler now does not want to be in a pushchair. The pushchair is the root of all evil and according to toddler should be treated as such (kicking, screaming, crying, body flailing are all vital in avoiding the pushchair). They have discovered that their little feet will take them where they want to go. Unfortunately - where they want to go; and you need to go are very different places. Important destinations for toddler result in picking up tiny stones, leaves, cigarette butts and putting them in their mouth. Other important places to explore are the busy road, shop doors and in particular the opposite direction to you. 

-Toddlers though suddenly have this incredible and overwhelming love for you. Their beautiful faces light up as they see you, their chubby arms reaching to cuddle into you. They cry when you leave the room. The love you receive from your toddler is unlike anything else and is such an exciting (and exhausting) time in their life. Enjoy the ride.

Mum tum

If you have been pregnant; you have a mummy tummy. If you’ve carried a child; you have a mummy tummy.

I grew a baby in my tummy, went through 16 hours of labour and then had emergency surgery.

A mum tummy is not a BAD thing. It’s something to be proud of. Pregnancy is hard, labour is hard, induction is hard, birth is hard, a c-section is hard, recovery is hard.

It doesn’t matter what the hell your mum tummy looks like; nothing takes away from the fact that you are a mother.

Your tummy may be covered in stretch marks, big, small, flat, round, you may have lose skin, or super tight skin. You may have awesome love handles; you may have magical curves. You may wish your tummy looked different and fondly remember the way your tummy looked before you became a mother.

But what ever your mum tummy looks like; whatever you feel about your magical body, try to feel proud because that mum tummy of yours is amazing and beautiful and has given you the greatest gift.

anonymous asked:

you like knb? I just went through your knb tag and you seem to have drawn/even cosplayed for it ! wow! what are your ships? will you be drawing for the movie that came out ?


MAN, like is a very mild word for how big my KnB phase was, and it’s definitely one of those fandoms I always go back to, and MAN was the movie a slap to the face of nostalgia and wonderful memories ;A;. I didn’t produce much content for it back in the day, I didn’t have much time to draw in general back then, but I wanted to try again now that my art’s changed a bit and:

Something like that <3

Yep! I cosplayed a TON of characters from it. Originally I wanted to cosplay Kuroko or a member of GoM, but instead I ended up wanting to match my friends so I cosplayed Takao, Himuro, Momoi, Kagami, and Nijimura >.>;;;; I ended up much fonder of these characters as a result tho LOL


If you thought my Yuuri poly shipping was bad…look at it this way, I mainly ship Yuuri with 4-5 husbands, and why not throw in the rest occasionally, the more the merrier right? This is around the number I tend to ship many of my fandom protags with (which is still a lot oops).

But KUROKO. Kuroko to me is the ultimate harem queen. To me, he has, minimum, EIGHT husbands. GoM + Kagami + Takao + Himuro. But I also ship him with a ton of other charas on the side like Kasamatsu, Nijimura, Hanamiya, Haizaki, Mayuzumi, Imayoshi, Miyaji…man the list is endless. I LEGITMATELY SHIP KUROKO WITH EVERYONE. (and Nash! my mother screams in the background…)

I started out with a strong bias for AoKuro that still remains on occasion, but reading a massive amount of pixiv fics started leaning me heavily towards Takao. So yeah, if I had to pick one, TakaKuro is my fav now. I also really like HiGuro (Himuro x Kuroko). But really, and most sincerely, THE MORE THE MERRIER.

KnB is also awesome bc it has so many wonderful Kuroko-centric combinations. I’m more partial to shipping certain characters when they’re in a set, and man the pixiv names for these are so great :’D. Fav combos include Light Sandwich (Aomine x Kuroko x Kagami), Aibou-gumi/partner squad (Takao, Himuro, Kasamatsu, occasionally Mayuzumi -> Kuroko), Rival sandwich (Takao x Kuroko x Kise), Demon King Sandwich (Akashi x Kuroko x Himuro), Hawk ‘n Dragon Sandwich (Takao x Kuroko x Himuro), Black-Hearted Sandwich (Hanamiya x Kuroko x Imayoshi), Captain Sandwich (Nijimura x Kuroko x Akashi), Highlighter Sandwich (Akashi x Kuroko x Midorima), Returnee Sandwich (Kagami x Kuroko x Himuro), of course all their respective schools, the combinations are endless…*dreamy sigh*


(other than Kuroko-centric? I didn’t ship him with Seirin (other than Kagami) too much, tho I certainly don’t mind it, and I very lowkey shipped Kiyoshi + Riko + Hyuuga + Izuki as a poly 4some)

Will I be drawing for the new movie? Well it certainly brought all my feels tumbling back ^ ^; But at the same time I can’t really draw for more than one fandom at a time without getting distracted, and in general there is SO MUCH CONTENT I LOVE in KnB that going on Pixiv often satisfies me, unlike the frustration/craving for something that doesn’t exist I get with YOI ^ ^;; But at the same time, now that my art skills have improved a ton, I sorta want to draw one illustration that has all my fav Kuroko husbands just all crammed in…sighhhhh we’ll see ^ ^;;

James Potter is going grey

In honour of the grey hair I found on my head today.

Also here:

When James finally starts going grey, you would have thought the entire bloody world had caught on fire.

It’s Sirius who spots it first, the one shining silver strand in the mass of black hair on James’ head. They’re trooping in, brooms over their shoulders, mud on their quidditch boots, and James has Harry wrapped up under his arm, rubbing his head while Harry laughs at James’ insistence that “You can’t slag off your old man. I would have kicked your arse back in the day.”

“Yeah,” Harry yells, elbowing his father in the side, “back in the day.” Sirius barks a laugh, claps Harry on the back, “Nice one, kid.” James shoots him a glare and he shoves James’ shoulder, “Tough break, mate. Though your kid kicking your arse goes nicely with that grey hair you’ve got there. Very fitting.”

When Lily finds them a few minutes later, Harry is doubled over, barely breathing with laughter, and James and Sirius are nothing more than a tangle of limbs on the now excruciatingly muddy kitchen floor. She pulls out her wand, twirls it deftly between her fingers, calmly threatens to hex them within an inch of their lives if they don’t get up right now and clean the floor.

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