mum and co

Came home from school and found a very familiar cat sitting on our front porch, looking at me with a very put-off expression as if it wanted to You let me wait.

As soon as I saw the familiar black fur and the annoyed green eyes, I sighed. “Buddy, we talked about this – you don’t live here, remember?”


“Yeah, yeah,” I opened the door, letting the cat stroll into the apartment, and went straight for the phone to call my mum’s co-worker and my psychologist. “Uh, hey, Manuela. I found your cat again…”

“What?! Oh for the lord of… honestly, I still don’t know how he knows where you live. I’m so sorry for this rascal.”

“You’re laughing, though.”

“Only a bit. Can I come pick him up in an hour or so? I will be on lunchbreak then…”

“Yeah, sure,” I looked to the side, where Charly – that’s the rascal’s name – was sitting on the table, wiggling his tail while he aimed for my shoulder.

“Don’t you dare,” I muttered over at him.

“Sorry, what?”

“I was talking to your cat. Eh, an hour, you said. I will feed him something and we will wait for you, no problem.”

“Sweet! Thank you.”

I said goodbye and had barely time to put the phone down before Charly basically slammed into my shoulder from behind, claws digging into my sweater as he climbed upwards to perch on my shoulder.

Huffing, I shot him a look. “Happy now?”

Big green eyes stared back at me. “Meow.”

“You’re a handful, I hope you know that.”

I only got purring as an answer.


Short explanation – as I said, Charly is the cat of my mum’s co-worker who also was my psychologist for a while. He’s quite picky when it comes to humans, and his owners had always trouble finding someone who could watch over him while they were on vacation. Not because there weren’t people who volunteered, but because Charly bit and scratched and went completely wild whenever a “stranger” tried to enter the house to feed him.

When my mum’s co-worker heard that I like cats and are pretty good at handling them for some reason, she asked me if I could try feeding Charly for two days while she was on a business trip.

Well, long story short – Charly hissed and spit and went wild as soon as he saw me. He was a bit dumbfounded, though, when I just ignored him, walked past him and filled his bowl with his favorite food. Then I sat on the ground cross-legged, a few meters away from him and the bowl, pretending to be engrossed in a book that I had brought with me.

There was a long pause, before a very confused but curious cat started sniffing at my knee carefully, twitching away as I looked up for a moment. When I didn’t react further, he relaxed and went to eat.

Somehow, that had gained me his respect. The next day, he didn’t even try to fight me, prowling around me while I filled his bowl and purring contently all the while.

You can only imagine how dumbfounded I was when a few days later (my mum’s co-worker had already arrived back home) there was all of sudden a very familiar cat sitting on my front porch, meowing at me when I opened the door to see what was causing such a noise. Charly had come to visit me, entirely too content with strolling through our apartment and claiming my bed for himself. It took his owner coming over and picking him up that he left again.

Funny thing is – he lives at the other side of the town, and nobody knows how he found out where he had to go to see me.

Since then, that stubborn cat comes to visit me every two weeks or so, patiently waiting in front of my door until I come home from school. It’s as if he knows my schedule, always showing up exactly when it’s time for me to be home.

That damn cat adopted me for some reason. XD

This isn’t really a 100 days of productivity post but I just wanted to share cos I’m proud of myself?

Today during team training we did strongman stuff for funsies (I do powerlifting and crossfit but yeah) and I was able to do a 270 pound yoke walk! The last time I tried I couldn’t even lift the yoke (which is 170 pounds) so I’m really happy :)

Then later on I was watching videos in French, and when my mum came to my room and asked me a question I just started talking in French? I was really tired so there were probably loads of mistakes, but it just flowed so naturally and I was like say what?! It was really exciting. Unfortunately my mum doesn’t speak French so I had to repeat everything, but hey ho it was cool.

Anddd I applied to more jobs today. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I start hearing back from places soon. As nice as this break was after graduation, I’m really itching to do engineering stuff again 🤓

Highly recommended reading if you’ve read The Mortal Instruments
  1.  Mortal Instruments ( if you haven’t read it) - Lots of demon stuff, lots of angel stuff. This 16 year old girl Clary Fray finds out she’s a shadowhunter and her father who she believed was a normal dude that died is actaully a super evil dude in the shadow world that her mother hid her from. Everyone thinks hes dead but he kidnaps clary’s mum cos he wants a mortal cup and she runs into Jace and his friendos and they all help her find her mum and the cup and introduce her to all these cool abilities she can do and Jace and Clary have a thing, theres also vampires, werewolves, warlocks and faeries.
  2. Throne of Glass - Dank as book about a badass girl that’s an assassin who’s spent the last year of her life in the endovier (basically a crazy as prison) and is released on the condition that she and other thieves and assassins fight to death to become the kings personal assassin. she has a thing with the prince and his best friend who’s also his guard.
  3. Percy Jackson- This book series revolves around greek mythology, stuff like zues, poisioden, hades, blabla you get my drift. Percy finds out he’s the son of Poseidon because his mum is kidnapped by hades because they want this lightning bolt back and so percy goes on a journey with his satyr friend and the daughter of athena to find the lightning bolt and he figures out all these hectic water powers he can do.
  4. ok I realised i’m bad at descriptions so i’m just going to tag good books and let you guys search it up
Next to You

Paring: Marcus Flint x Oliver Wood

Words: 5,167

Summary: A holiday with his parents was the usual for Oliver. Friends of his mother however, wasn’t. Sharing a room with Marcus Flint also wasn’t.

Spending Christmas in a muggle hotel was the usual thing for Oliver’s family. His mother was a muggle and it was her solution to get away from magic for a little while. He liked going out to the hotel but it was annoying he couldn’t use any magic. He turned seventeen last year and his parents didn’t let him take his wand. It was the same for that year but it was still a pain.

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I think a lot about how throughout the series, Draco is constantly receiving packages and letters from home. And of course we see this through Harry’s eyes, who usually filters it as being super spoiled and pureblood rich kid. But also…Narcissa (and I guess Lucius but he’s a butt and Narcissa is co-mum goddess supreme along with Molly and tonks) is sending him all those things? It shows the constant thought and communication between mother and son and that’s sort of beautiful?

Just…Draco being such a mummy’s boy and having a super tight, positive relationship with his mum and them talking all the time gives me life.

Try hard “Couldn’t take her out cos mum’s got no money”

Money “Take my money, take my keys”

Try hard “She’s in the crowd of my show, nothing to lose, shes standing right in the front row”

Money “ They wanna know know what we gotta say. Front row, you’re going insane”

5sos have obviously gone far if they can now tell people to take their money when they used to not have any for a date. sigh