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people talk abt serophobia mostly in the us and that makes sense bc most people and prominent bloggers on this website are in the us but the HIV crisis had a huge impact all over. in south america a lot of places still even to this day retain a lot of the same mindset they had back at the height of the crisis.. and nobody ever talks abt it so idk if its ever gonna improve

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I knew it, I knew I had a bad feeling, he walked out of the police station and he didn't care that they were pushing him, he just lightly put his hand on the reporter and looked like he was telling him to be careful. He smiled like it was okay then he got in the car and broke down like he knew it was the end. For the love of god tabi please baby HE DOESNT DESERVE THIS 😢😢

I don’t want to say this but all of us Top stans were getting a hint the moment the scandal broke out we just kept mum cos we don’t want allkpoops and the likes to make an issue out of it and will worsen the situation so we try to avoid talking about but then it really happened do they even think we won’t be this protective if we know he would handle it well??? WE KNOW HE’S BATTLING WITH HIS INNER DEMONS THAT OTHERS DON’T BUT THEY KEPT ON THROWING SHIT AT HIM. NOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENS

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Nuh-uh. In a swift movement, the box of blue hair-dye is snatched from his fingers and held as high as her arms can stretch. Electric eyes glare all the way down at him with an almost childish scowl as the other hand fixes firmly to her hip. Funny, she could have sworn it was hidden out of his reach. You really think after the stapler thing, I’d let you run away with-—- how did you even find it?

Thought I’d start with my favourite picture of any of my cosplays ever, my Inquisitor Lavellan from Dragon Age Inquisition.

Photography by @catberryphotography, edit by me. 

I know the edit isn’t great, but I don’t really do editing, so it’s the best I could do XD.

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NTA father who implies that his daughter refuses to come out of her "comfort zone" (bullshit) is "too emotional" and that's all my mum's fault cos she's too emotional also. Thankfully *he's* around to tell me what to do & fix me! Oh right, same dude who owes us €15 500 and ate my study funds


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The article that anon mentioned has a pic of Joe and his brothers and mum: independent(.)co(.)uk/life-style/health-and-families/features/boomerang-kids-whatever-happened-to-my-empty-nest-8376222(.)html It was written in 2012 and she says her sons are 21 (Joe - now 26), 23 (Tom - now 28), and 9 (Patrick - now 14). Pic of Joe & family: static(.)independent(.)co(.)uk/s3fs-public/styles/article_small/public/thumbnails/image/2012/12/03/16/emptynestDavidSandison(.)jpg

Weak and pallid city girl (me) goes to not city and doesn’t know what to do with what I believe they call “the sea”. Rubs hands in it, looks like a twat

Dry heaving i to the fucking bin because you have no good in your system :-)))))))) fuck my life, I want to throw up bc I feel so sick anyway

I volunteer at the local primary school where my mum works on Monday’s, right? Well, concerning the weather, I have NO FUCKING COMFORTABLE CLOTHES.

All i have are thick denim jeans, and dark t-shirts. That’s literally it. I don’t own shorts, or leggings, i don’t own loose t-shirts, the only t-shirts I own are usually just black, save for like one off shoulder white one.

But no, my mum and her co-worker expect me to come to work basically risking my health?? ??? I ALMOST PASSED OUT JUST NOW BECAUSE OF THE HEAT?? AND THEN IT WAS ONLY 8AM

Highly recommended reading if you’ve read The Mortal Instruments
  1.  Mortal Instruments ( if you haven’t read it) - Lots of demon stuff, lots of angel stuff. This 16 year old girl Clary Fray finds out she’s a shadowhunter and her father who she believed was a normal dude that died is actaully a super evil dude in the shadow world that her mother hid her from. Everyone thinks hes dead but he kidnaps clary’s mum cos he wants a mortal cup and she runs into Jace and his friendos and they all help her find her mum and the cup and introduce her to all these cool abilities she can do and Jace and Clary have a thing, theres also vampires, werewolves, warlocks and faeries.
  2. Throne of Glass - Dank as book about a badass girl that’s an assassin who’s spent the last year of her life in the endovier (basically a crazy as prison) and is released on the condition that she and other thieves and assassins fight to death to become the kings personal assassin. she has a thing with the prince and his best friend who’s also his guard.
  3. Percy Jackson- This book series revolves around greek mythology, stuff like zues, poisioden, hades, blabla you get my drift. Percy finds out he’s the son of Poseidon because his mum is kidnapped by hades because they want this lightning bolt back and so percy goes on a journey with his satyr friend and the daughter of athena to find the lightning bolt and he figures out all these hectic water powers he can do.
  4. ok I realised i’m bad at descriptions so i’m just going to tag good books and let you guys search it up