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I must get food for my babies! #Cordelia is hard at work hunting lab blocks for the #CocoPups. Look at those clever rascals getting out and about! Have to put those babies back.

The #BorkBox by has been absolutely stellar during her litter. Cordelia has loved the box and as it’s hinged, we were able to sneak peaks on how she was doing. The lift up lid helped us see the little angel Peanut, and safely remove him so he wouldn’t negatively affect the remaining pups.

Cordy is such a lovely mum to her pups, even if she can’t return them all to bed. #P17

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Headcannon for supercorp.

Lena Luthor would adopt all of the “unwanted” and “sentenced to death” dogs and pups at all the adoption and kill shelters. Because she knows exactly what it is like to be forgotten, unattended, and unloved– and THE FEELS THAT OVERWHELM HER–

Her, babygirl/honeybunch/loveymuffin/smoocheypoo, girlfriend– Kara Danvers, will snatch up all of the mum and pups from all of the abusive puppy mills.

And they will both build a huge house with a huge property, together, for their furbabies to run around and prosper.


giving the baby a bath.
from @wildlifevictoria - Grey-headed flying-fox mum and her pup at Yarra Bend Park.

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First orphan fox cub!

This handsome fox cub was abandoned by his mother. The people who found him called us for some advice. They’d put him in a box with a hot bottle to keep him warm and left him in the garden, hoping his mother would come back to get him. The mother did come back, had a quick look at him and left… After that, he started to shiver, so the only thing left to do was to bring him to the centre for some food and warmth.

The people did all the right things by using gloves to move him and waiting enough time to see if the mother would come back.

As he is the first and only baby fox we have at the centre, we will call him Lonely Boy! Our Lonely Girl from last year did very well, growing up to be a beautiful wild fox; this guy, also, has a great chance of survival, of growing strong, fit and healthy enough to be released!

Mommy’s Little Hell-Raisers: A Jaspis + Pups Oneshot

For cldrawsthings. Well, here’s the story I promised. A fic about the most adorable fucking babies I’ve seen come out of the Jaspis tag. Your art is so beautiful and sweet and I genuinely smile whenever I see it pop up on my dash. Never stop being amazing, and never stop making fluff!

Rolling waves lapped gently at the shore, their dull roar a lulling melody to the ears. A light breeze played through the Gem’s hair. It tossed up the wild white locks as she lounged in the sand, and she hummed lightly in pleasure as the afternoon sun warmed her skin. Rolling on her back, she reveled in the heat across her skin and all but purred with the bliss of it. It was the rare afternoon that Jasper actually got to enjoy a nap like this: nothing but her, the waves, the sunrays–

“Momma? Moooomma! MOMMA!”

–and the muffled pattering footsteps (and handsteps) barreling towards her – and the not-so-muffled shouts of her gemlings.

“Mrrrr…” Cracking an eye open, she rumbled sleepily. “Sardy? Mal? S’that you? C’mon now, can you keep it dow- AAAH!”

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