Today it will make 14 years that my mum past away.

I was only a kid when this happened, 5 year old me didn’t understand why mum wasn’t around, but that didn’t take long, i asked questions and i got no answers, until one day i went to my dad and asked him if she was dead, and he had no other choice that to tell me.

I didn’t have many memories with her, we didn’t have time to get to know each other, i feel bad because i don’t miss her as a person, but i miss her as a mother, i never knew how she was, if she was nice or had a temper or if she liked rock music, i guess what i miss is her presence that’s all.

For what i’ve been told about her, is that she was smart, apparently she was a university teacher, she taught economics, and she was respected. I have also been told that she was beautiful, and not only physically. She cared for others, she loved many, and for what my dad told me, i was the only she loved the most.

I don’t remember how she looks like, if it wasn’t for pictures i wouldn’t know, how she looked like. The pictures that i have, she looks beautiful in them. As my dad likes to say, those pictures don’t do her justice.

I don’t have many memories with her, but i have one, i don’t know if it’s true or not, sometimes when we miss someone our minds play tricks on us. The day of the accident, in the morning apparently i couldn’t let go of her, and i was needy for her attention and giving her kisses and telling her how much i loved her. I don’t want to know if this isn’t true, that’s why i don’t ask my dad, because i’m scared to find out that, it didn’t happened, i’m okay with keeping it like it happened, even if it didn’t.

I love you mum.

Your baby girl, Laura.

I’m actually kinda annoyed. My mum has a friend with a daughter who has treatable cancer and is always posting stuff on Facebook about fundraising and supporting her, yet I have multiple incurable chronic illnesses and my mum never posts any awareness stuff about it and gets mad when I try to fundraise…


Max is 11 months old!!

How on earth my little baby is 11 months old is beyond me..

Max now:

- Crawls around the room 100x faster than I can keep up with him
- Pulls himself up on furniture
- Says mumma.. finally!!
- Has two teeth

He’s also grown out of his fear of strangers, as rather than crying whenever anyone talks to him, he now loves the attention and shouts at strangers until they start taking to him!!

He’s definitely developing his own little personality and it really is fascinating to watch him develop and learn new things everyday.

But I’m now planning a first birthday.. A FIRST BIRTHDAY! Can you believe it..

Mum and I About my (Only) Bikini
  • Me:*walks in wearing new training bikini*
  • Mum:You know, you have the body that Italian men really love! Not too lean or pudgy, but kind of muscular and with a bit of fat
  • Me:*sweats nervously because Il Volo*


I literally am in love with how mumsy she is. Her look is so casual and simple, I think she’s going to be a brilliant mum! Also; she’s either going to pop really soon or she’s having twins. What do you think??