Valvert gothic
  • Valjean has saved Javert from the Seine in every fanfic you’ve read. He saved him over and over. He can’t stop. They’re both stuck in a cycle. They can’t get out.
  • ”Team amis or team patron-minette?” the fandom asks. You try to answer that you like old men, but nothing comes out of your lips. You have no lips. You have no voice. You don’t exists.
  • Every flame about Javert feels like something you have already witnessed. You can almost recite it words for words. Maybe you don’t realize you have repeated the same day over and over again.
  • Sometimes you actually forget that Valjean and Javert actually died in canon. The ghost of Victor Hugo laughs at your denial.
  • Books on your shelf keep multyplying. You don’t want to read. So many books, but you can’t bring yourself to read them. You open AO3. You read Toil Until The Old Colours Fade for the billionth time.