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Hi! I'm marlie from Canada! I don't have a favourite colour lol (i like them all). My native language is English and I'm trying to learn more (french, spanish, korean, german, italian, japanese) haha Nice to meet you! Btw I stan multple groups too!

Heyyyyyyy! It’s nice to meet you too~ I’m also learning Korean, I used to learn Japanese but I’m saving that for Uni ( ^ u ^ )

i’m so curious about my followers tbh

諾貝爾經濟學獎得主席勒:道瓊、S&P500 應再下跌34%

【鉅亨網編譯許光吟 綜合外電】

諾貝爾經濟學獎得主、耶魯大學經濟學教授席勒(Robert Shiller)上週於《紐約時報》撰文指出,據其所建立的指標CAPE 顯示,目前美股 CAPE 竟高達27倍,而 1881 年至 2015 年,美股平均為 17 倍。

S&P 500 CAPE比 圖片來源

本益比(P/E Ratio)是一般投資人較常使用的估值指標。但是隨著經濟週期波動,上市公司的每股盈餘可能有著季節性上的變化…

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who doesnt give a fuck about you?

lol please name one person that does. i have not talked to or hung out with anyone in about 2 months, even after trying multple times. it’s time for me to be happy again