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things I can think of so far that are unrealistic about unfriended:

  • the annoying clicking AND typing sound effects that don’t actually happen if it’s just a stream of your screen and the audio coming from skype/videos/notifications
  • she never gets the rainbow loading wheel
  • all her links open in new windows rather than new tabs, like girl fix that immediately please
  • she has a fucking dictionary app on her desktop like GIRL nobody uses that
  • the only person she imessages is her boyfriend apparently, girl I’m the loneliest heart in the world but I still have multple imessage threads happening
  • one of her tabs is to log in to tumblr……….you’re either logged in or you don’t have a tab open girl come on

nostalgicpastel asked:

Hi! I'm marlie from Canada! I don't have a favourite colour lol (i like them all). My native language is English and I'm trying to learn more (french, spanish, korean, german, italian, japanese) haha Nice to meet you! Btw I stan multple groups too!

Heyyyyyyy! It’s nice to meet you too~ I’m also learning Korean, I used to learn Japanese but I’m saving that for Uni ( ^ u ^ )

i’m so curious about my followers tbh

anonymous asked:

who doesnt give a fuck about you?

lol please name one person that does. i have not talked to or hung out with anyone in about 2 months, even after trying multple times. it’s time for me to be happy again

thefuckingsymptom asked:

allium and hibiscus for the flower ask thing!

OH BOY GOOD QUESTIONS! Thank you Cas<3333

Allium: What’s the best thing you can cook?

oh shit, ohhhhh shit… I…wow. I guess I am really good at pasta dishes. and cookies. I make this really good alfredo but i cant remember what i do so i need to make it again. Also i have bomb ass tomato sauces.

Hibiscus: Did you ever play an instrument? If so what?

sadly I do not play anything. I own a guitar, but i dont seem to have enough patience or discipline for it, and also i just have a really hard time understanding all of the multple instructions everywhere on how to learn. I wanna learn piano and ukulele though, but i need a keyboard or a ukulele first

the-felinians-wings asked:

*throws a bunch of virgins your way* Multples of 8 please.

8: Want any tattoos?

-Looks over my body and the markings on them, changing to my human form, an absolutely stunning man, looking over myself covered in tattoos and changing back, settling on my belly again- I could use some more perhaps. Some day.

16: I’ll love you if….

….you clean the back spines I cannot reach. (In reality being of the earth and water elements they can be easily cleaned this is just an asshole moment)

24: My idea of a perfect date

A night amongst the stars overlooking the universes and watching the chaos ensue as well as causing it.

32: What words make me feel the best about myself

I feel the best all day every day. I am absolute therefore there are no words that could make me feel better about myself.

40: Where I want to be right now

Right where I am. Lounging in my home.