Hime’s FAQ

for all you lazy mobile shits HAHA (myself included)

Are readings open?
Paid readings, yes. Free readings, off. Unless I do some sort of all of sudden limited silly divination or reading. Remember that all free readings are public and must be following me. Otherwise, they will be deleted. Also, if I’m offering multple readings, please only request one type. If you request more than one, expect it to be both deleted. 

What are your triggers and/or illnesses? 
I am professionally diagnosed with major depression and moderate anxiety. I get many episodes so please do not send me hate, it will trigger me into a suicidal episode. I don’t have any triggers other than rape, miscarriage, etc kind of thing. It’s not that big of a deal though. 

Can I ask questions about my reading?
If it’s paid, I will do my best to answer all your questions fully and detailed as best as I can. If it’s free, I will be vague.

“you’re not this! you don’t know them! you’re a fake! you’re a liar!, etc, etc”
For the love of god, please shut your face. You talk too much. I don’t give a shit whether or not you believe me so please, do us all a favor and shove it up your ass for all I care. You will be blocked and not given a second thought about. 

Are you actually married to spirits and have kids with them?

Where’s your about? 
About me. And about my spirituality

Can you help me with astral projection? 
beginners guide
methods of astral travel
astral and ptsd
astral travel; what books don’t tell you
are you overcomplicating astral travel?

be sure to check out the dangers and how to protect yourself while astral projecting! 

Can you tell me what my spiritual name is or who I’m a shard/projection of?
No, I’m not comfortable with that. You can ask me about a spirit with a name that and I’ll tell you if anything comes to mind. I will only try to receive your spiritual name is if we’re mutuals and we talk on skype, twitter, whatever it is.

how to find your spiritual name

What do I do after a reading is bought?
Please send me a message that you have and any questions you might have. If you send me like 10 questions for a 2$ reading, expect it to be cut in half. At most, please send a reasonable amount of questions for the amount you paid. 

Why didn’t you reply?
I’m sorry if I didn’t! Tumblr must have eaten your message or I am very busy at the moment. Anyway, don’t doubt to send it again!

When/How did you get into spirituality/occult stuff?
I got into all of this in September 2014. It was a night where I accidentally almost astral projected. Afterwards, Samael revealed himself to me.

How do I develop gifts?
Meditation is your spiritual best friend for everything, also there’s a bunch of posts on it everywhere on tumblr so just look for them. Or in my FAQ, I posted many guides for different types of work.

How do you talk to spirits?
I am clairaudient. 

how to talk to spirits

Can I talk to you about random stuff, tell you about my day, ask for an advice or just be friends?
Yes, PLEASE! I love meeting people here ♥

How do I know if someone is trying to get my attention?
12 signs of a ghost/spirits
when do spirits visit?
Signs of guardians/angels around

How can I protect myself?
If you think there is a harmful spirit around you, do NOT try to talk to them. Chant “In my highest good and best interest, I only invite those with good thoughts and who come in light.” before you do anything with this spirit. Now, to get rid of this spirit before they actually try to inflict harm to you, do protection sigils, cleanse your room, your house, yourself. Even carrying around crystals that promote protection will help and/or call on your guardians if they haven’t already tried to get rid of this spirit in your room.

warding, banishing

How do I use sigils?
Sigils are pretty effective and there’s many ways of using them. You can draw them on yourself, print them out and tape it on a door or something, carve it on a candle. I’ve seen people add sigils to their food even! To charge them, I usually use the elements but there’s other methods if you look them up.

Charging using elements
Earth - I don’t work with Earth that much so from what my intuition says, rub soil on it LOL 
Air - Blow on it, imagine the energy from your breath is charging it.
Water - Place it in water, I usually draw sigils on myself so I just let water run over the sigil.
Fire - if it’s on candle, just burn it regularly, on a piece of water, burn it as well but be safe! and if it’s on your skin, place it close enough to feel the heat but only for like a couple of seconds, don’t be an idiot about this. 

How do I cleanse?
I personally do a lot of saging/incense for casual cleansing. I don’t cleanse using tools much so I can’t help you out much there but there’s so many posts online about cleansing so I suggest that! 

masterpost of cleansing/purifying
more methods of cleansing

I think I found my twin flame! Can you confirm it for me?
No. here’s a post I reblogged awhile ago ago about twin flames. 

I want to do shadow work. Where can I start?/ What is shadow work?
shadow work masterpost

How can I start energy work? 
masterpost/beginners guide

This will be my tribute to Diana Wynne Jones

I could swear that my penchant for contradictions, and twisting concepts and more, stems from reading DWJ as a child. Just like my sense of humour.

I only own three of her books (until I get around to collecting them all), but the ones I do have are among her best: Hexwood, Fire and Hemlock and The Homeward Bounders. I have reread F&H multple times as it’s my favourite. I just reread Homeward Bounders. Gee, what a depressing children’s story. I’m going on to reread Hexwood after this.

Out of all the books I read while growing up, DWJ taught me the most about life. No, that’s not right… Even though I might be terribly behind others in terms of being well-read, mostly due to health issues, I think I can still say that she’s the one author whom I continue to learn the most from. I find that her books get better and offer up more secrets as you get older, and with each reread.

I say all this, and realise that I actually have not read many of her books at all. Just shy of ten of them, in fact.

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Tiny floating whale

Steven Universe ask prompts~

Tiny Floating Whale: If you could poof anything into existence right now, what would it be?

Camp Established July 4th!

Josh Evans has a problem. His parents desperately want to send him away to summer camp. He hates going to summer camp, and would do anything to get out of it. Talking to his friends, he realizes that they are all facing the same sentence: a boring summer camp. Together with them, he hatches a plan to trick all the parents into sending them to a camp of his own design, which would actually be a parent-free paradise. Blackmailing former glee club teacher Will Schuester into helping, they must convince the parents that the camp is genuine, and that they aren’t allowed to visit. This is a Glee AU Multiples Roleplay based on the movie, Camp Nowhere.




Sorry if it seems like spam, I’m just watching multple videos on the same issue.

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Every multiple of 10 and 11?

I’m not sure which ask post you were referring to anon. But maybe it was the “have you done….” post, so I’m going to reply to that.

Multples of 10 and 11, right? Jeeze that’s complicated.

10. Sexted - yes
11. Had sex in public - no way in hell
20. Kissed in the rain - not yet unfortunately
22. Traveled outside of my home country - yep
30. Won a trophy - all the time when I was younger
33. Rode in a taxi - once or twice
40. Kissed someone of different race than me - not yet
44. Met someone famous - I met Anthony Mackie at comicon this year
50. Been suspended from school - nope. I’m too much of a goodie two shoes for that

Anyways, if I responded to the wrong one I would be happy to fix it!