The White Lady is a specific kind of Multo, or ghost. Most multo tend to be family members who come back to certain relatives to take care of unfinished business but the White Lady is unique in that she doesn’t appear to only her relatives or even to specific people she knew when alive. Many sightings have reported her in empty buildings, near forests and on cliffs. However, she is most commonly reported seen along Balete Drive in Quezon City. She was a young lady who was raped and killed by two Japanese soldiers during WWII. While there haven’t been stories of the White Lady being a purposefully malicious being, she has been the reported as the cause of more than a few car accidents by drivers who look in their rearview mirror and see a young lady in the backseat wearing a white dress. Sure, some strange, unknown lady sitting in your backseat is bad enough but the White Lady is also said to have no face or a face covered in blood.

Ako budoy

Nakaka uto manuod ng MGB ngayon. May mga sinasapian na actual footage pa, tae na may master master pa. Tapos showbiz pa yung magkapatid kanina na natatakot daw sila, malamang eh multo yung hinahanap nila.

Talagang matindi pa rin ang faith kong wala talagang mga tulad na ganun dito, kanya kanyang paniniwala, lalo na yung mga nakikita sa video at images, pareho kami ng perception nung graphic designer kanina na sa pagkaka convert lang yun ng video kaya lumabas yung mga mukha na yun. 

Malay mo hindi mukha yun, maaring dumi, fog, na maari mong isipin na multo, yung tipong niloloko at pinagtritripan mo yung sarili mo ng hindi mo alam.

Pinipilit kasi natin magkaroon ng isang nakakatakot na imahe sa nananahimik na bagay, kaya ayun, nauso yung mga ganyan.

Basta ok na rin siguro yung palabas ngayon, para aware rin, di naman nila sinabing papatunayan nilang may multo, yung mga pangyayari lang sa ibat-ibang lugar na maaring nakakarelate sa multo at sa episode nila ngayon.

Mas matakot kayo sa grades niyo kapag bumagsak kayo, mas nakakatakot sa multo ang nagagalit na magulang.

N/ Presents: Multo! Last Show in Manila!

Multo is moving back to Seattle yall. Don’t miss his last show in Manila!

Plus this massive line-up:

Tarsius, Outerhope, Manuel Nicolas Alvero, Slow Hello, Eyedress, Wilderness, The Strangeness, Hannah + Gabi, and Mount Analogue

July 30, 8PM onwards

Big Sky Mind (E. Rodriguez St. Ave cor Broadway Ave cor 14th Street, New Manila)


Facebook Event Page:

See yall there!


Since everyone is making a post with their favorite ichihime fanfiction I figured out I might as well do one 

So here are my personal favorites

One Shots:

Like The Sun by Spooky Sageheart 

What Happens There ,Rarely Stays There by Scribbles Kun (M)

Chocolate Chapstick by Scribbles Kun

I Reject by Scribbles Kun

A Heart’s Disability by The Dessa ( AU )

Once Burned by Child Of The Ashes 

Damn It ,Kurosaki ! by XXrotweillerXX

The Oldest Story That The River Knew by Perennial Lurker 

On The Dome Of Las Noches by Perennial Lurker

The Distance by Alice Hattercandy 

20 Souls by Flash Indie 

Bright by Alicehattercandy

Falling Stars by tragicomedy

Supernova by Somerlia 

Better Be Home Soon by Flash indie 

Just A Kiss by XtremGal87

On Taking Chances by Captainamerica-owl

Ice Cream , Misinterpreted by Scribbles Kun

Collection of Drabbles / One Shots:

Sweet Nothings by Nayuki Bunny

This Love by Alicehattercandy

Devilish Delights  by Twix 10

Bleached Shorts by Rairakku Hana

Perfectly Blurred by Sage Of Downtown Hyrule

Bleach Anthology by Halfdemonfan

Multi chapter fics ( completed):

Sincerly by Alicehattercandy 

Stay With Me by Babiip

The Most Dangerous Things by Child Of The Ashes (M)

The Pain Of Remembrance by Halfdemonfan

Perdition by Kiritsubo

Tainting The Roses Red by Child Of The Ashes  (M) 

Multi chapter fics ( not completed yet ):

The Bride Of The Death God by Caledon (AU /M)

Schemes Vs Seduction by Rairakku Hana (AU)

Motherhood by Ashe Flight (AU)

Like a Sunflower by Alicehattercandy (AU)

Godsend by Alicehattercandy (AU /M) 

A Hollow Life by Kyra Storms

The Reason by Garden Of Magnolias

Short Stops on Empty Parking Lots
  • Short Stops on Empty Parking Lots
  • Love in Athens
  • Number Line Records Sampler

MP3: Love in Athens - Short Stops on Empty Parking Lots

External image

The Number Line Records compilation/sampler is out now! Download it for FREE!


Modulogeek - No Laughing Matter (Meta-Remix)

Multo - In Sum of the Sacred

Love in Athens - Short Stops on Empty Parking Lots

Big Hat Gang - Usually

Similar Objects - Hidden Home Videos

Plant a Tree - kidsvskids

Tarsius - Whirling Dervish

Manuel Nicolas Alvero - Deadbeat

The Treblinka Love Scene - Nice Try, Sunshine

Slow Hello - Decidedly Weird

Outerhope - We Have Somewhere Else to Go (Prtkl Remix)

Get it straight via Bandcamp or Mediafire.

Check out the alternate covers on the Number Line Records website.