I wonder why Sanzen Sekai Yuugi ~MultiUniverse Myself~ is the only otome game girls★dynamics released. It has good ratings on, but that’s only based on like 21 reviews so it’s making me think that the game wasn’t very well received in Japan. Even in the English otome gaming circles I never saw many people talk about it, so I’m curious why exactly this happened. I see so many people raging on tumblr about how they want strong and likable heroines in R18 games, and it’s strange how this game is not detected by their radar even though it’s one of the rare gems that have an unconventional and strong female protagonist. 

The only other strong and likable R18 otoge heroine in the recent years I can remember is Naala from Koezaru wa Akai Hana, and that game gets MUCH more attention than Sanzen Sekai Yuugi. I wonder where exactly this game went wrong? Marketing?? Can’t be the usual things like premise or art, the art is fabulous (reminds me of Nirtro+Chiral games) and multiple universe adventures in a sci-fi setting sounds plenty intriguing. 

[The time has finally come to test this out, attempt multiuniversal travel, and maybe even meet your alien friends. Wow! You’d better hope this works; you’re assuming it’s stable enough that even if the spell collapses that it won’t do any real damage. However, you really don’t have any interest in seeing if it is damaging or not. Nope, gonna just avoid that.]

[With Frisk and Chara coming with you, the three of you hold hands, facing the portal. You glance between them, checking for confirmation that they’re ready.]

[A deep breath. Here goes nothing. Together, the three of you step into the portal.]

[The world you just left behind feels as though it’s spiraling away, and you’re reminded of the sense of tearing time that occurs on loads and resets. In a way, you suppose the idea is somewhat similar.]

[Only seconds pass; before you know it, something that definitely resembles a ground appears before your vision and the three of you go tumbling out of the portal, rolling through the grass from the momentum. Sitting up, you find that both your datemates are still beside you. Phew.]

“So… think it worked?”

[The night sky is foreign to you.] 

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I found myself when I’m thinking a lot or talking about something that has a vision or something mysterious! I always find myself #drawing UN-understandable things I my self do not have any #explanation to it!

Like my #subconscious mind is aware of what that is my #consciously I have no idea! I think I go back in #time when it comes to drawing some #architecting_shapes or #Geometric_Shapes and all that.. I #wonder!

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