Imagine a time when your computer is embedded right into your workstation. You don’t have to think too much because Malte Weiss, Simon Voelker, Jan Borchers from the Media Computing Group and Christine Sutter from the Department of Work and Cognitive Psychology of the RWTH Aachen University in Germany came up with a working prototype that puts two and two together called the BendDesk. The BendDesk is basically a working prototype of a desk that’s got a huge, multi-touch computer built right into it. The horizontal and vertical surfaces are connected, so users can interact and do their work on both screens seamlessly. (via BendDesk is a Workstation and Multitouch Computer in One | OhGizmo!)


From Ben Foster/Purple Squirrels:

Recently the Virtual Graffiti Wall application (formerly Pixel Perfect) I built for Classy Event Group was featured on the morning show Today in the US. 

The app is built on Adobe AIR and is multi-user/multi-touch enabled. Features include:

  • Stencils (with rotate, move and scale)
  • Spray paint simulation with drips
  • ‘clip art’ stamps (with rotate move and scale)
  • Image gallery hot folder for live photobooth
  • Built in green screen removal with user fine adjustments
  • Customisable sounds for each brush
  • Saving and printing of artwork

The system is available for rental world wide at



Visual Planet touchfoil, delgada película que transforma Cualquier Superficie en una Pantalla Multitáctil masiva.


External image

Instalaciones como ésta en la Universidad de Oregon muestran el potencial de las superficies de contacto masivo producido utilizando la tecnología touchfoil de Visual Planet.

External image

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Visual Planet thin film transforms any Surface into a Massive Multitouch Screen.


Installations like this one at the University of Oregon show the potential of massive touch surfaces produced using Visual Planet’s touchfoil technology.


Vertu Constellation Launch Event (par InteractiveLab)

Fog Creates Medium for 3-D Interactive Display in Open Air

by Michael Keller

We’ve been writing quite a bit about human-computer interfaces, from projecting buttons on body parts to using WiFi signals for gesture recognition. This one, by a young Russian inventor named Maxim Kamanin, could give the others a run for their money. 

He has created Displair, an air-screen technology that projects digital 3-D images into open space and allows interactive multitouch gesture recognition. According to the website, the image is projected onto fog made of ultrafine water droplets. Infrared sensors and cameras let the user interact with the projections.

Check out the short video made by Focus Forward Films.


OmniTouch turns any surface in the user’s environment into a touch interface.

The OmniTouch prototype is built to be wearable, a novel combination of laser-based pico projector and depth-sensing camera. The camera is an advanced, custom prototype provided by PrimeSense. Once the camera and projector are calibrated to each other, the user can don the system and begin using it, as evidenced in this video.

Source: Microsoft Research


This is the world’s largest touchscreen. Impressive.

“The University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, has converted a 3D theater into the world’s largest touchscreen, used for teaching mathematics and computer science students interactivity. The screen has a curvature of 135 degrees and is transparent. 

It can handle over 100 touch points at the same time. One of the great things about this touchscreen is that it doesn’t rely on any fancy new technology. It was basically put together with some PCs, video cameras, projectors and cheap infrared illuminators.”

Reality touchscreen University of Groningen (via 1LLUS)

Evan Roth’s practice visualizes and archives culture through unintended uses of technologies. Next, Next, Next is part of the “Multi-Touch Painting Series” in which Roth creates prints by performing routine tasks on multi-touch handheld computing devices. The piece comments on identity, the effects of convenience in computing, and how consumer devices are molding evolutionary behaviors and gestures.”  -Paddle 8


Jeff Han, Founder, President & CEO of Perceptive Pixel, demonstrates their 82" Multi-Touch Display.

YES….that is 82 inches diagonal!!