multithreaded programming

On Parallelism

It’s not quite an intertwine
of many threads exploring with fervor
the intended plans of one.

There’s a delicate interplay:
a dance, whether in great sweeping motions
or small, purposeful steps.

The lesser divide is now
a forum for challenge and resolution
and the great Trade-Off.

How to better your parent
yet retain the steadfast verity
of the generation that came before?

To intuit and compose
splinter labour, repetitive
accelerating through confluence.

Finally, codify the means
as language and words
without burdening the speech.

C++ std::thread class

So C++ has apparently woken up to the concept of threads, looked around blearily, shouted “THREADS!” then fallen backwards over a balcony while trying to pull its jeans on.

Seriously, it’s the worst goddamn implementation of threads I’ve ever seen, ever.

It’s even worse than Java’s for god’s sake and that really says something.

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