There’s this part of that interview with Rebecca from earlier this month (here) where she talks about how when Patti LuPone was recording the lines for Yellow Diamond, at the bit where Peridot says the ship was destroyed, the line in the script said “By who?” and she corrected it “That should be ‘by whom’.”

and ever since hearing that I cannot shake the headcanon of Yellow Diamond being, like, a real stickler for grammar. Like a Gem would be giving her their report and she wouldn’t even seem to be paying attention but they make a grammatical error and she just stops them dead and corrects them and now they have her undivided attention and it is terrifying

Humans multitasking is weird to our alien friends

Tali'ey sat next to Mary for the lecture. It was an interstelar stream of the conference on leatferick Delta. Speaker Glass was talking, and tali'ey was looking at her holo tile, taking notes.

“Tali, do you think that his hypothesis is plausable? I don’t know a lot about culture bleeding, but it seems a little assumptive.”

“I think he is factoring in the al- WhAt ArE- hOw ArE you doing that!?” Tali'ey said, cranial scales raising up.

“Wha-? Oh, the notes?”

Tali: 0.0

“Well, I am just writing…”

“No, you are not looking at your holo tile!”

“Oh, well… My brain knows how to write, and I just keep taking notes when my eyes wander.” Mary said, shrugging.

“bUt, wErE tAlKiNg, YoU’rE nOt LoOkInG, aNd YoU’Re StIlI TaKiNg NoTeS!?”

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Quand les gens me disent mais vous êtes partout ! Faut dire aussi que mon job est la définition par excellence du mot “polyvalence”… En une journée, j'ai fait de l'accueil, répondu au téléphone, aidé à la décoration de citrouilles, de la vente boutique, servi des boissons, fait des crêpes et des gaufres…

When people tells me “You are everywhere !” Well my job is what’s define the word “‘multitask”… In one day, i’ve welcomed people, answer the phone, helped for the pumpkin decoration, selling in the shop, served drinks, made crêpes and waffles…