8 Ways to Study Better:

1.) You can prevent yourself from forgetting up to 80% of the material by reviewing a lecture or study content within 24 hours.

2.) Instead of re-reading information again and again, close your eyes and recite as much as possible from memory. This can cement long-term memorization.

3.) If available, take practice tests. One study showed that students retained 50% more of the material if they testing themselves after learning something.

4.) Become more efficient when studying with flashcards by using the Leitner System. Repeat flashcards that you have difficulty with more often than those you’ve memorized.

5.) Listening to classical music while studying may activate the parts of your brain that can help you pay attention and make predictions. It can also improve your mood.

6.) Consider exercising before your next study session. It may help make your mind more alert, and give you the endurance you need to study for several hours.

7.) Instead of trying to memorize information, make connections between the material’s ideas. This may help you remember more material in less time.

8.) When you study, focus on only studying. Multitasking can handicap learning as your attention is split between each task.

The signs as types of drivers
  • Aries: the asshole who keeps cutting you off
  • Taurus: sings along to their music, forgets the windows are down
  • Gemini: races other people but other people are not in on the race
  • Cancer: yells sorry to any one who even looks slightly annoyed
  • Leo: One hand out of the window at all times
  • Virgo: the sensible driver
  • Libra: the one with the hot ass car that shows it off to everyone
  • Scorpio: the middle finger makes many appearances
  • Sagittarius: the multitasker, stop light? Make up time/time to grab my drink
  • Capricorn: always in a rush
  • Aquarius: windows down, bass up, music so loud it shakes the car
  • Pisces: just getting their license and has to drive with other people

Today I called upon the mother of all Fluorites. (My Mega Sphere w/ an eye storm in the center) This day is a multitude of so much importance. Being the 2nd day of my vision quest, Mabon, prep for tomorrows the New Moon, and all together the first day of Fall for everyone; the aid of Fluorite is the only aid that will do. The ultimate stone of multitasking, order to chaos, and structure. On this Tuesday’s Child of grace, tap into Mars energy reserve & Fluorite companions. Happy Mabon! Happy New Moon tomorrow! Happy Fall! #autumnalEquinox #WheelOfTheYear #SkyWheel #ThankYou #Earth #Mabon #Fall #NewMoon #Autumn #Fluorite #VisionQuest #Grace #Mars #serpent #Snake #multitask #Enlighten #Lightworker

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There’s this part of that interview with Rebecca from earlier this month (here) where she talks about how when Patti LuPone was recording the lines for Yellow Diamond, at the bit where Peridot says the ship was destroyed, the line in the script said “By who?” and she corrected it “That should be ‘by whom’.”

and ever since hearing that I cannot shake the headcanon of Yellow Diamond being, like, a real stickler for grammar. Like a Gem would be giving her their report and she wouldn’t even seem to be paying attention but they make a grammatical error and she just stops them dead and corrects them and now they have her undivided attention and it is terrifying