Today I called upon the mother of all Fluorites. (My Mega Sphere w/ an eye storm in the center) This day is a multitude of so much importance. Being the 2nd day of my vision quest, Mabon, prep for tomorrows the New Moon, and all together the first day of Fall for everyone; the aid of Fluorite is the only aid that will do. The ultimate stone of multitasking, order to chaos, and structure. On this Tuesday’s Child of grace, tap into Mars energy reserve & Fluorite companions. Happy Mabon! Happy New Moon tomorrow! Happy Fall! #autumnalEquinox #WheelOfTheYear #SkyWheel #ThankYou #Earth #Mabon #Fall #NewMoon #Autumn #Fluorite #VisionQuest #Grace #Mars #serpent #Snake #multitask #Enlighten #Lightworker

Multi Task!

Want to watch some television, but know you should be working out, simply do these task!

*Do squats on the couch (raise your arms out in front of you, hold in your tummy, and squat lowly until you touch the couch, BUT don’t sit)

*As a commercial comes on, do leg exercises such as bicycling, leg thrusts, lunges, etc. until the actual show comes on.

*Work out your arms! Do arm rotations and karate punches.

*Jog in place throughout whatever television show is on and have a break period throughout the commercials!