So how do y'all feel about multies?
  • So how do y'all feel about multies? Personally, I like them. I use them and they offer a more creative challenge to your writing, especially when starting out. I find them easy when staying simple, but once you add more syllables to rhyme to like 4 or 6, well, I sometimes find myself stuck in a rut after that. Then once you use certain rhyme schemes like a..."ABBACC" rhyme scheme, you get a kinda good feel about yourself. For the record, I've never done that.

Evan will be three in a couple of weeks. His growing up hasn’t taken me by surprise the same way it did when Ryan was this age. Baby talk feels like a distant memory, with just the occasional multisyllabic word pronounced in a funny way. He keeps up well with his big brother considering the 3+ year gap.

As his personality becomes more defined, it’s fun to see things that are uniquely him. He loves trains in a way Ryan never did, requesting the same Thomas book every night. He also has an amazing memory. After we’ve read a book to him three or four times, he prefers to “read” along with me, reciting much of the book on his own. I’ll say the first half a sentence on a page, and he’ll rattle off the rest. 

He loves his people deeply. Ryan is still his very favorite person. Today at nap time, he was sad that Ryan wasn’t home to snuggle him. I reminded him that Brother is at school, and just after nap we’ll go get him from the bus stop. Evan wasn’t appeased and begged to call him, and seems truly surprised when I told him Ryan doesn’t have a phone. While he’d prefer Ryan be home, I do love our time alone. This morning we played farm with little farmers, tractors and animals. I love this imaginative play phase, though forgot how quickly my knees hurt from pushing trucks on hardwood floors. 

He also loves his Grand-Mere, my momma. He sees her as a central part of our family. He likes to assign things to people when reading a book, if there’s a picture with several toys in it he’ll list off “this is yours, and this is Dada’s and this is mine.” He was looking at a meerkat family of five and immediately identified the biggest as Steve, another as me, the smallest as him and Ryan, and the other big one was his Grand-Mere. We’re so lucky to have her. I was traveling this week so she was especially helpful. Her most recent story, in her words, “when I picked up Ev from daycare both Tues. and Thurs. he was bursting with how much he loves his brother. So, so adorable. Although I did hear him tell Ryan as he passed him a piece of gum, in a rather firm voice,’I’m not going to feed you your gum.’”

He’s in that sweet and sour toddler phase. Most of the time he’s a doll and incredibly polite (I know well enough this second time around to realize the “manners” teaching is far from done…why do they regress???). If I ask him something simple, like, do you want to go downstairs for a snack, he ponders carefully with a long, “Ummmmm….No thank you.” and he always gives the sweetest “You’re welcome.” Of course, we’ve started in with the tantrums, as well. 

We’re having a little party for him soon. This was the first time he asked to invite his friends from daycare, so we’re keeping it really focused on his posse and his wants. So far, that includes Wild Kratts cupcakes (he requested caramel frosting with chocolate cake), Wild Kratts cookies, and a monkey piñata full of candy - lollipops in particular. This kid has a giant sweet tooth and I intend to indulge it fully as he begins his 4th year as our smallest love.

And eek, now to go wake him from nap so we can make it to the bus stop before Ryan does! Love my little sleepers!

                                                                                            January 29, 2016

Dear Parents,

     Another busy school week has ended!  The homework for the weekend is:

1.  Math - Do R10-1 and P10-1 in the Math workbook.

2.  Writing - Do p.10 - 17 in the Writing Prep Book.

3.  Reading - Do p.66 - 79 in the ELA Ready NY Prep Book.


-Reading Test Monday - “Adelina’s Whales

-States and Capitals Test Tuesday

-Spelling Test Wednesday

-Language Arts Test Thursday - Homophones

-How to Eat Fried Worms Quiz - Chapters 1 - 5 Friday

-Flannel Pants Day Friday, February 5th

-Have tests signed and returned

-Today was the end of the second marking period

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kambourakis

New Standards Addressed Today:

Foundational Skills 3.a:  Use combined knowledge of all letter-sound correspondences, syllabication patterns, and morphology to read accurately unfamiliar multisyllabic words in context and out of context.

Language 4.b:  Use common, grade-appropriate Greek and Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word.