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I'm the Queer Club/Pride Week anon, and I did ask the organizers. Apparently they refer to LGB people as "multisexuals" (wtf) and think that having an astronaut talk about queers in STEM fields is more important than having LGB events. When I questioned them further, they said that they chose "to be more inclusive of less privileged people" - read: aces. So I filed a bias complaint against them with my school's equal opportunity office. We'll see how that goes.


why does it matter if the definitions of bisexuality overlap with the definitions of pansexuality or polysexuality or other multisexual identities??

there are over 50 words that are synonyms for beautiful (or have similar but slightly different definitions/uses), but we don’t go around policing people for using words like stunning or gorgeous because “people might get confused and what you really mean is beautiful” 

  • Bisexuality is NOT just attraction to men and women.  A bisexual could be attracted to men, demiboys, and agender individuals.
  • Bisexuality is NOT attraction to just two genders.  The bisexual person in the example above is attracted to 3 genders.  A bisexual person could be attracted to many genders
  • Bisexuality is NOT just attraction to “same and different” genders.  The bisexual example above could be a female not attracted to other females, but is attracted to men, demiboys, and agender.  She’s still bisexual
  • Bisexuality does NOT exclude transgender men and women.  They are still MEN and WOMEN
  • Bisexuality does NOT exclude nonbinary genders, either.  You can be nb and bisexual.  You can be attracted to nb individuals and be bisexual.  Bisexual is not exclusive to the gender binary system of male and female.  

Bisexuality is attraction to 2 or more genders.

Yes, this can overlap with polysexuality and pansexuality.  It’s a matter of what you chose to identify as.  You can be bi and ply.  You can just be bi.  You can just be ply.

If you’re attracted to all genders you can identify as bi and pan.  Or just pan.  Or just bi.


Do not tell people that they are really “bi” or actually “pan”.  It’s up to THEM which label they choose to place upon themselves.  It’s not for OTHERS to decide.  So knock that shit off.  

If you’re ply/pan: Don’t tell bisexuals what the definition of bisexual is.

If you’re bi: Don’t tell ply/pan individuals to identify as bi instead.

  • What Pansexual people are attracted to:
  • •People
  • •Personalities
  • •Really attractive anime/cartoon characters
  • •Fictional characters with really amazing personalities on any number of creative platforms
  • •Cuddles
  • What Pansexual people are NOT attracted to:
  • •Animals
  • •Cookware
  • •Objects
  • •Children
  • •Corpses
  • •Rudeass, fucktrumpet, asshat, doucherags.

You know what I love? Seeing a picture of a male/female couple (or a couple that’s received as such) in pride gear and then seeing comments screeching about how it should be a picture of a “real gay couple.” Because multisexual, asexual, aromantic, transgender and countless other people don’t exist in the movement and aren’t allowed to celebrate pride, apparently.

Love the constant reminder from my community that I don’t count. Love it. 

[Image: a computerized illustration of an iceberg submerged in water, in a gradient of pink to blue, through purple (bi pride colors). The part that is above the water is far smaller than the part that is submerged. Upper text, corresponding with the top part of the iceberg: “bisexual identity”. Lower text, corresponding with the submerged part of the iceberg: “bisexual desire”.]

Just a friendly reminder that far more people experience bisexual desire and do not identify as bisexual (or indeed multisexual). Most of these people identify as heterosexual, others as gay, lesbian or unlabeled.

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pst if you’re mad at bisexuals, polysexuals and pansexuals calling themselves ‘gay’ pls remember:

  • the lgbt+ rights movement has been referred to as 'gay rights’ ever since it started
  • multisexuals receive literally no aid or representation from pretty much any non bi-specific organization for lgbt+ rights
  • bisexual, polysexual, and pansexual identities are often considered less valid and less worthy of being part of mogai spaces
  • without referring to oneself as gay we would probably get literally no support ever
  • you’re an asshat

While Miley Cyrus has come out as multisexual (though she has not labelled herself) and she has been doing charity work for homeless LGBT youth, let’s not forget that much of her success is rooted in cultural appropriation and racism.

Before bisexuals praise her as a role model, it’s important to remember the ways in which she is the face of basic white feminism, and has repeatedly dismissed, used, and offended black women in particular.

Listen, if you say you support all multisexuals then you actually have to support us.

Meaning you agree that bisexual means 2 or more, and you believe that polysexuals and pansexuals are valid.

It means you don’t reblog awful things like “there are totes fake bi girls!”

It means you don’t say that bisexuals are innately transphobic for not being pan instead.

It means you don’t promote negative stereotypes such as we are all cheaters, we’ll leave you for someone else, we do it all for attention, etc.

It means you don’t question any of us and our past relationships. It means you don’t demand proof of our sexuality.

It means you don’t say that we can’t identify with more than just one multisexual label.

It means you listen to the statistics and believe our stories about abuse, especially abuse due to our sexuality, and bi/pan/polyphobia.

It means that if our sexual and romantic orientations don’t match (such as an aromantic bisexual) then you still see us as valid and don’t harass us for it. You don’t tell us that our mix-matched identity is the course of ours or other’s abuse.

And if you yourself are a multisexual it means you respect the other multi- labels and stand in solidarity. It means you don’t act like your label is superior. It means you don’t throw the rest under the bus.
LGBTQ Teens? Pew survey confirms many suspect their sexual orientation by elementary school

A just-released landmark survey of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered adults asked about three milestones: When they first thought they were gay [Ed Note: lesbian, bisexual &/or trans*], when they first knew they were gay [Ed Note: lesbian, bisexual &/or trans*] and when they first told a close friend or relative.

  • Male respondents, on average, said they suspected by the age of 10, knew at 15 and told someone at 18.
  • Females hit each milestone later: They sensed it at age 13, knew at 18 and told someone at 21.

For parents, that presents a challenge — they may spend the second half of childhood unknowingly taking care of a son or daughter who is in the closet. The message they unwittingly send during those years may impact when — or even if — they are ultimately told.

As societal attitudes change, that “coming out” age is dropping.

Sons expect a more negative reaction than daughters, but, in fact, they receive the same reaction. The average reaction is characterized as “slightly negative,” but it’s better than what those still in the closet dread. It can range from celebration to violence and eviction.

“I think we haven’t given parents who are really decent and reasonable enough credit,” Savin-Williams said. “Most don’t throw the kid out of the house.”

For some parents, acceptance comes with a large dose of fear, as they worry how society will treat their child — particularly their sons.

The Pew survey was done online and allowed for anonymity in hopes of attracting a wider range of participants. Researchers in this area typically have trouble locating closeted gays, who will hardly step forward to take part in any study in which they would have to reveal their sexual orientation, said Ritch Savin-Williams, a Cornell University psychologist who studies gay youth.

That leaves most surveys inherently incomplete. “There’s this other whole huge group, and what do we know about them?” he said.

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Multisexuality is a sexual orientation wherein one is only attracted to members of multiple systems. In some cases, a multisexual is only attracted to one member of a system; in others, they may be attracted to several members of the same system, to everyone in the same system, or to people from separate systems. One thing all multisexuals have in common, though, is that they only experience romantic or sexual attraction toward members of multiple systems.

Reblog if you think polysexuality is a legitimate sexuality!

I’ve noticed it’s a lesser known sexuality, and a lot of people don’t even know the definition of the word. It gets dismissed often and invalidated by many people. Reblog this to let us ply (as the word ‘poly’ is used by Polynesians and Polyamorous peeps so we use ‘ply’ to differentiate) people know that you support us and know we exist!