“She had a little Taylor guitar, she got it out and she was like, ‘I had this idea for this song’ and she pretty much had the verse, bridge and chorus done, but we argued about that one chord — 'I just want to know you, better know you’ — she didn’t like that, and I kind of forced it upon her. It was quite a funny situation. It’s like [her room is] surrounded by Grammys; she has like seven or eight and like Billboard Awards and Songwriting Guild. And I’m like, ‘this chord,’ and she’s like [pointing to her awards]”
- Ed Sheeran

'Everything Has Changed’ music video came out 2 years ago today.

Ed Sheeran drawn using marker pens, with torn brown paper and “Thinking out Loud” lyrics background.

Art Prints: https://www.etsy.com/listing/508560823/ed-sheeran-portrait-drawing-with

Original: https://www.etsy.com/listing/495077626/ed-sheeran-original-drawing-with

the signs as ×
  • Aries: Don't
  • "Don't fuck with my love, that heart is so cold
  • All over my own, I don't wanna know that babe"
  • Taurus: The Man
  • "I feel like writing a book, I guess I lied in the hook
  • 'Cause I still love you and I need you by my side if I could"
  • Gemini: I'm A Mess
  • "Ooh I'm a mess right now, inside out ; Searching for a sweet surrender, but this is not the end"
  • Cancer: Thinking Out Loud
  • "Cause honey your soul can never grow old, it's evergreen ; Baby your smile's forever in my mind and memory"
  • Leo: Afire Love
  • "With your body next to mine our hearts will beat as one ; And we're set alight, we're afire love, love, love oh"
  • Virgo: Tenerife Sea
  • "You look so beautiful in this light, your silhouette over me ; The way it brings out the blue in your eyes
  • is the Tenerife sea"
  • Libra: Nina
  • "And then again you should know Nina, 'Cause that's you and me ; Both in a road, won't you leave me now, Now"
  • Read more: Ed Sheeran - Nina Lyrics | MetroLyrics
  • Scorpio: Bloodstream
  • "Fading out again, I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream ; So tell me when it kicks in, well tell when it kicks in"
  • Sagittarius: Sing
  • "I need you darling, come on set the tone
  • If you feel you're falling, won't you let me know"
  • Capricorn: Runaway
  • "I love him from the skin to my bones, but I don't wanna miss home ; There's nothing to save and he knows, I'll just runaway in the overnight"
  • Aquarius: One
  • "Another place to let their hearts collide
  • Just promise me, you'll always be a friend
  • 'Cause you are the only one"
  • Pisces: Photograph
  • "So you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans, holding me closer 'til our eyes meet ; You won't ever be alone, wait for me to come home"