December 6 – James Franco & Nicki Minaj

James Franco makes his third appearance as host and is joined by second-time musical guest Nicki Minaj!

December 13 – Martin Freeman & Charli XCX

Emmy Award winner Martin Freeman will make his hosting debut December 13 alongside Charli XCX who’s also an SNL first-timer.

December 20 – Amy Adams & One Direction

Golden Globe winner and multiple Academy Award nominee Amy Adams will return for her second time as host on December 20. One Direction joins Adams on the holiday show, marking their third time on SNL.

And of course, Cameron Diaz hosts this weekend with musical guest markronson & Bruno Mars! We can’t wait for the next four shows!!

POZ Contest: Man Overboard - "How To Hide Your Feelings" Polaroid Prizes

PropertyOfZack is teaming up with our friends in Man Overboard to give away polaroids featured in the band’s recent music video for “How To Hide Your Feelings” filmed by POZ’s own Eric Teti. The contest will end on April 7th with multiple winners, so find out how to enter below! To win the polaroid prizes you must do each of the following things:

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The Sonnet kickstarter is now live. Help fund the comic’s print run!

Written by Lindsey Rodgers and illustrated by Emily Cheeseman, Sonnet is an all-ages fairytale comic that tells the story of two knights that meet by chance while slaying a dragon.

The complete story can be read online, and with your help will see its first print run!

The print edition of Sonnet is a 72-page softcover book featuring all seven parts of the completed comic, plus a 14-page bonus story exclusive to the printed book. Other available rewards include postcard prints, a limited edition screenprinted poster, and full color art commissions.

Signal boosts are appreciated to help spread the word! Reblog this post for a chance to win a free digital ink drawing/sketch. Multiple winners will be selected at random at the end of the campaign!

Mainstream Ace-spectrum Author! Who has a new book with an Ace heroine!

I have a new job that requires a lot of traveling time in the car and so I’ve been checking out various podcasts to find the geekiest possible way to spend my time. Today I did a happy dance in my seat when I heard Seanan McGuire talk about being demisexual and panromantic on a podcast from last January about the special Lightspeed Magazine issue Queers Destroy Science Fiction! Apparently she thought she was ace for a while but came across demi and realized she had found the right word and wasn’t broken.  

Seanan McGuire! Also writes as Mira Grant. Author of over 20 books and dozens of novellas and short stories. Extremely prolific. Hugo nominated (multiple times!). Winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. DEMISEXUAL

Wow. And to top it off, I found that she has a book coming out in April 2016 called Every Heart a Doorway with a main character who is asexual! And it’s a series. And April isn’t that far. I want it!


Fantastic Illustration by Frank Melech

The digital images of Frank Melech plunge the viewer into a mystical unusual world. The author is not afraid to combine absurd things, the combination of which would be impossible in real life.

Frank Melech is a famous graphic designer and photographer, and he is a multiple winner of various awards in these areas. His illustration often appear in popular magazines. The images in this post are made by using Photoshop, and some of them include parts of real photographs. Frank uses sometimes up to thirty photos to create a successful collage.   Flickr


Do you like pins? Do you have a backpack and/or clothes to attach puns pins to? Do you not? DOESNT MATTER! Because I have pins!

Attach them to your mom! Attach them to your dad! Attach them to your aunt or grandma! Fluffy? MORE LIKE FLUFFY GET BACK HERE SO I CAN ATTACH A PIN TO YOU!*

To enter, like and/or reblog this post (both count, so you can have up to two entries). You don’t need to be following Pun Horse to enter, but please be fair and don’t use multiple accounts.
Winners will be drawn in one week, so Tuesday (March 25th) via random-number generator.

This NOT restricted to only US citizens,
Please have your ask box turned on so I contact you to let you know you’ve won! If you don’t respond within 24 hours, or your ask box is not turned on, I’ll redraw for another winner.


Heh. Heheh. I’ll be here all night. Thanks. Thanks. No thank you.

*Don’t attach pins to your relatives or your cat.


I loved doing my previous giveaway so I decided to do another!

Recently Taylor started following my blog, and then I reached 1,000 followers, so I wanted to thank you guys.

I’ve been in the tswift merch game for a while, so I’m giving away some throwbacks:

  • Speak Now Song book
  • Speak Now collectible guitar picks and tin
  • Speak Now Tour book
  • Fearless Tour book
  • Fearless Tour poster
  • 2 RED bracelets (still packaged)

These are things I LOVED when I was growing up with Taylor, and I think I should pass them onto someone else who can love them like I did!


  • Reblog for entry
  • Must be following me (drunkonnjealousy)
  • Winner will be chosen on February 10th (my bday)
  • Sorry no international shipping
  • Might split prize so there can be multiple winners

** Please don’t delete the text**

Welcome to Undyin-love’s Summer Blogs of the Month!!!

I haven’t had much time lately for botms, promos, etc so I decided to pick 3 winners as my summer botms (one for each month)

The winners will be picked 5/31/15 (Next sunday)

MBF: Me and my last botm


Reblogs only

What you get……?


-Spot on my Favorites forever!

-Blog advice


-Anything else you can just ask!!!


Prize: One mystic messenger charm of your choice, or any other item in stock from my shop:
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= No Contest/giveaway blogs
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= Winner will be contacted via Ask Box for mailing address. I ship internationally.
= WInner will be chosen randomly from entries
= Giveaway ends on Oct. 31st 2016


Okay look, we want a number 1 in the US Charts. One Direction has NEVER had a #1 here. We can do this. Let’s show OT4 what we’re all about okay!?

As of today Drag Me Down has dropped 4 spots in radio play. Remember that radio play tracking is still being counted by Billboard until Sunday for this week’s chart. {x}

So as an incentive, I will enter your name to win a free copy of Album 5 the minute it’s available to preorder. iTunes or hard copy, either way. I may pick multiple winners depending on the response to this.

You have to tweet to radio stations from the list below to enter! You can submit a screenshot to me or make a post and tag me or DM me on my twitter to check yours out. You must tweet at minimum 15 radio stations to be eligible (that’s the max you can at one time on twitter - example here). The more you tweet the more entries I will give you. Use one of the links below for stations that count!

let’s  get  requesting!


Ling & Lang Bingo sets — how to play:

Multiplayer version:

Each player gets a randomly selected piece of popular journalism dealing with language(s), linguistics, or linguists. Taking turns, you could read one paragraph each, everyone crossing off what they think they detected in the presented passages. The first one to complete a row (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) shouts “Bingo!” and wins.

Note: Of course one should rearrange the table cells, otherwise there’d be multiple winners. (Do some actual copying and pasting if necessary.)

Solitaire version:

Grab yourself a news article on ling & lang or listen to anyone from outside linguistics talk about ling & lang. Make sure you only yell “Bingo!” if that doesn’t get you expelled from a lecture.

Pro tip:

If you want to make the game a little bit harder, do the same with scholarly articles.

Project95Z Exclusive Fanart Goods Donation Event

[ Project Info ] – [ Gift Designs ] – [ Project Updates ]

Hello everyone! Although submissions have closed, we still need to raise more funds for @project95z​’s personalized jacket gift and book costs for Jimin and V. So, we are excited to announce the launching of our exclusive mini art print donation event, sponsored by the art collaboration pieces of @dansunrevelucide​, @eto-nani​, @kharys​, and @auriee​!

  • Donate at least $1 to enter into a raffle (multiple winners) to win the prints!
  • Or donate at least $5 to be GUARANTEED the prints!

What you’ll receive: 4”x6” print of the I Need U OT7 collab, and a 4”x6” print of the Project95Z collab, currently a work in progress!  All shipping fees are free.

To donate, follow the instructions on our donation form here.

If you already donated, we have already counted your donations as an entry. This project is only made possible with your letters, art, donations, and love. Thank you for your support!

my beautiful little sister rebecca is 19 today. couldn’t be prouder of her for all her accomplishments; she’s turned out to be quite the wonderful person. musically talented (piano, trumpet, french horn, guitar and ukelele), creative, head of intramurals in her high school student council, winner of multiple awards, and now pursuing a career in social work… is there anything she can’t do?


So, here’s a thing. That beautiful girl on the right is my best friend and the girl I like, Savilyn. We talk to each other non-stop and basically know every little thing about each other. We’re so damn close. But here’s the thing. She lives in Canada, in Ontario to be specific. I live in the US, in Washington. So, we were both wondering that if we were to start a donation, if you guys would donate to our cause so we can meet each other in person, hug for the first time, and I’m pretty sure cry for the first time together. I know a lot of you probably don’t care, but this is something I would love to happen. And also, I’m thinking about doing a little contest if this happens and if I get the money to move there, if we do a giant giveaway with multiple winners. So, comment and send me messages to tell me what you think?

Call for Geeky Sellers: 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Geek Studio will be having a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. It will be posted a week before Christmas and on Christmas Day the first winner will be drawn. There will be 12 days of prizes and a new winner drawn every day! Some days might even have multiple winners!

Right now we’re looking for awesome geek creators who want to donate a prize for the giveaway. It can be anything you want and doesn’t have to be holiday themed. Your item will be listed on the giveaway post with a link to your store/blog/website.

If you’re interested please send an email with info and a link or picture of the item to Thanks!

Hello everyone, so I basically just recently hit 10k followers, and just wow like thank you so much to everyone who chose to follow me and stuck around, I mean that’s unbelievable like I don’t even do much and I’m just really lame, and yeah I just wanted to say thank you and I’m finally going to attempt my first promo!

Alright so first off, rules;

  • You must be following me
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And now the categories; (there will be one ultimate winner and two runner-ups for these categories)
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Multiple winners for these categories
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The promo will end on June 27th or 28th idk yet, but yeah good luck!

In 2008, terror struck Macedonia when a serial killer began strangling old women with a telephone cord. Details about the killings spread through the media primarily via the work of journalist Vlado Taneski, who became a minor celebrity and multiple journalism award winner due to his chilling insight into the murderer’s methods. But it wasn’t too long before police began to notice that this included an eye for details that weren’t available to the press.

Eventually, the police began investigating Taneski himself and discovered some damning details, such as the fact that all of the victims had been friends of his mother. He was arrested, and DNA evidence soon showed that his award-winning crime writing was the result of his unique ability to put himself in the killer’s shoes. Literally, he put on the killer’s shoes every morning. Because he was the killer.

5 Famous Horror Movies You Won’t (Want To) Believe Came True