I hate that multimuse blogs get so much crap. Some of them work so hard on their blogs and do beautiful replies but hardly anyone will work with them because they’re multimuse. The strange thing is that sometimes, the same people refusing them often end up having multiple accounts. It’s practically the same thing! The only difference is multimuse blogs have them all in one place.



The Prizes:
1. Sir Thomas Sharpe t-shirt (your choice ladies size XL or 2 XL)
2. Allerdale Hall t-shirt (size unisex large, prize courtesy of Twitter’s @TutyNY) 
3. Beware Crimson Peak t-shirt (size unisex medium)
4. Sir Thomas Funko Pop doll
5. Sir Thomas Funko Pop doll
6. Crimson Peak: The Art of Darkness book (US winner only)
7: Crimson Peak novelization
8. Crimson Peak button set

How To Enter:
–You must follow me (HiddleMemes) in order to be eligible to enter
–Reblog this post
–Up to one reblog allowed every day
–“Liking” this post is great, but will NOT count as an entry
–If you have multiple blogs, yes you can enter from any or all of them, following the rules as outlined above

–Entries will be taken until 12 noon GMT on Feb 9, 2016 (Tom Hiddleston’s 35th birthday)
 –Prize giveway open worldwide, except Prize #6 (Art of Darkness book).  Due to shipping issues, that prize is only available to a US winner. It will be shipped directly from
–Prize giveaway void where prohibited

If You Win:
–You must have an open Ask, FanMail, Submission box, etc.  Some way for me to contact you privately via Tumblr.
–Winners will be chosen at random
–The first winner will be contacted AND ASKED TO CHOSE A PRIZE.  Yes, you may choose any prize you like from the prizes that are still available!!   (T-shirt measurements will be provided to help you make your choice.)
 –Winners will be contacted one at a time.  The first winner will get to pick one prize from all eight prizes, the second winner will get to choose one prize from the seven prizes remaining, the third winner will get to chose one prize from the six prizes remaining, etc.  This will continue until all prizes have been awarded.
–Winners must provide me with their first and last name and full mailing address, including country
–Winner has 48 hours in which to respond with prize choice and mailing address.  If no response during that time, an alternate winner will be chose.
–The Tumblr URLs of all the prize winners will be published on my HiddleMemes blog

Any questions, please let me know.  Good luck!  


I rate all you who have the energy to run more than one blog you know. I’m tryna run two under two accounts with two different emails and I just keep forgetting about one or the other, and I can only have one on this app. @staff need to adopt Twitter’s attitude and allow multiple accounts with different emails and that on the app. It would make blogging easyyyyyy. I have like three on my Twitter one and I can multi-task easy, this now…. Pure stress pon mi lef bress. 😭

Sort it out Tumblr @staff

More blogs needed

I really need to make at least 3 tumblr blogs to cover my interests.  Where am I suppose to find the time to do this?  Good blogs take a good chunk of time.

Thank you to everyone who has had the patience to sit through the stuff on my blog that is really boring or too warped for their tastes.

This may take some time loves! <3   Feedback is welcome. :)

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Having two blogs is so fucking confusing. I’m pretty sure when I follow people it’s from this blog . Even when it’s a blog related to the stuff on my other one. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally put something on here that I’ve had to quickly delete and move.