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The Issue of Being a Freelance Artist (When working with non-designers): A story by Sean Williams (and future reference for other artists)

Hey guys, looks like its story time… I’m going to vent to you guys about something that just happened to me today, and hopefully you guys can reblog it so that we as artists, can try to avoid this from happening in the future.

For the last month or so I’ve been working on a freelance project for a woman who plans on running a blog about going to College. Throughout this process, I’ve worked with her step by step, going through designs, drafts, re-drafts and etc. After turning in the final design yesterday and being in agreement that the design was good, and that payment should be finalized; she sent me an email stating this: 

“I ran the design by a couple of people affiliated with by blog, and I am going to have to ask you to redo it.  It’s just not what we were looking for.  I’m not a design person at all and I wanted it done, so I settled on it. But this has to be done right”


“Okay, fine” I thought. Sometimes things don’t work out, and designs need to be redone. I was fine with this, and I have absolutely no problem working with a client to make sure that they’re happy; but something about her wording stuck a chord…. She settled. And for reference: THIS is what she said yesterday- BEFORE the email today stating: “This has to be done right” 

FUN FACT: I had gone in a completely different direction before coming up with the design I sent yesterday, but after HOURS of working on it and checking in with her (with her telling me she loved the way it looked) –

–I was asked to redo it.

She told me to redo it. A DAY BEFORE IT WAS DUE.  Which I did (The design I turned in yesterday). But I digress..

I continued reading through the email: 

“If you are not able or willing to take this on, then we can just cut our ties here.  If you would like to finish the project in a time sensitive manner and be paid the other 50$ and be featured, then please get me a new design by today.” 

At this point, I’d been working with her for a little over a month, (I’m a full-time student, and I work the maximum number of hours that I’m allowed to work on campus, on top of that I’m the president of an animation organization on campus, so suffice to say, I’m busy) and she had a deadline for the project, so there was a part of me that could understand her urgency. We had decided on $100. Half up front and half after I had finished. But now something else had stuck with me: “Please get me a new design by today”

What? Are you kidding me? a NEW design? We had been working together for over a month, and I had worked based on what she wanted, and now she wanted a COMPLETELY new design by the end of the day. A day, I might add that I don’t have free because I have work and then other school-related obligations that I need to fulfill… That would mean sketches to generate more ideas, having to confer with her on the design, THEN actually implementing the design, and having to clean it all up, with 1.) No direction (because the way I designed it previously was obviously all wrong), and 2.) By the end of the day.

This had to be done right, and after all of that working and reworking, I was STILL looking to try to be as helpful and professional as possible. So of course,  I was considering starting from scratch and coming up with a THIRD finalized design, until I read the rest of the email… HERE’S THE KICKER: I can’t even make this shit up. 

“A few things to keep in mind. 1.  I am a professional.  I’m an adult, this is my business.  I want it clean, simple and streamlined”.

In my head I thought: “You’re joking. You’re going to tell me these things like I’m a child? First of all, I may be a student, but I’m a working adult, I take care of my schoolwork, I pay rent, I pay a car note, I’m ENGAGED, AND take care of a pet Ferret. Beyond that, not only have I worked on this project with you step, by step, but I’ve done COUNTLESS drafts and ON TOP OF THAT, you’ve told me multiple times that the design is perfect for what you’re looking for”

The email continued: 


Are you fucking kidding me. This woman thought it was okay to send me: A designer; this “HELPFUL” link. About tips. FOR NON DESIGNERS. WHEN SHE HERSELF IS NOT A DESIGNER. After this I was LIVID. But I kept my composure and kept reading:

“Ask me questions, read the blog, treat me as if I’m a real client. Let me know your thoughts on this.” 

I almost couldn’t contain myself. For a month I’ve done sketches, layouts, and etc… I’d worked with you step by step, following her instructions for the design, FOR EACH ITERATION OF THE DESIGN and I had tailored each of my changes exactly to her specifications. Beyond that I’d read and re-read over the blog multiple times in an effort to come up with a design that would best display her intentions. I was so upset after reading her email that I literally just closed my phone and walked around for a few minutes to clear my head. 

After much consideration, I decided to do what she herself had suggested and cut our ties. And I did it in what I feel was the most respectful way that I could while still maintaining my dignity. I sent her a message stating that I’m sorry that things didn’t work out, but that I could tell that she clearly didn’t respect me as an artist, and that I thought it best if we didn’t continue working together. I wished her good luck in finding a designer that could suit her needs, and I went about my day. 

Although this situation didn’t end the way that I had expected it to when we began working together, I’ve learned some things, and I wanted to share my story with you all as a way to help raise awareness for things like this:


There are non designers who will commission you and be happy that you created something for them, and there are those that will NEVER be satisfied with what you give them. See the warning signs and DO NOT work with people who are going to be difficult for the sake of being difficult.

 I’ve worked with more than a few people who don’t appreciate the amount of passion and hard work that goes into art, and it draining, frustrating and its just not worth it. 

Another thing that I learned is please please please DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT. 

The project that I was working on wasn’t worth $100. And after the second draft it was even worth doing for $200. I understand being a student and needing money, but I’d rather work for free on something that I love than work for pennies on something that I hate. 


I have friends in the animation industry who STILL don’t feel like they’re necessarily “Professionals”

KNOW YOUR WORTH.  And never ever EVER Let anyone tell you what you’re worth. Especially if they don’t know or respect just how much work and time goes into making the beautiful things that you all make.

I think that’s about it. Thanks for putting up with yet another long rant about me trying to navigate my life as an artist!

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(also… completely unrelated: If you’re an artist reading this, let me know! I’d love to follow you and I hope you do the same!)


Bts reaction to you wanting a second round

Request: Can you please do bts reacting to going at it for multiple rounds? Love your blog ^^

A/N: Well…let’s go on a writing marathon


“One more? You want one more time? Fine, I’ll give you one more time…fuck, how could I not?”

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“No. Tomorrow. You can literally go for ages Y/N. No. I said “no”. Sleep. I love you sleep.”

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“One more?  Baby, daddy hasn’t even started yet.”

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*starts rubbing your clit, overstimulating you* “Like this baby? Like this? Come on. You said one more. I’ll give you one more.”

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“We can continue, but only if I get to do this.” *wraps his hands around your neck*

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“I can’t. Let’s cuddle.”

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“You should say what? Pretty pretty pretty…” “Please daddy.” “God, you’re so good. Daddy can make an exception and do what you want.”

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Diana Prince is a Goddamn Dork™ headcanons

1. When she’s going from the top of a building to the ground floor, she never takes the stairs, or the elevator. No, she jumps, and lands with a MASSIVE smile on her face.

2. Will occasionally use her lasso to swing from things and pretend to be Batman.

3. Switches languages mid-sentence whenever she’s talking to Billy, just to see if he can keep up. He always can.

4. Whenever a group of children starts playing near her, she automatically and without fail joins the game. Parents have stories of the time they met Wonder Woman patiently listening to their children explain the rules of freeze tag.

5. Is well aware that she is the only woman that Hal Jordan finds too intimidating to flirt with, so she aggressively flirts with him instead just to watch him get flustered.

6. Worst puns in the Justice League. In 600 languages.

7. Makes frequent “when I was your age” jokes that refer to ancient historical events that she could not possibly have been there for.

8. Curates multiple fandom blogs on subjects as diverse as Greek tragedy, Star Wars, anime, and board games. Spends her monitor duty updating those blogs instead of working because “Athena will tell me if anything happens.”

9. Anytime a mythological figure is mentioned, no matter from what mythology or whether they’re real or not, responds, “oh yeah, they owe me money.”

10. Keeps stealing Bruce’s planes, because they all have cloaking technology that renders them near-invisible and she claims she “couldn’t tell the difference.”

I’m going to be collaborating with @chromapulse on some of these from now on, so if you’re enjoying this you should watch their blog too.


What: Black Lion TP and Black Lion Gemstore Giveaway bc shiny and new!

  • Any Black Lion Gemstore item(s) 2500 gems or less
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Winner: One winner! Number generator will be used.  Will be contacted via Tumblr unless display name is in the tags. Have 24 hours to reply back before another will be chosen. Gifts can be split between friends, and guildies, or however winner sees fit! 

Disclaimer: please only one like and reblog per person. Multiple blogs is ok, but just one, don’t spam your followers. No giveaway blogs please. Any questions hmu I’m here always!

Good luck, your odds are better here than with the Mystic Forge!

anonymous asked:

maybe there's a war going on and Harry has been on the search for Y/N for weeks and starts to get angry by throwing things everywhere and accusing people for killing her and then he hears a sobs close by and it's Y/N in a ball of tears and Harry gets all emotional when he sees her and literally breaks down at the sight of her?????

Yeah, yeah — like maybe this is kind of a dystopian universe where Y/N had waited months for him to come back. Harry had promised to return, and Harry never broke his promises, right?

But maybe amidst the chaos and the death, a service list was shipped back home to where Y/N was listing all of the soldiers who had died in action. There was so, so many names on the list but none of them could’ve been Harry. No, he promised to come ba—.

But there… was his name.

His name with his soldier I.D number, printed messily and smudged from the type writer used across the continent he had been deployed to. Just another name among the hundreds who had failed and also promised.

She had become completely numb from the world; ripped from her senses and thoughts as he had been from his life. Y/N was left to fend for herself against the enemy but at this point, she didn’t care for life anymore. All she wanted was to be back in his embrace and to feel him heart beat against hers. In her dreams he came running back, searching the streets only to find her crouched alone on the asphalt. Harry had scooped her up in his arms — her own miracle breathing and living around her.

That had been a few decades ago.

Y/N was older, now. Not a day passed where she didn’t think of her love and not a night passed where she didn’t dream of that moment that happened years ago — the moment where his name hadn’t been on that list — that one lifetime where he had come to her.

I don’t know if I’m the only person that does this, but whenever I talk to people on a different blog I act like a different person.

On my AJ blog I act like a cynical ass, on my main blog I’m just “oh uhhh hI i’M AWKaRd AND sWEaTy” and my VT blog I’m.. nah I’m still an ass just with more “let my boys be canon dammit”.

I Caved

I just had to, between Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, now Vampire Diaries (Damon Only Lol) and who knows what else once I start watching new shows, and maybe picking back up on Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead… I can’t have just one cluttered and fucked up blog… so now I have one for each fandom

@renegadesupernatural - My Supernatural Blog

@vampirerenegade - My Vampire Diaries Blog

And if you haven’t noticed I’m trying to keep renegade in my urls so I can remember them xD plus you know its probably me if you see stuff like that.

Anyway, just wanted to let y’all know so if you see something posted under one of those names its me. And I’ll try to remember I have them and not reblog or post things that aren’t related to whatever blog I’m on at the time.

@come-join-themurder (Thank you for ruining me on multiple blogs.) @one-charming-life (I also blame you for this lol) @im-gay-for-chibbs-juiceyandtiggy @doodlebugwriter @dolphingoddess81 and whoever else needs to know

it takes $0 to not be a dick

I’m fed up

I keep seeing these rudeass anons pop up like weeds in this community. Regardless of whether it’s just one asshole intent on harassing ask blogs or multiple, the amount of negativity these anons are spreading is absolutely sickening. Listen up.

Don’t go around policing other people what they should or shouldn’t do. The entire premise of having an ask blog is purely based on you. On doing the shit you want to do. 
The ask blog platform is ideal because it’s a medium that conveys your ideas in a fun and interactive way. And granted if you’re looking to make an ask blog just for the sake of being popular or getting notes, you’re going to have a bad time. I may not be in the position to say anything as one of the alleged ”””popular””” blogs, but if you enjoy your au and feel passionate about it, people are bound to feel it too. And they will enjoy it. It’s part of being part of a community that enjoys seeing each other’s content.

It’s not a competition.
Like my last point states, the idea of having an ask blog is not built on the foundation of ‘who has the most followers’ or ‘who can draw the best’. An ask blog is a process and ultimately the culmination of a person’s strengths and creativity. Yes, art happens to be one of the main appeals in an ask blog, and yes, it can also be a reason to start an ask blog, whether it’s for your own self-improvement or something of like, but art isn’t everything. It’s a person’s care they put into writing and culturing their ideas for their desired alternate universe. We don’t look out asks and immediately think ‘yes answering this will get me lots of attention’. We are selective in what we answer for the reason of having the inspiration/perfect idea to execute an answer. Like I said it’s a process.

At this point I’m repeating myself but I want to make it very clear. While I may say art isn’t everything, I can say that most of us here started our blogs with the drive to improve our art. Our ask blog is fundamental for our creative process because the messages and prompts you send feeds us with the ideas and motivation needed to even create art. We don’t fucking burst out of the womb like the baby from Alien making these drawings on a whim. At the end of the day we’re all still practicing- testing out new techniques, everything of that sort. If you berate those that intend on improving their craft, you’re only discouraging them from making the improvements that you want to see from them. 

We do what we do not only to satisfy the expectations of our ‘audience’ but because we love it. Your enjoyment comes first and foremost in a platform like this so don’t feel pressured to change if it’s not to your own consent.

Giveaway time!

I have it in mind since a long time (I reached the 500 long time ago, but was overwelhmed IRL aaand well…). But I still wanted to do one, so what’s best than using my birthday as an excuse?

Birthday’s gift are supposed to make the person happy, so giving you something makes me happy (it’s my gift to me in a weird way? Ahaha!)
It’s also a way to thank you guys for your support and everything.

You can either win one of these :

  • A character sheet of your Eldarya OC (Fullbody with expressions and close-up details. Can also come with text descriptions in it)
  • An outfit for your character based on the sprite base
  • An halfbody sketch couple


-The characters must be Eldarya related (since it’s a blog related to this fandom)
-Only one reblog counts (but you can like and reblog as much as you want)
-Being a follower is greatly appreciated, but not mendatory (since some might have multiple blog with one accounts, like me)
-Please, no giveaway blogs
-Winners will be randomly generated
-Keep your ask box open, so tha tI can contact you if you win ^^
-If a winner doesn’t reply in 3 days, I’ll randomly pick a new one

The giveaway ends on the 28th February, 23h59 (french time). On my birthday, of course!

Review Week: Prompts!

The first Review Week will take place from Sunday, August 20th - Saturday, August 27th, with a bonus day on Sunday, August 28th.  

Our goal is that you should review at least one fic per day during this week.

The below are suggested prompts to help you identify what fic you might like to comment on. Really, though, you’re free to review any fic you want!

If you’d like your participation in the week reblogged, you can also make a rec post for whatever fic you’re reviewing. Tag this post either #reviewweek or simply @ us. We’d love to see the love shared over multiple blogs, platforms, and fandoms, and give everyone something to read and enjoy.

Here are your prompts!

Sunday, August 20th: the most recent fic you read
Monday, August 21st: a fic in your bookmarks or read later (or open tabs, or fic recs, or……)
Tuesday, August 22nd: review something that hasn’t updated in a while
Wednesday, August 23rd: review a short fic
Thursday, August 24th: review a fic with less than ten comments
Friday, August 25th: review something you’ve already reviewed
Saturday, August 26th: review a guilty pleasure fic
Sunday, August 27th (BONUS): review every chapter of a long fic

It bothers me that some people seem to think that just because you’ve followed them on one blog, you will then automatically follow them on every other blog they make. And if you don’t follow them, they make a point of messaging you to tell you that it’s them, as if to say “it’s me, where’s my follow back?” No one is obligated to follow every blog you make, some people only want to interact with certain characters you play.