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who is suing taylor now?

The songwriters for one of 3LW’s songs because taylor “stole” the lyrics “playas gonna play” however people have used this exact claim before for a bunch of other songs and since the phrases have been used multiple times by other artists (notably Kelly Rowland and Notorious B.I.G) they can’t really claim that she stole it from them. it’s gonna be an open and shut case.


Wonder Woman: History Lesson by Houston Sharp

Featuring artist Igor Sid, Piotr Jablonski, Yuriy Chemezov, Roman Kupriyanov, Eve Ventrue, Max Schulz, Didier Konings, Raffy Ochoa

  1. The Complete Painting
  2. Gods Atop Olympus
  3. Gods Atop Olympus II
  4. Mankind Happy
  5. Mankind Corrupted
  6. Out of Water
  7. Walk With Mankind (Cut From Film)
  8. Betrayed (Cut from film)
  9. Enslaved
  10. Fight for Freedom
  11. Ares Kills Gods - Panel 1
  12. Ares Kills Gods - Panel 2
  13. Zeus Slays Ares
  14. Themyscira

Houston Sharp: I had the pleasure and honor of working with Patty Jenkins and her team to create the animated painting at the beginning of Wonder Woman. It was a huge undertaking, but I had a small team of super-talented artists to help finish it on time, and Patty & Co. were very supportive along the way. Each panel was painted separately, and stitched together into one massive painting. We tried achieving a classical oil painting look, while working in a way that was easy for the animators to work with (which meant keeping everything on their own layers, painting behind figures, etc.). It took a lot of planning and coordination between multiple artists, but it was well worth the challenge.

Oh, ew.  It just occurred to me how deep this well of projection and control runs for these people.

Think about the way they bastardize characters to more closely resemble either themselves, or their ideals (male characters are often made hyper-feminine, and physically fit characters given huskier body types).  Mind you, this wouldn’t be a concern if it wasn’t so prevalent, consistently similar across multiple artists, and so eerily deliberate (as well as constantly in complete disregard for maintaining anything signalling the character’s identity).

What these people seem to truly want is someone that they can completely bend to their will.  That’s why cartoon characters are so appealing to them, and why they’re quick to disregard canon if it doesn’t coincide with their little fantasy world.  Shipping disturbs them because they feel that either they’re being shipped (due to projecting themselves onto characters), or that they’re being rejected by those characters.

This is becoming psychologically fascinating and disturbing all at the same time.  I wish I’d been able to continue pursuing forensic psychology…

Elvis Presley Stole his music from black people then wouldn't let them in his shows. He's the king. John Lennon, beat his wife, and was an openly racist, homophobe. But is seen as an artist that strove for equality and peace. Jay Z has sold Millions, holds a record for the amount of Grammy's he has, has stood behind and worked with multiple gay Artists, freed protesters from wrongful arrest, and brought water to villages in Africa. Mainstream media, still wants to call him a "former crack dealer."

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!! I am so excited and proud to announce that the release of the “Love is Love” graphic novel is tomorrow, 12/28, and we have plenty at the Gamer’s Gambit!

The graphic novel was created through the joint efforts of IDW Publishing and DC Comics in order to support the survivors and honor the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting that happened earlier this year. Containing stories by multiple artists and writers such as Jim Lee, Gail Simone, Patton Oswald, and many more, the graphic novel is a collection of stories and reactions that were felt across the world as the news of this horrific hate crime broke.

I had to hold back tears as I flipped through this book; on one hand we see the reactions from characters as they watch the news unfold about the attack on the LGBT community. We see the sadness, the anger, the confusion as to how one human being could twist themselves around such hatred and let it consume them. And then, through other pages, we are treated to vibrant and beautiful colours featuring couples finding strength, family members accepting those who take a brave step and come out to them, a resurgence of love that refuses to simply break down and let anger taint everything. We see the faces of heroes and villains we know and love–Harley and Ivy, Batman, Batwoman, the Lantern Corps–reach out to help us find the power we’ve always had inside us. The power to push back.
The power to love and keep loving.

All proceeds from “Love is Love” will go to the families of the victims and the survivors via Equality Florida.

To quote a page of “Love is Love” that resonates with me personally:
“Keep creating your art. Tell your stories and celebrate life. Because that’s how we beat this thing…”


I swear I could sit here all day and just keep adding details and stuff but like I don’t think I need to???

I’mma call it done before I over-detail it to death and ruin it.  I’m already really happy with it!

Maybe I’ll get it made into a keychain?  At least for myself.  I dunno.  That was the reason I drew it.  Kinda got inspired by multiple artists keychains while I was at Otakon.  I just want a Danny keychain so I made this. :P


Here’s the long awaited…

The Property of Hate PMV  Multi-Artist Project!!


Here’s the list of contributors in alphabetical order:

Song: Sleep Alone by TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB
Song suggested by @tietoons
MAP organized by @mahotou
(Project started in April 2016 and Published in October 2016)

ALSO please DO NOT use the video or these images without permission from and credit to the original artist(s). Thank you!

I want to give special thanks to @gwinverarrouz​ for being my partner in video editing the still images to move! It really took a load off of me and I also learned quite a few things from her as well!

Sneak Peek:

PS. so I know there’s interest in doing something like this again. I’m planning on setting up a long-term TPoH-PMV next.
My plan is for it to start Jan 1st 2017 and it will be kind of a Free For All. (Allowing: people to submit multiple times/take multiple slots, imagery from AUs, imagery from Fanfictions, such like that.) The song I have in mind is 6 and a half minutes long and thus I expect this to be a long-term project. I’m currently developing guidelines and information for this next idea. You may send me asks if you have questions before the project begins!

Keep an eye out in the TPoH tags on tumblr for updates!!  #tpoh  #tpohpmvmap2

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I know this is kinda Stangty, but can you draw Stanley and Stanford in their toxic versions of them selves? Like from Rick and Mortys toxic forms. Any age would work.

I considered doing this. I had an idea for it. It was a good idea. But then I discovered that you also sent this SAME ask to multiple other artists.

That kinda hurts, dear anon. I get so few anon requests for art that when I do it’s pretty special. “Wow,” I think, “someone likes my art enough that they want to see me draw MORE?” It’s a very large compliment in my mind. Or at least, it was.

Now, I can’t help but have suspicion about every ask I receive.

And that’s because of anons like you.

“Are they asking me this because they actually like my art and genuinely want to see how I would interpret an idea, or are they just trying to squeeze a free commission out of as many unassuming people as they can?” Any more I have no way to know. Asks like this make me feel like you think I’m an emotionless robotic drawing machine rather than an actual person. And I’m sure there’s others who feel the same.

Please, next time you’re interested in seeing art of an idea- DON’T send an identical ask to multiple artists. It’s rude as hell and tells us you only care about getting art whatever way you can, not the actual artist. Just pick one artist. And if they say no, then that’s that.

As a future note for my followers, because of anons like this my requests are now closed. Don’t ask me to draw anything for you. If I want suggestions I’ll ask YOU for them first. Thank you.

its been like 6 or so years since I’ve been a fan of tbfp; I remember my first exposure of them was their content on machinima, at the point when that was all they exclusively made.

and it’s just weird how even though they’ve gained so much traction and are technically among the big lets player names in terms of internet fame, they’re literally still just “dudes who play video games”.

Like, no unnecesarry screaming, text emphasis on jokes they make, it’s just them sitting on a couch talking about the game, randosm stuff and are just entertaining by just hanging out. It’s nice that they never lost the casual nature they have when it comes to their core content. The most they do is get better equipment, expand their media (podcasts, streaming, occasional vlogging, etc.), and have a different from multiple artists create thumbnails for each new playthrough (which i absolutely love).

It’s just nice that I can still boot up a video, and still think they’re all pretty damn down to earth.


Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640, Flemish)

Copies of paintings by Titian

Rubens copied a large number of works by other artists in his study of style, composition and technique. His copies include drawings, sketches, and full-sized oil paintings. While many Renaissance artists from Italy (including Leonardo, Raphael and Veronese) were represented, his study of Titian was particularly intense.

I’ve seen someone complain (multiple times) about artists & fanfic writers who self-reblog their work.  Seriously, if it bothers you that much then unfollow, or blacklist the tag (because I know most people tag ‘self reblog’ or ‘morning/evening reblog’).  Like if I worked hard on something and am proud of it, then hell yeah I’m gunna reblog it multiple times for my friends in other time zones to see.  It’s not about being desperate for internet recognition.  And like… even so, that’s kinda the point? of sharing your art/fic online? to get some recognition and for people to see it??