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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IMPART UNTO ME the knowledge of how to search multiple tags

It’s really easy if you use tags or go to a blog that uses a lot of tags. You just have to know the tags they use, and then form and equation: 

(blog name) /search/(tag name 1)+(tag name 2)

Notice that you’ll have to use hyphens with the tag names and + with the tags you want to combine.

For example, if I want to see Jared pics with vneck from 2015, I search:

If I want to see Jensen singing in 2014, I search:

And you can add more tags too, for example:

Multiple tag search within blog

Is there a way to search for multiple tags within a blog the same way you search on all of tumblr? Can someone develop an extension for that purpose?

For example, I’d like to find all of my gifs I made of Judas Priest (“mine” tag along with “judas priest”

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tumblr does let you search multiple tags at once! how you do it is putting the first tag then the second one with a # before it E.x "Pastel #stim"

I’m. My mind is blown to pieces. Since the heck when did they start letting you do that?? And how have I not heard about it?? Am I still in the same universe?? fjkdsjgkgfg

Well, that aside, I sure am glad that’s a thing! Even though I didn’t know until now, better late than never ! ^^;;

Resource Masterpost

I’ve had several requests to make my resource masterpost rebloggable. So, I did. It’s under a read more because it’s super long. Please let me know if there are any dead links. I’ll update this and the page on my blog every time I find more links! (this masterpost includes: places to watch tv/movies, torrent sites, livestreams, tv/movie/book/comic book/musical/music/people masterposts, screencap sites, celebrity galleries, resource blogs, my favorite fonts, places to get actions/psds/textures/themes, base codes, updates tabs, photoshop/html tutorials, photoshop downloads, places to get emoticons/symbols, links to cool software/google chrome extensions, tumblr tips/resources, useful/fun sites, lifehacks, recipes, stuff for school/college, tips for getting a job, makeup/fashion tips and sites, links to learn hobbies, tips for exercise, stuff for “how to adult”, writing/roleplaying resources, places to learn a language, and links to tumblr challenges/memes.) last updated december 24, 2014.

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I have no idea why tumblr doesn’t have a multiple tag search feature. It’s almost impossible to find music (especially less popular songs from trending artists, e.g. Phoenix by Daft Punk).

I thought it couldn’t get any worse, but ever since they updated the tag browsing, google’s been unable to index posts correctly (e.g. searching for Phoenix by Daft Punk will bring you to page 1 of the Phoenix tag, page 1 of the Daft Punk tag, or a link that no longer exists).

I don’t know anything about tumblr’s codebase, but I do know that the AND operator is pretty much as basic as it gets, so implementation couldn’t be that difficult.

Not only that, but it’d make tagging so much cleaner and narrow the number of cached results for searches exponentially. The point of searchable tags is to be able to find what you’re looking for, right?

Multiple Tag Search

So. I have been thinking a LOT. The website isn’t getting enough traffic to sustain itself monetarily and I have received 0 donations. I am taking quite a loss trying to keep this feature available to users.

No suggestions, no comments, no traffic, no donations.

Because of this development of MTS will officially STOP until one of 3 things happens:

1. The website begins to generate enough ad revenue to sustain the cost of development (Most unlikely)

2. The website gains insane popularity in the next 72 hours. (1000 unique visitors a day with a stay rate average of 5 minutes.)

3. Someone begins funding the project. I don’t mean a one time donation (unless it can pay for the server for 12 months).

The server DOES cost money to keep up and it needs to be upgraded before database implementation becomes possible. (No more 20 second search times)

If you are an active user of MTS, reblog or like this so I know how many people are being let down and can reconsider.