multiple sequence alignments

Hey! I did a thing!

So I took a bioinformatics course this past spring and the overall goal of the course was to pick a human gene of unknown function, run its sequences through a bunch of analytical computer programs, and try to determine as much as we could about it. 

In the end, we had to write a formal report on the gene, generate several multiple sequence alignments, make a phylogenetic tree, and explain all of our findings. (My entire write up was a bit over 80 pages with everything included!) 

But my favorite part was the other half of the final assignment, which was to create a Wikipedia article summarizing some of the most important pieces of information we found during our research. 

Yes, technically anyone can edit a Wikipedia page. But Wikipedia articles are highly monitored and go through several revision processes after an author submits a page or an edit. So I promise I didn’t just spew nonsense on the page! 

But very recently, my page was officially cleared of any flags meaning all of my citations checked out, it’s no longer an orphan, and everything looks good!!! 

So please don’t let me semester’s worth of work go to waste and educate yourself on the human gene, C16orf71, through its Wikipedia page, written by yours truly~~~~