multiple reflection

“best friends” - bucky barnes

fandom: marvel

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

summary: based on prompts;

  1. “Excuse me for falling in love with you!”

warnings: swear words

notes: this was something i had half done and kinda liked, so i finished it! also, probably ruined it but oh well. hope you like it, let me know what you think! x

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word count: 2,072

“Hey there handsome,” you drawled, noticing Bucky by his bedroom mirror as you shut the door behind yourself, “What’re are you all dressed up for?”

You plopped onto the edge of his bed, resting the bowl of popcorn in your lap as you pulled your phone from your back pocket. “I’ve got a date,” he said, smirking.

You stopped mid-scroll, brows furrowed when you looked up at him in his favourite leather jacket, “A date? With who?”

His smirk reached his eyes, making them twinkle, “Caroline.”

You choked on your mouthful of popcorn, coughing until the kernels dislodged, “E-Excuse me? How did you get her number?”

“That’s for me to know, and you to not-know,” he replied smugly, buttoning and unbuttoning his shirt as he watched his own reflection.

You frowned at his leather loafers shuffling against the carpet to allow his reflection multiple angles. Caroline worked for Tony, she operated mostly from the tower in New York but had to visit the facility with occasional messages and deliveries. You and Nat had befriended her a while back, and she was a regular invitee Tony’s galas and formal dinners. For a while now, Bucky and Sam had been bugging both you and Nat for her number, but you refused for numerous reasons.

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Words On My Skin (Part 2)

A/N: Ask, and you shall receive! I’m actually REALLY surprised at how well part 1 did! I wasn’t expecting it! Glad you all liked it! I love hearing from you! Xoxo! This is going to be a series! A SLOWWW BURNN! (Muwahaahahahaha)

Warnings: Really horrible nightmare right in the beginning, swearing, etc.

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What’s happening?

You were laying on the cold, hard wood of your old apartment. You knew it was your floor, because you could smell the natural wood cleaner you’d bought from the supermarket. The wood floor was hard against your back and your head, and you rolled onto your side to relive the discomfort. There was an overwhelming sense of fear, causing a knot in your stomach and bile to sit in your throat.

Why were you afraid?

Your tattoo was burning – a searing pain radiating from the skin of your wrist, up your arm. You could sense people around you, even though your eyes were closed. Your arm was cradled against your chest, and you curled up to protect it. Your body was curled up into a ball, and you forced your eyes to remain closed – terrified of the things surrounding you.

They want to hurt you.

Why did they want to hurt you?

Who were they?

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The observably scattered Gemini nature is a reflection of multiple lives expressing inside, each singularly well controlled and intelligent, but mixed together and there can be chaos and contradiction. Geminis can be street smart, book smart, sassy, and intriguing. But they can also be very childlike and regressive, depend on other people to make long term decisions, avoid responsibility, and flail about because the mind cannot reach a conclusion. Gemini sees the world as a bundle of opposites that must be reconciled. The Gemini mind rules. So they can become surprisingly rattled when it comes to important personal decisions, because all of the information in the world suddenly becomes irrelevant.

Gemini is constantly bringing two worlds together… in esoteric astrology Gemini is ruled by Venus… so they do not have to be black and white twins… they can be sisters of love and harmony… it’s the Gemini’s expression of duality that makes them so magical, they are people of many forms and faces, bringing chaotic opposites together as one, perceiving pairs and patterns nobody else can see


(art: Valfre)

pick what i draw

inej and kaz napping

inej and nina gossiping

jesper’s terrible incredible fashion

blue and adam and weird thrift habits

blue and ronan and their shitty music

i’ve got a lot of ideas and don’t know which to pick first. i also never get any input from ppl so u just gotta message me once and then that’s what i’lll do.


IMG_9866 by Mike Pechyonkin

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Character HC ask: Chocobros + aesthetics (if that's too many people just Iggy)

Chocobro Aesthetics Feat. Iris Amicitia and The Fleurets

I was really thinking about the different kinds of aesthetics I could focus on for each of the chocobros, and honestly, I decided that it boils down to the five senses anyhow; this is just mindless rambling, but it was my thought process on this. I have many aesthetics for each of them, but I only listed a few for the sake of space.

I hope you don’t mind me adding Iris, Ravus, and Lunafreya - I was just thinking about them so much, that I thought to include the lot!

Ignis Scientia

  • Trench coats on chilly afternoons. 
  • Gloved hands in pockets.
  • Counting freckles.
  • Written alliteration.
  • Melting an ice cube upon the tongue.
  • The number three.
  • Lilac and violet.
  • The last word.
  • The sound of a knife meeting a cutting board.

Noctis Lucis Caelum

  • Rings of waves on the water’s surface.
  • Breathy voices, like his father’s.
  • Unisex perfume.
  • Radio static.
  • 3AM revelations.
  • Dog fur.
  • Royal Blue.
  • Looking up at the sun from underwater.
  • Asymmetry.

Prompto Argentum

  • Cracked mirrors, multiple reflections.
  • Pillow forts.
  • Pins and patches.
  • A starving heart.
  • The smell of popcorn.
  • Metal and gunpowder.
  • Greased up jeans.
  • Orange sunsets.
  • Uneven textures.

Gladiolus Amicitia

  • Foggy wilderness.
  • The smell of cinnamon.
  • Thick, heavy fabrics.
  • Old leather boots.
  • Iron and steel.
  • Sand between fingers.
  • Noodle bars. 
  • Loose-fitting pants.
  • A clean shave.

Iris Amicitia

  • Paper flowers.
  • Fairy lights.
  • Toothy smiles.
  • Layered clothing. 
  • Sour-sweet candies.
  • Action movie violence.
  • Spring afternoons. 
  • Hearty laughter.
  • Scarlet red.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

  • Collections of crystals.
  • Rose water.
  • Silk sheets.
  • Morning’s first light.
  • The smell of strawberries.
  • Ribbons and lace.
  • Spoken prayer. 
  • The clack of heeled shoes.
  • Off white.

Ravus Nox Fleuret

  • Faint background music.
  • Lavender oil.
  • Calligraphy. 
  • Silver and gold.
  • The dead of night. 
  • Deep purple. 
  • Screeching metal.
  • Lunar flowers. 
  • The smell of tulsi.

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out of curiosity, if you could give marinette an actual overall arc. what would it be? I know origins and most of the fandom likes to play with her insecurity but thats pretty over with by now.

There’s so much that could be done and that should have been done already, starting with giving Marinette her own conflict alongside Adrien’s to balance the two out. I’ll just work with what we have so far though and how it can be improved.

So first, Marinette’s character really needs to be taken out of this plot where she’s only focused on getting Adrien’s attention. It seems like nearly every episode with her a lot of her attention is on how she can get a date with Adrien. Nothing is wrong with that by itself, we know she has other goals and interests, but damn if this show doesn’t want to show us any of that lately. It’s honestly just too much because it seems like they have no idea what to do with her beyond being the show’s hero and developing her relationship with Adrien.

This is where I think Luka could actually be good for her. The situation is still heavily focused on romance unfortunately, but if Marinette decides to move forward with Luka, someone who’s potentially interested in her already, the pining for Adrien will be put on hold. That’s not to say she won’t be heavily conflicted, I think she will be, but if she’s in a committed relationship there doesn’t need to be all this focus on planning dates, and wondering if Adrien will ever like her back. There’ll be more of a security for her in a relationship with Luka, that opens up Marinette actually doing other things. 

This also will help Adrien and Marinette’s friendship I think. Let Marinette build up their relationship through being ‘just a good friend ;) ‘ and I think she’ll naturally shine more as a person for Adrien, and get to know him better too. It’ll be more natural this way. 

Setting romance aside so I can actually focus on how her arc could go from here on, if they honestly want to go with this idea that Marinette is a normal girl, they need to show how all these abnormalities going on is effecting her seemingly normal life. Her parents being much more involved than they are would be a good start. Marinette is balancing a lot in her life, we’ve seen this reflected through multiple episodes how being Ladybug conflicts with her obligations to school, her parents, etc etc. Her parents picked up on it in Jackady and this thread was never picked up on again. And it should be. They should be wondering where their daughter disappears to and why. It would also just help to learn more about them in general to flesh them out, that way we can honestly care about this family besides cooing ‘aww, so cute’, and moving on to how sad it is that Adrien doesn’t have this in his life. 

So with this in mind, they should be making it harder and harder for Marinette to keep up pretenses and explain where she goes and harder to balance out what she wants to do with what she needs to do. Give us ‘designer!’ Marinette again, only this time have her enter a competition but lose out on making the deadline because of her Ladybug duties getting in the way, piled on top of other obligations she has. Have her ditch her friends in the middle of hanging out. Maybe at some point even Luka is noticing she just disappears and this causes a strain on their relationship.

So this is the shape I want Marinette’s arc to begin to take. I’ll briefly go over some spoilery things we know are going to happen, starting with Chloe’s 3 episode arc with her family. Am I foolish for wanting Marinette to have involvement in Chloe’s arc when they already made her situation center around her family, as well as Adrien’s? Very. I have almost no expectations in this regard that Marinette/Ladybug will impact Chloe since it seems they’re going the way of Adrien being the best influence in her life. But if this were me writing it, I’d have the 4 years of bullying brought up between Marinette and Chloe as a huge point of contention with the idea of Chloe being a better person. Have Marinette’s feelings actually matter instead of trying to paint her as unreasonable for being suspicious of Chloe unlike what they did in Despair Bear, that way we can also revisit just how damaging the bullying was to her self esteem pre-Ladybug. It helps Marinette’s character be fleshed out some more, but also shows that Chloe really has to work for it if she wants to be a better person. How this plays out with her becoming Queen Wasp is up in the air, I can see Ladybug vehemently being against the idea of Chloe with a miraculous because, duh, and also because of past hurts, but mostly because it would be a terrible idea. This is how Chloe would be akumatized again. At the end of all this, maybe start to have things patch up between her and Chloe. 

Now, bigger plot things. AKA, the Agreste drama that just doesn’t end. Going back to that civil war poster Astruc posted, tbh now that I think about it I don’t know if this is speaking of bigger plot things, or maybe Astruc was alluding to the day of heroes special. Still don’t know what’s going on there. But let’s say this is for bigger plot things involving the Agrestes. Adrien learns Gabriel is Hawkmoth and he does some fantastic manipulation to get Adrien on his side on the grounds of getting his mom back, where ever she is. Obviously Chat fighting against Marinette would devastate her completely, and she’d have no idea why this was happening either so she’s just lost and confused. Here is where other miraculous heroes can take a more permanent role in helping her fight the good fight against the akuma + chat, meanwhile she’s trying to be strong through it but her heart is breaking. 

This show already established Marinette as a character that puts duty above everything, doesn’t matter what it is, and this aspect of her would be especially important in a situation like this. If something like this ever happened, they need to show just how much this is hurting Marinette to fight her partner, but she pushes through that hurt and gets the job done anyway. 

I also think it would be really cool to juxtapose this directly with Adrien’s situation. Family is what he might wind up taking precedence over, through no fault of his own, his dad is a manipulative dick. But Marinette should be shown as someone choosing duty above everything, above her friends, above boyfriends, above her parents worries, above her own partner, because she’s responsible for making sure Paris is safe. 

Look though! I wrote all that and none of it involved a super special family or super sad past. So if Marinette’s lack of interesting story line is on the grounds of this arbitrary idea that she has to be ‘normal’, they can do all that but still give her solid character development and plot involvement. 

repression of emotion can never manifest positively. the observable scattered Gemini nature is a reflection of multiple lives expressing inside, each singularly well controlled and intelligent, but mixed together and there can be chaos and contradiction. geminis can be street smart, book smart, sassy, and intriguing. but they can also be very childlike in their orientation, depending on other people to make long term decisions, avoiding responsibility, and flailing about because the mind cannot reach a conclusion. Gemini sees the world as a bundle of opposites that must be reconciled. the Gemini mind rules. so they can become surprisingly rattled when it comes to important personal decisions, because all of the information in the world suddenly becomes irrelevant

                        “In this iridiscent world, the colours are dying out.”

This is the phrase that heads the color cover of chapter 144 in which we observe Kaneki wrapped in a grayish atmosphere, which is often associated with sadness or melancholy, and which in turn could be a reflection of Kaneki’s emotional state after the events occurred in the 24 ward.

Before the operation in 24 ward began, Kaneki experiences a brief period of happiness as a result of his new relationship with Touka, who accepts him, shows her affection towards him and becomes in his family. 

All this as a result gives Kaneki the vision of a promising future full of opportunities (which is linked to his strong will to live), and which gives in turn to him his determination as the leader of Goat, whose position he held more as an obligation than for his own will. 

Having hope in the possibility of a world in which both species have room through the coexistence, and in which his family can reside.

This would represent the iridescent world to which reference is made in the phrase on the cover, since an iridescent world would represent one capable of reflecting multiple colors (a world full of color), which is a symbol of hope, opportunity, life and inspire emotions such as joy.

However, that brief period of happiness comes to an end when Furuta attacks Goat’s base, killing its members, endangering the lives of his loved ones and definitively dissolving Goat by defeating their leader. Thus destroying all hope and possibility (from Kaneki’s perspective) to create a world in which both species could live peacefully.

That’s why, as the phrase says, the colours are dying out, since these are a reflection of Kaneki’s emotions and feelings, which become sad as a result of a hopeless world that lacks of opportunities.

Therefore, the cover of the ch 144 could be a reflection of the changes undergone in Kaneki at a psychological level, whose perspective of the future has changed thanks to Furuta.

Can you think what the Mirror of Erised shows us all?
It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts. However, this mirror will give us neither knowledge or truth. Men have wasted away before it, entranced by what they have seen, or been driven mad, not knowing if what it shows is real or even possible.
—  one of multiple Neptune reflections 

J.K Rowling

not to be a negative Nancy but uh

I don’t have to pretend to have a horse, because it is a horse. Like the Fjord it’s an old breed (the Fjord is an ancestor actually), and they were horses before “tall” horses even were a thing. Their strong build and bone-structure are another reason why it’s fair to call them horses, for they can easily carry adults. Just like a Fjord horse. And there’s the simple naming factor: if I look in any horse encyclopedia I’ll find both the Fjord and the Icelandic with a ‘horse’ behind the name. Same with Wikipedia. Not pony. Horse. So excuse me if I call them by their breed name, Icelandic horse, and sorry that I and many others with me do consider them horses. There’s nothing about them that makes them lesser compared to taller breeds.  

what is beauty
is it the contour of your eyes
the expression of a single set of hands
the slender nuance of thoughts
that define an age or skin color or gender
do you value your fortitude
because you achieved expectations
or chiseled new dimensions
from the social landscape of your culture
and can you speak in echoes
pierce glass and resound through
the ears of those who came before
reconditioning the roads of time
to bend backwards permitting
a multitude of identities
how do we define, partition our condition
for as soon as we assign a value
have we forfeited a freedom
can we think in terms of connection
bridging experiences that cultivate understanding
for you -
are more than
the stitches of a white shroud
adorning a widow’s face
there is color in your story
tenderness in our souls’ oppression
we are all mourners of years lost
yet adventurers for decades undisclosed
what will you unpack, dissemble
from the world’s deduction
of your faith, duty, contribution
what legacy will you leave on the sands
how will your mirror assign
the collage of pieces
reflecting the multiple dimensions
aligned as you

a beautiful disruption //

Image: WHI Mosaic of a Woman’s Face

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hate to be dramatic, but I think of the quote 'you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain' in terms of some of the bellarke fandom. i've had to unfollow a lot of people because they were saying the same sorts of things anits have said. deciding they hate a character (octavia) and that anyone who likes her "can choke". saying that if bellarke doesnt become canon this season theyre not watching. characterising bellamy as revolving around clarke. i'm so tired rosy

*huge sigh*

I know what you’re saying. This anti mentality is so draining. Very black and white, all or nothing, good or evil. And leaves no room for complexity, understanding, or multiple interpretations.

I think it’s a good reminder TO OURSELVES that we need to be certain not just to check other people’s behavior, but also our OWN. 

Anyone can fall to this, getting so certain about our own point of view that we forget that our point of view is not the only one, and in fact, our point of view could possibly be based on incorrect ideas. We need to question our own positions, to make sure we’re not basing it on feelings rather than fact/canon. And we need to consider the ways that the opposing positions might actually have a point or be valid. Because if we don’t, we risk our own integrity. 

We spend so much time looking for the ways that other people are wrong and offensive and incorrect, we forget that we ourselves are subject to the same impulses and failures.

You can’t decide that your identity means that you can never be wrong. You can’t say that someone else has no right to their interpretation because the correct interpretation is yours. You can’t demand someone else’s silence because their voice contradicts yours. You can’t say that the only correct reality or understanding is yours, and any thing less is bad, offensive, ruined, trash.

Or you can say all that. But it makes you an asshole. Or in your words, “the villain.”

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Hey PQ! What's your interpretation of Jon's dream in the very begging of Jon XII in ADWD?

That night he dreamt of wildlings howling from the woods, advancing to the moan of warhorns and the roll of drums. Boom DOOM boom DOOM boom DOOM came the sound, a thousand hearts with a single beat. Some had spears and some had bows and some had axes. Others rode on chariots made of bones, drawn by teams of dogs as big as ponies. Giants lumbered amongst them, forty feet tall, with mauls the size of oak trees.

“Stand fast,” Jon Snow called. “Throw them back.” He stood atop the Wall, alone. “Flame,” he cried, “feed them flame,” but there was no one to pay heed.

They are all gone. They have abandoned me.

Burning shafts hissed upward, trailing tongues of fire. Scarecrow brothers tumbled down, black cloaks ablaze. “Snow,” an eagle cried, as foemen scuttled up the ice like spiders. Jon was armored in black ice, but his blade burned red in his fist. As the dead men reached the top of the Wall he sent them down to die again. He slew a greybeard and a beardless boy, a giant, a gaunt man with filed teeth, a girl with thick red hair. Too late he recognized Ygritte. She was gone as quick as she’d appeared.

The world dissolved into a red mist. Jon stabbed and slashed and cut. He hacked down Donal Noye and gutted Deaf Dick Follard. Qhorin Halfhand stumbled to his knees, trying in vain to staunch the flow of blood from his neck. “I am the Lord of Winterfell,” Jon screamed. It was Robb before him now, his hair wet with melting snow. Longclaw took his head off. Then a gnarled hand seized Jon roughly by the shoulder. He whirled…

… and woke with a raven pecking at his chest. “Snow,” the bird cried. Jon swatted at it. The raven shrieked its displeasure and flapped up to a bedpost to glare down balefully at him through the predawn gloom.

I think that this dream reflects how multiple narratives, a range of hopes and fears, are merging in Jon’s head. On one level, this is a dream about Jon fighting the Others; hence the “foemen scuttl[ing] up the ice like spiders” and Jon wielding Lightbringer against them. On another level, this is a dream about Jon’s worries that his peace process (launched in the name of precisely that mutual defense against the Others) will fail; hence Jon’s brothers running away as the wildlings attack again. On yet another level, this is a dream about Jon’s inner conflicts over identity and guilt that run underneath the big-picture movements of war and peace; hence him killing Ygritte (before realizing it’s her), the Halfhand (again), and Robb (while declaring himself the Lord of Winterfell, tying this dream back into his flashback in ASOS when he was wrestling with Stannis’ offer). 

In other words, this dream is about the many identities of Jon Snow–Azor Ahai (potentially), Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Ygritte’s lover, and a son of Winterfell–and his difficulty in reconciling them. When the birds cry “Snow,” who is the man they’re talking to and about? And for me, what makes it work so well in the context of Jon’s story is what happens in his next chapter: 

Jon flexed the fingers of his sword hand. The Night’s Watch takes no part. He closed his fist and opened it again. What you propose is nothing less than treason. He thought of Robb, with snowflakes melting in his hair. Kill the boy and let the man be born. He thought of Bran, clambering up a tower wall, agile as a monkey. Of Rickon’s breathless laughter. Of Sansa, brushing out Lady’s coat and singing to herself. You know nothing, Jon Snow. He thought of Arya, her hair as tangled as a bird’s nest. I made him a warm cloak from the skins of the six whores who came with him to Winterfell…I want my bride back…I want my bride back…I want my bride back…

“I think we had best change the plan,” Jon Snow said.

Same basic structure, right? All the different elements that make Jon who he is, put in conflict with one another. So Jon’s reaction to the Pink Letter (both extremely relatable and devastatingly foolish) can be seen as an externalization of the internal struggle reflected in his earlier dream. Jon XII shows you the dynamite, and Jon XIII lights the fuse. When people say that Jon is too tropey, I think (part of) what they’re missing is that his characterization actually takes several different tropes and makes them fight. IMO the resulting drama is some of the best character work in the series. 

Mary didn’t jump in front of the bullet.

The aquarium scene in the 6 Thatchers is a reconstitution of the shooting in Magnussen’s flat.

In His Last Vow we had, from left to right:

1.Magnussen; 2. shooter: Mary; 3. big vertical mirror (reflecting CAM from our standpoint); 4. Sherlock; 5. panelled mirrors with multiple reflections of Mary’s head.

In The 6 Thatchers from left to right:

1. shark replacing Magnussen; 2.shooter: Norbury; 3. Sherlock; 4. Mary; 5. jellyfish tank seemingly reflecting the round blue patterns on Norbury’s shirt.

(During the scene Mary moves from right to left of Sherlock).

We can see Sherlock’s arm reflected on Mary shortly before the shot.

Mary didn’t jump in front of the bullet.

Mary getting shot is what Sherlock saw in the mirror when he got shot.

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