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In this interactive novel, Lilya Martel has the opportunity to test a revolutionary virtual reality console, made by tech developer Jacob Lessard, that feels more “real” than reality itself. But when everything Lilya and Jacob assume about reality is thrown into question, they must confront their own beliefs about the nature of existence.

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There is a free alpha demo available (at the top of the Kickstarter page) if you want to get a sense of the game. The demo contains chapter 1 (of 10).

The story has elements of both sci-fi and fantasy, and is a character-focused exploration of some heavy metaphysical questions - what is “real” - and does it matter? To what extent do our perceptions define our realities?

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virgo are idealists at heart. and this is where the association with perfectionism comes in. it’s like virgos have a pristine idealism. to perceive the best that something can be, in put in a method to bring it into reality takes a wicked imagination and acute logic. but being mercury ruled and mutable can be confusing - just ask gemini. mercury can be deceptive, hence being known as the trickster. the mutable quality perceives multiple perspectives and can be a little unsteady. maybe the idea of what is perfect keeps changing. or he is too idealistic to feel content in reality. virgo is my favorite sign. i think they are as perfect as you could get, i wish they could see themselves the way i see them 

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Libra - Cosmic Courtroom 

If you understand or if you don’t
If you believe or if you doubt
There’s a universal justice
And the eyes of truth
Are always watching you

Libra is the cosmic energy of justice and associates with morality, righteousness, and objectivity. Revered in both myth and material, the judge is an esteemed member of society, capable of generating law bound by conscious impartiality and morale. On a shaking tightrope, the Libra is constantly striving for balance, easily shaken by a hidden sensitivity and sharp intellect. There is a natural diplomacy the Libra thought process follows, constantly integrating multiple perspectives and attempting to find the neutral mid point. This can be maddening and chaotic inside for the Libra, where they are forced to insert incredible judgment amongst conscience and concern. Libra and the 7th house rules the lower court, legislation, and legality. Saturn exalts in Libra, and Saturn governs all forms of Karmic Law, authority, justice, and diplomacy. These domains of life express cohesively in the Libra archetype.

Libra self mediates with highly developed righteousness. And Libra is an incredible dreamer, but intense psychological precision must be inserted into every decision or judgment. The use of justice systems, contracts, and law provides the social cohesion and bliss Libra envisages, because equality and virtue becomes rule. Libra is not where law becomes corrupt or amoral. Libra is the purest expression of bringing oppositions into balance, restoring inequality, and maintaining peace through divisions of principles. They retain all the cheques and balances in order and reins in the laws upon which civilised society conducts itself. The function of the Scales is to balance the ‘system’. The Egyptians saw the sacred Scale of Ma’at. Ma’at as the goddess of balance, justice, truth, and order. It was She who kept the universe from drifting into chaos. At death, a human’s heart was measured on Her scales against a feather. This determined if the individual had lived harmoniously with natural laws and could move on to the next realm. Souls too heavy were immediately devoured by demons. The responsibility of Ma’at expresses through Libra, who upholds this grand cosmic duty with grace. Libras conceive the undercurrent of universal justice and recite this through thought and action. 

Libras do not believe that calling out inequality or sexism makes one a victim, but is rather empowering and declaring of social destruction. The young Libra can live in an unruly world of wild oppositions in which they swing wildly between. The scales come into balance with age, experience, self reflection, and developing a sense of proportion with the use of discrimination and judgment. When the scales are not balanced, the Libra can become heavy hearted, reactive, vulnerable, sad, and lonely, while the mind is in high, chaotic flight. Intuition must be weighed with intellect to bring pure morale, retribution and righteous answers to light. There is a sensual nature of Venus that glosses the airy Libra mind, it gives Libras an ability to see a beautiful or reformed society that they promote with natural law. The Libra scales tend to tip on the side of other and away from the self, expressing their devotion to people and decency. As God’s appointed judge of the cosmos, in divine eyes Libra is forever your honour. 


[art: quinniart[

[breaks into the BBC headquarters with a megaphone]

how the fuck is TFP simultaneously from john and sherlock’s POV? how do we have!!!!! footage of!!!! the reichenbach falls from TAB!!!!! which only sherlock saw!!!!! but also the line about sherlock going from a good man to a great man that only john heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the fuck!!!!!! that is definitive proof that TFP has been filtered through multiple perspectives!!!!! but how!!!!!



I don’t think there is anything wrong with speculating. I think the issue is not so much about objectivity, but about *good* speculation versus *bad* speculation, for want of better words. Good speculation accounts for multiple perspectives, recognizes layered contexts, and makes allowances for unknown information. We inevitably take what we already know and believe and try to fit new information into that existing rubric. When it doesn’t fit, we have to determine whether the misfit is because our rubric is wrong or because we are missing information. I have seen a lot of good speculation in this fandom, and I’d hate if we lost that because unknown information – which was accounted for in that speculation despite how often such qualifiers are overlooked – reframes the context for us. I know that it’s not yet the time to begin with any new speculation here, and I know that without new information there is probably little informative value in such speculation, but I will be here trying to participate in that good speculation when the time seems appropriate.

Different intelligences

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence: ESTP, ESFP, ISTP, ISFP
Bodily kinesthetic intelligence is the capacity to manipulate objects and use a variety of physical skills. This intelligence also involves a sense of timing and the perfection of skills through mind–body union. Athletes, dancers, surgeons, and craftspeople exhibit well-developed bodily kinesthetic intelligence.

Linguistic intelligence: ESTJ, ENFP, ISTJ, INFP, INFJ, INTP
Linguistic intelligence is the ability to think in words and to use language to express and appreciate complex meanings. Linguistic intelligence is the most widely shared human competence and is evident in poets, novelists, journalists, and effective public speakers.

Interpersonal intelligence: ENFP, ENTP, ENFJ, ESFJ, ESFP, ESTP, INFJ
Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to understand and interact effectively with others. It involves effective verbal and nonverbal communication, the ability to note distinctions among others, sensitivity to the moods and temperaments of others, and the ability to entertain multiple perspectives.

Intra-personal intelligence: ENFJ, ESTJ, ISFJ
Intra-personal intelligence is the capacity to understand oneself and one’s thoughts and feelings, and to use such knowledge in planning and directioning one’s life. Intra-personal intelligence involves not only an appreciation of the self, but also of the human condition.

Logical-mathematical intelligence: ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, INTP, ISTP, ISFJ, ISTJ
Logical-mathematical intelligence is the ability to calculate, quantify, consider propositions and hypotheses, and carry out complete mathematical operations. It enables us to perceive relationships and connections and to use abstract, symbolic thought; sequential reasoning skills; and inductive and deductive thinking patterns. Logical intelligence is usually well developed in mathematicians, scientists, and detectives. 

Spatial intelligence: ENFP, ISFP, INFP, INTP, ISTP
Spatial intelligence is the ability to think in three dimensions. Core capacities include mental imagery, spatial reasoning, image manipulation, graphic and artistic skills, and an active imagination.

Existential intelligence: INFJ, INTP, INTJ
Sensitivity and capacity to tackle deep questions about human existence, such as the meaning of life, why do we die, and how did we get here. Curiosity and broad mindedness are pronounced.

I’m so confused as to what actually seeing it in person is supposed to do? We have a play by play of the scenes from multiple people and perspectives, we have pictures, we know EXACTLY what happens, what more “context” could there be?!?

Why does seeing it in person change anything?

He was dressed up to be a joke for a few minutes in a way that was fat shaming and making light of alcoholism. He gets knocked out. Again.

The established maxims of True Love in the OUAT universe were shoved aside for a pointless laugh. They just undermined the entire concept of True Love finding each other no matter what and still being drawn to each other.

Emma couldn’t even say out loud what the real Hook means to her. They “kind of live together”.

Hook was basically just wandering around the episode contributing nothing in both realms. But yay Captain Charming scene and yay Captain Cobra Swan hug I guess.

Belle is even worse off, she’s just dead.

Hook is in no way critical to the episode, his appearance served no purpose other than to get a laugh from gross subject matter, and CS have now broken the pattern of being in love in every universe.

Robin is a supposedly a different character completely but Regina still loved the other version of him. Why? Because they LOOK the same?

So Emma isn’t attracted to a different version of Hook because he’s older and fatter but Robin has a completely different PERSONALITY and Regina still risks everything to bring him to Storybooke.

And August, who abandoned Emma and SENT HER TO JAIL is once again retconned into being some noble guy who gave her hope.

Cool story bro. Fuck off with this nonsense.

Libra is luscious morning sleep ins, strawberry lacquer, milk and syrup, and intellect that gets whipped like musk cream into imagination. She is the voice of a birdsong.. silky eyed… sometimes light or dark but always bright. Born a different face each time. This is the delightful cool massage of raspberry coated raindrops. The changing face and multiple perspectives shine through the colour changes of dawn, midday and twilight like an adapting light lamp of sound and shade 


It never occurred to me that straight people generally don’t spend a lot of time questioning their sexuality.

And Then There Were None: Vera Claythorne [ENFP]


Extroverted iNtuition (Ne): Vera, throughout the events of the plot, is constantly looking for patterns, deeper meaning, and hidden significance to the killings. She’s the one who first picks up on the killer’s theme, (the nursery rhyme), and from then on, is the one reminding the others of that connection. She uses that common theme to spin all of the rest of her subsequent theories and suspicions, but is constantly plagued by the thought that she may easily be wrong about any of her assumptions. She never strongly commits to a suspect until the end, but instead can see the events from multiple perspectives and possibilities. The poem becomes a mythology to her more than the others, to the point that she follows it without even thinking, simply because she’s accepted it.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Vera prides herself on being levelheaded and not overly expressive, not like other women she’s come into contact with. Most of the other characters remark on her comparative restraint. Lombard’s first impression of her is the supposition that she’s “a cool customer… one who could hold her own—in love or war.” She’s mortified when she loses control and has a breakdown in front of the others, purely because that’s not how she is. She can be cold and methodical, when the situation calls for it, but is ultimately ruled by her own personal morality—a reasoning that comes into play concerning the crimes of her past.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Vera, in the end, does what needs to be done. She’s very uncomfortable with the thought of not being able to do anything, and so often tries to come up with plans or else carry out those of others. She’ll do what she needs to in order to survive, and acts on her needs or desires, whether that means occupying her time by making tea or implementing a plan to eliminate what stands between her and the man she loves.

Introverted Sensing (Si): When stressed, Vera is prone to obsessive thoughts, reliving her past. She’s unnerved especially by the memory of her environment—the way Hugo looked at her, the way the beach smelled, the touch of seaweed, etc. She’s not overly concerned with details, preferring an understanding of the entire situation rather than rumination on the specifics.

Note: This is based off of the book and all faithful adaptations.

Taurus and Libra

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Astrologically, we have Libra ruling the day and sunshine expression of Venus, while Taurus emanates the nocturnal, evening and moonlit expression. Taurus exalts in the Moon symbolized by the half crescent Moon in the Bull’s horns and the double lines in the Libran symbol annotate his connection with other people. Libra plays the melody of daytime - their changing face and multiple perspectives shines through the colour changes of dawn, midday and twilight like an adapting light lamp of sound and shade. Taurus values the stars in the sky, while Libra sees stars in the eyes of others. Libra is the masculine, people oriented lust inhalant Love Goddess, while Taurus is the feminine, rose petal soaked Nature Goddess. 


Better In Time 7

Sorry it took so long. School is already taking a toll on me. My gov teacher does not play around. Senior year got me feeling happy though so I’m taking advantage of it. Send feedback pls, ty.

Better In Time 7

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(This part will be in the 3rd person because I’ll be telling multiple perspectives of the characters but next chapter I believe will go back to 1st person, sorry if this confuses y’all it’s just better for the storyline)

Nia stood at the backyard entrance with her hands in balls of fists and tears daring to flow over her eyes. Calum immediately stiffened and let go of Y/N’s cheeks, striding towards her. Nia ran off and tried desperately to get through the crowd of party people, leaving Y/N in the backyard with an open mouth and wet clothes.

Calum pulled Nia by the elbow just before she reached the door handle. He spun her around to see mascar stained cheeks and dry lips. She kept her gaze to the ground, still shocked by what she just witnessed and she knew just by looking into Calum’s eyes that he he’d lie to her with no remorse.

“Nia, look at me now.” He tugged on her slightly, getting her glossy eyes to look at him.

“You could’ve told me you still loved her…” she whispered. Calum let out a sigh before letting go of her arm. She was becoming more stern, now wanting answers as to why he was all over his ex lover, and why at a party that he came with her to.

“I honestly thought she was going to stay back home. But I should’ve known better. Y/N is a fighter for what she wants.” He gulped before speaking again. “We’ve had some good times since we’ve been spending time together, and will I lie and say I never felt an attraction towards you more than a friend way? No, because I did. But at the end of the day my heart will always go back to her. You were the distraction that took me away and let me hang loose and have fun when she and I would fight or be distant from each other. Sometimes I think that’s the only reason I thought I might like you. That can’t be the case now, I’m sorry…” Calum was scared to ever admit his feelings towards heavy situations and issues. Especially towards Y/N-he couldn’t imagine how things were going to play out with her after this.

“I should’ve known…well I guess ‘Break My Heart’ will have meaning behind it right?” She tried to sound like she was joking, but he could feel the pain and slight anger portruding from her voice. He chuckled lightly, and ran a hand down her arm for comfort.

“Just go get her, she’s probably still waiting outside for you. But this time, don’t be afraid to tell her how you feel. You’ve been harboring a lot of emotions. Nothing will ever get better if you don’t start expressing yourself in a healthy way. Y/N needs you, and you need her.” He nodded, and began fast walking towards the backyard once more, finding a sitting Y/N with her legs drenched in pool water, and a tall bottle of obvious cheap wine in her arms, holding it against her chest. Cal slowly approached her, and squatted beside her, his clothes still damp from his previous fall. She mindlessly stared into the clear water, making ripples in it with her toes and watching the ripples fade. He placed his cheek on his knees as he watched her; lips slightly pouted, chin resting on the wine bottle, drunken look in her eyes. She sighed fully knowing he was there watching her, but she didn’t have the energy to talk to him; her mind too intoxicated to think of anything intelligent to say. She hiccupped, and took a swig from the bottle, thinking she was still too sober and needing to block out the face and voice of the person that caused her to be like this. Calum roughly took the bottle away from her and poured it into the plants next to them, then throwing the bottle to the other side of the backyard. Y/N smacked him in the arm, and attempted to stand up, but flopped back on her butt not even an inch off the pavenment yet. Calum grabbed a hold of her arms and sat her back down beside him. Y/ brushed him off, then finally broke the silence slurring her words.

“Youuuu know, you-can’t just hurt meee like thhat youknow?” She squinted her eyes at him  and drew her lips in a straight line, him trying desperately to fully understand her. “Youuu hurtme. You took meee for granted.” She is super drunk, he thought. She couldn’t even formulate sentences anymore at a regular pace. She was either slurring words together or speaking really fast at the beginning of sentences but super slow by the end of it. “Where is sheee huh? Calum? If you, came back hereeee to tellll me you wanther, then gotoher. I don’t neeeeeeed uh-you.” She circled her finger and jammed it into his chest, fixing her eyes back on the water and giggled at her toes created more ripples. “See? I’m dandy without youuuu.” Another hiccup.

Calum shook his head. He knew fully well that he couldn’t be honest and true with her like he wanted to because she was so drunk that she wouldn’t even remember it anyway. By morning it’d all be a blur, and she’s go right back to hating him. So he instead cupped some water in his hands and splashed it in his face to cool down his hot temper.

“And that’s why…I think we-should completelyyyy, break, up.” She pouted again like a 5 year old who didn’t get the toy they’d be wanting. Calum was shocked by her sudden statement and began tapping his fingers on the pavement. A part of him knew Y/N was only joking, she was drunk of coruse why wouldn’t she be. But another part of him knew she was being serious, knowing that even in a horrible state like this, she was telling the truth.

“Are-are you being serious right now.” It came out more of a statement than a question. She nodded her head with wide eyes and judded out her jaw not even looking at him.

“That’sss why I gotsodrunk. Ineeded a way to b-break up with you, and not feel anyyyy emotion. S-so that over, over there. Look,” she pulled Calum’s arm and tugged him, showing the shattered bottle of wine he through a few minutes ago. “Helped me getover whatevvver t-that was.” She pointed back and fourth from the house to Calum, obviously referring to Nia and their little debockle inside.

“I came back out here to tell you that I know I messed up. I know I screwed you over. I know I fucked up in the most unforgivable way possible.” She nodded each time he spoke with a face that read ‘he isn’t wrong’. “And I know you’re in a super drunk state so I won’t say too much, but over the phone when you said you wanted to talk and work things out, that’s what I want to do right now. I know I said some rude things to you before you came here but I realized holding in emotions does nothing to fix what’s broken. It only breaks it even more. So please, try to find some sense in you and talk to me.”

“I can’t.” She shrugged her shoulders. Y/N held out a hand and used the other to point upwards, signaling that she wanted to be helped off the ground. Calum effortlessly hoisted her up and held onto her tightly making sure he didn’t fall in the pool or on the concrete. “Why can’t you?” He asked, his lips close to her hair.

“Michael is t-taking me back to thee hotel. I don’t want to talk Calum. I want to go the bed and sleep.” She giggled once again before setting a straight face.

“So you mean it? Even in a fucked up state of mind you want to end us? Everything we’ve been through, everything we’ve accomplished and everything we wanted in the future?” He began shouting, his anger getting the best of him and taking it out on the girl he so desperately neededin his life to stay sane. She covered her ears, and scrunched up her face, almost as if she was going to start crying. She whimpered, and he took her face in his palms and rubbed his thumbs on her cheeks.

“Hey, hey, hey, shhhhh. I’m sorry I shouted.” Unfortunetaly Y/N began crying, half because of them fighting and half because her emotions were flying off the roof. She whined with her face still in his hands, her own covering her ears.

“Y-You yelled at me. Y-you’re making me feel bad, when you caused this for yourself.” She spoke in a hig pitched almost unaudible voice. Calum’s face broke at that sentence, his eyebrows furrowing and his lips fell apart. His hands fell from her face and his knees buckled, letting Y/N roam free and stumbling into the party, where a waiting Michael was there to take her to his car and safely drive her home since he barely drank that whole evening.

Y/N woke up the next morning with a raging headache, almost as if her brain was ready to plunge out of her forehead and onto the floor from exhaustion and overworking it last night. She remembers some parts of last night, more specifically the last thing she said to Calum since his screaming woke her from her intoxicated mind. Visualizing his face all over again made her stomach twist, and she runs to the hotel bathroom to upchuck every last drop of Everclear, random beer, and cheap wine from last night. Michael woke up once he heard the first puke, and stood by the bathroom door with new clothes and her toiletries in his hands. Once he heard no more, he knocked on the door, asking to come in. Y/N let him in, her knees slightly bent and open, and her back slumped. Her hair was parted down the middle and in knots, and her makeup from last night still remained. Michael bent down to be face level with her, and slightly laughed at her appearance.

“You look awful. Like a beaten up Harely Quinn.” Y/N angrily grabbed the things from Michael and without a word slammed the door behind her, kicking him out, and turning on the steaming shower and squirting out too much toothpaste onto her toothbrush.

A half an hour goes by and Y/N comes out in black leggings and a white shirt that fell to her mid-thigh. Her hair in a wet ponytail, and sunglasses shielding her eyes from the blinding sun. She sat down next to Michael who was laying on his stomach watching some loud action movie playing on the small TV. She let out a deep breathe and then spoke.

“I think I need to paint today.”

“You think you need to?” He joked back.

“Yeah, I think it’s the best way to forget about last night.”

“You can’t avoid it forever. Or him, I should say.”

Y/N stood up and grabbed Michael’s car keys off the desk across from his bed and chucked them at him, which he caught with no hassle.

“Just shut up and drive me.”

After arriving and grabbed a few different colored paints, new brushes, a pallette, and about 4 different size canvases, Michael and Y/N quickly emerged from the store and got seated in his car. Because she had so much stuff, Y/N’s supplies took up the trunk which if she didn’t put it back there, there’d be no room for her feet beneath her.

“You sure you have everything you need?”

“Yeah, I have enough to last me a few hours while you’re gone.” The car ride was quiet, as Y/N was still sick and was trying hard the whole time not to throw up in Michael’s car. He was driving a little too fast, reason being he wanted Y/N back in bed in the hotel safe and feeling okay before he would be leaving her for hours once again. He was on the freeway, concentrating hard on his driving and getting into and out of lanes. Y/N was leaning her head against her hand, looking at the cars behind them through the side mirror. She noticed a peticularly weird car, one that kept swirving in and out of lanes, and getting closer to them by the minute. She watched more closely as the car was right behind them, but speeding up and looking at if it was going to hit them from behind.

“Michael watch out, behind you!” And he looked in the middle mirror, slightly speeding up his car so it couldn’t touch him. It swirved in the right lane next to them, and sped off, Y/N let out a huge breathe and contracted her stomach and back with a hand over her chest.

She would think that would’ve been the end of that. But that car that sped up ended up hitting the car 10 feet in front of them, causing both cars to spin out of control, leaving Michael and Y/N no where to go. She couldn’t even get a chance to look up and watch it happen, but Michael grabbed her hand before a big impact smacked her in the stomach, and all the wind being knocked out of her. Michael’s head smashed against the side window, and the glass sticking in his head and forehead. It was like instant silence filled the air, and no one breathed or moved. No sound of wind, birds, leaves in trees, or even the car alarms going off could match the silence only Y/N was hearing. She thought this was the end. She thought this is it. Her second chance at a brand new life, a clean slate, but now that’s all tarnished, and she’ll never get it back. Realizing it, she slowly closed her eyes, taking in the sweet silence, and letting her breathe become a labored noise.

lmao I’m terrible at writing tbh. I remember in ‘stuck in love’ the father says he’s not a great writer but a great rewriter, which I believe reigns true to me. Hope you enjoy though. Good news and bad news. Good news; this isn’t the last chapter. Bad news; the next one is.

If the main character dies, then she can just switch to another character.

There’s always the chance that Sarah J. Maas decides it’s time to kill Aelin because there’s got to be a better reason to have multiple perspectives than character insight.

anonymous asked:

Is there such a thing as too many scene breaks in a chapter? I have multiple characters whose perspectives alone aren't long enough for a full-length chapter, but I feel like it might seem choppy and chaotic if there are so many jumps in perspective and/or time within one chapter...

I’d argue no more than two scene breaks in a chapter, but it really depends. A good rule of thumb is, if it feels choppy, it probably is. 

virgo are idealists at heart. and this is where the association with perfectionism comes in. it’s like virgos have a pristine idealism. to perceive the best that something can be, in put in a method to bring it into reality takes a wicked imagination and acute logic. but being mercury ruled and mutable can be confusing - just ask gemini. mercury can be deceptive, hence being known as the trickster. the mutable quality perceives multiple perspectives and can be a little unsteady. maybe the idea of what is perfect keeps changing. or he is too idealistic to feel content in reality. virgo is my favorite sign. i think they are as perfect as you could get, i wish they could see themselves the way i see them

Sun in the 7th House - Dividing the Light

to love and to be loved, is to see the sun from both sides” -
David Viscott

Seventh house Sun people are highly orientated toward establishing relationships and maintaining the harmony in collaboration. Where the light of the Sun shines its brightest light through partnership, the individual with the seventh house Sun will be friendly, amiable and exude a warm and unifying charm. He will routinely psychoanalyse himself through the riches of his company and feel solitude as an empty cavern in his heart. The individual typically views the world through multiple perspectives and risks losing his own sense of identity through the mirrors of others. He naturally prefers to share the spotlight.

His life is likely characterised by the jewels of relationships and etched by the joy and turbulence he experiences through these. Relationships are a largely influential realm of life and he pours enormous energies into forming networks, maintaining tranquillity and seeking professions where relationships can prosper. He exudes a tremendous desire for social recognition and collaboration although an acute sensitivity toward criticism and perceived rejection. The individual typically relies on the presence of others to construct his identity and may compromise his own values for the sake of keeping peace. His volatile temper, identity confusion and darkness may erupt through heightened personal complexes when alone or single. The relationships he forms across his lifespan act as blueprints for his own self discovery, recognition and self love.

The seventh house Sun person expresses a relatable fun loving sense of humour and interpersonal charisma. He readily breathes the mist of harmony into toxic situations and resonates through mediation, law and civil conflict. The individual may be drawn to fields surrounding counselling, psychology, public relations, social work and anywhere he can form partnerships and garner a greater understanding of people. He finds a sense of purpose through offering service to others and his unique creativity exhales a powerful, hypnotic effect on others. The individual experiences tremendous and buoyant bursts of pleasure in seeing people’s lives change for the better. Sun in the seventh house people shine the light on others, and illuminate the gleam and glitter of the Sun when hand in hand sharing the radiance. And this only shines brighter when they realise they carry their own unique light. 



Writing with Multiple Perspectives

In my day to day life, I don’t really meet writers who want to talk about point of view, but online, I get questions on it left and right, so today I’m going to address a popular one, what should you be wary of when writing a story with multiple perspectives?  

If your story is written in third person limited: 

  • Make sure you aren’t retelling the same story. If you’re going through the trouble to tell the same events in another point of view, make sure like almost all of it is different. Readers don’t want to read the same chapter twice, so think carefully on which character’s perspective you use for the scene so you can really make the most of it. 
  • Be very aware of every different character’s motivations. Each character should think that they are the protagonist. Let the will of character you’re following dictate the direction of their chapter. 

If your story is written in first person:

  • Sign post which character is speaking. When there are more than one first person voices, it can get confusing really fast if you do not mark a change in voice. Someone once asked me how to avoid sign posting because they thought it looked like an amateur writing move - it’s not. Like actually, the reader in me cringes at the thought that someone might just switch between different first person voices without sign posting it. 
  • Don’t be afraid to get into the head of the character speaking. If the character likes slang, he might tell the story with a lot of slang. If the character likes weird figures of speech, she might use a lot of weird figures of speech while telling the story. They don’t have to stand out from each other all that much, just enough that you’d buy into that this is how this character would tell the story. Faulkner does this super well in As I Lay Dying. 

Mixing first and third person: 

  • This can be done. It’s fine. A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan includes a mix of voices, characters, and points of view. It even goes into second person for awhile and pulls it off.