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Boycott Split Because These Movies Kill People

Truth moment (because this upcoming Split movie is giving me some serious sad issues):

I have Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is the disorder once known as “Multiple or Split Personality Disorder”.

I have several “alters” that I know of for sure (they have names and make themselves known), and there are others who linger in the back ground and don’t introduce themselves.

I am NOT dangerous because of this. In fact, I am more likely to be harmed by others because my illness makes me vulnerable to manipulation and gaslighting. People with my illness are statistically more likely to have violence visited upon them, than to engage in violence themselves. And of those rare times that we do become violent, it is almost exclusively violence directed at ourselves. We are more likely to commit suicide than to kill another human being.

This illness is not likely to make a person violent because it is a DEFENSE mechanism. People like me LITERALLY tend to avoid conflict and situations that could potentially get violent at all costs. Avoiding violence is very much the base nature of this illness except in exteme cases.

Those of us who do become violent against others are a rare exception and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS it is a result of the fact that it is difficult for people like us to seek/find the help we need before it’s too late.

Movies like Split only make that worse. These movies make us afraid to admit that we have these problems. These movies do not exist in a vacuum, and even affect the attitudes of the very medical professionals that we are supposed to be able to trust to help us. These movies make it difficult to find funding for programs and therapies that could help us. These movies make the general public afraid of us. Because of movies like this I’ve been banned from being allowed to see my baby nephew without my dad there, even though I’ve never exhibited a violent tendency in my life.

Movies like this are the reason people like me commit suicide every single day.

Financially supporting movies like this just encourages Hollywood to make more movies like this.

Financially supporting this movie is the same thing as telling me to my face that you think I am better off dead.


The movie Split is fast approaching and it will bring HARDCORE discrimination and stigma towards those living with Dissociative Identity Disorder. We can do nothing to stop the movie but we have to be loud RIGHT NOW! WE EXIST! WE ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO LIVE WITH THIS! WE ARE NOT SOME PSYCHOPATHIC PLOTLINE! I URGE ESPECIALLY THOSE WITHOUT THIS DISORDER TO HELP ALL THOSE WHO WILL BE AFFECTED BY THIS HORRIBLE MOVIE!  R E P O S T! please help us. stand with us.

The effects of a dissociative disorder may include:

  • gaps in your memory
  • finding yourself in a strange place without knowing how you got there
  • out-of-body experiences
  • loss of feeling in parts of your body
  • distorted views of your body
  • forgetting important personal information
  • being unable to recognise your image in a mirror
  • a sense of detachment from your emotions
  • the impression of watching a movie of yourself
  • feelings of being unreal
  • internal voices and dialogue
  • feeling detached from the world
  • forgetting appointments
  • feeling that a customary environment is unfamiliar
  • a sense that what is happening is unreal
  • forgetting a talent or learned skill
  • a sense that people you know are strangers
  • a perception of objects changing shape, colour or size
  • feeling you don’t know who you are
  • acting like different people, including child-like behaviour
  • being unsure of the boundaries between yourself and others
  • feeling like a stranger to yourself
  • being confused about your sexuality or gender
  • feeling like there are different people inside you
  • referring to yourself as ‘we’
  • being told by others that you have behaved out of character
  • finding items in your possession that you don’t remember buying or receiving
  • writing in different handwriting
  • having knowledge of a subject you don’t recall studying.

Schizophrenia needs awareness. Dissociative identity disorder needs awareness. Obsessive compulsive disorder needs awareness. Dementia needs awareness. Depersonalization needs awareness. Tourette’s syndrome needs awareness. Kleptomania needs awareness. Bipolar disorder needs awareness. Dermatillomania needs awareness. Trichotillomania needs awareness. Schizoaffective disorder needs awareness. Selective mutism needs awareness. Borderline personality disorder needs awareness. Narcissistic personality disorder needs awareness. There are so many things that need awareness. Don’t preach advocacy for the well known disorders or conditions and then shove everything else to the side. Please, don’t limit your knowledge to just a select few.

What are the odds?

Less than 1% of the world’s population have gender dysphoria

Less than 1% of the world’s population have kleptomania 

Less than 1% of the world’s population have schizophrenia

Less than 1% of the world’s population suffers autism

Less than 2% of the world’s population have multiple-personality disorder

Less than 1% of the world’s population have delusional disorder.

Less than 8% of the world’s population are homosexual-bisexual.

YET, 3 out of 5 people you find in Tumblr have at least one of these conditions(and 1 in those 3 have at least 2).

…Either someone is lying, or Tumblr really is a place for weird people.

Boycott 'Split' Movie

There is a movie coming out in January called ‘Split’ directed by M. Night Shyamalan which is about a man with dissociative identity disorder who commits a series of crimes against the protagonist. This movie is horribly ableist and demonizes mentally ill individuals. It is one of the factors that leads to the stigma that mentally ill individuals are more violent when it is actually the opposite. They are more likely to be victims of violence and discrimination. Reblog to spread the word about this movie and its discriminatory message.

How are you feeling?
They ask

“A cataclysmic thunderstorm of epic proportions grips my skull and rains its crops for a winter of solemnity”
he says
“Blood drips from the cavern wall and I taste my own flesh between my lips, ‘masochistic tendencies’ but the doctors couldn't label daddys favorite toy”
she says
“I don’t know but my tummy hurts and I want to go home”
he says

I say
Shoving faces down, trying to puke their way out of a body they have to unwillingly call home

—  us