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honestly i have no trouble getting up in the morning, i am a very well rested person *sets multiple alarms at 5 minute intervals and cannot physically speak to people before 10am* ahhh mornings are the best

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an autistic person recently told me that my special interests are just normal passions, because “you can only have like 2 special interests“ and I have like 6... I got offended but I'm wondering though.. are they right?

No, they are not. Many autistic people have multiple special interests. Personally, I usually have 2-3 at a time though I’ve had more than that. Special interests can also change over time and still be valid. 


Boycott Split Because These Movies Kill People

Truth moment (because this upcoming Split movie is giving me some serious sad issues):

I have Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is the disorder once known as “Multiple or Split Personality Disorder”.

I have several “alters” that I know of for sure (they have names and make themselves known), and there are others who linger in the back ground and don’t introduce themselves.

I am NOT dangerous because of this. In fact, I am more likely to be harmed by others because my illness makes me vulnerable to manipulation and gaslighting. People with my illness are statistically more likely to have violence visited upon them, than to engage in violence themselves. And of those rare times that we do become violent, it is almost exclusively violence directed at ourselves. We are more likely to commit suicide than to kill another human being.

This illness is not likely to make a person violent because it is a DEFENSE mechanism. People like me LITERALLY tend to avoid conflict and situations that could potentially get violent at all costs. Avoiding violence is very much the base nature of this illness except in exteme cases.

Those of us who do become violent against others are a rare exception and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS it is a result of the fact that it is difficult for people like us to seek/find the help we need before it’s too late.

Movies like Split only make that worse. These movies make us afraid to admit that we have these problems. These movies do not exist in a vacuum, and even affect the attitudes of the very medical professionals that we are supposed to be able to trust to help us. These movies make it difficult to find funding for programs and therapies that could help us. These movies make the general public afraid of us. Because of movies like this I’ve been banned from being allowed to see my baby nephew without my dad there, even though I’ve never exhibited a violent tendency in my life.

Movies like this are the reason people like me commit suicide every single day.

Financially supporting movies like this just encourages Hollywood to make more movies like this.

Financially supporting this movie is the same thing as telling me to my face that you think I am better off dead.


The movie Split is fast approaching and it will bring HARDCORE discrimination and stigma towards those living with Dissociative Identity Disorder. We can do nothing to stop the movie but we have to be loud RIGHT NOW! WE EXIST! WE ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO LIVE WITH THIS! WE ARE NOT SOME PSYCHOPATHIC PLOTLINE! I URGE ESPECIALLY THOSE WITHOUT THIS DISORDER TO HELP ALL THOSE WHO WILL BE AFFECTED BY THIS HORRIBLE MOVIE!  R E P O S T! please help us. stand with us.

Victuuri Week // Day 6 // AU: Soulmates, Reincarnation (kinda, also, falls into the Yuuri prompt: proposals)
“I would live a thousand lives just to fall in love with you a thousand times.”

Why did I see Split???

—-First off, please let us explain before unfollowing!—
So yeah, I ended up watching Split when it came out a few months ago, and it really wasn’t what I expected.
Rather than sitting around and saying to boycott Split because of how bad it was without seeing it first seemed kind of pointless.

I saw it so I could point out what exactly they did wrong/right and formulate complete arguments about it

(And I also liked their aesthetic for the film, okay? I’m an art major, and a sucker for some good color schemes 😂)
Their depictions of switching, the inner world, and alters pretending to be other alters were very off, but in the beginning, they mentioned “wanting the world to acknowledge their existence” which was probably the best moment in the movie.

Altogether, it could have been a lot worse, and it made me want to write a script for a more accurate DID movie (which I’m working on now) so the masses will have a better example of what DID is and isn’t.
Furthermore, I think it’s kind of harsh to be violent towards systems who’ve seen this film, because maybe they had the same process as us.

In the end, I saw Split as an opportunity to educate people, because when the film sparked their interest, the DID community can use this as their advantage to educate others

one of many reasons why “QUEER” means so much to me.

[ IMAGE: a long, white image with “QUEER” faded in rainbow gradient in the background behind text written using various fonts in various sizes, colors and line-weight reading “sometimes identity is a journey. so far mine has gone something like this – – HOLY SHIT, i’m BISEXU– wait, no, i’m PANSEXUAL! oh, but demisexuality? i’m DEMI-PANSEXUAL! but wait, what if i’m a LESBIAN??? no, WAIT! i’m NOT EVEN FEMALE!!! (no shit sherlock! plus you like who you like of any gender!) oh god, not even demi, TOTALLY ACE after all… shiiiiittt… panromantic ace! biromantic ace? PANro and BIro ACE! lolol wtf was i ever even thinking??? OF COURSE i’m a BI (sans ‘romantic’) & PAN (sans ‘romantic’) ACE. but grayro? quoiro? BI-PAN-GRAY-QUOIRO?? ugh, what the fuck ever. i’ll use whichever word(s) whenever it feels right to do so, but QUEER is the one word that has ALWAYS felt right. - Vesper 09/23/2016" ]

Being a Gemini is weird...

Having so many contrasting characteristics is almost like having multiple personalities…

There’s the sweet one, the mischievous one… and then there’s the crazy bitch. The one who only a handful of people have ever experienced. She will Fuck. You. Up.

What's it like being a system in college?

Curious about what shenanigans we get up to in our time at college? Want to hear funny college stories? Curious about how we get through classes and day to day life? Ask away! We’ll be making a YouTube video within the next few days and we would love to receive some questions about what you’d like to hear!