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could you do a soulmate au?? preferably either you know when you first touch them or you have matching Marks like a tattoo or smth that represents ur soulmate?? thank you so much, I love your fics!!!!

I’ve been wanting to play with something like this. Thank you, you darling cinnamon roll!

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There was an ancient magic in the world that went far deeper than differences between incantations and educational styles. It had been hypothesized by some that it had been the downfall of the Dark Lord that night in Godric’s Hollow.

Centuries before, some wizards had studied it, learned from it. And as they did, they started to learn how to harness that power.

Over time, that harness saw multiple forms - charms, pendants, coins. But in the end, wizards realized that if they were harnessing the ability to identify a soulmate, it shouldn’t be a decision that would be made too lightly, or be an object that would be easily misplaced or transferred.

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Ta-Da! Here’s - finally - the “prototype” for one of the big things I’ve been trying to work on lately. My desire to do small pendants with sprigs of herbs was really eating away at me, and I finally I decided to cave.

Using a different drying method than pressing, I’ll be able to preserve some of the more fibrous, resinous herbs in a manner similar to this Water Hemlock (Cicuta maculata).

If people like them - and I would absolutely love some feedback if you would be so kind - I can start working on different shapes and dimensions so I have appropriate shapes for all manner of herbs.

I’d like to even start preserving multiple things in one pendant, so I can finally scratch that itch to do some slightly more artsy fartsy pendants, preserving a tiny bouquet from certain areas or constructed around themes, like “Midsummer” or “September”, or even around folk properties and language of flower type themes.

So, what do you think?

[My name is Robin, I write various types of music and live in a backwater hellhole of a town in North Carolina, but will soon be moving to Pittsburgh! :D]

[images: three images of the same woman with black rimmed glasses, dark lipstick and short red hair, wearing a white loose top that falls off the shoulder slightly and has blue upside down and right side up crosses on it. She’s wearing multiple pendant necklaces, skeleton tights and a red and dark colored floral skirt. First image is taken from low and shows just her body, second image is pulled back and shows her looking to the side. Third image shows her looking at the camera and is more zoomed in. One of her nails is painted black while the others are white painted]


It was said of Prince Adam, that the only thing keeping him from being labelled a ‘princess’ was the dash of blond whiskers above his lip. 

Of course, what did they know- and the populace liked to gossip regardless of what was actually said or done. It didn’t help that the young man was known for being slightly eccentric- they could say anything about him they wanted, and there was always a chance that their rumors might be more true than they realized- it was all believable, anyway. 

Then there was the fact that the prince turned down every woman who was presented to him for marriage. At this rate, he was giving his mother a headache, and upsetting plenty of very beautiful women in the process. 

He was a handsome prince, after all- catching him on the right day would reveal the braids tied back in his hair, the sharpness of his jaw, the light impressions of muscle in his chest and stomach. 

Most importantly, those long, dark, and full eyelashes that slid over that icy stare- intense, yet softened. 

He was praised this way and that way- for his cheekbones, for his equestrian talent, and he had a small group of bodyguards that insisted on following him everywhere. He didn’t even order them to, but they were always there regardless, cheering him on, praising him, and protecting him from even the slightest offence. He found them a little draining, but it was difficult for him to make friends, and they happened to be around anyway. 

He called them his little cats and generally accepted them without much protest. 

Then, of course, there was him. Oh, sure, they’d met before, and as far as the Prince was considered, this man was the most important man in the entire world. He wasn’t royalty. He was just named ‘John’, and the Prince was so incredibly taken by him that he’d practically counted down the days before he could speak to him again (despite only meeting him once before). 

His attire that day was a rich combination of red and gold, jewelry on each hand, a lovely silken scarf tied around his throat to frame the jewels of multiple pendants, and a ruby-studded circlet blending in with the gold of his hair, which was threaded with even more jewels, hanging throughout his hair. His shoes- however, were of an equestrian type, made with leather and with heels that were made of sturdy metal. 

His blood-red cape was like a pair of wings as he strode purposely over to this bearded servant- and it took everything in his power not to embrace the man in front of everyone standing there. 

“John.” he said with a smile. “What brings you here again? 

His grin was like that of a very, very pleased cat. 


Here’s something from one of my facebook fans that I just had to post!

He’s come up with some genius way of wearing multiple pendants at once that never even crossed my mind! He says he’s planning to get all the difference type pendants and wear them  on one chain. I don’t think I could ever wear that many at once, but I’m sure he’ll look like a pokemon master, haha! He’s going to look like Diantha’s Floor in  the best possible way.

Since I saw this I’ve been thinking of the different combinations that could be worn, it’s made me excited to wear m own pendants all over again! :D