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What Dean was waiting for

What’s “the one you have been waiting for”? On the surface, no one got what they were waiting for. The Thule got Hitler back for a moment, but it was a major failure in multiple ways. Dean got Mary back but she’s still away. Hell, he couldn’t even use the grenade launcher. Even the Nazi lady didn’t get the watch… Does someone even get something they were waiting for?

Dean does, after all. And gets something that’s even more important than getting Mary back, in a sense. He was waiting for a chance to make a major positive action. Or, better, what in his eyes is a major positive actions. He does good things all the time, but major things? He hasn’t made any since… you could argue, since taking down the Leviathan. It’s not a coincidence this episode brings back the Thule which was introduced in season 8; season 8 is the start of the journey. Everybody Hates Hitler, not coincidentally, is the episode in which Dean and Sam enter the bunker for the first time - a highly symbolic event.

So Dean was waiting to make a major positive action that, in his eyes, made him ‘deserve’ a reward. On a small scale, ever since Mary came back, he hasn’t done anything useful in his eyes. Cas found where Sam was kept, Mary saved their skins, Mary solved the case in 12x03, Sam solved the case in 12x04… and before then?

The only major positive action he feels he’s done in a long time (you could argue since before Sam took the trials on himself, or even since defeating the Leviathan) is to reconcile Amara and Chuck thus preventing Amara from destroying the universe. Well, definitely a major positive action, right? Even Amara thought he deserved a reward. She gave him Mary back… but it’s a reward that has messed up his feelings more than anything.

In fact, before killing Hitler, Dean wondered if he deserved a reward… in general. Was saving the universe from Amara something he deserved a reward for? Freeing the Darkness, although technically the fault was shared with Sam, was on him as he took the Mark of Cain on himself; and he did that in the aftermath of what happened with Sam and Gadreel… which brings us to the trials to close the gates of hell. Dean wanted to do it, wanted to make a major positive action. But Sam took the trials on himself and Dean ended up screwing up royally…

Does Dean deserve a reward when he didn’t even took the trials on himself and wasn’t able to let Sam fulfill them, because of his ‘weakness’, his inability to face the prospect of being alone (according to Sam, we as the audience, except some hardcore Sam fans, know that the root of the problem is John’s abuse of Dean, the codependency is not Dean’s fault)?

He’s been waiting for the chance to make up to that, make up to the weakness that prevented him to perform the trials himself. Sacrifice himself for the greater good… it’s important for him to volunteer to sacrifice himself to take down Amara in 11x23 because that’s what he was supposed to do all along. It had to be him to sacrifice himself to close the gates of hell, instead he let Sam to them, and stopped Sam from finish them, and had Sam possessed by Gadreel who allowed Metatron to make his schemes and… we know how the story goes.

Dean takes the Mark of Cain exactly to have a chance to make a major positive action, take down Abaddon. But again, the thing backfires. This time, the goal is achieved, unlike the closing of the gates of hell, but at what price? He has messed up again. He was desperately looking for the chance to make a major positive action, and the request to Death to take him out was exactly that; but he messed up again, he picked Sam over the major positive action again, just like in 8x23. And, although the MoC-cancelling spell and Death’s killing were kind of unrelated, still the Darkness was released. What was supposed to be his major positive action got messed up again, and it was Dean’s fault again (with a side of Sam’s fault, but we know how Dean’s sense of guilt works).

Killing Hitler might not be on the same level as closing the gates of hell or preventing the Darkness from destroying the universe on a macro-level, but on a purely human level, stopping Nazi-fascism to spread again is no less important.

Now, you might ask, “how is that comparable, though? Killing Hitler was no major action. It took a punch to take him down. The merit wasn’t even really on Dean, it was most on Ellie and even Christoph. How can this be the ‘major positive action’ Dean was waiting for?”… But that’s the point.

There’s no need for a “major positive action” to make you worthy. Of course, in the Supernatural universe the character sometimes get the chance to make major actions - taking down Lucifer, taking down the Leviathan, reconcile God and his sister - but the most of the positive actions are still small. You don’t have to save the entirety of humanity to do good; even saving one person is doing good. Killing Hitler was a small action that had extremely relevant repercussions - stopping Nazi-fascism. You don’t stop Nazi-fascism with supernatural trials, you do it with small things. “Punching Hitler in the face” has been a symbol of that ever since the famous Captain America comic cover. Captain America defeats Hitler in a fictional world; in the real world, every one of us defeats Hitler.

Remember that this episode was supposed to be a celebration of small things that were supposed to help stop Nazi-fascism to spread again; Dean killing Hitler, in its “smallness” was supposed to a metaphor for the small things done to ensure Trump’s defeat - each of the votes that were cast for Hillary, each of Misha’s actions to encourage voting for Hillary… small actions that were supposed to have extremely relevant repercussions.

That didn’t happen because of a rigged system that favors conservatives and bigots (and because of conservatives and bigots in the first place). But that doesn’t mean that the message isn’t valid. We can’t take down Trump with a punch and a bullet in his head like Dean did to Hitler, but we can do the small things. We can support our brothers and sisters and siblings that are going through dangerous times; we can make the smallest of donations to Planned Parenthood and yet every small donation together can be big. We can help even one person and that is still a gesture that eventually is going to take “Hitler” down. If we can’t defeat fascism with a single major action, we can do it through many small actions.

Dean was able to take down Hitler thanks to Ellie’s contribution (=the “weak American female” is not weak at all), to Christoph’s contribution (=white male millennials need to get their head out of their asses, sadly Christoph in Supernatural did but his real-world counterparts didn’t, which is pretty much what made reality diverge from fiction…).

Dean killing Hitler wasn’t closing the gates of hell in some big fashion, but it’s a gesture that says, I am someone who doesn’t let evil spread. I am worthy. I deserve something good. 

Interestingly, the stories of mine that are getting the most traffic today are either: 

1) Light and romantic with very defined happy endings, like Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Christmas Spirit or At the Heart of it All, or Second Chance, or:

2) Stories in which John has an affair, like The Impossible Word (where he has an affair with Sherlock) or Anyone Else (where he cheats on Mary with multiple women, then a man, and then Sherlock), or: 

3) Stories in which Mary is as evil as possible, like Scars and The King is Dead. Lol. 

Our fandom, at least the slice of it that reads my stories, wants: a happy, clearly Johnlock ending, where if John is going to cheat with anyone, it’s Sherlock, and we want to see Mary as a clearly defined villain. Interesting, and not at all unexpected. 


A skilled hunter who later faced the beast. She would be known by history as the Maid of Gévaudan but her real name was Marie-Jeanne.

As a mildly drunk blogging follow up to the post I just reblogged:
If any SPs want to correct me, please do. The SPs I know (and my 6-person immediate family is half ISxP), rather like Dali, don’t do drugs. They are drugs. Seriously. You know how runner’s high is mostly a myth and how running makes you just want to lie down forever and/or have multiple bloody marys? Not if you’re my ISTP dad who runs 9 miles every Sunday and comes back psyched! Have you ever been super distracted by flowers? Meet my ISFP sister who has maybe had two full bottles of beer in one sitting on occasion and hasn’t touched anything harder in her life. Do you just want to sit on the couch with potato chips, sugar soda, and video games? ISTP sister doesn’t want to meet you because you’re a person and not a member of order Rodentia* but that is what she’s doing without any drugs involved (she does enjoy beer when she’s watching sports). Se users tend to get plenty of sensory stimulation from unfiltered reality, and while I’m sure many like drugs, it’s a really lazy stereotype.
*if you are a member of order rodentia I congratulate you on being the first literate hamster.

Mary J. Blige To Guest Star In ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

The Wiz Live! star and multiple Grammy winner Mary J. Blige is set to guest star on the upcoming third season of Shondaland’s How To Get Away With Murder on ABC

Details of her role and the storyline for Season 3 are being kept under wraps, but in an earlier interview with Deadline’s AwardsLine, star Viola Davis said there will be “a new mystery” in Season 3, “and it’s going to be presented very quickly in the first episode.” Davis also added, with that new mystery, creator Pete Nowalk “explores the relationships in a much deeper way.”

Blige has been making the transition from a mega-career as singer-songwriter to acting: she just finished Dee Rees-directed Mudbound, alongside Jason Mitchell, Jason Clarke, Garrett Hedlund and Carey Mulligan. She starred earlier this year as Evillene in The Wiz Live! on NBC, a role that earned her a Critics’ Choice TV Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Movie Made for Television or Limited Series. Blige also appeared in the Season 1 finale of ABC’s hit comedy series black-ish. She is repped by Shakim Compere and CAA.

Mary is shown deriving pleasure from the pain of others on multiple occasions. Mary taunts John about his feelings for Sherlock immediately after Sherlock’s return, and she looks positively delighted, despite John’s apparent upset and discomfort. She taunts Sherlock about John’s close friendship with Major Sholto at the wedding, reveling in his obvious jealousy and unhappiness. She smirks at Sherlock’s wince when he bends to pick up the coin she shot in the empty houses. Mary enjoys hurting people. She finds it fun, just like Moriarty did. How did Amanda Abbington put it again? She’s a fucking psychopath.

I’m trying to get a candle light vigil going for Donna and JJ and their memories. Please, take to every social media outlet using the tags #rememberingdonnamarie and post your photos/videos of your candles burning for them. The hashtag will serve for an outlet for both of them, but since Donna was more active on social media, we’ll use her name.

This is for their online/spoonie community friends and those who won’t be able to attend services.

It will start at 4:30PM (preferably Florida time, but if you can’t do that, any time would be much appreciated) on Thursday the 28th when their services start, and last until the candles burn out.

Please help us show their families how much they were missed and how many lives they touched.

Counting Stars with Ryan Tedder, All Too Well on the B-Stage, Kobe Bryant surprising Taylor, White Horse with Uzo Aduba, Sean O’Pry & Matt LeBlanc & Chris Rock all walking during Style, Taylor singing multiple songs with Mary J Blige aND WE’RE ONLY ON NIGHT TWO