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Okay, so, I think I’ve finally come down on the side of RDC4 instead of the Toronto Fest, which I’m not even certain is going to get off the ground at this point, and is just pissing me off on multiple levels anyway, blah. Now, how to come up with the cash between now and then. What’s the cost of the hotel rooms, how affordable is food in the area, etc. 

I might do something I swore I’d never do. I might actually start taking commissions to fund the trip, because I want so badly to meet up with other fannibals, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford it, otherwise. Eeek.


The daughter of Mormon fundamentalist Sister Wives stars just came out as gay and her family’s reaction was actually really heartwarming

As for Mariah? She’s a pretty badass 21-year-old who just came out on national television. Her Twitter bio reads: “ask me about my radical feminist agenda.” Wait, she seems awesome on multiple levels.

Gifs: Entertainment Tonight


Humanity and aliens

So I was trying to sort out just how many different headcanons of “humans in space“ I’ve stumbled across so far. And I’m loving it, because they’re all amazing and so very much “base humans are bizarre“ instead of the old sci-fi cliché of “base human is base alien”.

But yeah, there are a whole lot of them.

  • Humans are determinators. Unstoppable and tireless monsters who can ignore broken bones, and whose biology is quite simply put terrifying on multiple levels.
  • Humans are ancient giants, whose spaceship are often colonized by smaller species who can live for generations in certain parts of the spaceship before traveling away from there.
  • Humans are galactic cats, hanging around on other species’ spaceships and including them in their “packs”.
  • Humans are complete nutters with crazy science and utterly insane experiments, and the scientific leaps they make are a thing of wonder.
  • Humans are impossibly lucky for as long as nobody tells them about it. They’re put in charge of everything with quotes such as “leadership”, when in actuality the aliens just want things to turn out fine despite the odds.
  • Humans are casually selfless, throwing their own lives away to save the lives of others for no other reason than that “it was the right thing to do”. It’s so normal for them that heroics like it are kind of tossed aside when something “more interesting“ comes along a week later.
  • Humans will laugh at their own injuries because they honestly consider them amusing.
  • Humans will form emotional bonds with literally everything.
  • Humans will attempt to pet even the most infamously lethal creatures in the galaxy, because “it looked cute”.
  • Humans will question literally everything, for basically no reason other than “just because”. But is also fully inclined to believe people at the drop of a hat, despite the absurdity of their claims.

And then there are the more “aliens are not like us“-theories.

  • Humans are the only creature with light-based senses, meaning that they perceive the world in an entirely mysterious way, filled with things like “color” and “the speed of light” and “transparency”.
  • Humans are the only creature to ever develop a decent throwing-arm, and is as such the only one to instinctively comprehend the concept of “ranged combat”.
  • Humans are the only creature with pattern-recognition, and will see familiar things in random patterns, as well as being the only species to understand “camouflage”.
  • Humans are the only creature to reproduce sexually. Everyone else is creeped out by how this causes their children to mutate seemingly at random.
  • Humans are the only creature with a story-based imagination, meaning that they basically hold the export-monopoly on all produced fiction in the galaxy.
Our Favorite Illustrations of 2016

It was a long, crazy year and we are super thankful to have the visual power of illustration to help us make sense of it all. Here are some of our favorites of 2016:

Keith Negley, Is It OK For Boys To Cry?

Keith is wonderful at distilling complex ideas into simple, but emotionally nuanced imagery. And while this illustration seems simple, the open-ended narrative and quiet vulnerability hit me at an emotional center. -MR

Lilli Carre, Looking For Change for NPR Ed.

After spending years working on illustrations about education, Lilli just summed up the whole system so well in this one, simple concept. - LA

Kristen Uroda, Flip The Script 
(Invisibilia podcast art)

I can almost hear the collision of these two contrasting forces in the frame. It’s a powerful image that exudes momentum and stillness. -MR

Jeannie Phan, Hey Sci-Fi And Comic Fans: It’s Time To Embrace The Dark Side

This is one of those illustrations where a smart concept plays to multiple levels of interpretation. The illustration means one thing before you read the story, and another after reading it. -MR

Chris Kindred, Scoring Your Story for NPR Training.

Sound can be a tricky thing to represent visually, but this image hums! Part Fantasia, part science book art – I wish physics was taught alongside Chris’ illustrations. -LA

Sam Rowe, Original Thinkers for NPR Ed.

Sam’s concepts are always what strike me the most. The subtle twinkling and shooting stars make this one of my favorite GIFs of all time. -LA

Things I Want From Lady Layton @Level-5

- Katrielle being a badass female lead
- no characters being there just so can they be kidnapped
- please no animal death (looking at you Last Specter)
- Laytonmobile vroom vroom
- Katrielle interacting or just mentioning her siblings, Alfendi and Flora!!!
- Who the hell is Katrielle and Alfendi’s mother
- everyone teaming up to find Layton (including old characters and bad guys)
- Katrielle and co travelling to all of the old Layton locations
- Katrielle having her own personality and not just being a child female Layton
- I want to see characters from past games like, Clive, Bronev, Descole, Randall and Angela, the kids from the black market etc
- continuity for Layton Brothers/Mystery Room
- cameo from Alfendi and or Lucy

I made it to katsu!

I’m also a mess and today has been rough on multiple levels so I’m sorry if I just start crying if anyone actually finds me


theoverobserver  asked:

Help!! I draw a lot and I really want to pick up a style and perfect it, but I can't figure out which one. I draw Anime but I also want to get into semi- cartoonistic/realistic drawings. Do you have any style master lists or advice? Thanks

Hi there, @theoverobserver, thank you for the excellent question!

I would say you should draw whatever you like, and in whatever style you like. However, I really think it’s essential to keep practicing all kinds of styles until you find your own niche. 

 Experimentation is truly key to developing your own, signature style. In fact, it may be fun to draw one character in multiple styles, trying to create multiple iterations with varying levels of realism. 

For instance, I started drawing manga style, but then slowly tried increasing my realism, and found out that while I like manga at times, I mostly love to draw realistic/semi realistic characters. 

You could go search through sites like deviantart/behance and try to find artists you like, and then see if that’s what you’d like your art to be influenced by. This can be a useful exercise, but I do think it’s important to try and create your own style, not copy someone else’s. 

I don’t think style is something you can perfect quickly, and I think being flexible and dynamic will help your art improve in the long run. 

Hopefully this helped you somewhat!

Handpicked Further Reading/Resources: 

  • Stunning artist on dA, FOERVRAENGD / @foervraengd [ follow them!! ] has the greatest series of tutorials ever, and seems to be what you’re looking for: 

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« These shows have to work on multiple levels. You want them to be fun and enjoyable. But if they’re not about something, why are you showing up to work every day and asking everybody to pour their heart and soul into a story if it’s only about the Flash fighting a villain of the week ? »  - Greg Berlanti

“When I read the judgement of my parent’s divorce, I was fascinated by the power of the judge to save lives and grant freedom to people using something called “the law”. I knew that this was the super-power that I would like to possess when I grew up. Therefore, before moving to Hungary I completed my Bachelors degree in Legal Studies at the Faculty of Law “Iustinian Primus” – Skopje. Many people would think that, based on my looks and intelligence, I was never discriminated against or bullied because of my Roma ethnicity. The reality is that, no matter how smart, educated, and talented we are, each of us still faces stereotypes and discrimination on a daily basis. In my personal case, I even experienced multiple levels of discrimination for being a Romani Muslim woman.”

you know, even if you aren’t a fan of Night Vale you can’t deny that it’s pretty important as a piece of media

the first reason being that it’s a fairly unconventional creative work (like, who listens to radio anymore, right?) that is entirely donor-funded, and yet still managed to pull off multiple national and international tours, sells a good and diverse amount of merchandise, has produced three books (one of which is the novel), and has been featured in the New York Times I believe twice now

like that’s all super impressive for an independent creative work that is totally funded by listeners

and also, it’s super important because it goes out of its way to be diverse on multiple levels

like obviously we have Cecil, whose appearance is totally open to interpretation and who is almost certainly gay (as opposed to bi, for example; all the people that he’s implied to have had a thing with are men.)
And he’s in a loving and healthy relationship with Carlos, whose appearance is a little less open to interpretation (between his name and Cecil describing him as dark and delicate skinned.) Like, we have a wonderful canon relationship between two men that never had all the Gay Angst we so often see in stories about LGBTQ+ people.

And even besides that, we have lots of moments where the show goes out of its way to prevent whitewashing or otherwise defaulting to a certain standard.

We have LOTS of great female characters, like Old Woman Josie, Tamika Flynn, Dana, Pamela Winchell (all of whom also happen to be black or very much coded as black.) We also had Basimah, a lesbian hijabi. And Janice, who has used a wheelchair since birth and, as stated in the show, does not need fixing. We’ve also had several mentions of nonbinary or possibly agender characters (like Alicia in the desert otherworld and one Sheriff’s spokesperson). Like, I could go on and on but you get the idea.

And there’s tons of other moments that are little shout outs and challenges to perceptions. There’s one moment I remember in particular where something like, “American Teddy’s Halal Stand” was mentioned. I just remember that sticking out to me because it seems so subtle and throwaway but if you catch it it’s seems like a huge and important thing to include.

like…I love Night Vale because it goes out of its way to do things like this and more, and it’s great on its own, but it’s even greater because the show’s popularity proves that you can have this kind of diversity in a piece of media and still have it be immensely popular

anonymous asked:

re: big hero 6. Keith is the one hit the hardest on multiple levels.

Probably.  But Keith poker faces it because this one actually matters.  Yeah, Up was sad, if he had a reaction to that it was whatever, everyone found it funny.

So he just stone faces through the whole thing, while Shiro is still wrangling Lance the Octopus and pulling Pidge aside and make sure she’s okay and that Matt adores the hell out of her and is gunna be so proud when they find him.

After that, Hunk just requires a good hug and a hair ruffle, and hes’ almost definitely crying but he handles that better than just about the rest of them since, well, he does it a lot.

It isn’t until later that Shiro tracks Keith down.  He gave him the space to deal, because crowding Keith when he’s having Emotions is probably not a good idea for anyone involved.  But then he just sits down next to him in the empty training room and just talks.  Some of it is current stuff, like how Keith and Red should work on that twisting circle maneuver if they’re going to keep trying to use it, and some of it is older, like Shiro talking about the time he accidentally stained his face purple with some other cadet’s (illegal) hair dye, and how Keith gave him shit about it for a solid month later.

Eventually, Keith leans against Shiro’s side, without a word.

They’re okay.  Shiro’s okay.  For now.

Until he disappears again.

livingmeatloaf  asked:

Hello! I'm bulding a self-governing city inside a mountain for a story, with a population of about 50,000. What major areas do I need to include, city-planning wise? How would you recommend I split the city into multiple levels? I'm working out most of the problems like air flow, transportation, and farming, but the actual city structure is giving me a lot of trouble. Any help you could give is much appreciated!

constablewrites: I was gonna try to do a layman level write-up of urban structure and city development models, but someone did it for me! Clicky clicky! It’s a bit of a long read, but it covers most of the relevant ground with good illustrations and some great questions to help you think through your city development.

Bina: One thing for you to consider on top of constable’s article is what relationship elevation and social class have. Do the richest people get the smaller, less-available real estate at the inner peak of the mountain? Or is depth more desirable? Or is the peak reserved for certain political positions? Or is it only functional for farms/airflow/etc? If there’s a gradient of elevation to social class that’ll help you section up the mountain.

Sorry this is a bit late and isn’t very detailed, but we hope it’ll get you started. Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!


I went away to Sydney recently and I happened upon the COOLEST second hand book store! It had multiple levels and stairs and it was huge!! It even had a few Stephen Kings that I don’t already own! Bonus. I wish I could go back with an endless amount of moneys and time and basically just live there!