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A quick reminder

That the dude y’all’re venerating for debating Jontron

-Beat his ex-girlfriend on multiple occasions.
-Called the cops on her after said beatings, at least 5 times.
-Actually does not feel empathy towards other human beings, even if he pretends he understands empathy.
-Is a manipulator
Told his friend to kill himself, and LAUGHED when his friend did it.


You’re worshipping a scumbag for preying upon, cornering, and manipulating, a man who got tired of Social Justice Extremism once, and stood up about it. Wow how fucking valiant and moral.

I am so sick and tired of Sakura being bashed because she “didn’t choose the nice guy”

I mentioned this in another post of mine, but I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to it because I just keep seeing these ignorant statements everywhere about how Sakura is somehow a loser or slut because she didn’t “choose the nice guy” aka Naruto. SERIOUSLY?  S E R I O U S L Y ?

Before I start, I’ll say that this isn’t addressed at all NaruSaku fans, so please don’t get angry. I am not aiming this at the NaruSaku fandom as a whole at all. I’m writing this because of the extremist antis who say things like “Sakura is a total idiot because she should have picked the good guy but she went for the asshole like girls always do!! WAAAAH!”

First off, let me state that this “nice guy” bullshit needs to stop.

A girl does not owe a guy a damn thing because he thinks he is a or is perceived as a “nice guy”. How about being genuinely nice because you care about that person, rather than doing it expecting something more in return? Ya know, LIKE HOW NARUTO ACTUALLY DOES.

Love is not a forced thing. You do not choose to love, you JUST LOVE. I stated this in my post “(Polite) Naruto Shipping Rant”. Sakura tried to force herself to romantically love Naruto (thanks Sai) but COULD NOT DO IT. It just was not in her heart. He’s like a brother to her, and she couldn’t change that, no matter how hard she tried. And she definitely tried. And Naruto knew this too.

Naruto is a genuinely nice guy (and I mean the actual definition of nice guy). It’s why most of us love him. But dude, even Naruto knew Sakura didn’t love him romantically, and HE WAS OKAY WITH THAT. Because he cared about her without expecting anything in return. He is actual definition of a nice guy, not the “nice guy” stereotype that people go on and on about that. Naruto wanted what was best for Sakura and her heart, he didn’t just think about what he wanted. That’s what actual love and friendship is all about. (It’s also a reason why I love Naruto!)

“But Sasuke is an asshole, and shallow bitches always go for the assholes!”

I see stuff like this a lot too. COME ON. Yeah, Sasuke was a pretty big dick for the majority of the manga. But he realized that, and worked on changing himself and atoning for his sins. There was even a freaking novel about it!!

“But Sakura loved Sasuke before his redemption journey, when he was still a huge asshole!!” 

So? She actually fell in love with him before he went all mega-crazy-jerk on everyone, and when he did reach that stage, she could see that it wasn’t the real him, and that the darkness was eating away at his heart. As Kakashi said, she loved him so much it hurt her, and all she wanted was to save him, WITH NOTHING (a relationship or love) EXPECTED IN RETURN.

“But he was an asshole for years after he abandoned the village, and Naruto was there for Sakura!! She should have began a relationship with him because of that!”

AGAIN, it doesn’t work that way. If people expected love and a relationship out of being kind to someone else, then everyone would have multiple girlfriends and boyfriends, and nothing would even make sense or have meaning.

“You just don’t get it, because you’ve never been the guy in that situation!”

Yeah, but I’ve been the supportive female friend before who got no love in return. And I moved the fuck on because, in the end, if he didn’t have feelings for me, there was nothing I could do to change that, and it was more important to me that he was happy. I’ve also been the girl with the supportive guy friend before too, and THAT SUCKS AS WELL. So so so much. It isn’t easy or wonderful being in that situation, ya know.

Oh, speaking of that, imagine being the other person in that situation. Imagine being the girl who thinks she has this amazing supportive friend who genuinely cares for her, and then finding out he was only partially in it for the possibility of a romantic relationship or sex. Oh, that’s right, her feelings don’t matter because he was a “nice” guy…

And this isn’t trying to bash men at all. This is meant to make people who think “girls are bitches for picking a guy who I think isn’t as nice as me” realize Sakura is not a piece of trash for not being able to magically change her feelings, even though she even tried doing that and wasn’t able to.

And again, not all NaruSaku fans think like this. I am not trying to bash an entire ship fandom here. :)

Anyway, thanks for reading my thoughts! I just saw too many “Sakura is dumb” posts around lately and felt the need to defend her a little :)

Have a wonderful day!

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Out of curiosity, what do you think about open relationships?

This one might be an unpopular one. I think they are uniquely open to exploitation in many ways, and also to emotional manipulation. Part of this is due to experience of others in my life, particularly those who date men, and particularly women who date men.

Open relationships are often posited as more “progressive” or in some way more enlightened than other relationships. I know people who are functionally monogamous with partners who pressure them into open scenarios. This is most apparent with women in relationships with men who are afraid of seeming unworthy or uncool if they ask for monogamy. Pushing someone’s dating boundaries is not okay. I also tend to see men with multiple girlfriends, which can easily play into patriarchal modes. If one partner is actively seeking partners and the other is not, or one partner wanted an open relationship and the other had to be persuaded, I’m going to look at it with a cynical eye.

In theory, I have no issue with people not being monogamous. In practice, I see a lot of unhealthy power dynamics, hurt and unaddressed feelings, selling a dating preference as “prudish”, and people using the arrangements to avoid intimacy. I have only seen one open relationship that I would describe as healthy. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, or that monogamy cannot also lend itself to unhealthy dynamics, just that the frequency in my experience has been much higher in open relationships.

On a fundamental level, I don’t think that there are people who can never be satisfied with a single romantic connection, though for many this may be the most efficient path to multiple intimate relationships. I DO think that a person needs more than one intimate relationship in their life, but I’m a big believer in the transformative power of intimate friendship. But the idea that one person can’t be enough for you romantically is to automatically define each person’s love as finite and small.

But obviously our views on relationships all vary widely and the ideas we have about love and what it means vary widely. If I am not open to monogamy, personally, it’s fundamentally because I want to be able to leave.

My girlfriend experienced multiple times where she’d turn around to the counter, from something behind her, and she’d find that customers were actually taking pictures of her rear. She quit shortly after, when there was absolutely nothing being done about it.

Fake Couple


Ever since Caspar and had gone got himself a girlfriend, you noticed a shift in Joe’s mood. It wasn’t anything too obvious but to you, someone who’s known Joe his whole life, he seemed different. Distant would be a good word. You noticed how he never really wanted to hang out with Caspar when Maddie was around and how odd he would act when he was forced to, whether that was to film a video or even go out to dinner.

You had talked about it a little with the boys, a few saying that they agree with Joe’s slight mood change while the others just said he was jealous. Not jealous of Maddie necessarily, but jealous that Caspar, once again, had a girlfriend.

The boys weren’t shy with this accusation, telling Joe straight to his face that he was jealous about Caspar and his girlfriend since he was the oldest member of the gang and has yet to have a long term relationship. Joe, as always, would laugh it off saying that he enjoyed living the ‘single life a 25 year old in London’ and before that it was the ‘single life of a 24 year old in London’. The boys would all laugh and turn to you saying that you are Joe’s current longest lasting relationship since you quite literally knew him since birth, you two only being a few months apart, which only caused you to shake your head and roll your eyes.  

All while this had been going on, you and Joe had secretly taken your relationship to the next level. It wasn’t anything super exclusive then, you were just testing the waters to see if you’re life long friendship could be more than just a friendship and you kept it a secret from your friends and family. For years everyone had tried to push you and Joe together saying that you two had a deeper connection than just friends but you both shrugged it off saying that you were better off friends until one night when you began questioning that thought and learned that Joe too felt differently.

A few weeks ago, Joe had asked you the question that you had helped him rehearse in his bedroom so many times when you were growing up, and you had never imagined Joe to sincerely ask you that question. Sure Joe asked you to be his girlfriend, multiple times actually as you sat on his bed watching him pace back and forth his room trying different variations of the question to see which one sounded better out loud. The question was never actually directed towards you, but to the girl Joe had most recently fancied at school.

“Hey love” You heard Joe call out after walking into his flat and closing the door behind you. 

“Hey” You said dropping your things by the door and making your way over to the couch were he sat, laptop propped opened on his lap. “Editing?” You asked wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing his cheek before he moved his head to kiss you properly.

“Mhmm.” He mumbled against your lips before kissing you again. “I’m not going to ever get use to that” He said once you pulled away. 

“Good.” You said with a smile as you came around the couch to sit next to him. “So, when are we telling the boys?”

“Funny you should ask because I invited them around, thought we could tell them tonight. Unless you want to wait?” Joe said closing his laptop and setting it to the side. 

“Tonights fine.” You said wrapping your arms around his neck once again as you pulled him closer to you. “Are they all coming?”

“Yes, Josh wants to also film a video with all of us so it works out.” He said wetting his lips as he eyed yours. 

“Okay” Your words barely coming out as a whisper before pushing your lips against Joe’s once again. If you were being honesty, you would get use to this either.

A few hours later after all the boys had arrived, Josh’s video was finally finished and you all were sitting on the couch, watching a few of the boys play Fifa as you waited for the food you had just ordered to arrive. 

“So guys,” Joe said walking back into the room and taking a seat on the arm of the couch next to you as he waited for the boys to pause their game. “I have something to tell you.”

“Are you finally going to admit that I the champion as Fifa?” Caspar said looking over at his mate who just shook his head. 

“No, its not Fifa related and you know i’m better than you.” Joe said back recalling all the times he had beaten Caspar in their old flat. 

“I don’t think so mate, I’ve been practicing. Haven’t lost a single game against Josh.”

“Yeah but thats Josh mate” Conor laughed.

“He’s only good at cricket, if he’s lucky.” Jack chimed in causing an eruption of laughter. 

“Cheers guys.” Josh frowned. 

“Anyways, something been going on for a few weeks now that we haven’t told you about.” Joe spoke again after the laughter subsided. 

“We?” Caspar ask looking at his mate confused.

“Yes, Y/N and I. Were kind of dating now.” Joe said placing an arm on your shoulder. 

“No you’re not.” Caspar said with a laugh. 

“Yes we actually are.” You spoke up. 

“Well its about bloody time you guys listened to us.” Jack said with a smile. 

“No you guys aren’t” Caspar said again causing his friends to all turn to look at him confused. 

“What are you on about?” Joe questioned, not really sure why his friend was doing this. 

“You’re lying. You two always said you’d never date and then all of a sudden when I get a girlfriend, you get all jealous and find someone who is willing to pretend to be your girlfriend.” Caspar said simply.

“You have to admit, it seems a little weird don’t you think?” Caspar said again after a moment of silence and blank stares. 

“Why are you doing this? I’m not jealous mate. Can’t you just be happy that I finally found someone who makes me happy?” Joe asked, anger bubbling up inside of him.

“Why are you lying to everyone? To Y/N? She’s been in your entire life and you’re just now figuring out that your happy with her? And you are jealous, Y/N’s talked to all of us about it because you’ve been acting weird around Maddie and I.” Caspar said looking between you and Joe. 

The room feel silent once again, no one knowing what to say next. Deciding that you didn’t want to hear anymore of this, you got up from off the couch and left Joe’s flat. One by one the rest of the boys left as well leaving Joe and Caspar alone. 

“Hey Y/N, you okay?”Oli asked after he stepped out of the flat, seeing you sat on the ground hugging your legs.

“What the hell was that all about?” Jack asked his brother who just shrugged. “Are you guys really dating?” 

You lifted and nodded your head as you wiped the tears that had escaped from your eyes off of your cheek.

“So Joe didn’t ask you to pretend to be his girlfriend.” Josh asked as he say down on the floor next to you. 

“No, I don’t even know why Caspar would think that. And yes, Joe and I were happy with each other before be started dating, but we’re happier now.” You said leaning your head back against the wall.

“Hey, its going to be fine. Those two will work it out. Its all just a big misunderstanding honestly.” Oli said placing a hand on your knee.

“I hope so, I’d rather not have those two hate each other.” You sighed turning your head towards the door.

The five of you sat on the ground outside of Joe’s flat for a little while longer before his door opened, revealing a sad looking Caspar. 

“I’m sorry.” He said looking down at you apologetically. 

You pushed yourself up off the floor and walked over to Caspar, embracing him in a hug. “Its alright. Are you two okay?” You asked pulling away seeing Joe stood behind Caspar. 

“Yeah we’re good.” Caspar said looking back at Joe. “I’m really happy for you guys, really.” 

“Thanks mate.” Joe said patting his mate on the shoulder before snaking an arm around your waist. 

Iron (Jung Hunchul) Controversy.

DISCLAIMER: None stated can be classified as real evidence of the matter, so will continue to call what has been stated below as allegations. I believe there is always two sides of the story, please don’t make hasty decisions until all evidence has been proven. Do not wish ill will on either party until we all know the absolute truth. Thankyou.

So as of today, two sides of the story has been released. Jung Hunchul’s now ex girlfriend ‘A’ has alleged that Iron had conflicted bodily harm on her multiple occasions.
Article on ‘A’s allegations and statements from Seoul Central Police are found below -

'According to the Seoul Central Police, Iron beat his girlfriend because she wasn’t listening to him, causing fractures. Prosecutors said last September, while Iron and girlfriend 'A’ were having sex, 'A’ refused Iron’s demands. He beat her face with his fists in anger.
About fifteen days afterward, 'A’ decided to break up with Iron. He then choked and beat her, causing injuries and fracturing her left pinky. He then threatened her by stabbing himself with a kitchen tool and then telling her that if she called the police, he would tell them she stabbed him.
This has also brought up his past controversial song “Roll”, coincidentally released last September, which also had lyrics talking about rape.’ - Source; Allkpop.

Later on, after Jung Hunchul has been placed under arrest, he had come forth with a statement of his own, alleging that 'A’ had asked previously of him inflicting pain during intercourse. He continued that she is a masochist. Both Him and 'A’ had a BDSM influence in there relationship. Irons statements can be found below -

According to the Seoul Central Police, Iron assaulted his girlfriend multiple times, including at least one incident during sex, and stabbed himself in the right thigh when she threatened to call the authorities. On March 14, the rapper told a completely different story, stating, “I want to tell you my side of the story accurately because only what the other side alleged, which is untrue, made headlines.” Iron said, “The first time we met was for an album jacket photo shoot. She was the model for my album. Her biggest problem was that she was a masochist in sexual sadomasochism. In the beginning, I was really shocked. She always asked me to be violent. She said that’s the only way she was satisfied. It was never physical assault. It was self-defense against her ruthless violence.”
He continued, “I was so afraid of her in that state, and I found out she has a boyfriend so we broke up. She was my girlfriend once, so I know the kind of warped mentality she can have. As I got to know her, the more I felt extreme dread. I did not harshly assault the woman nor did I threaten her. I’m a person with a lot of flaws, but I have not caused harm to others or hurt them because of my wants.” - Source; Allkpop.

Both statements make a lot of sense to me, so I’m a little conflicted on who’s telling the truth.
There’s been history of women trying to destroy or defame a man because of a break up (same goes for women) and there’s also been a history of those who speak out are telling the truth.
I await for more evidence to come forth and hopefully can clear up any misunderstandings.

I still stand by what I’ve said previously, I will not be writing for Iron, until his innocence has been proven and this situation has been smoothed out.. or on the other hand, if the allegations against him have been proven right, I will not write for him in the future. Period. Once again, please don’t fuel everyone with negativity and wish no harm on others.
Sibling Love

Admin Marie

A/N: Okay, so all the credits of this scenario go to @koreankollection. they wrote a headcanon about Taeyong as your older brother, and  gt the inspiration to write this. You can find the original post here. Go check out their blog, their work is amazing and I love everything they write! 

Word Count: 1070

Summary: Just a scenario about you and your brother Taeyong’s relationship

Genre: Fluff, brother!au

Member: Taeyong (NCT)

*If something is in italics, it means it is a flashback*

Originally posted by taeyongd

Ever since you were a little kid, you knew that your older brother was destined for something amazing. Taeyong was always your inspiration, your drive through everything. He didn’t have many friends and tended to keep to himself. You are his best friend, and he is yours.

The two of you were impossible to split up, and age didn’t change that. As the two of you grew up and matured, you both realized how much you had began to rely on each other. He was basically your mother, cleaning up everything you touched and made messy, making sure his room stayed neat and cleaning yours for you. This sometimes annoyed you, because you both knew he just cleaned your room to find the little secrets buried in there.

You two, like any other pair of siblings, fought occasionally. You would get angry because he would act so childish and just give you the silent treatment for a day and then get over it. Your arguments were never too serious and mostly were caused by irrelevant little things that didn’t really matter. You two had those personalities that meshed well so you hardly fought at all.

You two had too many inside jokes. It got kind of sad actually. You two would hear literally any word and both burst out laughing because it reminded you of your inside jokes. The word inside jokes had special meaning to the two of you. People thought you two were a bit insane, but they weren’t exactly wrong.

Overall though, Taeyong was a loving, caring, compassionate, clingy and wonderful older brother. You have many fond memories of the two of you being together, doing random things together and just being together in general. Your friends slowly became his friends and his, yours. Sometimes, the whole clingy older brother thing got to be a bit much, but you wouldn’t trade him for the world.

“Y/N! Y/N!” Taeyong exclaimed, tugging on your arm. You opened your groggy eyes, yawning and groaning in dissatisfaction. You starred your brother down, wondering what the hell he could possibly desire at 7 in the morning on a Sunday.


“Taeyong? What in God’s name do you want? I-” You started, but before you could go off on a tangent, Taeyong spoke.


“We need to go buy groceries and I don’t want to go alone. Come with me,” He begged you, tugging on your arm again. You rolled your eyes, growing impatient.


“No way in hell,” you replied, rolling over so you were no longer facing the pest you called a brother. The bed shakes slightly as Taeyong climbs over you, laying on your other side, face to face with you.


“Y/N,” He whined, sticking his bottom lip out in a pout. “And to think I am the younger one,” You incredulously thought to yourself. He begs you for a while longer before you comply, getting out of bed. He left your room as you got changed, straightening out your messy hair and trying to look semi-decent. You brushed your teeth quickly, leaving behind traces of the minty toothpaste. You trudged down the stairs, half asleep and zombie-like.


Taeyong was already waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs. Your coat on one arm, his coat on the other and the car keys gripped in his fist. “Don’t look so down! Be excited!” He exclaimed animatedly, running off. You pulled on your shoes and followed him outside, his bright mood rubbing off on your slightly.


You slid into the passenger seat of Taeyong’s car, while sliding your sunglasses onto the bridge of your nose. Taeyong takes one look at you and starts to laugh, shaking his head at his younger sibling.


“Y/N… You look like a drug lord,” he mocked playfully, cracking a smile. You stick your tongue out at him. You turn on the radio and turn the song all the way up as Taeyong Pulls out of the driveway. You two sang along obnoxiously to the mutually loved song.


The whole grocery trip, the two of you fooled around, pushing each other playfully and inside jokes. It was a simple day, but a perfect day.

That memory is something you hold close to your heart. It isn’t a particularly remarkable memory, but it is always a nice reminder that if no one else, your brother always wants to spend time with you. He was always the one to make you feel better when you were upset and you were the one to help him through the social situations that made him really uncomfortable. It was a relationship perfectly balanced on trust and love.

Taeyong was adamant that you were not allowed to have a boyfriend until you had grown up enough. All the people who had asked you out had been promptly scared away. Sometimes it annoyed you but most times, you felt happy you had someone who cared so much. You couldn’t deny the fact that Taeyong had stopped you from getting multiple girlfriends/boyfriends, but some of which were not good people, so you suppose that it was for the best.

You and Taeyong moved in together after you both moved out of your parent’s house. You were still pretty young, so the two bedroom apartment that you shared with your brother was a perfect option for both of you. He worked while you went to university. Night was when you would study for hours while Taeyong cleaned and helped you out, making sure you were actually doing your work. The days when the two of you lived together were some of the best days of your life. The two of you had a simple lifestyle.

When you had to move out on your own, it was hard. You missed your brother’s constant presence of encouragement and affirmation. You two texted often and many people asked if the two of you were dating, which made you and Taeyong laugh every time you were asked.

Now that the two of you are older, he matured a lot. He became the kind of sibling that you could rely on no matter what. He was the person you trusted the most and told everything -well almost everything - to. Space never made the two of you grow apart. You two had that kind of deep sibling love that everyone envied. You wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Larry facts

Ok so I just wanna point out that Elounor was a thing years ago right? And here’s this… Eleanor used to be a fan right? She said so, she said “Before Louis, I was a fan so never lose hope girls.” Then in the Ellen interview in 2015 she says “never have I ever, hooked up with a fan.” And Louis says never. And Eleanor was a fan. So either Louis forgot that his girlfriend of multiple years was once a fan, OR they never actually had sex. Just thought I’d point this out.

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I was watching that CP interview where she says she doesn't watch march madness and her face during that part is the face of a woman who's had to tell her girlfriend multiple times that she will not create a bracket nor will she watch even one game no not one

HAHAHAHAHAHA or her girlfriend’s best friend

“Allie I don’t care if Shay O'harry and Kass won’t be my friends if I don’t have a bracket. They’re dogs, I have treats, and you are a grown woman who i thought was above using puppies for blackmail!”

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And also Caroline and Carolina are literally two different fucking words...

Yep. But clearly they’re not listening.

Why would the guy who just released a song as complex as Sign of the Times have multiple songs about ex-girlfriends? Do they really think there’s nothing else to him?

What we know about Fitz & Simmons backstories so far


  • has 2 PhDs
  • grew up in Sheffield
  • both parents are alive
  • has had multiple boyfriends (and ? girlfriends)
  • had scoliosis surgery
  • had a loving relationship with her father which has prompted & inspired her love of science & the stars to this day


  • has 1+ PhD(s)
  • grew up in Glasgow
  • both parents are alive
  • has not had any s.o’s, at least not that he would identify as ‘an ex’
  • loves his mother who doesn’t know science but tries <3
  • was abandoned by his father which has influenced his self worth and abandonment issues to this day 

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Loke and Lucy aren't really compatible relationships wise, neglecting the celestial spirit thing. Loke doesn't seem to LIKE long term relationships, in his first appearance he had two girls with him and in the Loke arc he had like five different girls he broke up with. Also I don't think he loves Lucy in that way, she saved his life so of course his extremely greatful but Loke flirts with every girl, he just flirts with her the most.

Loke didn’t get into any long term relationships when he was a member of Fairy Tail because, like… he was going to die and was prolonging the inevitable (and multiple girlfriends was a method of distracting himself from Karen’s death. Not a good or moral one, but Loke was in a bad place). I’d have been more surprised if he did get into a long-term relationship in those circumstances. 

Following that we know he has been dating but don’t have a lot of information about how he’s doing it. I can’t see any indication that Loke would disapprove of long-term relationships, though. (As for Loke and dating multiple girls… well, some girls seemed to know about that, some didn’t, I’d still want to have Words with him about that. Jesus, dude.)

Also, Loke has literally told Lucy he loves her with romantic connotations - if he didn’t mean it it would be a seriously shitty thing for him to do. I mean, what if he got her hopes up and ended up unintentionally breaking her heart? I don’t doubt he’s grateful but I still see no reason not to take Loke at his word.

As for compatibility… well, I think they are and there’s enough evidence to back that up (with the Loke that was present up until the first timeskip; I don’t know who that guy that appeared in the GMG and beyond was, but it sure wasn’t Loke.) Guess that one just falls to opinion, anon.