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he literally stated he would want to spend 24 hours with the bane of sony music’s existence, the person who campaigned against sony and exposed them multiple times, who wanted nothing to do with them and completely played them, the person who sang billie jean, the person on the shirt that louis was wearing in his back to you video teaser.. can he get any more obvious???

Trump isn’t wrestling with a dilemma made difficult by two valid competing moral imperatives. He’s torn between (on one side) the reality of what it actually means to scrap protections for hundreds of thousands of people who know no other country, are thoroughly American and just want to contribute positively to American life; and (on the other) the need to continue propping up his campaign lies about how deporting these people will boost American workers. The conflict is between the inescapably awful truth about the real-life consequences of ending DACA and the imagined need to continue making empty gestures to his core supporters.
Consider that in announcing an end to DACA, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was tasked with delivering the message Trump would not, claimed that the presence of these “illegal aliens,” as he described the dreamers, “denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans.” As Paul Krugman explains, the idea that the dreamers constitute an economic threat is nonsense on multiple levels.
—  Trump is exposing the big lie at the core of Trumpism
BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o *cough*deep throating*cough*  a Popsicle in front of the boys

anon asked: there’s this vine [youtube(.)com/watch?v=2wJ7r6i5000] where this girl is eating this Popsicle and basically deep throats it and when her friends pointed it out she says confused “it’s not that big”. Can you do a BTS Reaction to their crush or s/o doing that in front him and the boys?

I fucking LOVE that vine. Everyone watch it [here] before reading this reactions. The girl fit the whole 8-Inch Popsicle in her mouth and shE DIDN’T EVEN GAG BRUH i’m #Deceased - Admin Dayna


Sweltering summer days usually led to everyone slowing down to sloths. Even with fans and AC blasting on you and the boys, everyone still felt incredibly beat. Jin was brilliant enough to come up with the idea purchasing popsicles and such, but he sent the younger two; Kookie and Tae out to retrieve them, too lazy to get it himself. By the time everyone got their hands on the frozen treat, energy had been restored within you and the boys. You ripped off the wrapping from your own popsicle, and went to town; managing to put the entire length of it down your mouth. Jin yelped your name in disbelief and the boys had surprised (borderline lewd) expressions of their own.

“[y/n]! What are you doing?!”

“I’m eating the popsi – “

“Like that?! That’s dirty!”

“I – I’m just eating a popsicle?”

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The first time he saw you pull the trick, he avoided eye contact all together. It was hard not to have inappropriate thoughts after seeing you pull something like that. But once the two of you got around the dating, getting comfortable around each other, and actually you know… doing the do, Yoongi took pride in you and your gag reflexes and the lack of.

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Hobi has been exposed multiple times for being a bit of a pervert. You always thought it was just the boys poking fun of him until now. You and the boys sat together at a beach after they had completed a photoshoot. Their manager pulled up with a pack of popsicles to share between them and the staff and you happily helped yourself to one. During eating it you, noticed Hobi had been watching you strangely. The way he kept staring caught the attention of the others too, some of the boys (mainly the maknae line) seemed to have appeared a bit flustered. Namjoon and Yoongi had been snickering to themselves, Jin was honestly dumbfounded, and Hoseok was fixated.

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Namjoon has always been aware of your… impressive gag reflex, but this caught him off guard. You found a popsicle in the freezer of the boy’s dorms and helped yourself. Jungkook and Jin were off eating together – like father like son – lord knows where Jimin and TaeTae ran off to. Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hobi were all together in one bedroom. Yoongi was fast asleep, meanwhile Namjoon was playing music outloud and Hobi was casually scrolling through his phone. You joined the three in that room, finding it the most chill, and sat down beside Namjoon on the bed, sucking on the popsicle as you pulled out your cell. You looked up from your phone not too shortly after feeling eyes on you. Hobi wide eyed, and Namjoon smirking.

“Why are you staring at me?”

“How big is that popsicle?”

“Excu – you’re disgusting, Namjoon.”

“I’m a good kid!”

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It was a date. Go out for a walk, grab some icecream, eat it at a park, and head straight home after a long ass day of walking. Jimin paid for the icecream this time. You chose a watermelon Bomb Pop popsicle, and ChimChim ordered a cone. He paid the bill, and the two headed off to a park just across the street to sit on a bench and spend the rest of your leisure time there. As the two of you crossed the street, you had already managed to get the wrapper off and stick the popsicle in your mouth. Jimin choked and laughed nervously at the sight, and you looked at him with concern.

“You alright, jagi?”

“Y-Yeah – h-how did you…?”

“What? It’s not that big.”

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He’d be lying if he said his mind hand wandered off into something a bit… rated r after catching you in the act. He stared (more like gawked) as you ate your popsicle, completing forgetting about the one he had in his hand. You look up at him with it in your mouth and raised a brow confused. Taehyung avoided eye contact for a second, flustered, but still manage to catch sight of you pulling it out your mouth to ask him what was the matter. He didn’t say anything. He just shook his head and thought it was best to keep said thoughts to himself.

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He’s only so young. How is he supposed to react after seeing someone he only just started dating pull a trick like that. Jungkook found himself retreating in the deepest safest parts of his mind as you managed to fit the entire popsicle in your mouth. You kept at it, not really noticing how uncomfortable he was until after a while of awkward silence. You glance his direction, making eye contact, and slowly pulled the popsicle out your mouth, not taking notice to what you were doing. Jungkook excused himself immediately.

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My new friends are trying to make me watch the marvel movies with them in the cinemas when they release and I don’t know how to tell them that I can’t show them that side of me quite yet

Richie Tozier || Peace pt. 2

A/N: This is at least six months from Peace, the first part of this imagine. I wanted to include Richie getting everyone together and the reader being a little bit of a badass and I’m just hoping it did not backfire on me! I hope you enjoy! xx EDIT: I edited it this morning and hopefully fixed something’s and improved the imagine all together. Enjoy!

Unsettled, uneasy, uncomfortable. Since you woke up, those where the three emotions that consumed your body. Your whole body was tense and your anxiety ran wild with thoughts. Throughout the day you felt unsettled butterflies in your stomach, an uneasy feeling set deep in your chest, your bottom lip raw from the nibbling you had done to it all day, your legs tired from the consistent bouncing. Richie had been gone since early that morning for work, so you really did not bother him with it, but when you got to work and it still continued, you became concerned. You were typically bubbly and carefree, feeling the way you had been today simply was not in your nature. It felt as if attention to you and not to mention the whole office could tell that something was wrong, some would ask if you were ok and some would simply remind you to stop bouncing your legs.

It felt like you could not get back home fast enough when you were finally off the clock, but it did not make you feel at ease. Your constant inducement of the day was, ‘Just stay calm,” but that made you anything but calm. Walking into the house, you take note in how eerily silent it is. Your eyes dart around the room, the uneasy feeling finally went away, only to be replaced with dread.
You took a deep breath as you walked further into the house slowly, “Y/N.” It was slight, you almost missed it, but it was Richie. His voice sounded choked and rough, it was followed but a cough that was louder than his words.

Your feet began to move on their own accord and you sprinted through the house towards Richie’s voice as it turned from a quiet tone to a blood curling yell in pain. Your feet slid across the hardwood floor as you stopped at the threshold of the master bedroom, a scream ripped through your throat as your eyes settled on the mangled figure in the middle of the bed. Black curls matted down, glasses thrown across the room and shattered, the floors and walls splattered with blood and muscle, the smell of blood filled the room, and lifeless doe, brown eyes stared back at you. From his throat down to his waist has been ripped open and his insides were falling out around him, his body hanging off the bed and his arms falling by his head and blood ran from his mouth to his hair and pooled on the floor below his head. “Richie!” Your voice came out in a strangled sob as you fell back into the hallway, your head spinning as your back hit a small table and knocked it over before the wall and you fell to your knees, the shattered glass from the lamp on the table surrounded your body. The fear and pain that had set in was too overwhelming for your body as you gagged back vomit. The cackling laugh brought you back into reality, your eyes snapped up to see a clown in the corner of the room covered in blood as it drooled from its lips. With a loud step toward you, a devilish grin rose to his face as your eyes widened. Your eyes quickly darted to Richie’s body when your name left his lips once more, like it was letting out its last breath. A sob escaped your lips and before you could face the clown again, It was in your face and roughly forcing you to face him. The initial shock was now gone and fear consumed you, ‘I’m not going down without a fight.’ Your hand grasped a piece of glass beside you and slammed it into it’s head, it knocked It back enough for you to jump up and sprint. It was a matter of seconds before you were grabbed roughly by your throat and pushed against the wall.

He leaned forward and inhaled deeply near your neck and you let out a loud, ear piercing scream, “You all taste so much better when you’re afraid.” He growled out before he slammed your head back into the wall.

Once Richie got home and found the evidence of your struggle and the inconspicuous message on the wall, it did not take long for him to realize what took you and where it took you to. Despite the feeling of marching by himself to get you, he knew he could not do it alone.

So, one by one, he made his way to each of the losers house. Bill was first, he was going to be the easiest to convince. Eddie was next and with a little push from Bill and himself, he caved in. Stan was a little harder to budge, honestly Richie did not blame him, if it were not for the fact that Y/N was taken, Richie would have to be convinced just like the others. Eventually Stan budged, caving in over his fondness of Y/N and the desperation in Richie’s voice. Mike pretty much came willingly, and even with a pleading call and an agreement to wait for them, Ben and Beverly came to help as well.

The car ride to the Neibolt house was silent except for light mummers. Eddie gave Richie’s arm a light pat, “We’ll get her back, man. She’ll be alright.” Richie nodded, despite not being religious, he silently prayed.

The distant sound of water drops hitting water pulled you from unconsciousness, your face was pressed against damp cement, your head sore from how roughly you were dropped to the ground and from having your head slammed into the wall. Your eyes opened, you were surrounded by blood and water, hence the damp cement, but the pools of blood in front of you were too much to just be yours. Slowly, you lifted your head and your eyes took in your surroundings. Multiple sewers connected in the walls, the tall ceiling that you assumed lead to a road in Derry, and a mountain of… stuff, and lastly the kids that were in the air. In a distant memory, you could hear Richie’s voice, ‘You’ll float too.’ That was what that phrase meant. Your stomach dropped.

Pushing yourself off the ground, you looked around and tried to remain as silent as possible. A well like structure was off the the far left, you could see familiar fiery red hair and golden eyes staring at you from over the edge. Panic set in as you backed further away from the well, It quickly flung itself out of the well, “Where do you think you’re going?” The malicious tone in its voice made you feel sick as a dark and twisted laugh escaped its lips, “That’s right, be scared.” It charged at you once again, your body immediately took off in the opposite direction towards a sewer, you released a loud scream in hopes that someone, anyone, would hear you. You threw yourself into a sewer, not glancing behind you as you scrambled to your feet, sprinting through the gray water. Your calls for help turned into another piercing scream as your ankle was drug from underneath you, your body falling into the water as you were pulled out of the sewer and thrown against a nearby wall. Your head swam in dizziness as your body hit the ground, a groan of pain escaped your throat as you were roughly flipped onto your back. Your eyes stared up into its eyes as it’s mouth unhinged, widening and exposing multiple rows of teeth to you. Your breath hitched, fear consuming you as it came closer, before your eyes snapped away from it as echoes filled the room. “Richie!” You screamed as loud as you could, “Richie, I’m in here!”

After a few seconds, “Get the fuck off of my girl, you piece of shit!” Richie’s voice echoed through the room. It’s head snapped up from yours and glared at the group with a twisted grin, you were lifted up then slammed back into the ground and the air was knocked out of you. Dots filled your vision as footsteps echoed through the room and a mixture of voices, Richie’s threatening voice broke through, “I’ll fucking kill you,” before Stan’s face filled your vision. You closed your eyes with a loud groan as he took off his over shirt and tore the material and put pressure on your head. You were sure at this point that you had to have a concussion. Everything drowned together and your opened your eyes to Stan yelling over you before standing and running. You forced your body over as you looked over to see Eddie and Bill on the ground, Mike and Ben hitting it with their weapons, and Stan helping Beverly up a few feet from you. Richie was hunched over as he panted, his face contorted in pain as his arms wobbled as he tried to get up, but his arms gave out. Anger flashed through you, so you mustered up enough strength to roll over onto your stomach and you landed on a baseball bat. Your hand grasped the baseball bat, that you put together that it may have been Stan’s, before you drug yourself a little before you rose to your legs unsteadily. “Hey, jackass.” All heads snapped towards you, you swallowed your fear, “Let’s finish this.” You were not totally defenseless and the others were down, they needed time, time you could buy them.

It’s face twisted as it made its way toward you and you could hear Richie’s voice saying, “No.” As it crept closer, It’s face began morphing into Richie’s, the same blood splattered face that you saw in your house, his lifeless body, you froze, “Y/N, it’s ok! It’s not real!” Bill called, It’s face snapped towards him. You shook off the shock and twisted the bat in your hand, making it twirl, “Listen here, prick.” His face snapped at yours as you yelled out him, walking confidently to him, with one last twirl you grasped the grip, “You fucked with the wrong person!” You leaned back on your dominant leg and swung with your torso, putting your ass into the swing and hit its face full force. It stumbled back as you gave the bat another twirl before hitting it in the face, “That’s for Richie.” You growled out as you glared at it, bat pulled back and ready to swing again. The two hits were enough to buy the others time to get their senses back and your third hit was enough to knock it back, but It’s leg kicked out and tripped you. You landed on your butt with a grunt and Richie grabbed you from behind and drug you away from It as it retreated into the well, the others hot on its trail. “No! No! Damnit!” Bill cursed and threw the iron rod onto the ground once It fully disappeared into the well.

Richie pulled you back into his arms and held you close and quickly took off his shirt to put pressure on your head. You turned to face him, your eyes took him in. His curly hair stuck to his face due to the water and sweat, a few cuts covered his face, and a black eye was bringing to form on his right eye. You gently held his cheeks in your palms as you leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss against his lips, “Thank you.” You whispered quietly, you shook the memory of Richie laying dead away as you looked at him, “I wasn’t going to let that fucking clown take my girl.”

As Eddie and Stan were wrapping your head injuries, you were introduced to Ben, Beverly, and Mike and everyone tried to make sense as to why It returned twenty-one years early. When the group began making it’s way through the sewers Richie slowly helped you walk, as the others tried to lighten the humor with talking about how they ‘totally kicked it’s ass’. Your fingers intertwined with Richie’s and gave his hand a light squeeze. Eddie fell back once you were out of the Barren’s and walking to Richie’s car, he wrapped his arm around your shoulder’s, “You were so badass, Y/N. I’m glad you’re ok.”

Richie chuckled and kissed the side of your head as he opened the door and the other piled in, “She is a badass. My badass.” You gave a smile as Eddie helped you climb in before climbing in beside you, letting you sit next to Richie.

A mixture of conversations filled the car on the way back to yours and Richie’s house to patch everyone up, your head rested on Richie’s shoulder as you held one of his right hand in yours. A feeling of calmness filled your chest as you pressed a kiss to Richie’s shoulder before joining in on the conversation with a happy laugh. You knew things were going to be different now, Richie will be more protective, he’ll stand closer to you, have his arms wrapped around you more securely, and he will not be at ease when you are not with him. You are prepared for it, it will be a healing process for the both of you, but as long as you had each other, it will give you both some peace.

me: supports my boys through everything, cares for Jongin when he is sad, celebrates with Jongin when he is happy, enjoys watching his friendship with Ksoo grow everyday, thinks they’d be a cute couple, but will always respect their friendship, likes reading cute scenarios that involve the two, is aware that not every idol is straight even if they are in a relationship with a women, will never attack the women but its my right to be doubtful, is also aware that sm has a past of being manipulative and knows that their are multiple articles that exposed sm for forcing idols to date, will shut down everyone who makes homophobic or fetishizing comments towards kaisoo, will also call out people who disrespect jongins image by creating fake SEXUAL articles that portrays him wrongfully.

yall: stOP 🖐🖐 FETISHIZING 👊👊👊 GAY COUPLES 😒👬🙅🙅🙅

A Cover Worth Blowing

summary: requested by @gilinskymaloley:

Hope I’m not bothering you but I was hoping for a Peter Parker imagine where the reader likes him & thinks he likes Liz and one day he invites you for ice cream but blows you off because he fights crime & u get upset with him and ignore him UNTIL your on the railing to ur roof and Spider Man comes and you’re surprised to see and decide to try to get guy advice cuz u think Peter blew you off for Liz and confess to Spider Man that’s ur in love with your bestie but you don’t it’s Peter. Thanks xx❤️

(angst with a happy ending)

word count: 3k

A/N: hello this is a very emo fic but,,,welcome to my True Writing mes amis my requests are also open and you can send me an ask if you’d like to be added to my tag-list !! also pls come tell me how you feel about this bc i tried to be more vulnerable in my writing and expose multiple p.o.v’s in one story and i’m very Insecure so pls just,,,validate me if u want and i’ll,,,,i’ll love u

warnings: slight mentions of anxiety !! not a lot but idk what triggers people and i just want y’all to be safe okay !! don’t read this one if it’ll be too much i have a fluffy one coming up that u can look forward to i love u

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Something that just hit me today is the fact that if/when the faculty becomes aware of YUTS!Izuku's original quirk, they're gonna freak out about this kid being exposed to multiple traumatic images from a young age, having such a tiny support network, AND likely never receiving any form of professional psychological help. The constant half-dead look? The nervousness? The atypical reactions? Part of me wants to say that the one to take this most seriously apart from Recovery Girl would be Aizawa.

(p.2) Not to say that All Might wouldn’t have a serious reaction, but I feel like he’d be a little more chill about it, if that make sense? He’s still try and get Izuku help, but he’d probably be a little less initially stressed about thinks considering how long Izuku’s been dealing with this. Of course, his own experience having to deal with unpleasant states of being might influence him one way or the other.

These very reasons are why I’m simultaneously looking forward to AND dreading writing the end of term exam arc. There’ll be a chapter or two of filler so I can steel myself for some tough stuff that happens. The end of term exams are… probably my least favorite arc, to be honest. I just hope I can pull off what I want to have happen.

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jungkook: *is exposed multiple times for using jimin as a pillow* also jungkook: "me and jimin do not cuddle in bed no no no way i don't know what cuddling even is never heard of it" ... sure boy

a;kejf truuueee though. like, we had that whole sharing a bed/cuddling scandal. then we had jk using jm as a pillow for the making of the prologue. and now we’ve got  jikook sharing a room (but suspiciously no footage of it) and jk using jm as a pillow on the boat. like. he ain’t slick. 

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this is all a big ploy to get the big bad anti-os to stop picking on poor gerg & lain. If what Sarah says is true then greg and lain are sending her back to prove a point to us that they are just so good and so much better than her family back home & that WE should feel guilty. naw. yall created this situation.

They created this when these two adults thought it was appropriate to have an adult friendship with a 16yo girl.

Gerg created this by constantly preying on young teen girls when he has been well out of his teens. 

Lain created this by posting their sexually explicit convos over Twitter when Sara was just 14yo.

They created this when multiple teen girls exposed their creepy obsession with 3 way sex.

While I have sympathy for Sarah, the only blame that should be placed is on the two adults who were not responsible enough to know what an appropriate relationship looks like between an adult and a child. While Sarah’s family life may be worse, it does not negate the actions of lain & greg.

I love the idea of Grantaire who’s been raised around the world.

His mother is a journalist who travelled a lot and who took her son everywhere with her. Grantaire has seen wonders and learned so much and can talk multiple languages. He’s been exposed to so many different art forms that inspire his own creations.

But he also felt alone, never staying in one place more than a year. He’s seen conflicts and wars. And for all the beautiful things Grantaire has seen, the bad ones always seen to outweigh the good.

Later on, when he settled in Paris, Grantaire met this group of idealists. He never told them about all the countries he stayed in as a kid, but it slips sometimes in his rants. The ABC starts suspecting something because his rants are a little too on point.

Until he brings a tin box full of pictures of little Grantaire. There is one of him in front of the Eiffel Tower, 6 year old, a big grin on his face. Enjolras pins it on the wall because “I hope that one day you’ll smile like that again.”

I think PB should give players a diamond or two, not that much, every time a player completes a book. Not just for the first time you finish a chapter. Obviously not for every time a player completes a chapter, just the entire book. A full playthrough. It’ll give players more incentive to play all the books multiple times and expose them to the diamond choices again. Maybe they’ll buy them that time around.

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*passes you a $20* How about a Wilford fic where he gets jealous and he says "your body is 70% water, and daddy's thirsty" and then smut (I'm such a slut for Wilford lol)

YES im totally writing this, (i have been exposed multiple times for being a slut for wilfy like im not even sorry)

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Hi. Was looking through your blog and found it inspirational. I'm a high school student(final year). Can you share with me some of your study tips? Thank you for reading.

Hey there. Good luck in your senior year, make the most of your time left in high school!

Here are some general tips:

  • Concentrate the first time you’re learning the information; this is crucial for all your subsequent studying.
  • Try to go over your lessons 24 hours after you’re first exposed to them. Even if you just skim your class notes or assigned reading.
  • Develop a system. You could go over your class notes and textbook, you could study from lecture slides, you could make concept maps, you could make summaries. Just make sure that the system works for you and is what you need for the subject you’re studying.
  • Review regularly. It’s known that we tend to be better at retaining information that we are exposed to multiple times. The more times you go over the information, the better your chances of being able to remember it.
  • Be an interactive learner. I shared a list in this post that shows percentages of how we best learn. You could make good use of visual aids, group discussions, applying knowledge to real life and even teaching.

Hope this helps. I’m glad you enjoy this blog and thank you for viewing :)

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Well I mean, if you want some interesting news (though it might be old news by now), an Bergur Þór Ingólfsson (an actor who was on LazyTown) exposed multiple pedophiles and the prime minister who was pardoning them and brought down the Icelandic government. It happened a month or a few ago (idk tho bc I have no concept of time) but I thought it was interesting

Report all pedophiles even if it brings down the government.

Flu Season.

The sound of her footsteps against the asphalt echoed through the empty streets of Jump City. Her ragged breath filled the misty night air as it seemed that every light in the city had vanished, consumed by the eerie darkness that sounded her. Deep down her stomach flipped and turned at how wrong this scene was. Something was off, something was wrong, she just knew it. A cold wind intertwined itself within her violet hair causing her scalp to tingle with uncertainty.

“Hello?” She called out to anyone near. The sound of her shaky voice earned her no results except that of her own voice. Instinctively she tightened her cape around her small frame gaining her no comfort. She had no relocation of how she got here or why she was wondering the streets at night. Nothing made sense. Nothing was right.

“Raven?” a voice came from the darkened ally near her left side. Her head snapped in the direction but all she could see was darkness.

“Is-is someone there?” she whispered to her unknown guest. Slowly a green form emerged from the darkness. His purple and black uniform was torn in multiple places exposing his burnt skin. His posture was slumped, as if in defeat, while his eyes darted around, never meeting her gaze. Every facial feature her bore was torn and worn, complete with a deep cut that ran from the base of his chin up until it vanished in his emerged hair. He looked terrible, as if from battle.

“Beast Boy?” she whispered as she took a few paces towards him. “Are you-”

“You shouldn’t be here.” he hissed, finally making eye contact with her. “You should have never came back!” His tone sent chills down her spine and forced her to take a few steps back in uncertainty.

“I don’t understand. What’s going on?”

“Leave!” he yelled at her. Startled, Raven took a step back. Her foot met the edge of the curb, sending her down into the unforgiving asphalt. Pain shot though her elbow as it made contact with the gravel and she worried that she may have hurt herself from the movement.

“Beast Boy!” she gasped in a mixture of surprise and worry. “Whats happened?”

“You did this, you killed the Titans. You destroyed the town, look around you! You aren’t wanted here, not anymore!” His harsh voice echoed through the streets mocking her as it bounced against the buildings.

“No.” she pleaded to his angry form. “No I would never-”

Her reasoning was cut off by a dark tentacle that emerged from the darkness behind the changeling. It swirled and twirled around his head as if deciding on its target. Then without warning it wrapped itself around his leg, sweeping him off of his feet. The sound of his body hitting the ground rang in her hears and she was forced to watch in horror as his expression changed from anger to that of horror. His gut wrenching cry hit her like a tone of bricks forcing her to race to him without a second thought.

Her hand reached out to his but before she could grab hold the darkness began to drag him away from her. “Garfield!” she cried out in agony. “No! No, stop!”

It was as if in slow motion, his body was being consumed by the darkens one inch at a time and she had no control over it. His feet, his knees, and his hips disappeared from sight but she couldn’t focus on that. No, all she could focus on was his face. His terrified, pain ridden face.

“You did this.” he whispered as his body was dragged away from her reach. “You killed me.”

“Beast-” but before his name could leave her tongue he was gone. Gone forever. A painful cry erupted through her chest as tears rained down onto the ground below. Emotional pain ripped through her and she felt as if she was going to crack under it’s pressure. “Garfield come back to me.” she pleaded into nothing. “Please I need you.”

“I need you.”


“Raven wake up!”

The empath shot from her bed in an instant. She could feel the sweat as it drenched her sheets and seeped into her hair. Her chest rose and fell at an alarming rate as her heart pounded against her ribs making it almost painful to breath. Her body was breaking, and she was crumbling shortly after it.

“It’s okay.” A voice soothed from beside her, “Its okay Rae.”  

Just barely she could make out his green figure as it lulled over her bed. Bags stretched along the unders of his eyes staining his perfect face with it’s imperfections. He looked exhausted, even more so he looked worried. Before he could manage a single word her arms wrapped themselves around his shoulders pulling him into her bed with her.

She felt her world spin at the sudden action but fought against it as he kept her grounded. “I’m sorry.” she pleaded into the crevice of his neck. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Tears fell from her eyes as her sobs took over her body. She could feel herself shaking uncontrollably but could not find the strength to stop. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sorry.”

“Raven, please. It’s okay, you didn’t hurt me.” he whispered in a soothing voice. His hand found her head and began to stroke it slowly. She felt his voice against her ear but couldn’t fathom the though of what he had said. She did hurt him, she saw it. Felt the pain as he was taken away. It had happened, and it had been her fault.

“I won’t let it hurt you. I won’t let it get you.” she choked through her pathetic sobs. “I won’t let it!”

“Okay Rae.” he whispered and his grip tightened around her waist. “Okay, you won’t let it. Now please stop crying.”

He held her as her irrational behavior began do die down at his hands. His fingers slip from her hip and moved over her forehead, she heard his heavy exhale of hair causing her nerves to be set on fire. “You’re still burning up.”

“What?” she whispered, mildly confused.

“You’ve been sick all day. When your fever spiked I-I didn’t know what to do so I stayed here. I needed to watch over you, take care of you. Your scaring the shit out of me Rae.” His voice sounded distant and far away, as if in deep thought.

“I love you.” Raven found her self whispering before her mind could catch up, “I love you, I’m sorry, I love you.”

His body tensed up from under her grip and she felt herself fall. Slowly his body untangled itself from her leaving her cold and alone just as if in her dream. As he lifted his body from her bed she found herself yearning for his touch once again. She found him sitting on the edge of her bed running his fingers though his perfect hair. “That’s the sickness Rae. Not you.” he whispered to his knees .

He stood from her bed causing Raven’s heart to jump with him. While attempting to sit up she felt her body become weak forcing her to crash back down on to her bed. “Go back to bed Raven.” Her eyes widened as she noticed him heading for her door, he mouth became dry as she tried to call out to him.

One, two, three steps away as his feet took him further and further away from her touch. She felt her body ache from the sight and her heart raced just the same. Finally her voice made it past her lips. “Wait.”

His body stopped just short of his escape and she could make out his shoulder slump in defeat. “Stay.” the goth croaked out of desperation.

“Rae. I’ve been here all night I-”

“Please.” she pleaded. “Please I have to keep you safe, I have to save you Gar. Please-”

“Okay.” he said firmly cutting her rant short. “Okay Rae, I’ll stay. For you.” She watched as his form changed into a green cat compete with a perfectly fluff of a tail. With a small meow the cat turned heel and headed for her bed. With one leap the cat neared her purring loudly into her ear. Raven let out a satisfied sigh as the cat found it’s place on her, curling itself against her chest as if in support.

“Thank you.” Raven whispered to the green cat. “Thank you Gar.”

A heartfelt meow was all she needed in response.

Also the fact that my aunt has threatened me on multiple occasions to expose me to the rest of my family for leaving islam shows how petty, insensitive, selfish and dangerous this is. It’s messed up.

Please guys… be careful who you tell about leaving your religions. I regret it.

My aunt is someone who always said she cares about me and loves me and was there for me at times when I had no one, my own parents were very abusive and she always made herself out to be someone that would always support me and be here for me but because i’m not muslim anymore it’s changed things. I don’t really have anyone. The one person I thought that would still accept me even after leaving because they said they love me and care about me knowing i have no one else. And she doesn’t treat me the same because i left her religion. Please be careful who you tell.

anonymous asked:

Major spoiler for both the main quest and Hancock's character arc: So, Hancock reveals part way through that a certain mayor of Diamond City is his brother and I was VERY disappointed that he had zero reaction when the mayor turned out to be a synth and I shot him dead. Would you mind writing a reaction?

I’m going to assume that he was your companion and was there with you when you completed the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing quest, so it makes a bit more sense! I’ll try my best.

Hancock couldn’t actually believe it. His own brother, his own flesh and blood, had been killed by the same person that he had considered a friend. At first, he was infuriated beyond belief. The mayor of Diamond City may have casted him out as a brother, killing innocent lives just to rise up in office, but he was still his family, god dammit! Sole didn’t even give him a chance, they just shot him down with no remorse. There was no reason, there was no justice, and there was no way he was just going to let this whole situation slide by. This was no just going to be swept right underneath some metaphorical carpet.

Sole immediate tried to calm him when he lunged after them, weapon in hand and ready to enact revenge. Hancock was blinded by white rage, it would be more than challenging to get him to stop. They would just have to keep dodging, not wanting to hurt their dear friend. He wouldn’t listen to anything they said. The woman/man continuously told him that it wasn’t his brother, it was just a robotic replacement. Like he would be stupid enough to believe that! This person had the ordacity to kill his brother and then try to convince him otherwise?! If it was possibly to get even angrier, he would’ve exploded into a ball of pure hatred, making sure that Sole would never live to see the light of day. All of the things he had thought about them, how they could actually be someone he trusted, they had all begun to evaporate, replaced with terrible things he was going to do to them. That was until… He saw the wiring.

The hole in McDonough’s head exposed multiple wires, gears, anything and everything one of those Institute synths would have to function. This forced Hancock into an immediate stop, he had barely broken a sweat while Sole was far off in the corner, panting and wheezing like a maniac. When did he..? How did they..? The ghoul had no idea that this was nothing more than some replica of what maintained the appearance of his sibling. This is what Sole was trying to explain. This is what they meant when they were trying to pull him out of his unnecessary rage. His weapon lowered, away from the companion he was going to attack. The rage built up inside him shifted from Sole to another, now more hated enemy: The Institute. They were the cause to this, and his sudden rage turned to guilt. He left his brother to become this, and to make things worse, he had almost killed Sole. Another innocent person might’ve lost their life today trying to secure the good of the Commonwealth. It was all too much, this sudden rush of emotion, and he needed a fix. Not just any old fix would do, he needed something really potent.

When Sole was finally able to get up to their feet, they joined him by his side, “Hancock, I’m sorry… I knew he was your brother, but it needed to be done or else he would’ve slaughtered Diamond City.” The ghoul would look to them, his blacked eyes duller than they already were before, “I know… Because that thing isn’t my brother.. I guess he’s been dead for a long time now.”

I hope this was good enough for you! TwT I tried to be as descriptive as possible, please enjoy.