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BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o *cough*deep throating*cough*  a Popsicle in front of the boys

anon asked: there’s this vine [youtube(.)com/watch?v=2wJ7r6i5000] where this girl is eating this Popsicle and basically deep throats it and when her friends pointed it out she says confused “it’s not that big”. Can you do a BTS Reaction to their crush or s/o doing that in front him and the boys?

I fucking LOVE that vine. Everyone watch it [here] before reading this reactions. The girl fit the whole 8-Inch Popsicle in her mouth and shE DIDN’T EVEN GAG BRUH i’m #Deceased - Admin Dayna


Sweltering summer days usually led to everyone slowing down to sloths. Even with fans and AC blasting on you and the boys, everyone still felt incredibly beat. Jin was brilliant enough to come up with the idea purchasing popsicles and such, but he sent the younger two; Kookie and Tae out to retrieve them, too lazy to get it himself. By the time everyone got their hands on the frozen treat, energy had been restored within you and the boys. You ripped off the wrapping from your own popsicle, and went to town; managing to put the entire length of it down your mouth. Jin yelped your name in disbelief and the boys had surprised (borderline lewd) expressions of their own.

“[y/n]! What are you doing?!”

“I’m eating the popsi – “

“Like that?! That’s dirty!”

“I – I’m just eating a popsicle?”

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this is all a big ploy to get the big bad anti-os to stop picking on poor gerg & lain. If what Sarah says is true then greg and lain are sending her back to prove a point to us that they are just so good and so much better than her family back home & that WE should feel guilty. naw. yall created this situation.

They created this when these two adults thought it was appropriate to have an adult friendship with a 16yo girl.

Gerg created this by constantly preying on young teen girls when he has been well out of his teens. 

Lain created this by posting their sexually explicit convos over Twitter when Sara was just 14yo.

They created this when multiple teen girls exposed their creepy obsession with 3 way sex.

While I have sympathy for Sarah, the only blame that should be placed is on the two adults who were not responsible enough to know what an appropriate relationship looks like between an adult and a child. While Sarah’s family life may be worse, it does not negate the actions of lain & greg.

I love the idea of Grantaire who’s been raised around the world.

His mother is a journalist who travelled a lot and who took her son everywhere with her. Grantaire has seen wonders and learned so much and can talk multiple languages. He’s been exposed to so many different art forms that inspire his own creations.

But he also felt alone, never staying in one place more than a year. He’s seen conflicts and wars. And for all the beautiful things Grantaire has seen, the bad ones always seen to outweigh the good.

Later on, when he settled in Paris, Grantaire met this group of idealists. He never told them about all the countries he stayed in as a kid, but it slips sometimes in his rants. The ABC starts suspecting something because his rants are a little too on point.

Until he brings a tin box full of pictures of little Grantaire. There is one of him in front of the Eiffel Tower, 6 year old, a big grin on his face. Enjolras pins it on the wall because “I hope that one day you’ll smile like that again.”

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Hello! I'm reading up on radical feminism, trying to be exposed to multiple perspectives before i draw any conclusions. I'm curious though. I understand your stance on trans women but I'm wondering what your thoughts on trans men are? People who were assigned female at birth, grew up as a woman and female, and decided to transition and become (socially) male

\Trans men are female and there is nothing inherently wrong with managing dysphoria through transition, but that doesn’t mean they’re above criticism. That’s basically my stance. They were born and raised and therefore socialized as female and no amount of hormones or surgery can change that. I use preferred pronouns as a personal rule because dysphoria sucks and I do my best to be nice to everyone I meet. 

I have no issue with trans men based solely on them being trans. Sometimes, trans men do engage in some of the same problematic behaviors that trans women sometimes engage in, like appropriating sexuality labels that don’t apply to. If you were born with a vagina, you’re not a gay man, you don’t undergo a lot of the struggles of gay men, and you can’t call gay men bigots for not being attracted to you. Frankly, that’s homophobia and it’s the same thing that a lot of trans women “lesbians” try to pull. 

It also needs to be addressed that gender non-conforming women, especially butch lesbians, do face pressure to transition. People have been saying butch lesbians are “basically men” for about as long as we’ve existed and pressuring butch lesbians to transition is a much more PC way of doing so.

Ultimately, I have my opinions, but you have to understand that I’m not a trans man, I’m not detranstitioned/reidentified, and I’ve never been dysphoric. I would suggest reading the blogs of talking to some other radfems/gender critical individuals who are trans men, like @clitrex or detransitioned/reidentified women like @gnc-centric and @acatnamedsylvesterf, as well as dysphoric women like @radical-sloth. (Just a few of my faves.)

Thank you for reaching out to me, I run this blog first and foremost to educate and I welcome genuine questions. I appreciate the fact that you’re taking the time to educate yourself and seek diverse perspectives on complicated issues. So many people jump to conclusions based on their inherently limited life experiences and that’s something I, like many other people, have been guilty of. Radical feminism is something that a lot of people aren’t crazy about, often because our politics either challenge their position of privilege or simply conflict with their life experiences. Sometimes, they don’t actually know what our politics are, but they’ve been misinformed by non-radfems who disagree with our politics. I urge you to seek as much information as you can from every side of an issue and feel free to ask me any more questions you may have.

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You are obviously a new BS fan. Blake’s first wife did accuse him of cheating with multiple women. She exposed him in the first divorce filing with details of the affairs. It was very messy and embarrassing for Blake. Blake still pays her $$$ to this day.

Nope, I’ve been a BS fan since I first heard Austin on country radio. Again, I’ve never seen any evidence to suggest what you’re saying is true. Rumors and hearsay and tabloid stories are not going to convince me.

– M

Also the fact that my aunt has threatened me on multiple occasions to expose me to the rest of my family for leaving islam shows how petty, insensitive, selfish and dangerous this is. It’s messed up.

Please guys… be careful who you tell about leaving your religions. I regret it.

My aunt is someone who always said she cares about me and loves me and was there for me at times when I had no one, my own parents were very abusive and she always made herself out to be someone that would always support me and be here for me but because i’m not muslim anymore it’s changed things. I don’t really have anyone. The one person I thought that would still accept me even after leaving because they said they love me and care about me knowing i have no one else. And she doesn’t treat me the same because i left her religion. Please be careful who you tell.

Flu Season.

The sound of her footsteps against the asphalt echoed through the empty streets of Jump City. Her ragged breath filled the misty night air as it seemed that every light in the city had vanished, consumed by the eerie darkness that sounded her. Deep down her stomach flipped and turned at how wrong this scene was. Something was off, something was wrong, she just knew it. A cold wind intertwined itself within her violet hair causing her scalp to tingle with uncertainty.

“Hello?” She called out to anyone near. The sound of her shaky voice earned her no results except that of her own voice. Instinctively she tightened her cape around her small frame gaining her no comfort. She had no relocation of how she got here or why she was wondering the streets at night. Nothing made sense. Nothing was right.

“Raven?” a voice came from the darkened ally near her left side. Her head snapped in the direction but all she could see was darkness.

“Is-is someone there?” she whispered to her unknown guest. Slowly a green form emerged from the darkness. His purple and black uniform was torn in multiple places exposing his burnt skin. His posture was slumped, as if in defeat, while his eyes darted around, never meeting her gaze. Every facial feature her bore was torn and worn, complete with a deep cut that ran from the base of his chin up until it vanished in his emerged hair. He looked terrible, as if from battle.

“Beast Boy?” she whispered as she took a few paces towards him. “Are you-”

“You shouldn’t be here.” he hissed, finally making eye contact with her. “You should have never came back!” His tone sent chills down her spine and forced her to take a few steps back in uncertainty.

“I don’t understand. What’s going on?”

“Leave!” he yelled at her. Startled, Raven took a step back. Her foot met the edge of the curb, sending her down into the unforgiving asphalt. Pain shot though her elbow as it made contact with the gravel and she worried that she may have hurt herself from the movement.

“Beast Boy!” she gasped in a mixture of surprise and worry. “Whats happened?”

“You did this, you killed the Titans. You destroyed the town, look around you! You aren’t wanted here, not anymore!” His harsh voice echoed through the streets mocking her as it bounced against the buildings.

“No.” she pleaded to his angry form. “No I would never-”

Her reasoning was cut off by a dark tentacle that emerged from the darkness behind the changeling. It swirled and twirled around his head as if deciding on its target. Then without warning it wrapped itself around his leg, sweeping him off of his feet. The sound of his body hitting the ground rang in her hears and she was forced to watch in horror as his expression changed from anger to that of horror. His gut wrenching cry hit her like a tone of bricks forcing her to race to him without a second thought.

Her hand reached out to his but before she could grab hold the darkness began to drag him away from her. “Garfield!” she cried out in agony. “No! No, stop!”

It was as if in slow motion, his body was being consumed by the darkens one inch at a time and she had no control over it. His feet, his knees, and his hips disappeared from sight but she couldn’t focus on that. No, all she could focus on was his face. His terrified, pain ridden face.

“You did this.” he whispered as his body was dragged away from her reach. “You killed me.”

“Beast-” but before his name could leave her tongue he was gone. Gone forever. A painful cry erupted through her chest as tears rained down onto the ground below. Emotional pain ripped through her and she felt as if she was going to crack under it’s pressure. “Garfield come back to me.” she pleaded into nothing. “Please I need you.”

“I need you.”


“Raven wake up!”

The empath shot from her bed in an instant. She could feel the sweat as it drenched her sheets and seeped into her hair. Her chest rose and fell at an alarming rate as her heart pounded against her ribs making it almost painful to breath. Her body was breaking, and she was crumbling shortly after it.

“It’s okay.” A voice soothed from beside her, “Its okay Rae.”  

Just barely she could make out his green figure as it lulled over her bed. Bags stretched along the unders of his eyes staining his perfect face with it’s imperfections. He looked exhausted, even more so he looked worried. Before he could manage a single word her arms wrapped themselves around his shoulders pulling him into her bed with her.

She felt her world spin at the sudden action but fought against it as he kept her grounded. “I’m sorry.” she pleaded into the crevice of his neck. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Tears fell from her eyes as her sobs took over her body. She could feel herself shaking uncontrollably but could not find the strength to stop. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sorry.”

“Raven, please. It’s okay, you didn’t hurt me.” he whispered in a soothing voice. His hand found her head and began to stroke it slowly. She felt his voice against her ear but couldn’t fathom the though of what he had said. She did hurt him, she saw it. Felt the pain as he was taken away. It had happened, and it had been her fault.

“I won’t let it hurt you. I won’t let it get you.” she choked through her pathetic sobs. “I won’t let it!”

“Okay Rae.” he whispered and his grip tightened around her waist. “Okay, you won’t let it. Now please stop crying.”

He held her as her irrational behavior began do die down at his hands. His fingers slip from her hip and moved over her forehead, she heard his heavy exhale of hair causing her nerves to be set on fire. “You’re still burning up.”

“What?” she whispered, mildly confused.

“You’ve been sick all day. When your fever spiked I-I didn’t know what to do so I stayed here. I needed to watch over you, take care of you. Your scaring the shit out of me Rae.” His voice sounded distant and far away, as if in deep thought.

“I love you.” Raven found her self whispering before her mind could catch up, “I love you, I’m sorry, I love you.”

His body tensed up from under her grip and she felt herself fall. Slowly his body untangled itself from her leaving her cold and alone just as if in her dream. As he lifted his body from her bed she found herself yearning for his touch once again. She found him sitting on the edge of her bed running his fingers though his perfect hair. “That’s the sickness Rae. Not you.” he whispered to his knees .

He stood from her bed causing Raven’s heart to jump with him. While attempting to sit up she felt her body become weak forcing her to crash back down on to her bed. “Go back to bed Raven.” Her eyes widened as she noticed him heading for her door, he mouth became dry as she tried to call out to him.

One, two, three steps away as his feet took him further and further away from her touch. She felt her body ache from the sight and her heart raced just the same. Finally her voice made it past her lips. “Wait.”

His body stopped just short of his escape and she could make out his shoulder slump in defeat. “Stay.” the goth croaked out of desperation.

“Rae. I’ve been here all night I-”

“Please.” she pleaded. “Please I have to keep you safe, I have to save you Gar. Please-”

“Okay.” he said firmly cutting her rant short. “Okay Rae, I’ll stay. For you.” She watched as his form changed into a green cat compete with a perfectly fluff of a tail. With a small meow the cat turned heel and headed for her bed. With one leap the cat neared her purring loudly into her ear. Raven let out a satisfied sigh as the cat found it’s place on her, curling itself against her chest as if in support.

“Thank you.” Raven whispered to the green cat. “Thank you Gar.”

A heartfelt meow was all she needed in response.

FYI there will be a big big BIG post on recent SU developments when I get back from vacation but for now a few things:

1. Gems in nature resonate sympathetically with certain tones, and some frequencies can permanently damage even the toughest stones if they are played in sequence (i.e a song).

2. Gems in SU emit unique sounds when shapeshifting, fusing, or summoning a weapon. Each Gem has a different ‘dial tone’.

3. Gem destabilizers are shaped like tuning forks and Gems in general seem to be a very musically inclined species (at least Era 1 Gems are) because they sing literally everything.

4. Diamonds do not have a resonant frequency that can break them, but they emit very strong dielectric signals that can damage other gems when exposed to multiple sympathetic frequencies

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Major spoiler for both the main quest and Hancock's character arc: So, Hancock reveals part way through that a certain mayor of Diamond City is his brother and I was VERY disappointed that he had zero reaction when the mayor turned out to be a synth and I shot him dead. Would you mind writing a reaction?

I’m going to assume that he was your companion and was there with you when you completed the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing quest, so it makes a bit more sense! I’ll try my best.

Hancock couldn’t actually believe it. His own brother, his own flesh and blood, had been killed by the same person that he had considered a friend. At first, he was infuriated beyond belief. The mayor of Diamond City may have casted him out as a brother, killing innocent lives just to rise up in office, but he was still his family, god dammit! Sole didn’t even give him a chance, they just shot him down with no remorse. There was no reason, there was no justice, and there was no way he was just going to let this whole situation slide by. This was no just going to be swept right underneath some metaphorical carpet.

Sole immediate tried to calm him when he lunged after them, weapon in hand and ready to enact revenge. Hancock was blinded by white rage, it would be more than challenging to get him to stop. They would just have to keep dodging, not wanting to hurt their dear friend. He wouldn’t listen to anything they said. The woman/man continuously told him that it wasn’t his brother, it was just a robotic replacement. Like he would be stupid enough to believe that! This person had the ordacity to kill his brother and then try to convince him otherwise?! If it was possibly to get even angrier, he would’ve exploded into a ball of pure hatred, making sure that Sole would never live to see the light of day. All of the things he had thought about them, how they could actually be someone he trusted, they had all begun to evaporate, replaced with terrible things he was going to do to them. That was until… He saw the wiring.

The hole in McDonough’s head exposed multiple wires, gears, anything and everything one of those Institute synths would have to function. This forced Hancock into an immediate stop, he had barely broken a sweat while Sole was far off in the corner, panting and wheezing like a maniac. When did he..? How did they..? The ghoul had no idea that this was nothing more than some replica of what maintained the appearance of his sibling. This is what Sole was trying to explain. This is what they meant when they were trying to pull him out of his unnecessary rage. His weapon lowered, away from the companion he was going to attack. The rage built up inside him shifted from Sole to another, now more hated enemy: The Institute. They were the cause to this, and his sudden rage turned to guilt. He left his brother to become this, and to make things worse, he had almost killed Sole. Another innocent person might’ve lost their life today trying to secure the good of the Commonwealth. It was all too much, this sudden rush of emotion, and he needed a fix. Not just any old fix would do, he needed something really potent.

When Sole was finally able to get up to their feet, they joined him by his side, “Hancock, I’m sorry… I knew he was your brother, but it needed to be done or else he would’ve slaughtered Diamond City.” The ghoul would look to them, his blacked eyes duller than they already were before, “I know… Because that thing isn’t my brother.. I guess he’s been dead for a long time now.”

I hope this was good enough for you! TwT I tried to be as descriptive as possible, please enjoy.

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"We're going to get caught!" George Weasley?

Author: Lauren
Word Count: 299

“Hey. pretty lady.” I turned around to find George Weasley strolling out of the Great Hall. I quickly turned to scan the area making sure no one was around to hear him say that. George and I have been sneaking around together for the past month, not wanting to anyone to see us. George’s friends would never approve of him seeing a Slytherin girl and mine would kill me if they knew I was hooking up with a Wealsey twin so we decided to keep this ‘thing’ we had a secret.

“Hi.” I mumbled, still cautious of the wandering students around me. None of them seemed to be paying attention but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

George walked over to me draping his arm around my back,“What’s up?” He asked. I sighed, shifting my body away so his arm fell from where it was previously resting on my back. 

“Just going to the library. I need to study for my next potions test.”

“Care if I join you?” He looked down at me winking.

“George, you know you can’t.” He silently nodded, showing that he understood. He still kept his pace beside me as we turned the corner into an empty hall. George instantly put his arm back around me and leaned down towards my neck. I felt the warmth of his lips against my skin making goosebumps rise to the surface.

“G-George, we’re going to get c-caught.” I mumbled as he placed multiple kisses along my exposed skin. 

He shifted my hair away from my neck as he talked, his voice sensual, “I don’t care. I just want you.” Shivers shot up my spine at his words. He continued sucking at my neck, making my legs go weak. I gave in, not being able to resist him.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she really means: In nearly every zombie apocalypse movie/show the characters are always getting covered in zombie blood and guts and you can't tell me none of that ever gets in their eyes/mouths/multiple exposed little cuts and scrapes. Isn't that also infected with whatever zombie-making virus there is, etc?? They all get splattered with corpse blood and other fluids constantly to no effect. Is the virus only in zombie drool? What about the other bacteria rotting bodies carry? What abou

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Hi. Was looking through your blog and found it inspirational. I'm a high school student(final year). Can you share with me some of your study tips? Thank you for reading.

Hey there. Good luck in your senior year, make the most of your time left in high school!

Here are some general tips:

  • Concentrate the first time you’re learning the information; this is crucial for all your subsequent studying.
  • Try to go over your lessons 24 hours after you’re first exposed to them. Even if you just skim your class notes or assigned reading.
  • Develop a system. You could go over your class notes and textbook, you could study from lecture slides, you could make concept maps, you could make summaries. Just make sure that the system works for you and is what you need for the subject you’re studying.
  • Review regularly. It’s known that we tend to be better at retaining information that we are exposed to multiple times. The more times you go over the information, the better your chances of being able to remember it.
  • Be an interactive learner. I shared a list in this post that shows percentages of how we best learn. You could make good use of visual aids, group discussions, applying knowledge to real life and even teaching.

Hope this helps. I’m glad you enjoy this blog and thank you for viewing :)

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What's your theories on Outlast 2?!

So I’m definitely thinking that Knoth is the only sane one. In the game there’s a note that talks about this boy basically being a runner for Knoth who gives him ‘medicine’ from the outside world and the guy tells the kid that that medicine is for STD’s but he doesn’t really understand it and it upsets him. Knoth has STD’s as does nearly all of his followers, specifically Syphilis. As we know, syphilis destroys the brain (insanity, etc) BUT Knoth is able to take medicine to cure himself. The others are exposed to multiple strains with no treatment, making their mental state weak and vulnerable, placing Knoth in the ultimate seat of power because he is able to brainwash and keep control of the people. I’m trying to think of Val and the heretics but I’m not quite sure how they fit into that theory

Ghosts and Star Trails : Don’t be scared. Stars won’t fall from the sky and ghosts won’t really haunt your neighborhood tonight. But it looks like they might be doing just that in this eerie picture of an eccentric old abandoned house in moonlight. A treat for the eye the image is a trick of stacked multiple exposures, 60 frames exposed for 25 seconds each. While the digital frames were recorded with a camera fixed to a tripod stars traced concentric arcs about the north celestial pole, only a reflection of planet Earth’s rotation on its axis. Conveniently marked by bright star Polaris, the pole could be positioned above the peaks of the deserted dwelling. Wrapped in a blanket to stay warm, the photographer’s own movements during the exposures were blended into the ghostly apparitions. Of course, the grinning Jack-o-Lantern is there to wish you a safe and Happy Halloween! via NASA