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this is all a big ploy to get the big bad anti-os to stop picking on poor gerg & lain. If what Sarah says is true then greg and lain are sending her back to prove a point to us that they are just so good and so much better than her family back home & that WE should feel guilty. naw. yall created this situation.

They created this when these two adults thought it was appropriate to have an adult friendship with a 16yo girl.

Gerg created this by constantly preying on young teen girls when he has been well out of his teens. 

Lain created this by posting their sexually explicit convos over Twitter when Sara was just 14yo.

They created this when multiple teen girls exposed their creepy obsession with 3 way sex.

While I have sympathy for Sarah, the only blame that should be placed is on the two adults who were not responsible enough to know what an appropriate relationship looks like between an adult and a child. While Sarah’s family life may be worse, it does not negate the actions of lain & greg.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she really means: In nearly every zombie apocalypse movie/show the characters are always getting covered in zombie blood and guts and you can't tell me none of that ever gets in their eyes/mouths/multiple exposed little cuts and scrapes. Isn't that also infected with whatever zombie-making virus there is, etc?? They all get splattered with corpse blood and other fluids constantly to no effect. Is the virus only in zombie drool? What about the other bacteria rotting bodies carry? What abou

Also the fact that my aunt has threatened me on multiple occasions to expose me to the rest of my family for leaving islam shows how petty, insensitive, selfish and dangerous this is. It’s messed up.

Please guys… be careful who you tell about leaving your religions. I regret it.

My aunt is someone who always said she cares about me and loves me and was there for me at times when I had no one, my own parents were very abusive and she always made herself out to be someone that would always support me and be here for me but because i’m not muslim anymore it’s changed things. I don’t really have anyone. The one person I thought that would still accept me even after leaving because they said they love me and care about me knowing i have no one else. And she doesn’t treat me the same because i left her religion. Please be careful who you tell.

Ghosts and Star Trails : Don’t be scared. Stars won’t fall from the sky and ghosts won’t really haunt your neighborhood tonight. But it looks like they might be doing just that in this eerie picture of an eccentric old abandoned house in moonlight. A treat for the eye the image is a trick of stacked multiple exposures, 60 frames exposed for 25 seconds each. While the digital frames were recorded with a camera fixed to a tripod stars traced concentric arcs about the north celestial pole, only a reflection of planet Earth’s rotation on its axis. Conveniently marked by bright star Polaris, the pole could be positioned above the peaks of the deserted dwelling. Wrapped in a blanket to stay warm, the photographer’s own movements during the exposures were blended into the ghostly apparitions. Of course, the grinning Jack-o-Lantern is there to wish you a safe and Happy Halloween! via NASA


i just think it’s really weird how tiffany is /so hated/ by this house that they’re cursing, saying fuck her, saying they never trusted her, saying they regret aligning with her, saying someone has to be with her 24/7 so she doesn’t expose anything blah blah when she has never done anything to make them believe she’s unloyal but when people realized frank was a snake after he exposed MULTIPLE things it was “oh maybe it’s too early to get him out” and “he was my favorite player i’m really sad” and people we’re still letting him walk around and letting him give information and receive it? they treat her so badly for no reason it’s the weirdest thing.

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“Ecto-mosquitos are so dumb they don’t even have toes!” Technus blathered, scratching the multiple bites on his exposed arms and legs, carrying a string of catfish he had caught to the campfire. This would be the last time Technus ever went camping. 

When he proposed the dating idea to Skulker, he had thought it would be much more fun. Skulker liked hunting and the outdoors and stuff. And Technus liked being out in the sun and occasionally fishing. He thought this would be a good idea. Instead all that he had done was catch a couple of fish and get bit by ghost bugs. He didn’t even know that there would be so many of them on this side of the portal.

He set the fish down on the gutting table and then flopped himself by the burned out firepit, muttering to himself as he scratched a few more bug bites. “Skulker, where are you?” He called.