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Looking for contact: Soriya


  • Full Name: Soriya Duskhaven
  • Titles: Empath, Disciple of the Jade Serpent, Wistful Wanderer
  • Age: 26
  • Birth date: August 14th
  • Race: Sin’dorei
  • Gender: Female
  • Romantic orientation: Hetero
  • Sexual orientation: Hetero
  • Religion: Aligns with Pandarian values (Buddhism)
  • Spoken languages: Thalassian, Common, Darnassian
  • Current living conditions: Well off, multiple dwellings, prefers camping
  • Occupation: Mender, teacher


  • Parents: Her mother died when she was still a baby. She met her father, Kirollis, a few years ago and they’ve been trying to make up for lost time.
  • Siblings: None currently
  • Significant Other: Not particularly concerned with finding one
  • Children: Has a class of 12 pre-pubescent kids

Physical Traits

  • Eye colour: Leans more towards teal then outright fel green
  • Hair colour: Chestnut with blonde highlights
  • Height: 6′0
  • Body Build: Toned, muscular, athletic
  • Tattoos + Piercings: An assortment of studs in her ears, belly button piercing, a colorful half sleeve of the Jade serpent as well as an assortment of smaller tattoos including but not limited to waves, the sun, a palm tree, cascading stars, various symbols 
  • Notable Physical Traits: None


  • Intelligence: She was never taught in a traditional setting. She’s not conventionally book smart, but she’s very wise and decently street smart.
  • Likes: Surfing, yoga, meditation, reading, gardening, martial arts, weight training, exploring, wandering, camping, hiking, the beach, any outdoor activity
  • Dislikes: She doesn’t like that term.
  • Fears: “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.” 
  • Disposition: Kind, compassionate, helpful, understanding
  • Extras: Sort of like that ray of sunshine that’s overly warm, but not harsh
How Would Exo Realise They’re in Love With Their S/O



He would realise as he is planning a big surprise for their birthday. While making the final preparations he would realise he had spent a month or so making sure that it would go absolutely perfect and kind of realised he had gone a bit over the top. It would just clue into him that he wanted it to go so well because he loved them and he wanted them to have a really good day they’d remember fondly. 


He would figure it out when he is low. After a long day, or a practice that didn’t go well, or some other kind of failure that weighed heavily on his shoulders he would find himself planning to go home but his thoughts would be with them. He’d realise slowly that he wanted to be with them and end up just going to where they are, not calling before hand and just showing up unexpectedly. When he saw their face as they answered the door, a little shocked but happy to see him nonetheless, he would know. 


He would figure it out while they were helping him pull a prank on another member of the group. It wouldn’t be that they did anything special that day or that they were doing anything differently than normal. It would happen on a random day; they had just run off and were hiding somewhere to escape the wrath of Kyungsoo. He would turn to look at them and realise that he felt a little differently than normal while gazing at them. He would feel warm, safe, and it would be one of those slow motion moments where it just kind of clicks in. 


He would truly realise it the first time he had to leave them for an extended period of time while they toured. He wouldn’t realise it until he was already on the plane and he realised he wanted to hug them for another five minutes just to memorise the way they felt. It would just dawn on him that he already missed them and he had just said goodbye and the answer he would find as to why is that he loves them and that separation is hard. 


For Kyungsoo there wouldn’t be a particular situation that caused him to realise it. It would be subtle and one day he’d realise that he had felt that way for awhile now though would not be able to recall what made him feel that way. He would be pretty sure there was no particular trigger. It would be that this other person earned his love, trust and affection over time. The realisation that he had loved them for awhile would cause a small smile to appear. 


He would realise it suddenly as he sat at his computer, looking over the compositions he had made over the past year or so. One by one, he could pinpoint the ones that had been influenced by them. He could see where they had begun to slip right into the music he was writing and knew now that the evidence was right in front of him that he had loved them for awhile now. 


He would realise after they had gotten into a disastrous fight that ended their relationship. He realised he’d be alone all evenings now, because he had spent most of his free ones at their apartment, and realise that they were not there. It would hit him at once, their absence, loneliness, and even feeling a bit helpless like he didn’t know what to do with himself. After multiple days of dwelling on this, he’d go ask Suho, or someone equally trust-able, to help him apologise and ask them to come back. 


He would realise he loved his significant other on a pretty normal morning. He would be sitting across from them at the breakfast bar and just smile as he watched them sigh happily after taking their first sip of their beverage of choice for the morning. He’d think to himself how much he loved their smile and the subtle joy they let show whenever they experienced a small thing that made them happy. It’d just occur to him that he loved living with this other person and that he loved them and all the little things they did. 


He would realise as he went to pick up a coffee for them to drop off at work. It would occur to him right after he made the order and paid that he hadn’t needed to even think or ask them what their favourite coffee was. He just knew. It was like how he knew a lot of their favourite things as well as so much about them as a person. As he left the shop he would realise that he had learned all these things about them and committed them to memory because he loved them and that because being in love had caused him to want to know those kinds of things. 

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Cliff dwellings.

Top  The “castle” structure at Montezuma Castle National Monument in Yavapai County, Arizona. Miners and soldiers who visited the site in the 1860s mistakenly associated the site with the Aztec ruler Montezuma, and the name stuck. The multiple-dwelling structure was built by Sinaguan people around 1200 CE, and has no direct association with Mexican Indian cultures.

Bottom  Cliff swallow nests, built of mud in a crevice in the white Verde Formation limestone at Montezuma Castle National Monument. Like the ancestral Native Americans who built in the rocks and caves here, the swallows enjoy easy access to the Verde River for building materials, forage for food, and shelter in the rock overhangs. 

"Imagine having a drinking contest with Bofur and Dwalin and the three of you get really drunk and pass out while Thorin just looks at you and shakes his head."

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“Welcome! Welcome, King Under the Mountain!” The Master of Lake Town boomed over the delighted cheers of the townspeople. Thorin had succeeded in convincing the Master to assist the company, weaving glorious tales of gold and riches beyond imagination. Despite the warnings from Bard the Bargeman, who had been the one to smuggle the company into Lake Town in the first place, the townspeople seemed unconcerned at the thought of a fire-breathing dragon lying between them and the riches Thorin had promised.

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Explosion Causes Two Buildings To Collapse In Manhattan’s East Harlem Neighborhood

Heavy smoke pours from the debris as the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) responds to a 5-alarm fire and building collapse at 1646 Park Ave in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan March 12, 2014 in New York City. Reports of an explosion were heard before the collapse of two multiple-dwelling buildings that left at least 11 injured.

Photos by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

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