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The Resistance, or protests against Trump beginning since November 8th of 2016, fights for peace and justice for all people. However, Pepsi recently decided that they want to fight for peace and justice for all people…while selling cans of their soda for loads of money.

In the recent 2-minute commercial, Kendall Jenner is modeling in front of photographers while a demonstration is taking place outside the modeling studio. The commercial features small clips of couples kissing, a hijabi Muslim taking pictures, among Trump opposers protesting in the streets. Later, Kendall removes herself from the studio and joins in on the demonstration by giving one police officer a Pepsi; as a result of her valiant act, the Resistance cheers, and multiple people begin drinking Pepsi.

This is problematic in so many ways, so let’s break it down:

1. Kendall Jenner is obtaining fame through a political commercial, yet she has never been political before this.

Besides mentioning her approval and support for then-candidate Hillary Clinton, Kendall has absolutely done no protesting of Trump and his radical policies. In an Instagram post, Jenner announced her support of Clinton, captioning one of her photos as “Shirt by @themarcjacobs. History by @hillaryclinton.” Despite being a female member of one of the most outspoken families in the country, Kendall Jenner has failed to attend little to any protests. But some protests weren’t in her area, so we’ll just let that slide… wrong. Kendall Jenner failed to attend the Women’s March, a series of protests held around the entire globe, even in remote places with small populations.

2. Pepsi is appropriating the Resistance for money.

Pepsi also, as a company, has never taken a stance on politics. Similar to Kendall’s issue, Pepsi is using their platform not to provoke change, but to make money off of the suffering of others.

3. Kendall Jenner wasn’t arrested, but Ieshia Evans was.

In 2016, Ieshia Evans was arrested by the police for protesting the death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge. The photo sparked controversy, but a similar set-up occurred in this Pepsi video. Kendall came face to face with the police, but instead of receiving handcuffs, she gave them a Pepsi and receive cheers and applause. The Huffington Post says:

The image of Jenner approaching the police line is all too similar to the widely shared photo of Black Lives Matter protester Ieshia Evans in Baton Rogue in 2016, as Elle notes. Unlike Jenner, however, Evans was arrested. If only she had a Pepsi in hand.

This is just one of the countless examples of when celebrities use their fame to exploit national crises and obtain money. Like Gigi Hadid embracing her Palestinian side, the rest of Taylor Swift’s white girl squad is appropriating the struggles of millions of Americans.


Mr. O’Hara, erm it’s not my place to say, but you may have a problem.

The Real Man of Steel

Pairing: Clark/Superman x Reader

Request:  Hi, Could you write a Superman smut? Like have it really fluffy at the start. Maybe that Clark is really awkward, so is reader. maybe that reader finds out that he is Superman in this? Maybe while they are having sex and his grip is too strong

Smut: Yes

Words: 2673

Requests are open!


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anonymous asked:

Harry's solo in Temporary Fix is my favorite...what would harry be like when the two of you are drunk and he calls a driver to come and pick you up? I LOVE YOU 💕💕

Oh, anon. You’ve read my mind ;)

Harry’s inhibitions melt away when he’s drunk, that’s for sure. Although he’s never one to love up on you in public, the two of you have been together for a while, and he’s feeling more handsy than normal with multiple drinks in his system. You’ve told him time and time again to keep his hands to himself, laughing and pushing him away when you feel him against your neck, grabbing his wrists while he squeezes your hips and giggles with his tongue nestled in between his teeth.

C’mon,” his voice is deep, the alcohol lowering his normal register to a tone that you swear vibrates through your core. “Just gimme a kiss,” he says against your lips. “Gimme one big one ‘n I’ll lea’ ye alone.” And although his words are slurred because they’re said straight into your mouth and across your tongue, you pucker up and indulge him, because who are you to deny a “big one” to this beauty of a boy in front of you?

“There,” you state as he pulls away from you, his forehead pressed harshly against yours. “That big enough for you?”

“I luh her!” he nearly yells into your face. You nearly push him away from you, the harshness of his voice and the confusion of who exactly he was talking about jarring you slightly. “I looove her!” he shouts louder as he turns his forehead towards the party to the left of you. “Luh o’ m’ life, this one is!” he points down at you, lifting his head off of yours, dramatically gesturing down at you with his gangly arms.

Your friends look on, smiling and shaking their heads at his antics. There’s no need to explain his behavior to them - they’ve known him longer than you have - so you just shrug and roll your eyes as he rests his forearms on your shoulders and begins to sway back and forth to the loud music playing in the pub.

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Bar Ettiquette

Not many of my followers know, but I’m a bartender and after this weekend (and for the last 5 years) I thought I’d make a quick a simple list of bar manners to mind.

  • If you use a lime after a shot do not stick your gross ass chewed up lime on the bar. Put it back into the shot glass, on a napkin or find a trash can for the love of god. 
  • If you don’t want a straw in your drink, either say so when you order or put in on a napkin or throw it away. Again, do not stick it in your mouth, suck on it and leave your spit straw on the counter. Have you no manners?
  • Don’t yell. Use your manners.
  • I know it looks like I will never look into your beautiful, drink starved eyes, but I can see you even if I’m not looking at you. Trust me
  • If I am not looking at you, I’m not taking your order. If I look at your eyes, that’s a sign that I’m ready to take your order. Which I am not, so don’t wave your hand in front of my face to make me look at you. I might forget what I’m doing an take even longer. You’re only hurting yourself.
  • If you are ordering multiple drinks, order them all at once. Not one at a time. You get your drinks faster and everyone around you can get served faster as well. It’s a win-win.
  • I don’t care what you drink, honestly. Like, drink a long island. Or a lemon drop. It makes my gut hurt because sugar. But I Don’t Care. And neither should you, so don’t make shitty comments the person next to you when they order. 
  • Unless you’re putting red bull in grey goose. Save yourself some cash and just get well vodka. 
  • I take it back, there was one time someone ordered a pint glass of half & half and a shot of malibu rum in it and I thought i was going to die.
  • If I ask you if you want a back/chaser for your shot I’m not questioning your masculinity or giving you a test. I just want to know. It’s easier to do it all at once.
  • I don’t know that one special drink at another bar, but tell me what you like about it and I’ll try to find you an alternative. 
  • Please. Please don’t ask me to just pour you whatever. Especially when it’s busy. I have to hold back the urge to pour you a shot of grape pucker and call it a day.
  • If you ask me for a “girly” or “pussy” drink I will pour you fernet branca because I am both girly, in possession of a vagina and that’s all I drink. You’ll regret it.
  • If you order something gay I will pour you whiskey because that’s what all my gay male friends drink. They also drink fernet as well. It’s a toss up there. 
  • In fact. I serve women, gay men/women and straight dudes all about the same when it comes to whiskey. It’s strange how gender and sexuality have nothing to do with the types of alcohol you drink.
  • The correct terminology you are looking for is “fruity” or “mixed” 
  • Anyway. Someone once asked for both. After I responded with fernet to his “pussy” shot request, he ordered a “gay” shot.
  • So I told him I’d make him a gay shot called a dick in his mouth.
  • I did. 
  • He told me it was “a little stiff”
  • I told him if there’s a dick in his mouth, you better hope it’s stiff.
Jealousy - Alec Lightwood SMUT

REQUESTED: YES! Finally, I HAVE RECEIVED REQUESTS FROM YOU LOVELY LOT! I kinda decided to combine two of my requests because they were quite similar, and here are the requests below:

I was thinking that Y/N is Izzy’s parabatai and alec’s girlfriend…and after a mission they decide to go to a mundane club/party. They didn’t tell Alec or anyone. it was like a mini scape from literally everything! Izzy is with Merlion while Y/N is dancing with another guy. When Alec notice they are missing they go and look for them and when they found him things get crazy! Alec and Y/N get into an argument that leads to smut. Can you do that? ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

HI! i was wondering if you could write a Dom!Alec/Fem!reader(who’s Izzy’s parabati) , where he gets jealous that you and Jace are hanging out a lot-just as friends, of course- but he thinks it’s something more and he decides to show the reader that she’s his and only his(smut, teasing, and fluff). Thanks! p.s i love Malec, but i like to pretend that Alec is my boyfriend hahaha *blush*

WARNINGS: SMUT AF bc jealous Alec is hot Alec ;)

SUMMARY: Izzy, Alec, Jace and Y/N decide to blow off steam after a mission by going to a mundane club. Multiple drinks lead to risky dancing on the floor with Jace, and Alec is not happy…

NOTES: Again, YES ALEC IS ACTUALLY GAY I REALIZE. These are REQUESTS. I will go with REQUESTS. Also this is me again procrastinating revision (what? I’ll watch the film version of Of Mice and Men later, as well as the BBC version of An Inspector Calls with Inspector Lupin. I have been revising trust me ;) ) so it’s hopefully better writing because I’m more focused working on this and not on thinking about my exams (of which I have one tomorrow. God save us all).


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The hotel pool

Dean says he took a dip in the pool.  Sam asks if he brought a suit.  Dean says no.  Sam grimaces.

And I thought, hotel pools always have an attendant on duty when the pool is open (in case of mishap and subsequent lawsuit). Hotel pools have rules about swimwear (to prevent random fibers from clogging the filter). This was described as a three-star hotel, so if Dean went swimming it was in hotel-issued loaner trunks.

I thought that was Dean cheerfully announcing he’d gone commando in another man’s fatigues, and Sam wincing at that.  

Taken with the previous episode’s bit about Dean multiple-reversing his underwear, we’re being repeatedly directed to consider Dean’s shorts, and the literal/ritual uncleanliness thereof.  

Hogwarts Houses Tea
  • <p> <b>Gryffindor:</b> Something Starbucks like, loads of sugar. Sometimes they put it in water bottle with ice and sip it throughout the day.<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Always has tea! Lots of different herbal teas. Sometimes adds honey when their throat is sore.<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> Also adds loads of sugar. Usually the mixed berry teas are their favorite. You may catch them with a cup with multiple tea bags.<p/><b>Slytherin:</b> They'll drink Thai tea. However, if you prepare them the same kind of tea that their mother made for them. They'll love you forever❤<p/></p>
Contender ( Samoa Joe - One Shot)

Here you are guys! I finally wrote, corrected and edited this entire thing! It isn’t as long as some of my others but I hope you like it. I might even add a part two depending on if you guys want that! Anyways here we go.

Synopsis: Y/N has followed Joe’s career across many wrestling promotions and circuits. She has always had a thing for the intimidating man. What happens when “it” almost happens and she decides to tease him?

Warnings: Teasing ;), No actual smut; BUT implied smut is there…

A/N: THIS IS MY FIRST ONE SHOT! I hope that you all enjoy and please fell free to give feedback! 

Please feel free to Like, Share and Reblog with your friends and followers! 


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Your body felt like you had been inside an inferno.

You were too hot.

Your clothes too tight. How that was possible you had no clue. All you knew was that the man in front of you was all too real.

Currently you were in a corner of the ring with a very hot and serious Samoa Joe stalking towards you.

Now that you think about it you had pushed him to this point.

See the last few months you had been teasing Joe. See, you two had almost done ‘it’ 6 months earlier.

And before it got too far he had pulled back and said that it would be a “drunken mistake”.

He didn’t know this but you had a crush on the man. You had known who he was before he stepped foot in the WWE almost 3 years ago.

You followed him through all the wrestling circuits and promotions.

Even then you found the man interesting and attractive.

You knew he was dangerous. Hell everyone knew he was dangerous. But that didn’t stop you from wanting to test him in other ways.

See 6 months from the day you and Joe had almost had a drunken (on your side) one night stand.


You, Joe and a whole group of friends that included Alexa, Nia, Seth, Finn, Roman and dean had gone out to a local club in the town you had live shows in.

After multiple shots and drinks you had become drunk. Before you coups make a fool of yourself singing karaoke drunk, Alexa had asked one of the men to take you back to your room. Joe had volunteered to take you saying her was tired himself and was heading back anyway.

You bid your friends goodbye reluctantly and headed out with the big intimidating Samoan on your arm. Well he wasn’t in your arm. He was holding your arm. If he hadn’t been you would’ve face planted on the sidewalk.

While you walked to the hotel you had drunkenly mentioned you didn’t remember your room number.

Joe had made sure to get it from the girls and your spare key. You had left your key in your room when you had left for the club.

You didn’t panic because you had given Nia the spare to your room. Alexa had the spare to Nia’s room and you the spare to Alexa’s.

It had become a tradition between you three. Whenever you stayed in the same hotel and had single rooms you’d swap spare keys in case of emergencies.

The walk back to your room seemed short. But in reality you wouldn’t know since you were honestly tired from the alcohol you consumed. You also wanted to be rid of the tight dress you had on and the heels.

Soon you were inside your room with Joe. The first thing you wanted to do was rid yourself of the strappy high heels you had worn to the club then the dress.  

You attempted to get them off multiple times and ended up almost crashing to the floor. Joe, seeing you were unsuccessful decided to have you sit on the foot of the king sized mattress and help you remove them.

As he helped you, he ended up gripping onto your calf to help steady your leg. You kept moving due to the fact that you were getting impatient.

You just wanted the damn things off so you could get naked and sleep.

“Princess if you hold still I can get these off faster and you can close those beautiful eyes of yours and sleep.”

Joe never looked up from what he was doing. But you didn’t need to see his face. His voice was enough. The man was something special. His voice was one of the most dangerous and appealing things about him.

Even when he was mad or frustrated he managed to make his voice so smooth and gravely all at once. He never really raised his voice. If he did it was because he was pushed too far.

You soon realized he had stopped touching you. He was standing in front of you with your strapped heels singling from his fingers.

“I’ll put these over by the closet. You get some sleep okay?”

You nodded your head and thanked him. You stood up to walk to the bathroom to pee and take off the right dress.

You went to walk past him but stopped. When you spoke your voice shook a bit.

Not because you were scared or anything but because you were getting worked up and wanted him to touch you more.

“U-uh would you mind unzipping me? I had one of the girls help me zip it up earlier.”

He walked up behind you and brushed your shoulder length hair to the left side and went to grab the zipper. When he did you felt his large and warm hand on your skin. He places his free hand on your waist to hold you steady.

He began to pull the zipper down. The lower he got the more you noticed.

Like he was going awfully slow and he made sure his hand never lost contact with your skin. Also you weren’t wearing a bra.

Oh shit I forgot about that.

The dress was tight and had built in cups to hold your boobs. So you didn’t need to wear a bra.

You also noticed the zipper went all the way to the hem of the dress. Which meant he’d see your ass clad in nothing but a lacey piece of string.

Oh fuck. I didn’t think this through.

You had a crush on the big intimidating Samoan. And you liked when he touched you but you don’t want him to see you makes while you were sober. You don’t want any inhibitors to keep you from making the decision in your right mind.

The way he touched you made you feel like he liked what he was doing. But how could that be? You didn’t think you were on his radar. While he was a WWE superstar you were just a stylist. He could have any of the ladies in the roster.

You two had spoken and worked hand and hand many times. You had dressed him in suits for multiple occasions and shows.

You two had great conversation and had the same eye for his style. He even cracked some great jokes around you and seemed to let his walls down. But you don’t give him enough insight to base it on  liking you.

Your thoughts were cut short by the feeling of being naked. Well you ha the front of your dress under your folded arms. But you then realized Joe had completely unzipped the dress.

Fuck! I didn’t want him to see me like this! I should’ve been paying attention.

Your mental banter then turned in a flash to naughty thoughts.

Maybe I should drop this dress and turn to give him a good look. And maybe even a feel.

You couldn’t help but start to war with yourself. You wanted him but didn’t want it to happen this way. You wanted it to happen when you could tell him how you felt… if that ever happened. You had a lot to work out inside yourself.

You felt warmth at your back.

How was pushed up against you. You felt his strong and sturdy chest against your back and his hips were pinned against your ass. Which meant his dick was right against you as well. You bit your lip and let loose a whimper.

“Hmm princess. It seems you wanted daddy to see this didn’t you? You wanted me to find out you weren’t wearing a bra or panties.”

You shook your head to get your bearings.

“I didn’t mean for you to see. I was going to stop you before you reached too far. But my mind began running with things.”

You were too distracted with answering that you hadn’t caught his last statement. But when you did you immediately spoke.

“Wait. I knew I wasn’t wearing a bra but I have on panties. Uh well a thong. So where did you gather I didn’t have panties on?”

You felt his chest vibrate with that deep chuckle of his. You knew you were in trouble.

Oh. You have on panties? Let me correct that then.”

Before you could register anything you felt Joe place his hands on your hips. You then realized he was wrapping his hands on the sides of the thong. With a flick of his wrists your thong was in two pieces and floating to the floor.

“Now you aren’t wearing any panties.”

All resistance to the idea of this man fucking you vanished.

You felt yourself get soaked. You were pretty sure it was dripping down your thighs. He wrapped his hands around your waist and pulled at your arms.

You let him and looked down to see him pulling your arms to your sides and letting the dress fall.

It fell to the floor in a heap and you were completely naked in front of him.


“Princess daddy is talking to you.”

Focusing on the man in front of you, you realized you had been thinking about that night. Again.

Needless to say nothing happened that night.

Moments after you were stripped naked he reluctantly said it would be a drunken mistake. As much as he wanted you in that moment he didn’t want you while you weren’t completely sober. While you respected that you were sober enough to know you wanted him.

He left you that night. And ever since then he had maintained a professional relationship with you like nothing had ever happened.

Maybe he thought you didn’t remember that night because you were drunk?

Maybe he didn’t want you like he had that night?

You couldn’t be sure what the man was thinking towards you but you knew what you thought about him.

You wanted him.

You decided 2 months after the incident you would make him chase you and give you what you wanted.

You started to dress a bit more sexier. You don’t want to lose you job so you added more heels to your wardrobe and bought shirts that revealed more cleavage. Not an  obscene amount but enough to catch his attention. But it didn’t just catch his attention.

Seth Rollins noticed. And after another month of Joe acting like you hadn’t been naked in front of him you decided that another tact was an order.

Seth had been all too willing to help you make Joe jealous. While Seth liked the looks you wore he knew you had something for Joe. Seth was a friend to you so you told him what was happening.

He wanted you to be happy and if Joe would make you happy he’d make you two happen. 

For the last 3 months Seth and you have been super close riding together and sometimes rooming together.

You’d walk on his arm and flirt with him just to see if Joe reacted. And he didn’t seem to while around you.

Today though Joe had noticed. Or rather heard.

See Seth had set you on his lap in catering while you two talked with some of the other superstars.

At some point love life’s were brought up. And everyone asked if you were dating Seth. You two laughed and said no. You were friends. Seth had let it slip you had feelings for Joe and that you were trying to see if he had feelings for you by making him jealous.

Well Joe didn’t like that.

“Excuse me. I think Y/N and I need to speak, alone.”

He grabbed your hand and pulled you off of Seth’s lap.

You started to panic but Seth smiled at you when you looked back.

“Go ahead you two. I’ll stay here. Have fun Y/N.”

Seth was so dead. He knew Joe was listening. He did that on purpose.

But you couldn’t be bothered with that right now.

Joe was leading you towards the empty ring in the arena. You didn’t want to fight with him. You would admit what you did then apologize and move on. Obviously you had been bothering him or something.

Once you were in the arena Joe picked you up and put you over his shoulder.

You started to whine and ask him to place you down. He shook his head and swatted your ass.

“This place is empty. You could run. We need to have a talk princess. You’ve been a bad girl.”

You wiggled and could feel yourself get wet due to that nickname. It reminded you of that night.

He walked down the ramp and to the ring. He placed you on your feet and grabbed your hand. He pulled you into the ring.

You immediately scooted yourself into the nearest corner.

Joe turned fully towards you and started to approach. And this is where our story currently stands.

“So princess you’ve been trying to get daddy’s attention hmm? Do tell. What is it you’d like me to see? Or better yet hear?”

He was getting closer. And pretty soon you’d be completely stuck. Not that it would be bad.

You swallowed and spoke.

“Well. I mean, uh well. I wanted to see if you wanted me like that night. You seemed like you really didn’t since we haven’t talked about that night.”

Joe smirked.

Now he is completely in front of you. And he places his arms on the ropes to the left and right of you. Caging you in.

He leans down and nibbles your earlobe.

You arch into him and bite on your lower lip. You fist your hands to keep from tugging him into you.

“Did you ask me what I felt? Did you come talk to me about how you felt? I don’t remember speaking to you on the matter. And if we did talk I’d assure you you’d know where I stood.”

You moaned out loud. You couldn’t help it. His voice was melting you.

“Joe you acted if nothing had happened with us. You acted like you didn’t see me naked.”

At that Joe placed a finger under your chin to make you look at him.

He leans down and kisses you full on the mouth. You teach up and grab at his shirt.

You lean up into him, kissing him back with everything you have. He reaches down and grabs the back of your thighs to lift you. Automatically your legs wrap around his waist and you wrap your arms around him.

As the kiss goes on you become light headed from the lack of proper oxygen.

He breaks the kiss and looks at you. You were pretty sure your lips were swollen from the kiss and your eyes were half lidded with lust.

“Princess. I’ve wanted you. For a while. But I didn’t know if you wanted me until that night. But even then I couldn’t be sure since you were inhibited. I was pretty sure you were doing that because of the moment. I chalked it off. But it was so hard not to press you against the closest wall or table and fuck you whenever I saw you. I was pretty sure you didn’t remember that night until Seth came around.

I figured you remembered or you hadn’t even be as drunk as I thought. I started to sweat because I realized that you either you knew I wanted you or that I was holding back from being with you and that was pissing you off. So you were getting back at me. I was determined to act like your game wasn’t working until tonight when I heard.”

At that last part you pressed closer to him.

“Joe I’m sorry. I should’ve talked to you but I figured you didn’t want me or thought less of me since I was drunk and easily lost my clothes. I was just trying to get a reaction to see where we stood.”

You looked down.

“I’m sorry too princess.”

Your head snapped up at that.

You just looked at him. He looked at you. Then he smiled. But it was like the one he wore in the ring when he was about to deliver a beating.

“Oh princess you are going to have no doubt how I feel about you after tonight.”

He places you on the ground and steps back. Before stalking towards you again.

“After the show is over you’re coming with me back to my room. And you’re going to bed with me. I’m going to strip you naked like that night 6 months ago. Then I’m going to kiss and lick every inch of you to my heart’s desire. Then I’m going to let you play and explore the man who’s going to claim you. Then I’m going to fuck that pretty pussy of yours into submission.”

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Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (8)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: Sorry this took so long. I am slacking I know. Promise to try be faster with Part 9 guys! Don’t forget to let me know what you thought! ^.^

Word Count:  1208

( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Part 5 ) ( Part 6 ) ( Part 7 )

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Pride Month!

It’s Pride Month! Just a simple reminder that demisexuals and demiromantics are very valid, exist, belong to the Ace and Aro spectrum just like graysexual/romantic, lithsexual/romantic, cupiosexual/romantic, Apothisexual/romantic (and more) and are part of the LGBT community. We belong because how we experience sexual and romantic attraction is not “normal”. Allosexual/romantic people experience these attractions way different than Demi’s and the other labels.

I hope you all will have a great Pride Month!

P.S. Please take care of yourself. Drink water multiple times per day and have at least one warm meal every day if it is possible. Remember that you are loved and cared for. And even if you feel like you aren’t, I do care for your well being.

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Recovering from an eating disorder is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but also the best. You’ll spend a lot of time crying and feeling like you want to rip off your skin and like no one understands you and who are you, even, anyway because if you’re not your eating disorder than what are you? You’ll tell your family and they’ll be supportive and confused, and when you have to go to day treatment, so quickly after you just started outpatient, they’ll ask questions that make you feel furious but you can’t blame them, you’ve known about your eating disorder for over a decade and they’ve only known about it for a short 8 weeks. You will be so unbelievably unwound that you won’t have the energy to make your bed. You’ll walk around in circles at the King of Prussia food court (the fancy one, not the one with all the fried food) and you’ll cry in public because you don’t know what’s safe to choose and without your eating disorder nothing feels safe. You’ll stop exercising entirely and your body will surprise you by losing weight (those last 10 pounds? Turns out all you had to do was stop starving and they’d come right off) and you’ll feel fat the whole time. You will fill four journals and become an expert doodler.

You’ll see a boy at a club who holds your hand and makes you feel normal for the first time since you went to treatment. You will try to fill the empty space not having an active eating disorder leaves with dating - like maybe the bright eyed young men on your computer screen might make you feel good enough. You drink beers with them, and they don’t. You’ll write down hundreds of days of records of what you ate, and how you felt, and fill in bubbles for the new food language you’ve learned: exchanges. You’ll carve pumpkins with that boy, and you’ll have an emotional freak out, the kind that you aren’t supposed to show other people, the same kind that made you feel so ashamed you made 24 apology cookies for your best friend’s boyfriend because he happened to see you lose it for a minute. It happens, when you don’t allow access to your feelings, they shoot out unexpected, but this boy will stay calm and he sees you the next day anyway and you feel scared and thankful. You will go to the grocery store with your roommate and you’ll spend over an hour picking 30 items because you can’t figure out how to find the 2% or full fat yogurt. She’ll frame a picture in your kitchen of the art therapy you did after eating McDonald’s in group. It gives you strength.

Time will pass and you won’t notice when it happens, but it gets easier. You’ll develop new habits. The voice gets quieter and you’ll be able to make your bed again. You’ll take a lot of baths and try a lot of crafts (you hate crafts, it’s okay to hate crafting) and start to learn how to cook different things and you’ll take a picture of the beer you’re drinking with the pork chop you’re grilling at the boy’s apartment and send it to your friends because you never would have allowed that kind of combination in the past. They celebrate for you. You’ll leave intensive treatment and you’ll go to therapy twice a week and group once a week and see the best nutritionist weekly too. You’ll spend a lot of money, but trust me, it’s worth it. You will cry a lot in a lot of different offices, even as it gets easier, because it’s like getting to know yourself all over again, or maybe for the first time, because are you a full person at 13 when you got sick?

You’ll wonder what recovery is and if you’ll ever reach it. A lot of moments will feel like okay, maybe this is it, maybe this is good enough, this is all you get. Your body will change - it will shrink and then it will grow again. You’ll start exercising again, but maybe you’ll never do strength training the way you used to, and maybe you’ll never run another race, but you’ll find things that fill you with happiness (get ready for spin and yoga, it’s awesome). You’ll look back at that tiny body after you first entered treatment and you’ll think that was what you were supposed to be like and feel like you are failing. You’re not. You’re recovering.

You’ll go to therapy less - once a week, then every two. You’ll move in with the boy and you’ll get a new job that will make you sad, and you’ll find yourself in a new version of depression. This time your eating disorder doesn’t run things, but it’s still there, and you’ll find yourself in a body you don’t understand and your clothes too small. But you’ll carry on and eat anyway. You’ll sit with your dad at your favorite taco place and you’ll make a plan and you’ll quit the job that makes you sad JUST BECAUSE it makes you sad, which is huge, to allow yourself to prioritize yourself even if it’s not the “right” move, and you’ll get another job - and this one is better. You’ll travel to Italy and drink wine multiple times a day and eat pasta and enjoy it. You will be amazed that just a few years ago, you cried when you had to eat a bite of macaroni and cheese after a long day, or did a whole therapy session about baked ziti. You’ll cry on your way to the Grand Canyon because the size you used to be doesn’t fit anymore because depression manifests for you in weight gain this time and you’ll feel like the whole world is over but then a few hours later, the boy will propose and you’ll forget you ever felt out of place in this body at all.

You’ll start going to spin, you’ll spend way more money than you ever thought reasonable on groceries and you’ll cook new things. You’ll have joint Google Sheets with a friend across the country who makes notes and helps you meal plan so it’s less scary. You will plan a wedding. Your body will feel like your own again. You won’t have weighed yourself for four years, so you don’t know what you look like because a number was what told you what you were worth, but you feel okay in your skin most days. You will not like to shop for clothes, it will make you anxious, but you’ll work on it. You’ll feel recovered. You will discharge from therapy and nutrition because you’re thriving. You will get married and it will be the most blissful amazing day - you will eat multiple times that day and you won’t feel anxious and you’ll feel beautiful and you’ll be present for the whole thing. You’ll want to cry because it’s such a tangible victory to be present. So many years you spent not there at all - counting or obsessing, living in a world no one else could enter and missing whole conversations, days and hours entirely. And because of what you did, how hard you fought, you will get to be present for your entire wedding day.

And then, even though you’re so happy and everything is better than it ever could have been, maybe BECAUSE you’re so happy you stop being so vigilant, you won’t ever really know, you’ll relapse.

But you’ll catch it, just four weeks in. You’ll have a few really awful days where your brain will feel how it used to every day - stuck and full and disgusted and obsessed and hand in hand with this monster who lives inside your brain. But then you’ll go back to those familiar rooms and you’ll cry and you’ll laugh and you’ll grocery shop and you’ll feel like a failure and then you’ll realize you’re not a failure, and you’ll tell your husband and you’ll tell your friends, and you’ll do the things you know how to do to not let the eating disorder win. And just a couple of months later, you’ll start to feel like yourself again. You won’t be as consumed with anxiety when you hear your friends calorie count and diet and cut out food groups. You will start to do yoga and start to appreciate your body again. You won’t want to be touched, but you know that won’t last forever. You’ll take walks even though it’s cold and you’ll start to laugh again. You will fight and you will cry and you will feel guilty and anxious and like a burden, but you will keep going. And then you’ll sit, almost 5 years from when you started, and you’ll write this. You’ll think you’ll cry and then you won’t. You’ll feel joy and shame and anxiety and pride. You’ll feel thankful and guilty. But most of all? You will know you are strong and that you are worthy of having a true, full life. And you will believe that. So even though it’s much more complicated than 8 weeks of outpatient could ever treat (so cute you thought that was enough), you’ll know you can do it, you ARE doing it, and in this way, you are free.

exo at the pub


• already had pre drinks at home before coming to the bar

• beer snob

• coming to the pub is a win win thing for him, they have soccer matches on the big screen and they provide alcohol and food

• every time he’s challenged to a drinking game of who can drink the most he says he’s not good at this game…he always wins

• once he’s a bit drunk tipsy his confidence grows substantially. very loud and obnoxious 

• lots of yelling/cheering/chanting (eg. drink! drink! drink! drink! drink!)


• a “social drinker” 

• comes during happy hour

• wine snob

• always on the search for an ATM because he never brings cash

• likes playing the poker machines

• ends up being the babysitter for all his drunk friends


• he has a very low drinking tolerance so he rarely goes out to pubs. he prefers drinking at home

• but when he does, he makes sure to have a plan B to get back home safely and a good friend to guide him throughout the night so that he won’t do anything too stupid

• lost his phone, asks everyone at the pub if they’ve seen it. (it’s in his pocket)

• after finishing a couple of drinks, he stacks the cups together and brings it back to the server

• women buys him drinks and he says thank you (that’s as far as it progresses) 

• when he gets a bit tipsy he tends to drape his arms around his friends and asks deep questions about life and society


• enjoys a cold beer after work and what goes well with a cold beer? A large     t bone steak with chips, vegies and gravy 

• enjoys playing pool with his mates 

• when he gets up to go buy himself another drink he asks his mates if they want another round. he ends up buying multiple drinks and he tries to carry them all at once back to the table

• he’s the reason why the floor is always sticky

• likes to participate in skulling and chugging competitions

• once he becomes quite drunk he becomes more quiet and mellow. sometimes he is even a bit sensitive (he cries)


• most likely doing a pub crawl with his mates so he’ll already be a bit tipsy with pre drinks

• announces his arrival each time he enters the pub

• changes the music played by the jukebox

• a regular participant during karaoke nights

• the bartender starts to refuse him drinks as the night goes on

• becomes more and more sleepy the more he drinks. falls asleep on the toilet when he reaches home


• goes to the pub every weekend

• usually drinking with his friends but he will ditch them if a lady catches his eye (his friends will make bets on if he will be successful in getting their number)

• when he sees a woman he is interested in he will buy her a drink and start a conversation

• dedicates songs he sings during karaoke to her

• sometimes he’s lucky and sometimes he’ll end up catching a taxi with his friends back home(after his friends mock him)

• becomes more smooth the more he drinks. sometimes he can come off as sleezy rather than smooth


• he doesn’t go to the pub by himself, he enjoys going with either friends or family

• he doesn’t drink a lot, just enough to keep him happy 

• he’s shy around women and it doesn’t help when his friends invite women to sit with them and they introduce him as a cute and charming bachelor

• he tends to scoot away and sit on the bar stool with his drink by himself when it gets too much. he makes friends with all the bartenders

• since he is small he gets pushed and knocked into a lot by people walking past who are carrying multiple drinks (he gets drinks spilled on him and he’s sticky and grumpy for the rest of the night)

• if he does get a bit drunk though, he talks a lot more and he becomes a mini encyclopedia that says random facts 


• a casual drinker. he likes going out for drinks with his friends and/or his girlfriend

• enjoys visiting hipster pubs since for their chill atmosphere and music. plus it’s more cozy when he’s just with his girlfriend

• and because they have a cute lil pub dog running around

• he usually has an early night since he enjoys his sleep and has an early start each day (if the night goes on too long he’ll fall asleep wherever he’s comfy)

• enjoys dancing when he’s a bit tipsy and goes full out when he’s drunk

• very giggly when drunk and the volume of his laugh increases as he drinks


• has to show his ID each time he tries to enter the pub while his friends just enter

• determined to make his friends do shots with him

• his friends likes to dare him to go up to a group of women and try to get at least 1 phone number (he usually succeeds)

• starts falling over when gets tipsy but still giggling

• stays until the pub has to close and kicks him out

• loves hugs and cuddling with his mates once he is a bit drunk

can lucifer have children?

a brief analysis

  • lucifer eats, drinks, and…functions…like a normal human. evidence: eating in multiple episodes (including candy), drinks non-alcoholic beverages like water (as seen in 2x06 Dr Linda’s office), and makes comments like “I filled several holes last night” implicating that he can, well, you know
  • in 1x01, he says something like he “never understood” the desire to procreate, wondering if Trixie was planned or not. He doesn’t explicitly say he’s glad that he can’t procreate.
  • in 2x02, he’s tossing away Charlotte Richards’ husband’s crocs, and makes the comment, “There’s only one body part a rubber should be worn on, not that you’d know” implYING LUCIFER WEARS CONDOMS or he’s just making a snide comment 
  • In 2x05, he says, “This! Best birth control in the world” when Trixie yells back at Chloe to read a book. hMMMMM. does this imply it’s reminding him why he hates children and will never want one? why’s he always talking about birth control and not his inability to have one? ;) ;)
  • 2x08 with Ella; she wonders if he needs a paternity test and he’s actually quite offended lol. Instead of educating her that it would never happen, he scoffs, “Does it look like I’d be so irresponsible?” implying that he likes the fact he takes precaution against that sort of thing
  • the ONLY “canon” angelic baby talk we get is with Amenadiel and Chloe. In 2x12, Maze makes the joke “Wait, is Amenadiel Chloe Decker’s daddy?” and Charlotte responds “Don’t be ridiculous.” It’s hard to analyze this scene. Did Maze make that joke to make it clear to us, the audience, that Amenadiel only blessed Penelope? Was Charlotte’s affirmation “Don’t be ridiculous” only because there’s no way Chloe would be Amenadiel’s, but the idea of an angelic baby not being ridiculous?

the other woman | michael gray

Could I send in a request where Michale’s BFF or girlfriend (whichever) sees that Charlotte is making eyes at him and gets annoyed and then when she sees Michael returning the look she angrily says Charlotte is only interested to piss off daddy. Michael gets annoyed and days “so what?” And goes to talk to Charlotte. Later on, still hurt and angry, she ends up hearing Charlotte and Michael going at it and cries in the stair well?

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B.A.P Reactions To You Being More Sexual While You’re Drunk


He turned towards you with a funny expression but he still offered you a smile, “good morning Jagiya. I laid out some medication for your hungover on the table.”

You gave a small nod before you narrowed your eyes at him suspiciously, “why aren’t you looking me in the eye?”

“Um…” He tried to stall.

“We slept together, that much I gathered. I just don’t get why you’re acting so weird about it.”

He turned back towards you his eyes slightly widening in surprise, “you seriously don’t remember?” You shook your head.

As Youngjae began to recount all the events from last night, you could barely stop yourself from hiding under the sheets in embarassment. You were in a permanent state of cringe and regret, as he began telling you about how your friends had given him a call to come pick you up after they deemed you far too drunk to send you home alone.

You could tell by the twitch of his lips the he wanted to laugh, “when I got there…you were dancing all sexily on top of one of the tables.” You were mortified. Absolutely mortified. You would never drink again.

“You nearly cried when I told you we had to go home,” he let out a small laugh this time, “and yes. We did sleep together, however not in the way that you’re thinking,” His laughter rung louder this time.

“T-then why was I naked? ”

“I mean, you did try. The second I got you home you began trying to take off my pants. You wouldn’t give up so instead you tried to seduce me into sleeping with you by taking off all your clothes. It took me nearly 30 minutes to finally get you to sleep.”

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry Youngjae,” you apologized genuinely feeling sorry for the trouble you must have put him through. He simply shook his head and have you a soft smile as he walked towards you.

“Don’t be.” He patted your head,” just know I won’t ever let you live this down.” With a wink and smirk he turned back to continue cooking you breakfast.

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It must’ve been past 1am when Jongup was awoken by the sound of his phone ringing. Slightly annoyed by the late call, he let it ring a few times before picking up.

“Hello?” He answered, his voice an octave deeper than usual. 

“Jagiya~,” You slurred into your cellphone and began batting your eyelashes regardless of the fact that he couldn’t see.

His eyes widened in surprise, “Y/N?” It only took him a couple of seconds after that to figure out that you were drunk.

“Are you in bed right now?” You asked, in what you thought was a seductive tone.

He ignored the question already knowing where this would lead to, “Y/N where are you?”

“Not in your bed although I really wish I was…naked of course.”

Jongup lip slightly twitched. He had to stay focused. He couldn’t allow himself to be phased by the seductress that you’d turn into whenever you had too much to drink. He needed to figure out where you were. Suddenly thinking of something he asked you to turn the call into a video call. You more than happily complied but he slightly regretted his decision when he saw the camera angled down your shirt. 

“Y/N let me see where you are.”

You brought the camera to your face with a pout, “aren’t you affected by me at all? Am I not attractive?”

Jongup bit his lip, the conversation having taken a completely different direction then he had planned. 

“Jagiya, of course I find you attractive. You’re beyond beautiful so can you please show me where you are so I can come pick you up and take you home?” He made sure to let the words sound suggestive as he knew this was probably the only way to get through to you now. 

However, you were feeling like quite the tease. You smiled and shook your head, “I’m not telling.”

It was when he let out a sigh that he heard someone calling your name from the other side of the screen. 

“Thank God. I finally found you,” you heard a familiar voice say before your best friend whom Jongup had met a few times before, came on screen.

“Hey Jongup,” she greeted, “as you can probably tell Y/N had one too many drinks…yeah sorry about that but we’re at the Vault. I’m assuming I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah, I’ll try to get there as quick as I can,” He promised, “please make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble before I get there.” After hanging up he got ready in record time and was out the door.

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Although you and Junhong had gone out drinking multiple times together, you had never truly allowed yourself to completely on drunk. Perhaps it was because each time the two of you went one or more of the members would tag along. You didn’t mind though, genuinely enjoying their company. Their presence was also good to have as they stopped you from becoming too irresponsible and getting drunk. Seeing you drunk was a sight you’d rather not have any of them see.

However, you figured it was time Junhong found out the type of person you became and he was more than excited for the grand reveal.

“Junhong,” you said turning yourself on the bar stool to face him, “I’m just going to warn you right now. I act…totally different.”

He nodded his head with a grin, “yes I know. You’ve told me that like 5 times now.”

You looked at him for a couple more seconds trying to figure out whether to tell him in what way or not. You finally decided that you’d just let him find out himself. With that now decided, you turned towards the bar tended and waved him over.


You’re not exactly sure yourself how many drinks you’d had before you had lost complete control of your body. Your cheeks were flushed and your eyes almost held a certain haze to them. Junhong hadn’t noticed your state yet, but he would find out real soon what he had been most curious about. 

“Junhong,” you breathed. He turned to look at you and you gave him a sickeningly sweet smile, resting a hand on his cheek, “you’re incredibly handsome did you know that?” You didn’t let him answer before your other hand began to slip up one of his thighs. He quietly sucked in his breath and looked at you in surprised. 

Pulling him towards you, you laid your lips against his ear, “meet me in the washroom.” With that, you pulled away and gave him a wink before clumsily heading towards the restroom area. 

Once inside the women’s washroom, you waited a few minutes for Junhong but he never came. Your lips were in a pout when you got an idea.  Giggling to yourself, you got into one of the stalls and took off your shirt. With your bra now exposed you angled the camera towards yourself to take a picture. You bit your lip and teasingly lowered a bra strap for affect.

Junhong was standing outside the women’s washroom in deep deliberation when his phone began to buzz with incoming texts. When he saw that they were from you he opened them only to immediately press lock on his phone. He nervously glanced around to make sure no one was there before unlocking it again. He could feel himself flush as he laid his eyes on the skimpy photos. Although they were blurry, they were still visible enough for him to begin getting excited.

When a new text came in of you in nothing but your underwear he silently cursed. Before he knew it, he walked into the women’s washroom making sure to lock the door behind him. 

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