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*mentally ill person expresses suffering*

neurotypical1: OMG You NEED HELP!!1! *string of slurs, insults and internet-stranger-diagnosing*

neurotypical2: Don’t let your mental illness define your life sweetie :) Get over it already :)

neurotypical3: O.O Are you dangerous?? I bet you’re dangerous!!

neurotypical4: *ignores you completely*

neurotypical5: :C Don’t HIDE behind your DIAGNOSIS!!!1! That’s not an excuse for doing [completely harmless thing]/ not doing [thing you literally can’t do]!!

neurotypical6: Have you tried yoga? Go for a walk you’ll feel better immediately! (aka I want to shut you up but sound like I care and then get offended when you don’t take my oh-so-helpful ~advice~)

*mentally ill person doesn’t express suffering/expresses something that’s not suffering*

everyone and their grandma: OMG you FAKE!! dOn’t you KNOW that people with REAL mental illnesses suffer REAL SUFFERING 24/7 you’re MAKING LIGHT of the SUFFERING of people with real MENTAL ILLNESSES!!1!!!11eleven
How will anyone ever take anyone with REAL mental ILLNESSES seriously NOW??? You have ruined EVERYTHING!!! How dare you NOT SUFFER??????????????? >:C

Indigenous Women and the Fur Trade

Indigenous women in the fur trade have often played a very silent role in terms of the historic narrative. They often go nameless, with their main contributions being said to essentially be:
-Marrying fur traders and granting them access to kinship networks.
-Being the mothers and grandmothers to the Metis peoples. 
But this is not a good view of their important role in the fur trade, because it completely neglects a very distinct and important part of it: Agency. 
Indigenous women in the fur trade displayed in multiple ways their agency, which can be seen through the primary and secondary documents about this fur trade history.

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Set in an undisclosed location near the Mexican-USA border for the first hour or so of the film, Logan seemingly had some high expectations to fill. Logan follows the future events of the title character also known as James Howlett and the Wolverine in the distant year of 2029. Logan is one of the last known mutants alive, the rest being taken out by a mixture of a genetically engineered virus and murder. He is shown to have been taking care of an ailing Charles Xavier with the assistance of another mutant know as Caliban.

This Logan’s life isn’t too different from the one we have all grown accustomed too; a heavily muscled Hugh Jackman who drank alcohol to self medicate. This Logan, however, is being shown to have a decelerated (per his normal) healing rate, along with other neurological problems. This Logan knows that he is dying, poisoned by the metal that had been infused to his bones so long ago.

The first Latinx characters on the screen were shown as violent, waking a passed out Logan. They were trying to steal the wheels off the limo that Logan used as his financial means. They were shown to have struck first, and then murdered in multiple, gruesome ways. This display did not exactly instill a hopeful feeling inside of me. 

As the movie progressed, my worries both mounted and withdrew. The arrival of the always amazing Elizabeth Rodriguez quelled some of them. She presented the young character we know as Laura Kinney, introducing her as her daughter. 

The truth was not far off. Laura Kinney was a product of both Logan and an unnamed, unidentified Mexican woman. Rodriguez’s character, Gabriella, described the process of young Mexican girls who were used as wombs for these genetically altered children who disappeared after birth, never seen again. 

Gabriella spoke of the United State’s intervention at the hospital in which she worked as a nurse. She spoke of how they were to raise these mutant children as child soldiers. I had heard the same story from my Father when he spoke of his time fighting in the Nicaraguan Civil War. Children raised without names, treated as inhuman and used as weapons. 

Gabriella described how the Mexican nurses were thought of as dumb, and when they were told to kill the children after a better weapon was manufactured, how they all risked their lives to save those kids and give them a chance of survival. This sacrifice ultimately led to Gabriella’s demise. 

When asked about the casting of Laura, director James Mangold stated he wanted,  “someone who was bilingual because I wanted a Latina kid – one who was between 10 and 12, and was a credible child.“ 

Mangold certainly got a bilingual, talented child. Dafne Keen’s portrayal of a young Laura Kinney was a thing of beauty. I found myself wanting to lay my life down for this child. 

The one thing she was not, however, was a Latina. Dafne Keen is the 11 year old (at the time of filming, even though her date of birth has never been confirmed) daughter of British actor, Will Keen, and Spanish actress, Maria Fernandez Ache. 

Most people agree that Latin America encompenses every country from Mexico to the bottom of South America, along with the countries in the Caribbean. Latin America has had a long history of destabilization within its own nations, along with violence and high mortality rates. Most of these things can be directly linked to the United State’s involvement and the colonization that natives have faced from European countries. 

With this knowledge, along with the knowledge that the factors of Laura’s birth (a young mother who may or may not have consented to a pregnancy, that young mother implied to have been murdered, the creation of child soldiers, the dehumanization of children of color), one needs to wonder why an English-Spanish actress was chosen as the main representation. 

The rest of Logan’s cast proved that there are absolutely no shortage of Latinx actors- from the half dozen Cholos that Logan murdered, to the Spanish speaking extras cast as police officers, to the other mutant children who were later revealed to be alive. One might also find it suspicious when the characters described as “cholos” were all dark skinned, and the ones dressed as cops and under the control of the United States government were light skinned. 

Whitewashing is whitewashing, no matter what language your actor may speak, and no matter what race/ethnicity they portray. Do not give Logan the gold star it does not deserve, not when it takes our pain and spits in our face. Also, however, do not be angry at the child who portrayed Laura- I am sure that this decision was out of her control.  

Logan, while well written and entirely engaging, still disappointed me in more ways than one. This is not representation for me, nor my family. This is not representation for all the young Latinas trying to find their place in the world. This is not us. \

[EDIT: I have been informed that Brazil is not at the bottom of South America as I have previously assumed. I apologize for any misconceptions which may have come from this; all of South America is part of Latin America.]

Sherlock's Valentine's Day Challenge #13

“I hate Valentine’s Day!”

Sherlock x Reader

Side Notes: I had rehearsal yesterday and didn’t get to writing this but I really wanted to! So, this will be a prelude to Valentine’s Day Challenge #14 to end it all off! Enjoy!!

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You threw your bag onto the ground, collapsing into the couch beside the wall and threw your arm over your eyes.

“Oh my god, that was disgusting!” You exclaimed.

Going out to find something to eat for you and John while Sherlock was on a case, you encountered multiple displays of public affection - to your absolute dismay and horror.

John’s eyes glanced at you over his newspaper before clearing his throat. “What’s up with you?”

You groaned.

Valentine’s Day, that’s what! Does it just instantly make them all feel entitled to eat each other’s faces, in the middle of the streets?” Rolling over, you turned to hide your face into the couch cushions. “It’s just like any other day.”

You heard John chuckle and sat up abruptly to glare at him.

“What? Why are you laughing?”

“You didn’t say that last Valentine’s.”

“Yes, John, well I at least had someone to share it with back then! Until he,” You cleared your throat and your voice lowered, “Broke up with me on Valentine’s Day…”

The man sitting adjacent to you dropped his newspaper and tried to hide his smile with his hands, before letting out an obnoxious laugh.

“S-sorry!” John said in between laughs.

Hey! It’s not funny!”

“No, no! Of c-course not. I’m l-laughing about something e-else.” John replied, before bursting out in laughter once again.

You crossed your arms and stared at him, muttering about the blabbering idiot before you. Standing up to leave the room and grabbing your bag in the process, you felt John’s hand taking a hold of your wrist. Looking at him with a glare, you tipped your head in question at his suddenly serious expression.

“I’m sorry, I just…” John paused. “Don’t you know why he broke up with you?”

You shook your head.

“Sherlock and I didn’t want to tell you because we knew the affect it would have on you. However, I think you deserve to know so…” John looked up at you through his eyes and coughed, then looked out to the side quickly. Gazing back at you, he continued. “Michael was cheating on you with -”

“With precisely five other women.”

You whipped around to face Sherlock in shock, who you hadn’t noticed had walked up the stairs into the flat.

“What the hell? Since when?”

Sherlock furrowed his brow at you and stated what he believed to be the obvious. 

“The day you started dating, of course.”

You couldn’t think of anything to say and now you stood there like a blabbering idiot. They had known all this for a year, and they never hesitated to hide it from you? You had thought the three of you had a stronger relationship, but it now seemed you were wrong. 

“W-What… John,” Tears sprung to your eyes, “You were just laughing at me because of it.”

He began shaking his head furiously when you turned sharply to walk into Sherlock’s room, where you knew you would be able to calm down. As the door slammed shut behind you, words spun out of your mouth like a child and you couldn’t control it.

“I hate Valentine’s Day!”

Face thrown into Sherlock’s pillow, the muffled sound of deep voices outside the door stopped you from falling asleep in the comfort of his bed. The material was soaked with tears causing you to roll over away from it. You could now clearly hear what John and Sherlock were arguing about.

“Why aren’t you going in there? You’re the one who made her upset.”

“Sherlock, this is your room. If anything, you should enter. Besides I’m not the one who told her it was five women without thinking.”

The detective scoffed. “Oh please, I wasn’t thinking? I’m Sherlock Holmes, I know what I’m doing.”

“Then go in there, for God’s sake!” John grumbled. 

Muttering continued and you threw the sheets away, fed up. Grabbing the doorknob and twisting it, the door opened forcefully to slam into the wall. You met the widened eyes of both men.

“Will you shut up! I can hear every word you say.” Out of the corner of your eye, John swallowed. The three of you stood there for a few minutes as you stared them down.

Pointing to John, you continued. “You. Come in here, we need to talk. And you,” Sherlock stared at you with quizzical eyes, “Go… lay on the couch or something.” 

Closing the door behind him, John turned around to face you with your arms crossed. 


The man cautiously walked to the bed and placed himself down, hands on his knees. Looking up towards you, he let himself smile lightly.

“You don’t realize, do you?” John received a questioning stare back. “You said you had no one to share today with. Then I recalled this morning, while you were asleep, and I laughed - you two are so similar, you even say the same things.”

Your arms came unfolded and rested at your side, before you clasped your hands together and squeezed. 

“I still don’t understand…”

John chuckled once again. “Y/N, you are just as oblivious to your feelings as a sociopath is.” 

Part 2

A Robe By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

A missing scene from the night Ed tells Oswald he’d do anything for him. However did Oswald end up wearing that robe again the following morning?

“You can always count on me,” Ed says. Oswald folds him into an embrace.

“Thank you,” he says, and he can’t stop smiling. The hug is long, and tender. Ed hooks his chin over Oswald’s shoulder and he marvels at how well they fit together, the outcome unexpected but welcome. He doesn’t want to let go, pulling Ed tighter to him, fingers digging into the robe.

Ed coughs, and Oswald jerks back. “I’m sorry, please, you should finish the tea.”

Ed picks up the cup and takes a small sip, “That was nice. And so is the tea.”

Oswald laughs, ducking his head and blushing. “I never pegged you for a hugger.”

“I don’t tend to think of you in that way, either,” Ed replies impishly, peering at him over the lip of the cup.

“Well, there’s more where that came from,” Oswald jokes, running a hand across Ed’s shoulders. He slots Ed under his arm, holding onto his right shoulder and keeping them pressed together while Ed finishes his tea. There’s a small smile on his face, letting Oswald know the gesture is not unwelcome.

“Did your mother hug you often?” Ed asks quietly. Oswald is startled by the question, but mostly he feels a little nostalgic.

“She did. They were very comforting… I miss her every day.” Ed nods.

“You give very good hugs,” he says, “You must have learned that from her.” Oswald feels something warm in his chest at the idea that his mother has somehow passed that skill onto him; it makes him feel closer to her, to her memory.

“Thank you,” he says instead, squeezing Ed’s shoulder. “You should probably get some rest, it’s been a long night.”

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Every episode of season two of Legends seems to have at least one (usually more) joke about Mick's intelligence or usefulness. This didn't happen nearly as often in season one. Each character has done it now, even the genuinely good and kind ones you wouldn't expect this from like Jax, Ray, and Nate. It's not like Mick has been incompetent. He was useful with Washington and in the last episode. Do you think this is leading up to something for when Len returns? Or is it all just comic relief?

No, season 1 was really different. Ray had issues with Mick’s morality but wasn’t so likely disparage his (anyone’s) intellect. Martin was always a dick to everyone in his own special way, but didn’t call Mick an idiot really, certainly not so often or bluntly. Sara had no issue with Mick, it seemed. Jax was always chill with him, barring the whole ‘criminal’ thing. The only one who really put him down as ‘thick’ or ‘IQ of meat’ was Rip, in S1. And even then, Rip would agree with him when he had points (like about Druce wanting to kill Rip in that forest) and defer to Mick’s better judgement without making a huge production of it.

S2, like you said, obviously different. Literally everyone has made comments, or multiple. He keeps displaying an amazing amount of competence and keeps getting shit on for it. From finding them all through history (with Nate, of course, but Mick did the piloting), to defeating a bunch of ninjas single-handedly to actually building rapport with the enemy of the week in the old west (they could have used that instead of starting a brawl omg), to saving Washington (and the United States in the process) to coming up with plans to taking charge and owning it in the Capone era to taking out an entire army in Camelot 3000 with just his mind

Mick kicks ass. 

He’s literally never been incompetent in any way, shape, or form on the team. I’ve been pointing out since season 1 that he’s probably the most skilled of them all (barring maybe Rip) in terms of what their journey demands (here’s a decent overview with in-line links to other posts all about Mick’s skill and intellect).

So… ugh. I’ve complained about it a lot, how the team seems to be incapable of recognizing and respecting that. I won’t link the posts – they’re plentiful though, in my Mick Rory tag.

But I do think you might have a point. It’s been something I’m pondering. 

At first I thought they were creating a split-team rift. I thought they were going to have Ray and Mick get close, him get close to Amaya too, but maybe feel more distant from Sara (and Rip, upon return) and maybe Martin too? So that when Len showed back up, Mick was going to have this tension between the members of the team he wanted to protect vs. those he didn’t feel so close with, so that going with Len was a real, genuine dilemma for him. So I didn’t think the comments would really take off with the whole team.

But then they did and now… well, my honest suspicion? They changed the story starting after 2x04. My best guess is that Mick won’t be around next season (Dominic Purcell is vocal on social media about disliking Vancouver and missing his family) and so they realized that the stories they were building with him couldn’t be carried forward. So they swapped major parts of those stories (closeness and budding romance with Amaya, close friendship/partnership with Ray) over to Nate instead (which I argue doesn’t work as well for character dynamics but w/e). I can’t say this is really the case, obviously, but it feels that way if you look at what they were building and then how it started to change and what abruptly got dropped or added.

As a consequence of that, they decided that Mick’s dilemma isn’t going to be so tough after all. He’s going to be crapped on by the team a lot and eventually start to show that he’s getting fed up with it, instead of taking it so much in stride (look at how he stood up to Sara’s orders in Camelot, basically ready to throw down, or how he bent Ray’s arm for poking him about crumbs, compared to how he didn’t mind Rip complaining about his stealing stuff in France in 2x01). So then the dilemma of going along with Len wouldn’t seem like such a difficult decision. He’s going to go with Len, hands down. He’s under-appreciated by the team and he’s going to peace out. 

Wishful thinking version? The team is going to realize they’ve made a grave mistake and end up in a dire situation and Mick’s going to cave enough to help save the day, and then he’s going to be done for good with the Legends and return to Central City with Len. In a perfect world, they’re then going to use some of the knowledge and skills (and allies, like Reverse Flash) they’ve gained in order to really start the Rogues. The Rogues become a major part of Flash season 4. My crops are watered and my skin is clear.

I mean, it’s a little far-fetched but that’s how I would write it, personally.

More realistically, they’re still going to show some serious dilemma for Mick and the team aren’t ever going to be properly reprimanded or remorseful over the shitty way they’ve treated Mick, and the writers are doing it at least a little for the sake of humor, because a lot of those lines have seemed like they’re trying to be comedic (unlike Rip and Mick’s blowout with the pirates), even if they fall totally flat.

But eh. At least for one moment, someone recognized his value.

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anyway if you’re an artist looking to display your paintings somewhere, always look for places that are displaying art by local artists. usually that’s cafes and coffee shops. idk about book stores, but at least some public libraries offer to display art or collections.

it’s a great way to get your work seen without having to go to the trouble of all the work and cost of a gallery showing. it’s also usually a lot cheaper, i haven’t noticed any application costs in my own scouting, but shops displaying your work might want a percentage commission from your sales if you’re also selling through them.

i’ve seen plenty of other artists do this and have some success, so it’s worth at least trying.

and if nothing else, remember: the worth of an art piece goes up the more it is seen. having your work displayed where people will look at it will add to its value. if it doesn’t sell right away in one place, display it in another and you can even raise the price.

because on the one hand, if someone really wants it and notices you’ve raised the price? they might decide to buy it before it gets pricier. on the other, people weirdly give more respect to work with a higher price tag. especially when it’s been displayed long enough for people to see it. consider that motivation to not undersell yourself.

bonus: it’s all local so you don’t have to worry about shipping anything.

After they returned home, Michelle Obama waited until the house grew quiet. Checking over her shoulder, she presses a hidden button in her study. A secret passageway opens up, revealing a pole descending down into the underground. Sliding down, she lands firmly on her feet, multiple displays lighting up with the number “11″ displayed on the screen.

She smiles. With her job as the first lady complete, she’s now ready to take on her position as Hero 11.

Asking for a patient to draw an Archimedean spiral is a way of quantifying human tremor; this information helps in diagnosing neurological diseases. Archimedean spirals are also used in digital light processing (DLP) projection systems to minimize the “rainbow effect”, making it look as if multiple colors are displayed at the same time, when in reality red, green, and blue are being cycled extremely quickly. Additionally, Archimedean spirals are used in food microbiology to quantify bacterial concentration through a spiral platter. They are also used to model the pattern that occurs in a roll of paper or tape of constant thickness wrapped around a cylinder.


Behind the scenes of The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords (Part Two)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s coverage of the filming for DWM issue #385

It’s Thursday 8 March.  DWM is standing in a slate quarry, near Merthyr Tydfil, in the Welsh valleys.  It takes a special kind of stupid not to be wearing a coat.  In DWM’s defense, we didn’t realize quite how high up and exposed Vaynor Quarry would be. […]

In the quarry, John and David are fighting over a watch (with which the Master can self-destruct his entire fleet of ships, and destroy the world, and what’s the betting it can display multiple time zones and is waterproof up to 200 metres?), above a steep drop.  It’s a long way down, and there’s sod all at the bottom bar slate.  “I know everyone will start shouting if I go too near the edge,” says David, “but I’m just compelled.”

“I’ll do it!” threatens the Master.

“Weapon after weapon after weapon,” chides the Doctor, “and all you do is talk and talk and –”

He is interrupted by the faint, dainty melodies of an ice cream van chiming away in the distance.  “I don’t believe it,” laughs John, as the take is abandoned.  “We’re in the middle of nowhere, and the Benny Hill theme is running in the background!”

“I’m surprised,” adds David, “they have ice cream at this time of year.”

“Well, it is Wales.”

Back in Vaynor Quarry, John Simm has filmed his final scene for today.  “When’s the funeral?” he asks.

“Tonight,” David answers.  “We’re waiting for you to leave, then we’re burning your effigy.”

“The death of Vader!” chuckles John.  “Doesn’t the Doctor push me out to sea?”

“No, that was in the old script.”

“Can we have Light My Fire playing then?” asks John.  “Try now we can only lose / And our love become a funeral pyre…”

That night, things hot up.  Oh yes!  A pyre is set alight by the special effects boys, and David is handed a burning torch.  “I’m worried about the sparks,” he says, before the take.  “If someone sees my coat go up, just shout.”

The parts are available here: [ 1 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]
Other behind-the-scenes photosets are available here

fr though if u want good a good story that treats abuse victims well read wings of fire like

-in the 1st arc five abuse victims (the protags) literally stop a war & are the heroes. they all have diff symptoms and ways they cope with their abuse and all well written

-one of them becomes a fucking queen and does not forgive her abusers and is not challenged or scorned for it

-bpd coded abuse victim with violent symptoms gets an entire fucking book dedicated to her recovery (sideeyes warriors)

-abuse victim kills his abuser and its made very clear in the book all the justified reasons for doing so

- book series as a whole generally displays multiple abuse victims with, again, an amazing variety of resulting symptoms (anxiety, ocd, bpd, depression, over empathy, lack of empathy, discomfort at physical touch, self loathing/doubt, maladaptive daydreaming, dependency, isolation, the list really goes on)

-it also shows abuse victims who recycle abusive symptoms/become abusers and doesnt excuse or justify their actions bc they were abused

seriously wings of fire is a rlly good book series abt dragons that includes gr8 narratives abt abuse give it a read 👍🏻

Demystifying the DSM-V: ADHD

This is one of the more commonly known mental disorders, but I’m covering it anyways because reasons.

To start with, a character with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) needs to show a fairly consistent pattern of being inattentive and/or being hyperactive / impulsive.  This pattern must negatively impact the character’s life in some way.

There are two groups of symptoms that a character with ADHD can be described with.  To have this diagnosis, they need to show 6 or more symptoms in the inattention category, or 6+ symptoms in hyperactivity / impulsivity category.  These symptoms need have lasted 6 or more months, and are inconsistent with the character’s age and directly have a negative effect on their lives.


  1. Doesn’t pay attention to details OR makes careless mistakes
  2. Can’t keep their attention on a certain task
  3. Doesn’t seem to listen when spoken to directly
  4. Doesn’t follow through on instructions and fails to finish tasks (especially chores)
  5. Has difficulty organizing activities or tasks
  6. Avoids / dislikes tasks that require concentrating
  7. Frequently loses things required for tasks
  8. Is easily distracted
  9. Is forgetful in daily activities

Hyperactivity / Impulsivity:

  1. Frequently fidgets, or taps hands or feet, or squirms
  2. Doesn’t sit still or leaves their seat when they’re expected to stay seated
  3. Runs about or climbs when not appropriate
  4. Can’t play quietly
  5. Always on the go, as if driven by a motor
  6. Often talks excessively
  7. Frequently blurts out an answer before a question is finished
  8. Has difficulty waiting their turn
  9. Interrupts others

At least some of these symptoms have to have been present before age 12, and some symptoms have to be displayed in multiple settings (eg, school, home, work, etc.).  These symptoms have to CLEARLY interfere with daily functioning.

These symptoms are not a result of Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or being unable to listen or understand instructions, etc.

There are a couple of ‘secondary symptoms’ that are associated with this disorder, but aren’t required for a diagnosis.

  • Reduced school performance
  • Social rejection
  • Poor occupational performance
  • Etc.

Couple of side notes - ADD as a diagnosis no longer exists.  Instead, the character should use the specifier related to Inattention.

Also, a fun thing - ADHD is treated much of the time with stimulants.  Seems counter-intuitive, right?  You’d think giving someone who’s hyperactive something to make them MORE energetic would be a bad idea.  But stimulants actually ‘wake up’ the areas of the brain that can pay attention to things, so they’re extremely helpful to people with ADHD.

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May a fluffy scenario with Kuroo+Oikawa+Kenma+Akaashi and a male s/o? ❤ your blog!! You are soooooo amazing😍😍

[I love me some fluff~ <3] -Loreli

KUROO | Even though Kuroo’s arm was wrapped protectively around his shoulder, (y/n) still flinched whenever there was a jump scare. He was nervous when Kuroo suggested that they watch a horror movie, but decided to give it a try. Besides, it’s a good excuse for him to snuggle up closer to his strong boyfriend. 

In the movie, there was a little girl in a white dress standing at the end of a long hallway.

“Don’t do it, don’t you fucking do it.” (y/n) half mumbled to himself.  

The girl sprinted towards the screen as a loud chord played to increase the scare factor. (y/n) let out a shriek as he unintentionally flinched and pressed closer against Kuroo. Kuroo chuckled softly.

“We don’t have to watch this if it’s too scary for you,” Kuroo teased, tracing his fingers up and down (y/n)’s back. 

“Pffft,” (y/n) scoffed, “I’m not scared.”

The two fell into a comfortable silence as they both continued to watch the movie.  The background music had stopped playing, and the scene fell painfully quiet. Kuroo, a frequent watcher of horror movies, knew that this meant a jump scare was coming. He smirked. He lifted his had off of (y/n)’s back, and rested it along the top of the couch they were sitting on. He waited. Just a little longer… aaaand… His hand quickly came down to grab (y/n)’s shoulder.

“Boo!” Kuroo exclaimed.

“Aaah!!” (y/n) shrieked, but his scared expression quickly became annoyed. “Kuroo, you’re an ass!” (y/n) playfully punched Kuroo’s chest, unable to hold back his laughter as his rush of adrenaline slowly began to subside.  

(y/n)’s eyes locked with Kuroo’s. It wasn’t intentional, but there was something in Kuroo’s gaze that made his heart begin to flutter. 

Without even hesitating, Kuroo put his hand on the back of (y/n)’s head and pulled him into a kiss. It was a powerful kiss yet still sensual.  Kuroo’s lips captured his possessively, not wanting to break the kiss no matter what. But it was slow and gentle. There was no tongue at all, but it was still breathtaking. When Kuroo broke away, (y/n) couldn’t help but smile at him.  

OIKAWA | “(y/n)-chan! What about those?” Oikawa pointed to the stores display. Christmas was coming, and boy was it obvious.  The display had multiple mannequins wearing the ugliest sweaters (y/n) had ever seen. He let out a laugh as he looked back at Oikawa. 

“You’re joking right?” (y/n) asked.

“I’m serious!” Oikawa answered with a smile.

“Tooru,” (y/n) was dumbfounded, “those are the ugliest sweaters I have ever seen.”

“That’s the point!” Oikawa insisted. “The sweaters are supposed to be so ugly that it’s funny!” 

“That’s impossible,” (y/n) stated.

“What?” Oikawa was confused, “It’s a thing! I’m telling the truth!”

“But it’s impossible,” (y/n) insisted.

“What are you talking about?” Oikawa was completely lost.

“Nothing looks ugly on you,” (y/n) stated, “you’re too gorgeous.”

Oikawa opened his mouth to protest, but his cheeks instantly got hot with blush. He grumbled under his breath as (y/n) takes his hand. He places a gentle kiss on Tooru’s cheek before leading him into the store.

KENMA | “Hey Kenma,” (y/n) peeked his head into the living room where Kenma was playing some video game, “do you wanna go get some lunch?”

Kenma didn’t even look up from the game. It seemed as though he didn’t even hear (y/n).

“Yo! Kenma!” (y/n) tried again to get his attention.


(Y/n) let out of huff of air out of frustration. He was going to have to try something different.

(Y/n) walked over to where Kenma was on the floor, and sat directly behind him, his legs resting comfortably on either side of Kenma’s. Kenma flinched when he saw movement in his peripheral vision, but when he realized it was (y/n), he immediately relaxed again.  (Y/n) snaked his arms around Kenma’s torso and rested his head on his shoulder. Kenma smiled. (Y/n) nuzzled into Kenma’s neck, kissing his skin here and there. Kenma began to laugh as his face got red with blush.

“What (y/n)? What is it?” Kenma asked between giggles.

“What *kiss* do you want *kiss* for lunch? *kiss*” (Y/n) said between kisses.

“How about we order take out?” Kenma suggested.  (Y/n) didn’t really feel like going anywhere either, so take out sounded like a plan.

“Cool,” (y/n) kissed Kenma’s neck one last time before standing up, “I’ll call now.” 

(Y/n) walked back into the kitchen to grab the phone, but he paused before punching in the number.

“What do you wanna get?” (Y/n) asked, looked back into the living room at Kenma. 

Kenma didn’t reply.

AKAASHI | “What?” Akaashi asked (y/n), bringing his coffee to his mouth to take a sip, “What is it?”  (y/n) shrugged.

“Nothing” (y/n) stated, but the smile on his lips betrayed him. 

“You’re thinking something,” Akaashi insisted, placing his coffee down on the small table that was between them. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” (Y/n) rested his chin in the palm of his hand as he continued to just look at Akaashi. Akaashi tried to keep his gaze, but he felt his cheeks get hot under the intensity of (y/n)’s stare. Akaashi looked away, searching for something out the window to look at instead. 

Akaashi couldn’t help but glance at (y/n) to see if he was still staring. He was. Akaashi snapped his gaze back out the window. 

“I love you, you know that right?” (y/n) said casually, as if they weren’t seated in a quiet cafe. Akaashi’s eyes widened in surprise before frantically looking around the coffee shop to see if anyone had heard him. He turned back towards (y/n).

“What is with you today?” Akaashi asked, his voice slightly hushed. “You’re acting so strange.” (Y/n) shrugged again, lifting his coffee up to his lips. 

“I have a question for you,” (y/n) said, “What’s it like being so perfect?” Akaashi rolled his eyes but his cheeks blushed none the less.

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mairon at the end of the akallabeth + E6

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i gave up halfway thru

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To the mod mun, I'm going to create an ask blog for a fem Mikitaka. I'm curious of how to display multiple ask's. Like how to show the picture of the multiple asks or the group of ask's. How does one do that? It also goes to the single asks too. Actually, what is the whole editing process of an ask blog? Thanks ~❤ Nina

Oh cool!

I just take screenshots of em and put them together. not sure if there is another way to do it.-destiny

Same team, right?

((I’d like to thank @b-e-m-l-t and @heychief for permission to write in their characters Reggie and Miles! Always a pleasure to be able to play with other folks’ awesome characters.))

The briefing room aboard the Nexus was dark and quiet in the finest tradition of such spaces for humans and salarians. For Sergeant Augustine Pilum she couldn’t help but find it a little bit oppressive; Turians preferred wider spaces, with multiple displays to ensure that all soldiers were aware of their objectives, with one commander at the front. Here it was a holotable in the middle of the room, with the members of APEX Team Illium clustered round, peering at a holo of yet another cluster of the omnipresent Remnant ruins.

The LT—Marc Robyn—was in the center, sunken eyes flicking from one team member to another. “So now that the vault on Eos is up and online, it’s on APEX to find out whether they left any other goodies for us to use. Command’s located this ruin out in the Presson Dunes, past the Kett’s mining operations. It’s bigger than ones we’ve seen so far on-world, so our job’s to go in and recce the site. Questions?”

Preena T’Drogo, the team’s asari biotic, leaned in to regard the display with a wary eye. “It’s just that? Surface-level stuff? The Pathfinder’s reports talked about a lotta crap underground…”

“We’ll be diving, make no mistake,” said Groeh the salarian, absent-mindedly fiddling with his armor. Ever since Stine had given him a stern talking to before the drop on Voeld he’d been consumed by making sure his kit was in good working order. “Remnant keep all their good stuff underground.”

That didn’t seem to reassure T’Drogo. “Diving into a Remnant ruin? Just the five of us? If they want us to go underground—”

“—if they do, we’ll be ready.” Robyn’s words were soft as always, but they deflated the tension like a needle. Even as obviously haunted by his memories as he was (to Stine at least), he still knew how to be an officer. “Draw heat sinks for your weapons, use the extra space from the thermal clips for rations and water. Moise, make sure you got a repeater for your comm gear.”

Moise Kapend, dark features inscrutable as always, simply settled for a nod. He was probably the one team member who Stine couldn’t make heads or tails of; the man had rarely spoken off the battlefield, and yet he was the one who had come up with the post-mission ritual of distributing chocolate to his teammates. Brown eyes settled on Stine for a moment, then looked back to the map.

Robyn was looking at Stine; time to do the Sergeant thing. She and the LT were the only ex-soldiers on the team, but as the leadership they’d chosen to run Team Illium a bit more among military lines than others. “Proper prep’ll be critical on this one, people, can’t scrap the Remnant if you’re wearing scrap. Check each other’s kit over, then I’ll look you over two hours before we board the shuttle. Remember—old-school heatsinks, replace your thermals with food and water. LT, we forgetting anything?”

The Lieutenant shook his head. “Dismissed, people.”

There were no salutes—even Illium wasn’t quite that strack—but the team managed respectful gestures before taking their leave. Stine was halfway to the door when she heard the LT behind her.

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Fear of ventriloquist’s dummies is called automatonophobia. It also includes fear of wax dummies or animatronic creatures.

History of Ventriloquism

Originally, ventriloquism was a religious practice. The name comes from the Latin for to speak from the stomach, i.e. venter (belly) and loqui (speak).The Greeks called this gastromancy (Greek: εγγαστριμυθία). The noises produced by the stomach were thought to be the voices of the unliving, who took up residence in the stomach of the ventriloquist. The ventriloquist would then interpret the sounds, as they were thought to be able to speak to the dead, as well as foretell the future. One of the earliest recorded group of prophets to utilise this technique was the Pythia, the priestess at the temple of Apollo in Delphi, who acted as the conduit for the Delphic Oracle.

In the First Book of Samuel in the Hebrew Bible, King Saul (who lived in the middle of the 11th century BCE) seeks advice about a coming battle from the Witch of Endor, who supposedly summons a spirit. The Hebrew text can be translated as a voice speaking from a jug, or wineskin, typically ventriloquism. One of the most successful early gastromancers was Eurykles, a prophet at Athens; gastromancers came to be referred to as Euryklides in his honour. The New Testament (Acts 16:16-18) relates the story of a girl who had a “spirit of Python” (ἔχουσαν πνεῦμα πύθωνα) and followed Paul and his companions around the city of Thyatrira, crying out after them.

In the Middle Ages, it was thought to be similar to witchcraft. As Spiritualism led to stage magic and escapology, so ventriloquism became more of a performance art as, starting around the 19th century, it shed its mystical trappings.
Other parts of the world also have a tradition of ventriloquism for ritual or religious purposes; historically there have been adepts of this practice among the Zulu, Inuit, and Maori peoples.

Emergence of ventriloquism as entertainment

The shift from ventriloquism as manifestation of spiritual forces toward ventriloquism as entertainment happened in the eighteenth century at the travelling fairs and market towns. The earliest recorded ventriloquists date back to as early as 1753 in England, where Sir John Parnell is depicted in an engraving of William Hogarth as speaking via his hand. In 1757, the Austrian Baron de Mengen implemented a small doll into his performance.

By the late 18th century, ventriloquist performances were an established form of entertainment in England, although most performers threw their voice to make it appeared that it emanated from far away, rather than the modern method of using a puppet. A well known ventriloquist of the period, Joseph Askins, who performed at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London in the 1790s advertised his act as “curious ad libitum Dialogues between himself and his invisible familiar, Little Tommy”. However, other performers were beginning to incorporate dolls or puppets into their performance, notably the Irishman James Burne who “… carries in his pocket, an ill-shaped doll, with a broad face, which he exhibits … as giving utterance to his own childish jargon,” and Thomas Garbutt.

The entertainment came of age during the era of the music hall in the United Kingdom and vaudeville in the United States. George Sutton began to incorporate a puppet act into his routine at Nottingham in the 1830s, but it is Fred Russell who is regarded as the father of modern ventriloquism. In 1886, he was offered a professional engagement at the Palace Theatre in London and took up his stage career permanently. His act, based on the cheeky-boy dummy “Coster Joe” that would sit in his lap and ‘engage in a dialogue’ with him was highly influential for the entertainment format and was adopted by the next generation of performers. (A blue plaque has been embedded in a former residence of Russell by the British Heritage Society which reads 'Fred Russell the father of ventriloquism lived here’).

Fred Russell’s successful comedy team format was applied by the next generation of ventriloquists. It was taken forward by the British Arthur Prince with his dummy Sailor Jim, who became one of the highest paid entertainers on the music hall circuit, and by the Americans The Great Lester who used only figure, Frank Byron, Jr., and Edgar Bergen. Bergen popularised the idea of the comedic ventriloquist.[citation needed] Bergen, together with his favourite figure, Charlie McCarthy, hosted a radio program that was broadcast from 1937 to 1956. It was the #1 program on the nights it aired. Bergen continued performing until his death in 1978, and his popularity inspired many other famous ventriloquists who followed him, including Paul Winchell, Jimmy Nelson, David Strassman, Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator, Shari Lewis, Willie Tyler and Jay Johnson. Another ventriloquist popular in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s was Señor Wences.

The art of ventriloquism was popularised by Y. K. Padhye in North India and Mr M M Roy in South India, who are believed to be the pioneers of this field in India. Mr Y K Padhye’s son Ramdas Padhye took from him and made the art popular amongst the masses through his performance on television. His son Satyajit Padhye continues to carry on the legacy of his grandfather. Similarly, Mr Venky Monkey, Mr Mimicry Srinivos and Mr Shanthakumar, the students of Mr M M Roy, popularize this art by giving shows in India and abroad.

Ventriloquism’s popularity waned for a while, probably because of modern media’s electronic ability to convey the illusion of voice, the natural special effect that is the heart of ventriloquism. A number of modern ventriloquists have developed a following as the public taste for live comedy grows. In 2001, Angelique Monét performed on Theater Rowher one-woman off-Broadway show Multiple Me(Written by Edgar Chisholm) where she portrayed several personalities using multiple dummies to display the shifts. In 2007, Zillah & Totte won the first season of Sweden’s Got Talent and became one of Sweden’s most popular family/children entertainers.

Source Wikipedia

Day 2: Mercedes-Benz Museum & Arena

Prompt 1: As you explore Stuttgart, find one example of each type of public communication of science or technology: ART, GOVERNMENT, and ADVERTISING public communication. For each, describe who you think is the public (audience). Be specific! Also describe what is being communicated: Are they being urged to take action? Think about something? Have a certain belief?

Today we visited the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, and learned about the history of the company, the brand, and how they used their technological advances to rise to the top of the car industry. Throughout the tour of this museum, there were multiple displays of technology and science, demonstrated through the public communication channels of art, government propaganda, and advertising.


The overall circular design of the museum allowed the viewers of each exhibit to be thinking in terms of evolution. As you went around each level of the museum, you traveled further in time and were able to see the progression of the technology behind Mercedes-Benz. The public, which in this case is defined as the visitors to the museum, is almost forced to think about Mercedes as a progressive company, due to the evolutionary design of each floor and exhibit. The public is also encouraged to view Mercedes as both a luxury brand and a commercial brand. Certain aspects of the design, such as a beautiful glass light structure, cause the public to view Mercedes technology as a luxury. Other design features, such as a more plain room design for the commercial vehicles, cause the public to think more commercially.


At the Mercedes-Benz Museum, there was an exhibit that displayed several government-issued emergency technologies, such as a telephone and a fire alarm (or as the Germans say »telefon und feuermelder«). The government presents these technologies in a way that will make them easy to use and understand. The fire alarm is bright red, making it very visible and associated with fire. The telephone has “SOS” written in large letters, as well as »NOTRUF« which translates to “emergency call”. The public, which would be any citizens who viewed these emergency technologies out on the street, is being encouraged to call for help or stay away from a fire. 


The Mercedes-Benz Museum as a whole is a giant advertisement for the company. Before even entering the building, you see the giant logo displayed on the top of the building. Once inside, the logo is never far away. Almost everywhere you look, you will find that elegant, silver, circular logo we have all come to know. By using this form of advertising along with the explanation of Mercedes technology features, such as high-power engines and spectacular safety features, the public is encouraged to associate the Mercedes brand with high-quality products. The intended audience for this advertising is the visitors to the museum, but more specifically the people of Stuttgart.


💻📚✏️ #Productive study corner set up tip : if you have a MacBook you can set up a dual screen / multiple desktop display! i had set up mine in a way that allows me to drag windows and tabs and it will show up on my tv screen, which is to the left :) it works really intuitively!  

what you need: MacBook and a HDMI cable (I’m using a brand called Belkin but any would work fine) 


✅display your research information on the larger screen while you continue typing your essay on your laptop 

 ✅ no need to cycle between Internet browser tabs when you’re doing research and typing out an essay! 

 ✅ can be used as a giant clock to keep your time scheduling in check  


how to set up (refer to screenshot) : 

⭕️go to systems preferences  

⭕️click on display 

⭕️click on arrangement 

 if anyone gives this a shot : let me know how it goes! questions? just message me :)