multiple directions


pairing: taegi | reader

genre: smut + polyamory with taegi

word count: 2,738

request: oral with yoongi + taehyung 

description: Finals week has you stressed, so your boyfriends decide to help you out. 


“You need to relax,” One set of words whispered against the shell of your ear, the harsh husk of his voice sending a violent thudding straight through the center of your chest. You turned to face the devilish curve of his feline lips, perfectly paired with darkened eyes that insinuated everything that he was thinking of in that moment. But you didn’t even have time to contemplate a response, a response that would have without a doubt been shaky and tortured, before a second set of words appeared.  

“Yeah, let us take care of you,” Was whispered in a deep timbre at the side of your neck, so low and lustful that it caused a string of delectable vibrations to scatter across your skin. You moved almost immediately at the sound of his voice, eyes catching the way his lips transformed into a boxy-smile.

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Senate leadership restricts reporter access in Capitol, as GOP writes health care bill in secret

  • An apparent last-minute rule change by Senate leadership caught Capitol Hill reporters off-guard on Tuesday, when they found themselves blocked from asking senators questions on camera in the hallways of the Capitol without explicit permission, according to multiple reports.
  • The new directive is a stark change from regular order in the Capitol, where credentialed reporters are traditionally given the same access to hallways and public spaces as Capitol Hill staff.
  • Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), chair of the Rules Committee that reportedly made the decision, denied that any rules had changed. Read more (6/13/17 1:45 PM)

So like, a few years ago, I was on this holiday in Wales.

And it was pretty nice, my family go there a lot, we stay in a caravan or sometimes like a little bed and breakfast and we just relax and have a nice time, like a week off from everything.

But this one year we were looking through this rack of leaflets about tourist destinations and we found this zoo, Folly Farm, which is really nice and you can see it at

And they had orangutans at the time, but they don’t any more, as you can see on the list of animals they have on their website. My brother likes orangutans a LOT.

So we thought yeah great let’s take a trip to see some animals because the only other zoo any of us have been to is the one in Chester which is fine but we’ve seen it all, we wanna see some new fresh animal friends.

The way there was fun, we took a coach with lots of Welsh families on a day trip and we made a few friends and we still keep in contact with the driver.

Then we got there and that’s when the problems started. My little brother, who was eleven at the time, ran off by himself almost immediately. We couldn’t find him and so we had to split up to search multiple directions like we were in scooby doo or something.

After a couple of minutes, I found him by the orangutans. But he wasn’t just looking at him. He was fucking IN THERE with them, just chilling. I didn’t want to get him in trouble by calling an attendant so I just had to go in there myself and try to get him out. I say try because it was almost impossible. According to him, the orangutans were his friends, and they didn’t like the zoo, and they just wanted to go on a day out themselves. I asked what the fuck he was talking about but before I could drag him out of the enclosure he had run away with one of the orangutans.

I gave chase, of course, but they were incredibly fast. He barreled through the entire zoo with the orangutan in tow, and made it all the way back to the coach. He dived on, and shouted at the driver to GO, GO, GO.

In all my life I’ve never seen something so ridiculous. The moment the driver actually listened, and pulled away, actually driving down the fucking road with a kid and an orangutan just because he was told to and I guess he thought he was being helpful- that was the silliest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

Thankfully, my stepdad saw it too, and a zoo employee ran over, red faced and panting and panicking. We got in the employee’s car and followed the coach. We wanted to call the police to help but none of us could get phone signal because, like, idk, large swathes of south Wales exist in a different era or dimension of time I guess.

We followed the coach for four hours. Across practically the entirety of Wales. All the way from Pembrokeshire to fucking Rhyl. From the south coast to the north. Honestly, if we’d just kept going it wouldn’t have taken us much longer to get home to Liverpool. We travelled so fucking far in chase of this orangutan, my brother and a recklessly helpful coach driver and every moment of the journey is burned into my mind forever.

This absurd journey finally resolved itself when we got to the white rose shopping centre in Rhyl. Apparently all the zoo animals are fitted with a tracking chip and as we approached Rhyl the zoo had finally managed to contact the police who pulled the coach over and sorted out the whole situation.

We weren’t even angry. Honestly, seeing my little brother again after all that time just made me laugh. We all did. Except the orangutan because I don’t think orangutans can laugh.

But, anyway, the resolution of the story is that folly farm can’t keep orangutans any more because of the lack of security around their enclosure. Nobody got in any legal trouble because the situation was so absurd nobody knew what to do. We left Wales together, and we reminisce on the story at least once a year. I’m just glad we left our mark, even if our legacy is totally bizarre and unbelievable.

Because the zoo, the police in North Wales and practically all of Pembrokeshire have a name for my brother and the coach driver now. A fitting nickname, one that truly captures the essence of what they did, and what they’ll always be remembered for.

They’re known as the Ape-Rhyl Fools.


Tfw you’re watching a video and you see Jungkook looking vaguely in Jimin’s direction and you think ‘haha, I bet he’s looking at Jimin’ but you can’t prove it because he’s not in the shot and then you watch another video and he’s staring directly at him and you just think, ‘oh’

Crystal and Stone Cuts

How Different Shapes Can Influence Energy Flow

By Rainy-Day-Witchcraft

This post a little spinoff from my “Explaining Crystal Healing” post, and describes how energy is directed throughout a stone based on the different, both cut and raw, shapes of gemstones. Enjoy ♡

  • Natural Point(s)⌇Best used when energy is meant to be concentrated and pointed in a specific direction. If a stone has more than one point, the energy will also tend to be directed in those multiple directions. Larger points make wonderful wands!
  • Grounded Point/Obelisk⌇Stronger version of the (natural) pointed stone, as the bottom of an obilisk-shaped crystal is flat, and allowing for a more grounded directional energy. Because these are meant to be placed standing and pointing upwards, they are best used when energy is needed to be pointed up from a flat surface.
  • Double-Terminated⌇Think of these cuts as having two poles, like the earth, moving energy in a elongated sphere around the crystal. Energy is taken in by each point and added to the ‘bubble’ of energy the crystal can work with.
  • Tumbled⌇Crystals and stones that have been tumbled (yet not quite into a perfect sphere) will have energy that softly emits in all directions, sometimes directionally varied if the stone is a little more abstractly shaped.
  • Natural/Raw⌇Energy flow with naturally shaped and formed stones, while being stronger than man-made stones, tends to be more sporadic than smoother or more even stones (unless, of course, the stone forms naturally with a smooth texture). Energy flow depends on the shape and texture of each mineral - Rough, cubed, pointed, etc.
  • Faceted/Multiple-Faced⌇Energy in and around faceted gemstones, such as those commonly used in jewelry, will be given off similarly to how a mirror or glass pane reflects/directs light; In this example, think of each face of the stone as glass, and energy as the light. This method of energy flow also applies to multiple-faced, non-pointed stones, such as some varieties of raw minerals that grow with cubed or edged faces.
  • Spherical⌇Crystal balls and spheres will give off energy in an evenly distributed way, as you expect a perfect sphere would. Spherical gemstones that are translucent and able to focus light (similarly to how a magnifying class can focus sunlight) can also direct energy in one direction if used in certain ways.
  • “Palm” Stone⌇Palm stones are similar to spherical stones in that they emit energy in a constant way, though these stones are more grounded. Because of their grounded nature and palm-like shape, these types of stones are ideal for emotional healing, grounding, or stress.
  • Worry Stone⌇Worry stones are created to, just as the name suggests, decrease or eliminate worry! These are made to work a bit differently than others; the piezoelectric energy of the stone is made to be given off as a trigger to physical touching or rubbing one’s thumb on the slightly concaved area of the stone. Besides metaphysical healing purposes, these are also made to give a person something do fiddle with in their hands to take the mind off worry.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people go “2D’s not an innocent baby!!” (which is true) and think the best way to counter that mischaracterization is by mischaracterizing him themselves, portraying him as an edgy, annoying, heartless douchebag. It’s so boring.

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Thank you for talking about your concerns re: Sony/Columbia and Rob Stringer. I thought I was the only one who felt sick to my stomach at the thought of the man who has been friends with Simon for years, and was head of the US label that helped to closet H & L, being the one to sign H. I don't know why people are excited, because the power dynamics are really messed up now, and there's no guarantee that the stunts are going to stop for L anytime soon. Trying to have hope, but it's hard. :(

It’s very hard, and you’re perfectly welcome, anon.

I thought I had posted about Rob Stringer in the fall, but all I can find is some articles I uploaded, so I’ll revisit now. Stringer has spent his career at Sony, he’s been running labels there since the early 90s, and his brother was a main exec and CEO of Sony Corp (not music) for quite some time. Stringer has headed Columbia since 2008, and he’s done extensive business with Simon Cowell in that capacity. Indeed, Simon was the first quote in the Billboard article announcing Stringer’s appointment as head of Sony this October. Their working relationship has been extensive, as far as I can tell. He has credited his work with Simon on XFactor acts as his gateway to success for getting Glee to work, which was hugely responsible for his success turning Columbia around. [Adele as well, and he’s partly responsible for a lot of a resurgent trend of U.K. artists’ US success.] He has called Simon the “best A&R guy he knows” in multiple interviews.

One Direction signed to Columbia in 2012 as they were breaking the American market; the closet clamped down during this time.

Sony purchased controlling shares in Syco in July of 2015 – paying £85 million total for it, and absorbing the £70 million debt it had accrued. While making £45 million from it personallyis somewhat pathetic for Simon, that’s a far better fate than being jettisoned from Sony and declaring the company bankrupt within five years. The buyout was, it would appear, the best possible outcome for Simon given the failures of his television series, losing One Direction, and being unable to produce a suitably earning substitute.

Rob Stringer was announced the new head of Sony mid-October 2016.

I say all this to suggest that thinking of a ‘fresh start’ for Rob Stringer or Harry is not logically sound. Rob Stringer has been involved in their business since 2012 – but even say for argument’s sake that perhaps he didn’t determine their marketing. But Rob Stringer has been calling the shots at Sony since this fall (and potentially had input before that official announcement). And we know Sony now holds the Syco strings and has since July 2015, a date we are all very aware of – so Rob Stringer stepping into the office in the last six months has certainly had power to ameliorate the situation, and he has not done so.

Harry has been constructed as the big fish, the Justin Timberlake, almost since the beginning. It seems Sony’s going to be damned if they don’t get what they’ve always angled for, by hook or by crook. Given what we have seen, they’ve been successful at backing Harry into a corner, as well as Louis, with profound effects for Liam and Niall as well.

Columbia and Sony are sure to promote Harry’s music thoroughly, because it could make them a great deal of money. But that is the equation. It is very much in their best interests not to help Niall, Louis, and Liam or One Direction, as that would distract dollars and time from Harry’s solo work, which will make them a fortune. It is quite evident by now that Sony has had the power to step in but have not, because such an extreme power imbalance in negotiating is much more expedient for their bottom line. They’ve been monstrous and it’s gotten them Harry’s contract, which is what they wanted.

Hope is not any easy thing in such a situation. I think patience will continue to be the watchword. 

Sorry I’ve been gone lately. Here’s a little imagine 💕

“Tom smile! Smile!” The photographer’s shouted.

“I’m doing my best you guys!” He chuckled, facing multiple directions and smiling.

“Give us a smoulder!” One shouted. Tom smiled and looked down, looking up and giving a serious face.

“Alright you guys. It’s Zendaya’s turn now. I need a breather.” He laughed, waving. I smiled at him as he came over to me, opening his arms.

I went into them and he kissed my forehead.

“I wish you were out there with me.” He said, slinging an arm around my waist.


“So he can show you off.” Harrison said, handing Tom a water.

“Really?” I said, raising an eyebrow. He nodded, the water bottle on his lips.

“Gross why?” I said. Harrison chuckled and Tom nearly choked on his water.

“Because. I get asked all these questions about you and when we go out they get photos of you. And they don’t see the you I see.” Tom said.

“Ugh! I think my heart is trying to get me to throw it up.” Harrison said, gagging. I laughed and Tom kicked his leg up softly, Harrison blocking it with his hands.

“Maybe someday.” I said as we moved on to another setting.

“Hey, I have a surprise for Tom.” Harrison told me as Tom went out for more photos.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Us.” A pair of voices said. I turned and saw Harry and Sam, alongside with Tessa.

“Tess!” I said, going up to her. She ran up to me, as far as her leash would let her, and licked my face.

“Hi you guys!” I said, hugging the twins.

“He’s going to freak.” Harry said.

“It’s going to be hilarious.” Sam said. I nodded and turned to Haz.

“When are we going to show him?” I asked.

“Now.” Haz smiled, signaling for the boys to let Tessa go.

Tessa bolted off and we watched as Tom’s face lit up.

“Tessa!?! Oh my god. Come here princess!” He said, calling to her as she frantically ran around. Everyone was laughing and he tried posing with her, but I guess the lights freaked her out because she ran off.

“Thanks so much you guys but I gotta go catch her.” He said, exiting. We went after him and saw him cuddling Tessa on the floor.

“Get off the floor. It’s dirty.” Sam laughed.

“You little shits.” Tom said, getting up and nearly tackling the boys in a hug. Tessa went to Harrison, where she sat next to him.

“Good girl.” He said, patting her head.

“That was a great surprise.” Tom said, laughing and heading over to Tess.

“We figured you needed a smile.” Sam said.

“Well.. you were right.” Tom said, petting Tessa and smiling up at me. I smiled back.
It was his last shoot and it was with Zendaya. The twins went to take Tessa to the car while me and Harrison stayed back.

“Zendaya is so pretty.” I said in Harrison’s ear.

“She is.” He answered. I chuckled and kept noticing Tom looking at me. Zendaya noticed and whispered something in his ear, causing him to make a face and making her laugh.

They continued whispering until Zendaya made an announcement.

“Thank you guys so much. I know you wanted more photos of us but as of right now, I’m a little hungry and the smell of food is not helping at all.” She chuckled. The photographer’s laughed and she left, shooting Tom a look.

“I guess we need someone to fill her space.” He said, slowly walking towards me and Haz.

“No. Tom.” I said as he took ahold of my hands.

“Come on Love. Just a few?” He asked. I looked at Haz and he shrugged. I sighed.

“Alright fine.”

He smiled and brought me out, his hand on my waist as we posed.

“Y/N! Show us your pearly whites!” Someone shouted.

I smiled and Tom kissed my cheek. The cameras went nuts. I could feel myself blushing and went to hide my face with my hands, but Tom stopped me, turning it into a waltz and spinning me out.

“Don’t be nervous Love.” He said in my ear, intertwining our hands together as he posed. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there and smiled, throwing a smile over my shoulders now and then.

“Give us something cute!” Someone yelled.

Tom looked at me and I just blinked. He smirked and took me in his arms, dipping me and then planting a kiss on myps. I was shocked and my hands cupped his face, slowly finding their way around his neck.

“Was that cute?” He asked, looking me in the eyes, his eyes crinkled into a smile.

“I’m guessing they liked it.” I said. He pecked my lips one last time and helped me up, waving at the cameras a goodbye as he led me away.

“You guys are so cute yet gross at the same time.” Haz said. Tom punched his arm softly and I stuck my tongue out.

“Did you have fun?” Haz asked me as we walked to say bye to Zendaya and everyone.

“A little. I’m not used to the posing and what to do with my face but it was a good experience.” I said. Haz chuckled.

“You’ll get used to it. Have you seen those photos of me and Tom? They always get me doing a weird face.” He said. I laughed.

“Yeah I know. Maybe we can be ugly together.” I teased.

“You’re stupid but okay.” He said, shaking my hand.

“You’re both stupid and not ugly.” Tom said as we approached Zendaya.

“I don’t know. Haz can be ugly at some times.” Zendaya said.

“Rude.” Haz said.

“You know I’m joking.” She said, hugging me.

“Yeah yeah.” He smiled, waving her off.

Tom came and kissed my cheek.

“I love you. And I’m happy you got out with me.” He said, hugging me.

“I love you too. And if you ever do something like that again, I’m choking you in your sleep.” I said hugging him back. He laughed and kissed me, earning Zendaya and Haz to cheer us on.

I looked away and Tom went chasing them, only to give up halfway when they split up.

Edmund in the morning includes:

• Messy and naturally soft hair (sometimes tangled), it either sticks out in multiple directions or is flatter than a pancake.

• Deep and scratchy voice = turn on.

• He has slightly cracked lips that he’s licking constantly and peeling off its dry skin with his teeth.

• He has specific moments with you and when he smiles, it’s a smile that shows he’s just truly happy.

• He loves waking up to holding you and he pulls you closer like he’s a cute teddy bear.

• You kiss his nose WAY too much

[you can check out the companion video here]

First and foremost, I manage the time I have available for my test. I look at the days I have ahead and try to understand what is the best time to study and how many hours I will have available during those days. Dividing my studying sessions throughout one or two weeks makes studying a much less stressful task and it also guarantees that I am able to cover all of the material during that time.

Afterwards I like to make a numbered list of all the topics, questions and sub questions I need to learn to be a hundred percent prepared for that test. This list is very useful so you can keep track of your studying rhythm. You can tell yourself you need to study, for example, from point 15 to point 30 in a certain day, while also making sure that you don’t leave any small details behind. I like to take my time while developing this list, as it will serve as an index or table of contents for my test as well as future exams.

After I evaluated my time and I made my list, I like to make a final calendar, dividing all of those topics I have just numbered for my remaining days. Try to be as mindful as possible of your availability - I always like to take into account weekends, holidays and days when I am just going to be plain busy, and when I know it will be impossible to study. This is important so you can manage your workload – sometimes you are going to study more in a certain day and in other days you may only have half to one hour of productive time. Have this in mind as you make your calendar.

After I have decided all of that, I just do my best to study - study as in reading and trying to memorize. I normally incorporate all of my textbook notes into my main binder and by this time of the semester I already have the most condensed version of my notes already filed and put together. This helps a lot during revision time because you can count on a batch of notes instead of carrying your textbooks around all the time. Generally, before I start complying with my calendar, I will first skim through all of my material to get a general idea of the main issues that the test will focus on and afterwards I will study the dedicated topics during each day. I like to read slowly and take any notes on the margins if I have the need to.

If I have the time, I also like to create study guides for individual topics or for the overall subject. Study guides are mainly developed topics in bullet form that comprehend all of the points you should cover in an answer. These are very useful so you can structure your answers in advance and take your time to understand how you should respond in your test, while also further reinforcing your knowledge on the subject and making you understand how ideas and concepts connect and work together. Of course that this mostly applies to essay-based questions instead of more direct or multiple choice questions; in that case, using flashcards is a more effective studying method because you are relying on definitions and concepts that you need to directly translate into your answers.

I do all of this while using the Pomodoro technique, this is, studying for twenty five minute blocks and making short breaks in between. You can use any timer for this as well as apps like the Pomodoro app or the Forest app, which makes the process a little bit more fun. 

Happy studying!


When We’re Human Again


Rating: K

Word Count: 2,900~

Summary: Based on @artsycrapfromsai‘s Beauty and the Beast AU. In which Ford becomes human again after years spent cursed as an enchanted journal, and Stanley and the kids realize happy endings are often a lot more complicated and messy than one might initially perceive.

The fading laughter was what let him know the onslaught had finally ended. Ford sensed the distant pelt of vibrations against the stone, moving towards the balcony, towards-


An insidious tendril of dread began to suffocate him as he realized his cursed form was wholly unable to come to his brother’s aid. And worst of all, the young man— Gideon, his name was?— abused him enough that his binding was starting to unravel at a dangerous rate.

Wild gales assaulted delicate parchment, threatening to cleave these pages from his trampled spine and leave him barren. He feared this wind was bitter enough to seep through even his brother’s thick fur, but as he didn’t possess the nerve endings required to differentiate temperature, there really was no way to tell.

Stanley mentioned playing in snow on the castle grounds with the children the other day, though, hadn’t he?

He lay sprawled on his back, trapped within his roving thoughts and functionally helpless without his brother or one of the young siblings to pick him up. The long years had chipped away at him, cruelly stripping bundles of parchment from his binding with each passing month— each page representing a portion of his memory. He’d already lost so much of his childhood and early life to this unstoppable decay. In fact, in his present state he found he barely recalled how he’d been cursed into this form to begin with.

What was it like, Ford wondered, to be human? To have strong limbs extending in every direction? The ability to contort and move his form by deliberate choice? What did it feel like to hold an ink quill and write manually for once? To consciously express emotion in more than simple text on page? Faintly, he thought he recalled a time when all of these actions and properties were overlooked mundanities— but he’d been imprisoned within this leather bound journal for so long that sometimes the thought of anything else but this existence faded into obscurity within seconds. And this frightened him.

I can’t even remember… what I once looked like, he realized in a pang of panic.

How much humanity did he have left to spend?

The few pages still bound fluttered endlessly in the wind, and he desperately struggled to keep ahold of them. He imagined his own thoughts appearing on pages in written word, frantic pleads for help, in the futile hope that continuing to mark his own parchment would somehow retain his connection with it. He felt another page tear away. Heard it as it cut through the air like a thin blade.

N-no… please…

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I started all three of these designs today… I cut out the stencil for the stars and gotten all the glass I need…today I practiced foiling and soldering and learned I need a strong wire for the 3-d glass flowers and I made my outline for the rose. I am truly a Gemini I need to pick one design and stick with it…I just wanna get as much knowledge as I can from my G-ma before she heads back to Canada in April

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I've often heard that knife fights are mutual suicide, simply because it's so hard to avoid getting hurt while disabling an opponent. Is that true? If so, could you give any tips on writing a realistic knife fight between two relatively equally skilled characters?

We did a post called “Knife Fighting Do’s and Don’t’s” which you might find helpful, it’s also full of links to other resources which may be helpful.

Knife fights are dangerous, in large part because every blow is potentially fatal due to cumulative bleed out/nicking something important or even seemingly unimportant, there is no time for error much less room as combat happens remarkably quickly with the high lethality causing a sudden end, and the fight itself often happens in a blitz.

Even in the hands of someone who has no idea what they’re doing, the knife is incredibly dangerous. Just bull rushing into someone and stabbing them repeatedly in the sides or gut often as many as ten to twenty times will kill them. This is often the case in muggings, for example, and why the knife is a very popular choice. You don’t need skill in order to kill someone with a bladed weapon. You don’t even really need it to be effective beyond understanding the concepts like slashing and thrusting, swinging wildly in the heat of the moment is remarkably effective in this case.

This is the first and perhaps most important tips to writing a character who is experienced and skilled, they understand the dangers inherent in the weapon they are wielding, they recognize it, respect it, and respond accordingly. One of the problems some writers get into when trying to convey skill is to go with the approach of, “it’s not a problem for me, but it will be for you”. This is valid, the problem is that they assume the danger is nullified rather than their character’s comprehension of that danger being the deciding factor. If I know the risks involved, I can take more or navigate more easily than someone with no experience at all. However, the danger itself never goes away. No matter how skilled you are every fight can end with you lying bloody on the ground.

That’s just the way it is.

If you write a character who fights, they and you should always carry the worry of them dying in the back of their minds. And if they don’t, then you should figure out why instead of assuming it’s natural because they have “skills”.

All right, let’s dig in: Knives

Remember, two hands.

When people who have never done martial arts (and even sometimes people who have) there’s often an over focus on the weapon or on the striking, the hitting. In knife fighting and just in general, the off hand or the second hand/hand without the blade is extremely important for both defense and control. All blocking, deflecting, and the openings created will be made with the off-hand. You stop the arm with one hand, cut it with the knife. This protects you and allows you to keep fighting. The off-hand may become a sacrificial body part as necessary to lock up the enemy blade, getting the knife lodged somewhere non-vital if perhaps unpleasant is sometimes necessary to opening the path to victory.

Defense is important.

The blades will not be clashing like a swordfight (which they shouldn’t be clashing in a swordfight anyway, but that’s a different kettle). All blocks, defenses, and redirects will happen with that other hand.

Keep It Tight

Tempting as it is to use words like “swinging” or others in a similar vein, try to keep your vocabulary to descriptors that imply tight, controlled motion. You don’t want a feel that’s wild and out of control but rather intentional, directed, and focused.

“He lunged forward, swinging wildly.”


“He stepped back, off-hand catching the wrist and redirecting the incoming dagger. Slashing his blade across the back of the enemy’s hand, he dropped down. With a forward lunge, he cut up along the underside of the arm, tucked tight, and drove his weapon into their gut.”

Debilitate, Disable, Finish:

If you have the option to lunge for the kill then great, but the best way to keep your enemy from stabbing you on the way out is to get rid of their weapon first. Attacking the hand that holds the weapon on your way in ensures that you can get rid of it. The best way to avoid a double suicide is to not be so focused on killing your opponent that you forget about their weapon. The guy you just stabbed six times in the gut can still stab you before he collapses.

Prioritize your threats.

If you have the opportunity to remove the participant before the weapon then fine, but 9/10 you’re going to want to focus on ridding them of their ability to kill you on the way out before moving in.

Move, Move, Move

It can be difficult to think in multiple directions, especially if you have no experience with two bodies interacting. They aren’t going to stand there hacking at each other, they’re going to try to create openings. As any hit from the knife can be deadly due to cumulative bleed out, avoidance is the primary name of the game.

Understand Anatomy

While knife fighting is fast and vicious, it’s also very much about anatomy. You get get downright surgical with a knife if you want and when writing your fiction it’s best to brush up on all the tendons, ligaments, veins, and so forth that are close to the surface and up for grabs or slashes in this case.

Medical knowledge will help you with combat in general, but with knife fighting you really want to know what can get cut to make X stop working before moving in for the kill. It sounds simple in practice, difficult in execution.

Study Actual Knife Combat/Combatants

This may seem like a no brainer, but if you really want to understand what it looks like when someone experienced handles a blade then you want to spend some time looking at guys like Michael Janich, the bladed weapons practice in Silat, Krav Maga, Marines, etc. It’s best to get that experience in person, but YouTube will also be your friend here. There are a lot different martial styles which include knives as part of their disciplines.

Take everything with a grain of salt and remember that videos online won’t make you an expert. If you’re a US citizen, you can also track down most of the Department of Defense manuals for the military available for free online. Some of the information such as that from Rex Applegate is outdated but finding his books and reading through them may help you imagine.

Half of writing anything is studying, learning what it is, what it does, learning so you can imagine the techniques in different ways. Theory for a writer is just important, if not more so than technique. You may not be able to perform it in life, but if you can grasp the theory then you can start applying that to your characters and their approaches to different situations.

Remember Violence is Problem Solving, Think of Your Character’s Personality.

Learning that all combat is not universal, that different approaches exist will help you branch out when writing your characters and allow you to develop combat styles unique to them. A good example of a narrative which does this is Season 2 of Netflix’s Daredevil, wherein Matt, Elektra, Frank Castle, and Wilson Fisk all have different approaches to using violence as a means of solving problems, where the way they fight is also an expression of who they are as people. The kinds of violence your character engages and the way they choose to utilize violence as a means of problem solving is an expression of their personality, not just their skill level.

Two characters of similar skill level can have very different fighting styles, even if they’ve studied in the same style. Take into account who these characters are and let that dictate how they choose to use violence. Not all characters are going to be efficient killing machines. Some are going to be joyous free spirits bouncing their way from one enemy to another, leaping and bounding with a blood streaked grin across their face.

You may think you know nothing, but take what you learn and then apply that knowledge to your character. Let them decide what to do with it. They might use it, they might ignore it.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

What is most important here is figuring out how to sell the scene to your audience in a variety of different forms.


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Awkward Reunion 

(( OOC: Tonks played by: @sirussly ))

Tonks: *taps her foot lightly* 

Remus: *stares, still shocked* Wow, it’s been a long time. *grins* You were just a snot-nosed kid the last time I saw you!

Tonks: *teasingly* Funny what 13 years does.

Tonks: *grins* delivering pizza.

Remus: Uh…

Tonks: *waves a hand dismissively* Jesus Remus, you’re acting like I’m STILL some snot-nosed kid.

Remus: *quiets* How does your mum feel about this?

Tonks: … How have you been keeping?

Remus: *changes topic quickly* I’d love to catch up, but I’m about to head out. I’m just waiting on my partner to show up. *glances past Tonks at the door*

Tonks: Don’t get too excited.

Remus: *furiously* What the bloody hell is Moody thinking!?

Tonks: *raises an eyebrow* Huh, What about you?

Remus: … You’re definitely a Black.

Remus: Nymph-

Tonks: Tonks.

Remus: … I’m not going to be responsible for putting you in harm’s way.

Tonks: I assure you Remus, I am perfectly capable of handling myself.

Remus: It’s not happening.

Tonks: I’m afraid that’s not up to you. 


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anonymous asked:

What is the difference between an Underworld and a Netherworld? Also, do you know any cute, local leviathans?

(puffs a bubble pipe)

The Underworld, typically in literature, is the place the dead go. To be judged or to exist in paradise or both, depending on the literature you’re reading/watching/etc. The main purpose of the word is to denote “this is not the mortal world, this is a separate place.”

Similar, the The Netherworld is a general term. Specific to Evil Supply Co. stories, it is the realms in which the monsters, ghosts, witches, robots, villains, heroes, scoundrels live in.

It is separate from the mortal world, but the barrier is more of a suggestion than anything. Creatures in Evil Supply Co. stories can, and do, travel to the mortal realm as they desire. Humans sometimes end up in the Netherworld here, sometimes to their wonder, sometimes to their peril.

(pours a glass of swamp water) Ah the midnight bloom.

For ESC stories, it is a “Netherworld” and not an “Underworld” because it expands in multiple directions beyond the dead and undead. It serves as the basis for the universe. There isn’t an “Underworld” because undead are free to congregate as where they see fit.

Sometimes in graves and sometimes in trees, sometimes apartments just large enough to be comfortable without being so large it is a hassle to clean, and sometimes in houses so large they give you pause to gawk at the intensity of beauty.

As for leviathans, I am a beach awash with knowledge and contacts. But without knowing your purpose or indeed anything about the request, I cannot help, even if I become persuaded.

So I shall toast you, wayward ocean wave, and wish you luck in your search.

Timeless Fate [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Could you write a Barry x Reader where instead of seeing Iris being murdered by Zoom he sees the reader being murdered by Zoom. Team Flash has no idea who she is. She’s from Earth 38. You’ll have to figure out the rest. :)

a/n: this was interesting, i think you mean savitar….i need evil sebastian *cries*


“Guys, I have no clue who she was…” Barry sniffles, wiping his nose on the sleeve of this suit. “I don’t know, but I, future me, knew her and… For some reason I felt something.” he shakes his head, tears stinging in his mossy green eyes.

Caitlin bites her bottom pink lip, typing on the keyboard and sighing. “The girl you’re explaining is dead, Barry. Y/N Y/L/N?” she flashes a picture of you on the TV screen and the speedster walks closer to it, arms crossed over his gray pullover hoodie. “I’m not sure who you saw, but it can’t be her.” she explains, waving her hand, causing her flowy dark blue blouse to dangle. 

Barry spins around, gazing at the rest of the team. “No, guys, I’m telling you. She was there! And future me… cared about her. I could feel it in my gut. When Savitar killed her, future me wasn’t fast enough; she died in my arms…” he argues, eyes darting from Cisco to Wally. He kind of feels desperate, repeating the same thing in different words.

After exchanging glances with Kid Flash, Cisco shakes his head, black locks flying around his tan face. He twirls the pen in his fingers, distracting his hands from trembling. “Maybe you ran to a parallel time. The future can go in multiple directions, right?” he offers, pointing the pen at both of the speedsters. Wally shrugs, mouth twisted slightly, looking to Barry for answers.

“Hypothetically, yes. But… I think this was… is… real.  Like, it’s going to happen.” Barry defends himself, hands flying to the base of his neck. He knows what he saw is a likely outcome; he just knows it. “I- Did you guys hear that?” he pauses, peering around the Cortex; Iris nods, standing from her seat and following Barry through the hallway, knee-high boots clicking on the tile.

The whoosh sound gets closer and closer as the team approaches the corner; the scarlet speedster holds his arm out, halting his friends. “Oof!” you huff out, hitting the floor, hair in front of your face. You look back at the dazzling purple portal, which is shrinking with every second. “Wait, no, stop!” you yell at the inanimate object, scrambling to your feet, black vest rising up your waist, messing up your white button down. “I don’t even know where to find The Flash, Jay!” you scream, watching the portal disappear in on itself.

Slumping your shoulders, you twirl on your heels, puckering your lips, beginning to explore the building. Barry’s green eyes widen and he makes weird hand gestures; Iris and Caitlin point to you, gritting their teeth. He gulps, standing up straight before strutting around the corner, coughing to get your attention. You jump, facing him, “The Flash! I found you; you can help me!” you say excitedly, clapping your hands.

Barry’s heart swells. You are completely adorable. “I… can’t help. You need to leave.” he frowns, putting on a stoic face, watching your smile crumble. “You need to go back to your earth.” he repeats, hand pressing to the small of your back, starting to lead you to the basement, where Cisco can vibe.

“What? No!” you fume, shaking his hand off. Your dark washed jeans scrunch at your boots as you move closer to him; barely chest to chest with him. He sucks in a breath, green eyes focused on your pretty face. “I need help fixing my time watch; without it, I can’t control my powers. I can slow time… Please.” you beg, pouting slightly.

A pang of guilt hits him straight in the chest and he sighs, bringing your wrist to his face. The watch resembles a fitbit; dark blue and thin with a small screen. “I think we can help, but after, you need to go back.” Barry reasons, ignoring the flutter of his heart when you smile. This is not a good sign.


Barry is being selfish, he knows this. Yet, his lips on yours feels like nothing he’s ever felt before, words can’t even describe it. Then, images of Savitar killing you flood his memory and he has to pull away. “Y/N, this can’t… We can’t be together.” he informs, blinking back tears at the sight of your confused face. “No matter how much I want to be with you, and, god, do I want to be with you, we… we can’t.” he swallows, stressing the last word.

Sniffling, you furrow your eyebrows together.  “W-why not? Am I no-”

“No, no, no, it has nothing to do with you.” he shakes his head slowly, tears streaking down his freckled cheeks as he cups yours. His thumb drags underneath your eyes, collecting the stray water. “I need to protect you. I’ve been to the future and-and you die.” His voice cracks, “I can’t let you die, Y/N.” he cries, chestnut locks bouncing when his head moves.

Sucking in a breath, you force your lips on his, screwing your eyes closed. Reluctantly, he kisses back, soft and slow, like if he makes one wrong move, you’ll break. “I’ll die without you either way.” you mumble in a gentle tone, cracking a small smile. “If I stay, I get to spend time with you. If I go, I won’t see you ever again… I want to be with you; no matter time limit. I can stall some with my powers; make it seem longer. Please, Barry, please.” you beg, tears staining your smooth Y/C/S cheeks.

He rests his forehead on yours, breathing in and reaching for your hand. “I’m going to save you, I promise. If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll save you.” he swears, capturing your lips with his. Barry needs to get faster, for your sake, even if HR thinks you have a timeless fate.