multiple chains

I wonder if the people getting buttmad Starbucks hiring refugees bothered to do their research and realize that they are hiring refugees in multiple countries where the chain operates and not just the United States, when they do hire in the United States they’re going to give first priority to people who have aided US troops, and they already have a veteran hiring program in place.

But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of your angry memes.

I work at a rest area on the highway. So there’s like multiple food chains in one building. We closed our chain and a half hour into cleaning, a lady pushed her way through our closed gate to complain about her cold fries. I had served the woman an hour prior. We had already shut off the fryers so we offered to microwave it. She gave us the most disgusted look.

Like ma'am, I’m not the one who wait an hour to eat my fries. We’re closed, it’s your problem now.


When your show is so awesome that multiple massive food chains are tweeting about it 🤘🏼
Trump threatens to remove funds from university that shut down Milo talk
Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw federal funds from the University of California at Berkeley after protesters caused a talk by the senior editor of Breitbart News to be cancelled. Demonstrators hurled smoke bombs, started fires and smashed windows ahead of Milo Yiannopoulos' scheduled visit on Wednesday.

So, Rump aka Lord Dampnut fancies himself a king now!  Blame and threaten us libs for being sore losers, wants to keep all our tribute money! (BTW, Milo “Numbnuts” Yiannopoulos is the self-loathing multiple gold-chain wearing gay male troll who hates women so much he does things like incite the Twitter trolling of Leslie Jones, which got him kicked off Twitter.  How professional of a troll do you have to be to get kicked off Twitter!!!) 

Proud of the Berkeley peeps who protested this bullshit! Only sorry that you got hijacked by opportunist vandals. 

I have multiple audio extension chords chained together so I can seamlessly move around my room with the music stays in the speakers… but when I’m at my desk that leads to there being *so* *much* *wire*

I Need You

note: the first chapter kind of ruined me but i’m still hanging on! 

“It’s not fair,” Sakura chokes on a sob. “It’s not fair that she won’t remember you.”

Sakura sits on the edge of the bed that her five-year-old daughter is sleeping peacefully in. She strokes Sarada’s soft dark locks, pushing some loose strands away from her face and tucking them behind her ear.

Sarada is breathing quietly through her parted lips, oblivious to what her own parents had to do so they could protect her.

Sakura’s heart constricts like someone had wrapped multiple metal chains around it. Her precious princess doesn’t deserve this. Sarada doesn’t deserve to have her memories erased. She doesn’t deserve to be lied to. It isn’t fair. Her carefree childhood is gone. The memories with the man she admires the most is gone. The warmth and love of her papa will be gone. To Sakura, it is the cruelest thing to do to a child.

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easy crochet shell & bar pattern ~

Begin with any (multiple of 6) + 3 chain*, dc in 6th chain from hook, repeat (skip next 2 ch, 5 dc in next ch to make SHELL, skip next 2 ch, dc in next ch to make BAR) to very end.

Repeat row for size: ch 3 and turn, skip first 3 dc, repeat (5 dc in middle dc of SHELL, dc in next dc BAR) to very end.

*I began with 45 chains to make this fabric 13" wide. This is a nice crochet fabric for scarves, cowls, and throws.

Can someone explain to me how Miles Luna, the Game Grumps and multiple food chain Twitters are in a weird relationship together? Like when did the Game Grumps start going out with the DiGiorno’s Twitter and when did they start cheating on them with Miles?

And don’t even get me started with AppleBee’s and Olive Garden, that shit goes back for months



Killer was once again trapped in an auction. He hated being sold as a slave to unknown people. The bidder stood at the stand and began the bids, the slavers brought killer out in multiple chains, he was toned, had long dark hair and dark red eyes, least thats what could be seen from the hockey mask he wore, His black shirt stuck to his muscles from the pouring rain, the slaver pulled out a whip and pointed at killer “He can be yours for just 50$!”

This was my one shift working at my store for the week:
1. A woman scammed us & attempted scamming other stores in the area.
2. A guy threw up twice in a bag at the drive-thru window.
3. A woman was shocked as to why I wouldn’t let her use her Panera gift card.
4. A man was determined we had spinach.
5. A woman got mad & stormed out because we couldn’t check the balance on her Starbucks card (I work for another coffee chain).
6. Multiple people cut in front of other people in line because they just couldn’t wait.
7. A woman told the girl on DT cash that she wanted to use her BOGO coupon to get the free one but didn’t want to pay for the other. She also told the girl that “they” told her it was ok. The employee informed her that it didn’t work that way.

It’s so nice to only deal with this crap once a week but it’s really not worth it.