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brooklyn nine-nine + hogwarts houses (more)

u bet ur sweet ass i didnt draw a background OR shade this bad boy but im posting this as is bc im fragile and i give up lmao

just imagine jonas is lyin on a bed or sumthin idc the only thing that matters is the Smoonchy SMooch 

thanks @smokeplanet for creating these Best Boys, i love them,,,so much,.,,.

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Reasons I Fucking Love This Picture:

  • Chyler is a fucking nerd making that face what a nerd
  • the concentration i cannot handle it
  • thats clearly in the kitchen and those are cookbooks
  • alex likes to cook, slash she decided to learn so she could make dinner for maggie that lesbian
  • alex has rock bookends lol #edgy
  • maggie at the table in the background with multiple glasses of wine
    • #WineGay or #DinnerParty u decide

A tinny ping! sounded in the cramped confines of the mako.

“Shepard–SHEPARD!” Garrus yelled. He didn’t shriek, of course.  He just…yelled.

Behind him, Wrex gave a long, drawn out snrrrrrrk. “Heh. Never heard a turian make a noise that high-pitched.”

Shepard ignored the both of them in favor of checking the new message on her omni-tool. 


“This booby is madly in love with Clawsette.”

Classicat #25: Meowrius Pont-Mew-Cy, Clawsette, and bonus confused dad Jean Meowljan, from Les Meowserables by Victor Mewgo

(Clawsette’s fur is naturally white. Meowljan’s fur turned white long ago from stress, so that many cats call him “Mewnsieur Leblanc”  Or “Mewnsieur The White.”)

In the book Clawsette and her father walk to a park every day, and every day Meowrius Pont-mew-cy walks to the same park. One day, Clawsette and Meowrius make Dramatic Eye Contact and spend the rest of their days nonverbally flirting with each other. Clawsette flirts by owning fancy clothes and makeup. Meowrius just acts like a  dweeb (he hopes Clawsette has noticed his new hat!!) Meowljan, meanwhile, is very confused. 

Basically: all the cats involved in this subplot are complete dorks. Meowljan has never loved anyone romantically, and Clawsette/Meowrius are experiencing romantic love for the first time– meaning none of them know what to do because none of them understand romantic love. So the whole subplot is an adorable mess of awkward

@uchihana replied: 

Hmm, I remember reading a really cute Thor/Tony fic where Tony is a mutant with Storm’s powers. They flirt while flying and playing with lightning :))) Oh, and there’s Fenrir, the Asgardian sentient storm, that acts like a Wolf puppy with Tony 💚 So maybe Thor and Tony amidst a storm in the sky? Or just Thor/Tony :D

That fic sounds super cute! Here’s the best I could do :’D

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“Nobody fucks with my friends. Except me. But that’s different.” For Taako and Ango, my boys...I love their friendship so much

Here you go, Nonnie! This quote didn’t quite make it into the fic, but the protective Taako sentiment is for sure there, as much as our wizard boy can be expected to show Actual Emotions. Also, for shopkeeping purposes, this is gonna be the TAZ Nano entry for November 11. Enjoy!

It’s three in the afternoon, one of the most peaceful times of day, when Taako’s Stone of Farspeech crackles to life with  a violent burst of sound. He jumps, drops the magazine he’d been reading, and swears at it.

“Good to - talk to you - too, sir,” comes Angus’s voice, and instantly, Taako can tell something is wrong. His breathing is ragged and his voice is weak, like he’s holding the Stone far away from him. In the background sound multiple pairs of footsteps. “I may have - wanged up this case, sir, and I - uh - would really appreciate some - backup?”

“The fuck did you do?”

“Pissed off a cult,” says Angus. A couple more footfalls and a muttered curse, then “hang on,” and an awkward clinking sound, like he’s shoved the Stone into his shirt. Or his mouth. Then the distinct whoosh and bam! of a sizable Fireball hitting its target, and within seconds the jagged panting restarts.

“Kravitz!” Taako calls sharply, not bothering to cover the mouthpiece with one hand. “Get your bony ass in here!”

“Don’t be rude, sir.”

“Fuck off. Hey Krav I kinda need your scything teleportation abilities and it’s kinda an emergency.”

For the fourteenth time that week, Kravitz sighs. “Taako, you know very well that this is highly illegal - ”

“Angus is in trouble,” Taako says, waving the Stone in Kravitz’s direction.

A scythe materializes instantly in Kravitz’s hands. Taako grins wide.

“You got coordinates, bubbeleh?”

Angus rattles off a bunch of numbers, ‘cause apparently the first requirement for being the World’s Greatest Detective is having a fuckin’ GPS in your head, and before he even finishes Kravitz nods and rips open a portal into the back alleys of Neverwinter.

Without bothering to check where he’s going, Taako steps through and onto a roof.

“Fuck,” he says as the portal closes behind him. He could ping Angus again, but he doesn’t bother with the Stone and instead hollers “Ango!”

The scarlets and oranges of a fireball a couple alleyways over neatly answer his summons. Taako casts a quick Feather Fall leaps into the alleyway.

Taako’s sense of justice might be permanently janked, but five against one is really not fair, unless your last name is Burnsides and you can take down six men in an arm-wrestling contest. He drops lightly next to Angus, glaive twirling between his hands for maximum effect, and winks. “You call for help?”

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