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brooklyn nine-nine + hogwarts houses (more)

Reasons I Fucking Love This Picture:

  • Chyler is a fucking nerd making that face what a nerd
  • the concentration i cannot handle it
  • thats clearly in the kitchen and those are cookbooks
  • alex likes to cook, slash she decided to learn so she could make dinner for maggie that lesbian
  • alex has rock bookends lol #edgy
  • maggie at the table in the background with multiple glasses of wine
    • #WineGay or #DinnerParty u decide

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Hmm, I remember reading a really cute Thor/Tony fic where Tony is a mutant with Storm’s powers. They flirt while flying and playing with lightning :))) Oh, and there’s Fenrir, the Asgardian sentient storm, that acts like a Wolf puppy with Tony 💚 So maybe Thor and Tony amidst a storm in the sky? Or just Thor/Tony :D

That fic sounds super cute! Here’s the best I could do :’D

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Hey y’all, so here’s the deal.

I got fired from my job. I have no viable source of income readily available and come January 1st I might not have a place to live anymore. And while I am actively working on finding…well, work, I need to build up my savings.

To that end, I’m taking any and all commissions! Yes, this includes NSFW. I’ve had my withholdings in the past, but right now, beggars can’t be choosers. Also due to this situation, I’m charging a flat rate of $10 for all commissions. Colour, background, multiple characters, what have you. All $10.

My contact info and paypal is I’m gonna ask for payment up front for these, but I will work ASAP on anything I get.

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated!!!

“white gays and lesbians” you say in contempt, playing oppression olympics with other disadvantaged people that you tokenized and deemed more oppressed, both implying that homophobia is a non-issue and in no way gay people are diverse beyond the stereotype of being white and rich (nevermind that our communities suffer from poverty due to employment discrimination and disownment), because then it becomes less acceptable to hate us. 

gay people exist outside the western sphere, they are either fleeing for their lives, being thrown out of buildings, imprisoned, executed and being forced into heterosexual arranged marriages to keep themselves safe.

even in the west homophobia is still alive and thriving, gay people are poor, they are disabled, they are mentally ill, they are seniors or young teenagers being thrown out of their homes, they are people of color from multiple cultural backgrounds and religions, they are immigrants, undocumented, refugees and asylum seekers.

we exist all across the world and we all have our own combination of struggles and unique experiences, you don’t get to take that away from us so we are easier to dehumanize. 


A tinny ping! sounded in the cramped confines of the mako.

“Shepard–SHEPARD!” Garrus yelled. He didn’t shriek, of course.  He just…yelled.

Behind him, Wrex gave a long, drawn out snrrrrrrk. “Heh. Never heard a turian make a noise that high-pitched.”

Shepard ignored the both of them in favor of checking the new message on her omni-tool. 

Can we talk for a second about how The 100 does not shy away from incorporating female characters at all?

Who’s the main character that winds up leading her people? A woman

 But it doesn’t stop at just one powerful female.

Who leads the twelve united Grounder clans? A woman

Who led the Woods Clan? A woman

 Who leads the TonDC tribe? A woman

Who was training to be a second? A woman

 Who took over as chancellor on the ground? A woman

Who is the Sky People’s crucial mechanic? A woman

Who was the leader of the Guard? A WOMAN

Who acts against her own people to help save others she barely knows? A WOMAN

And the list of female characters does not stop there. There’s Harper, Monroe, Roma, Fox, Echo, Diana, Tsing, and multiple other background characters.

Any of these characters could have easily been male instead, but they aren’t. They are all incredibly written women and girls. And this is so important. A lot of other shows are starting to have great female characters, but only have a limited number of them. The 100 does not hold back and feels no need to put men everywhere.

I don’t know I don’t care ¯\_( ಠ◡ಠ)_/¯

I can’t tell when the perspective went to fucking hell, nor when I stopped care about it


Hey guys!

I’m currently in the process of job hunting, so I am opening up commissions!  

These commissions are for physical pieces for non-commercial use.  Pencil sketches and brush pen inks will be done on multimedia paper, ink washes and watercolors will be done on watercolor paper.

Prices listed are base prices and do not include shipping.  Price varies depending on the complexity of the piece (multiple characters, complex lighting, background etc.) 

Please note that the base price for a full color watercolor is for a basic piece, such as a a single character with flat colors and a single background.  Pieces that are more complex such as comic covers or gallery pieces I’ve done have sold from between $150 - $300 so please keep that in mind.  Those interested may give a detailed description of what they are looking for to get a price quote depending on the amount of hours I estimate the piece would take.


  • I have the right to refuse commissions for any reason.
  • The commissioner is allowed 1 revision pass in the sketch phase of the drawing, any edits past that cannot be honored.
  • Commissioners must be able to link or provide references of the subject they want drawn.  There will be an extra charge if the character has to be designed from scratch.
  • If there is a particular style you have seen me drawn in (ex. messy pencil watercolor, lineless etc.) please specify when inquiring about commissions.

To start, I will only be opening up 3 commission slots, but will reopen as I complete the first round of pieces.  

If you would like to inquire about commissions, please shoot me an e-mail at grace.e.kraft (at)

Signal boosts are much appreciated!

i… already lost track of the writing plan i made myself…………. 

HEY! I did a big lotad comic-type project! However, it is… rather long? So to avoid blowing up your dashes with TRUE LOVE DAMNNIT, i decided to make it under the cut! In ode to @leakolotad and his lotad and lettuce thingies. 

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Imagine them kissing

How to Properly Blur the Background of an Image in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’re gonna learn how to blur the background of a photo. This is useful to know if you want to make the subject in the foreground pop, eliminate distracting elements in the background, or put text over the image.

I’m gonna use this image of cute puppy Sam because it’s adorable, and because blurring the background would make it easier to focus on the adorable golden retriever in the foreground. This image is a particularly good candidate because there are multiple faces in the background, and faces are especially distracting (because your eye is drawn to them).

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