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character designers trying to be subtle while ripping off the joker’s design

this is my completely new and original character…the uh…merry-andrew…his thing is that he’s really sadistic and he laughs a lot when he kills people…his favourite thing to do is torture people while telling them knock knock jokes and he knocks on their face with his brass knuckles…his signature line is “ha ha your dead”…

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Hey feli, this is purely me just curiously asking but... I honestly don't get the whole female issue with AC:U. I mean they have had a female protag before, I would also like to see females represented better in video games ( not as perfect people but more like lara ). But the game looks fun and well made, I don't see any reason to boycott the game because of something like this. Thanks for reading my ask (:

It’s okay, if there’s something I’ve learned from tumblr is that attempting to explain why something is being received the way it is is a matter of calmly giving you insight to my (our) point of view and doing it in a polite way because you came to me in a civilised manner which is fantastic.

The issue is this:

We’ve had a female protagonist before, yes. For a handheld game. A spin-off that launched alongside a main entry for the franchise with a big shiny 3 in the title. A side game with a female WOC which was amazing, even if it wasn’t a main entry it was still very appreciated.

We’ve had playable ladies in multiplayer since AC: Brotherhood.

And yet we’re being given the excuse that adding women is ”too much work”. We’re being told in nicer words that playable females in AC: Unity were not worth it. Not only did they market four identical looking white dudes, they marketed ”fully customizable assassins.”

As long as they’re still dudes.

Therein lies the problem: it’s 2014, there is quite literally no excuse for this. Many games nowadays are starting to introduce the option to at least let you pick which gender you want to play as, although they canonically market a male to represent the franchise 99.9% of the time. 

Females are gamers too. Girls care about the gaming industry, but things like this alienates them. It’s a way of saying, ”you’re too much trouble to include here. We had to pick a gender. Only one. And we picked male. Entirely.”

That decision? It potentially alientes quite a few gamers from playing the game. It might still be a fun game, people might still buy it, but if we don’t voice our opinion in a way that Ubisoft goes ”Shit, they’re serious about this.” these things will keep happening, and happening, and happening again and gamers will have to sit there and take it and continue to take it like it is not a big deal. 

But it is.

And you know why?

Because people like to be able to connect to the characters they’re playing as. Everyone likes to be able to see themselves in a videogame or general media one way or another. I’m not saying canonically make every playable character a female and not a straight white male like the industry’s been doing, but at least give us a choice.

A huge variety of people play their games, coming from many backgrounds, cultures and races. You cannot always cater to all of them.

But they’re treating the concept of women as if women were invented yesterday and that, my friend, is why this is problematic.

Am I the only one who’s happy about there being no multiplayer in AC Syndicate? It’s just my personal opinion, but the only multiplayers worth playing are Brotherhood and Black Flag’s. AC3 and Revelations are great games single player wise, but the multiplayers aren’t that great, especially AC3’s, and I haven’t even bothered with Unity’s co-op.

I mean look at the games that didn’t have multiplayer. AC1, AC2 and AC Rogue didn’t have multiplayer and they were all great games, maybe the best in the franchise.

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You like assassin's creed?! I never understood the pigeon reference until you mentioned it in an ask. That's awesome~


Seriously, back when this blog was still RendezvousOrDie, I was nearly an AssCreed blog with hiccups of MSPA, Dark Souls, Sherlock meets, and Dishonored.

EDIT: Actually, if you go on my blog on browser mode, the user pic is my Il Lupo from the Brotherhood multiplayer.