multiplayer brotherhood

Am I the only one who’s happy about there being no multiplayer in AC Syndicate? It’s just my personal opinion, but the only multiplayers worth playing are Brotherhood and Black Flag’s. AC3 and Revelations are great games single player wise, but the multiplayers aren’t that great, especially AC3’s, and I haven’t even bothered with Unity’s co-op.

I mean look at the games that didn’t have multiplayer. AC1, AC2 and AC Rogue didn’t have multiplayer and they were all great games, maybe the best in the franchise.

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You like assassin's creed?! I never understood the pigeon reference until you mentioned it in an ask. That's awesome~


Seriously, back when this blog was still RendezvousOrDie, I was nearly an AssCreed blog with hiccups of MSPA, Dark Souls, Sherlock meets, and Dishonored.

EDIT: Actually, if you go on my blog on browser mode, the user pic is my Il Lupo from the Brotherhood multiplayer.