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first 24 hr call of my last semester

arrived at 7am, didn’t each lunch till 3pm, went to bed at 3am, woke up at 6 am.

5 deliveries

2 second degree lacerations, however, both women were multips and had prior second degree lacerations. I am getting slightly better in repairing them, but it’s still extremely difficult to figure out which piece of tissue approximates where (and scary…that is not something i want to fuck up). And when i figure it out, the tissue is bleeding like hell and i keep having to stop to blot the blood away so I can see what tissues i am suturing. its a pain in the butt (pun intended?)

The other girls needed small repairs. I am a little bummed no one was fully intact, but it was good practice.

AROMs/IUPC/Fse without difficulty

I had to manually extract clots/explore uterine cavity/got blood all over my arm because no one told me they had long gloves that go all the way up to the elbow

I also had a small PPH with my first cervical laceration. my preceptor showed me how to grab onto the cervix with ring forceps and pull it forward to fully inspect the cervix. My preceptor was out of the room when i noticed more bleeding even after the placenta delivered, i asked for a red rubber, removed about 200mL urine, increased her pit, vigorous fundal massage, and eventually gave her methergine and cytotec, after the cervical laceration was repaired, her bleeding was much better. I guess everyone is right when they say that cervical lacerations bleed like a mother fucker

I feel a lot more confident as far as waiting for the shoulder to deliver and allowing the head time for full restitution

learning all of the charting is ridiculous, being at a new hospital is tough, but i am hoping i catch on quickly


     ❛ sorry — did i wake you? n - not to be weird, but do you think i could sit here… for a couple of minutes? i’m not getting much sleep in my room, ❜ kieran asked tentatively, pulling at his overnight shirt sleeves, trying his best to make them cover his freezing hands as he stood at the door of their bedroom. as much as he appreciated being able to stay at multipe foster homes for the majority of his childhood, he didn’t possess many bright experiences there, and even years after becoming of age and living off in his own apartment, he was still haunted by his past in his dreams. usually, he would’ve stayed up and read one of the number of sci-fi books he owned until eventually drifted back to sleep, but tonight, it was the company of a familiar face that the male desired at that moment.

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