Art by Tiribrush

Here’s a list of some of my recommended artists (mostly for Vocaloid art). Sorry the list is so long, but there’s so many amazing artists out there and this isn’t even all of them. Some people are on the list multipe times if they have accounts on more than one of these websites.

More stuff I’ll be uploading for Monochrome (&) Miku Anniversary Week

^Submit your art or cosplay images!

NOTE: This is in no particular order

Let’s get started:

Art by InkHer0

These artists have helped me out so much by drawing art for me to use. I haven’t paid them anything; they’re just extremely nice people and my blog/accounts wouldn’t look half as good without them.


For drawing the avatars for both this blog and my side blog.


For drawing the backgroud and header for this blog.


For drawing the avatar for my social media accounts like Twitter.


For drawing the misc. post art for my blog (for Text posts, Asks, Links and Videos).

Thank you so much!!

-More Special mentions-

I asked people to draw my Inkling from Splatoon and, as promised, here’s a special mention for the people who did it:

You’re awesome for doing this :D

Shicago Spelled the way it is phonetically pronounced…two separate images from the Art Institute of Chicago.

FWIW, the entire time I was editing this shot, I had that song that goes “Ohhhhh what a feelin’ when we’re dancin’ on the ceilin’” Stuck in my head.

**All photos are copyrighted. Please don’t use without permission**

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I was tagged by: kittychan-sings-enka

Nickname(s): Karo/Kara (short for my full name), Wuja/Wujek (it’s in Polish uncle), Uncle Sam. It was few more, but I don’t remember yet xD

Star sign: Gemini

High: 170cm

Favorite Color: Red, gray, darker shades of blue

Current time: 9:57 am

Current Favorite Song: If it was just one…. 
1  音を立てたら幸せに by Otozuki Kei from Don Carlos
2 Ship to wreck by Florence + The Machine
3 Touch by Anda

Avg Hours of Sleep: Asleep about 2-4 am and wake up 9-11 am

Lucky numbers: Every multipe of 2 and all divisior of 100

Last thing I googled: takarazuka livestream

Favorite Fictional Character: Now it’s Daimon Michiko from Doctor X. But my eternal fav chara Vanessa Ives from Penny Dreadful

Favorite Famous person: Otozuki Kei, Asumi Rio, Eva Green

Celebrity Crush: (es)…. :D idk if I can most of them count as celebrities: Eva Green, Florence Welch, Ruby Rose, Erika Linder, Casey Legler, Kristen Stewart.

Favorite Book: Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami- I lost few times this book and always buy new. I have it almost all time in my  bags anywhere I go.

Favorite Bands: Florence + The Machine, Tegan&Sana, Viza, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Super Beaver, radwimps

Last movie I saw: Inside Out

Dream Trip: Around the world

Dream Job: Cook in my own restaurant, what would be on the ground floor and my home above.

Currently Wearing: white tank top and black shorts

So, I’ll tag sumire-iro, zilimidori, takarazuki, lumaraheem, eternalyjun, takarazukacomplex, silver-colour, vivomemorleti, hail-homucifer, hello-spaceboi

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dazzledfirestar replied to your post “Also you know what those silhouette framed portraits were really…”

Also just… not everyone has family pictures all over the house? Like… I have two. My parents and a multipic frame with us and kiddo and that’s… it. Both on my dresser in the bedroom where no one sees. So… whatever. Fuck that noise.

Right like we had a fair few in my house growing up but there were certainly places without them and I have no family pictures up in my apartment (mostly bc I’m too lazy to print and frame them). Like it’s not uncommon to just have some art on the wall and very few pictures it’s just personal taste and certainly not indicative of being a “fake” family or something. This fandom reaches to anything to try to erase Laura its ridiculous.

#63: Multipeer Connectivity Basics

The Multipeer Connectivity framework allows devices to communicate directly with one another without the need for a central server. It uses all sorts of technology under the hood: Peer-to-peer WiFi, “regular” WiFi, as well as Bluetooth. It can handle all kinds of data: streams, files, or just good ‘ol NSData. Let’s try it out. First we need a service type, here’s ours (just a global variable):

let CrewChatServiceType = "crew-chat"

When a user wants to start a new chat session, we need to advertise it to other nearby devices, we can do that with an MCNearbyServiceAdvertiser:

let serviceAdvertiser = MCNearbyServiceAdvertiser(
  peer: localPeerID,
  discoveryInfo: nil,
  serviceType: CrewChatServiceType

serviceAdvertiser.delegate = self

Next, we need to properly respond to invitations from other peers. To do this we’ll need to implement just one (very verbosely named) function. It is advertiser(advertiser:didRecieveInvitationFromPeer:withContent:invitationHandler:).

We’ll create a session, then pass it to the provided handler.

func advertiser(advertiser: MCNearbyServiceAdvertiser, didReceiveInvitationFromPeer peerID: MCPeerID, withContext context: NSData?, invitationHandler: (Bool, MCSession) -> Void) {
  let session = MCSession(
    peer: localPeerID,
    securityIdentity: nil,
    encryptionPreference: .None

  session.delegate = self

  invitationHandler(true, session)

Lastly, we’ll test things out by sending new peers a welcome message after they connect, using the session delegate’s session(session:peer:didChangeState:) function:

func session(session: MCSession, peer peerID: MCPeerID, didChangeState state: MCSessionState) {
  if state == MCSessionState.Connected {
    let message = "Hello \(peerID.displayName), welcome to the chat!"
    let messageData = message.dataUsingEncoding(NSUTF8StringEncoding)!

    try! session.sendData(messageData, toPeers: [peerID], withMode: .Reliable)
#AlcatelLucent : les critiques se multip lient contre le para chute doré de #Miche lCombes

#AlcatelLucent : les critiques se multip lient contre le para chute doré de #Miche lCombes

– Consultante-Gérante-Associée Sarl CABINET CTM
Société de conseil pour les affaires et la gestion
– Gérante-Associée Sarl CAPLAIN FAMILY FINANCE
Société de programmation informatique, de domiciliation postale et d’achat groupé…

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Agra Heritage Day Tour - New Delhi | Viator

Agra Heritage Day Tour – New Delhi | Viator

Agra Heritage Day Tour on Viator

“This private heritage tour of Agra will give you a chance to experience the major monuments including Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and more while your private guide explains the rich history of this ancient city. Includes pick-up drop from central Delhi, lunch and entrance fees.


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