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Nice, multipes of 5 

5. Is there someone mad because you’re dating/talking to the person you are?

I highly doubt it tbh, all my pals think Amo is great and are delighted I’m so happy, and Amo’s pals seem to be glad I’m not a crazy person?  lmao if there is it’s some salty asshole i dont know tbh

10. Do you think your life will change dramatically before 2015?

Changing this to 2016 because?? Yeah actually I’m moving to Scotland in September and started my Bachelors, aaaaaaahhhohgod

15. Do you care if people talk badly about you?

Depends who they are tbh

20. Is there a boy who you would do absolutely everything for?

Not just one boy, all my boys <3 My pals I’ve had since school - exhibits a through z  (realisation: we need more group pics these were hard to find)

I literally love these losers so much they my baes

The great empty |Demo| Español

Viajarás al espacio exterior en busca de criaturas titánicas,
Catalogandolas para la humanidad, como biólogo solitario en un barco viejo.
En la búsqueda de estas criaturas tendrás que explorar, por ejemplo, planetas áridos, nubes de gas gigantes, las profundidades abisales de los oceanos planetarios y el interior de una enana roja.

The great empty (El gran vacío) es juego puzzle hecho por Snow Owl en el RPG maker VX ace. Deben jugar como un biólogo explorando la galaxía en busca de nuevas especies.

Descarga(MF) ||| Descarga(MEGA)

Al ser un demo, multipes funciones no están disponibles, incluyendo pero no limitando: la agricultura y el mapa de la galaxia.

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multipes of 8 (like 8, 16, and so on) for the ask meme!

8. how often do you listen to music?
there is pretty much always music playing in my life

16. are you going out of town soon?
sadly no

24. what are you sitting on right now?
my bed

32. do you like watching scary movies?
if i have someone’s hand to squeeze and sleep with the lights on for a week

40.did you have a good day yesterday?
i actually had a really good day

48. were you single over last summer?

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plus so much of their “chemistry” is rooted in scenes where wolfgang basically tells kala how her culture / personal modesty are stupid, and kala is p much wolfgang’s manic pixie dream lady savior

also the fact that she is non-consensually exposed to sexual nudity MULTIPE TIMES and we are supposed to think its hilarious that she doesnt wanna see that shit??? its disgusting. also any relationship where the characters have such polarized sense of morality is set up to be dysfunctional from the get-go

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Ask Game: Heracronite Lopunnite Audinite Cameruptite

Heracronite: Do you tend to use your master ball in the game? 

Hell no. I save it encase I run into a wild shiny.

Lopunnite: Would you rather Kanto remakes or Sinnoh remakes first? 

So on one hand, Kanto has already had Leaf Green and Fire Red. However they are no longer playble on the current consoles. On the other Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum are next in line to have a remake, and who knows maybe they could fix the game up to make it more enjoyable? I’m going to go with Kanto because of personal bias.

Audinite: If you lived in the pokemon universe, what kind of job would you have? (i.e., trainer, breeder, contest person, ranger, etc.)

Hm, is there any chance I could do multipal?  I know as a kid I would have been all over contest, but now that I am older Breeder seems pretty cool…. Oh who am I kidding I would be a Scientist who battled on the side.

Cameruptite: Team Aqua or Team Magma? 

Is this even a question?

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i have 2 cats and they are suuuper cute