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Silence - Odilon Redon. 
(c. 1911) pastel. symbolist. Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA .

Redon here presents us with a portrait of Harpocrates, the God of mystical silence, whose characteristic gesture is the forefinger pressed before his lips. This gesture was later transfered to Hermes the Mystagogue, who guides souls out of multipicity. Ultamately the greatest mystery can not be seen or spoken; it is beyond the grasp of the intellect and all symbolic representation.

Flowers and Feelings

Summary: You fall in love with a man who works at a flowershop
Members: Xiumin x Reader
Type: Fluff, One-Shot, Diary Entries
Length: 903 words

- Admin Mocha

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 Dear Diary,

  Today I was strolling down fifth avenue, my hair was a mess as the wind decided to torment the loose strands and I was in a terrible rush to get to work on time. My clothes were jumbled and I had forgotten to snag my lunch, so you could understand how this day was beginning to start off.  I had accidentally slept in and decided to check the time when my stomach dropped in realization that it was actually half an hour after I was supposed to begin getting ready. Fantastic. After throwing the covers away and dashing out the door, I was practically running a marathon to make it to the meeting on time that was supposed to last at least 2 hours. I ignored the multipe stares of people passing by and merely focused on breathing in and out through my lungs, wondering why running always had to be such an exhausting and difficult activity.

I was about to turn a corner when I ran right into a man.

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  He was carrying a few bouquets of flowers, and instantly I felt awful as they tumbled to the ground in a heap and the beautiful colors of the plants scattered. I had really messed up now, didn’t I? I immediately began to chant a string of apologies, informing the man that I was already late to a meeting and that I was trying to get there on time, however he only seemed to stay quiet and instead study my face. His handsomely sharp features were focusing rather hard on how nervous I looked, and he merely smiled and shook his head, alerting me that it was completely alright and he would be able to fix the damage in no time. As he leaned down to try and help you pick up what was left of the flowers, his gloved hans brushed yours and you felt your heart skip a beat for some reason.

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Dear Diary,

  I happened to make it to the meeting on time and things eventually smoothed out and my stress levels decreased greatly, remind me to get a new alarm clock as soon as I can. The only problem was that my thoughts continued to return to the boy that I had met that morning. Something about his smile and how gentle he was and understanding, I could barely concentrate during the meeting because I kept thinking about him again. I didn’t get a chance to look at the shop he owned, but it looked rather big and successful and it happened to contain a few customers patiently waiting in line. I had never seen him before because I normally took a different route to work, however I saw him later in the day.

  As Fate would have it, I left my office to go and make a few copies of a contract when I noticed that the desk of my boss’ secretary was abandoned. Normally she took a few coffee breaks throughout the day so it wasn’t necessarily breaking news, however there was someone whose back was facing me and he contained a box. Simply because he seemed to be waiting patiently for someone to come and help him, I stepped out and smiled before calling out an “Excuse me?” and I almost choked when he turned around and it happened to be none other than the man from earlier that day. He smiled widely when he saw me and scrunched up his nose ever so slightly in a teasing matter, “Did you make it on time? I have a delivery of flowers for your boss.”

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Dear Diary,

I learned that his name is Minseok, but friends like to call him Xiumin. He’s a couple years older than me and he currently attends a university down the street while simultaneously taking care of the vast majority of the flowers at his uncle’s shop. After the encounter at the office, we began talking so much and it felt like I was slipping into a fairytale as almost everything we said clicked so perfectly and simply. Our conversation was unfortunately interrupted though, when the secretary finally returned from her break and began to shoo you back to work. You turned to your new friend with pleading eyes, almost begging him to say something that would allow the two of you to contact one another in the future. You got your wish because he slipped you a card and it had the name of the shop.  

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  After a few days and getting to know Xiumin, he began to show me around the store in a rather joking matter, neither of us were taking this experience very seriously. He pointed out a few flowers though and informed me of some pretty interesting facts, and I couldn’t help but find myself incredibly fascinated at how simply stunning the plants were and also how passionate he was. He encouraged me to water them, however when he handed me the hose, one of my hands slipped and it was suddenly turned on. I actually screamed as myr fingers accidentally let go of the hose and it began to go wild and spray water everywhere. We were both left laughing as we attempted to catch the hose and turn it off, and when we finally did, we both collapsed and let out all of our laughter.