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Indian train network makes history by employing transgender workers
An initiative offering jobs to a handful of members of Kerala’s hijra community aims to tackle prejudice and bring transgender people into the mainstream
By Vidhi Doshi

The Guardian writes:

In an effort to integrate trans people into Indian society, Kochi’s metro has hired 23 members of the hijra community, who will start working behind ticket counters and on housekeeping teams before the end of this month. […]

Rashmi CR, spokeswoman for Kochi Metro Rail, said the new appointments were part of a wider initiative to make the trains more inclusive. […]

“People don’t interact with trans people. They live separately from society, they are not given jobs, their rights are not respected. We want to bring them into the mainstream by ensuring that people interact with them every day – on their way to work, for example.” […]

Vincy [in the photo] will start work on a ticket counter in a couple of weeks, and is thrilled: “Trans people don’t get work, not even in big multinational companies, IT firms, not in government jobs, nothing,[…] she said.”

“I hope it will be in all the newspapers and on TV channels and other companies will take notice of it and start hiring trans people.”

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I wrote a thing. It is my attempt at rewriting the prologue to fit my modern AU, and accordingly will vaguely follow the same sort of introductions as you get to the lords in the game.

-it is first person (I not You). I couldn’t manage to write the perspective that seems to be preferred. I tried. I failed.

-MC is going to be basically me because it’s easier to write, except named after my friend. I AM SORRY FRIEND.

-This is totally rated E for everyone, but I can’t promise later chapters won’t be E for explicit - I will put ratings warnings on anything that is inappropriate for children.

-I work in accounting (and I love it), but it means starting next weekend I am working 6 days a week (minimum) until the end of April, and I will be working really long days, so updating this will be intermittent at best but I will TRY to do even short updates when my brain isn’t curled up in a corner crying about taxes.


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On This Day: August 7

Assyrian Martyrs Day (Iraq)

  • 1794: President George Washington invokes the Militia Acts to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania.
  • 1819: Latin American Indpendence leader, Simón Bolívar, defeats Spain in the Battle of Boyacá.
  • 1859: Anarchist Emile Hugonnard, aka Michel, was born in Lyon.
  • 1884: Paul Frölich is born in Leipzig. He was founder of the German Communist Party’s newspaper, Rote Fahne and biographer of Rosa Luxemburg.
  • 1890: Communist feminist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn born in Concord, New Hampshire. She was a leader in the IWW and chairwoman of American Communist Party.
  • 1894: Eugene Debs and three union leaders arrested following the Pullman strike.
  • 1897: Albert Perrier, aka Germinal, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was secretary of the building workers’ union (CGT) and a member of the UA.
  • 1900: The anarchist periodical Regeneración, published by the Flores Magón brothers makes its debut.
  • 1900: Marxist Wilhelm Liebknecht dies in Charlottenburg, Germany. He was a leading member of the Social Democratic Party.
  • 1919: Actors strike shuts down Broadway theatres for several months after Actors Equity demands standard contract for all productions.
  • 1921: Over a thousand miners present West Virginia’s Governor Morgan with a resolution to end martial law in Mingo County.
  • 1925: Anarchist Ricardo Mella dies in Vigo, Spain. He was one of the first Spanish anarchist writers. He headed the publishing teams of Solidaridad, El Libertario, Acción Libertaria.
  • 1931: Workers on the Hoover Dam project go on strike over pay cuts.
  • 1933: The Iraqi government slaughters up to 3,000 Assyrians in the village of Simele. The day becomes known as Assyrian Martyrs Day.
  • 1958: Arthur Miller conviction for contempt after refusing to name alleged Communist writers to House Un-American Activities is reversed.
  • 1960: Côte d'Ivoire becomes independent from France.
  • 1960: Polish anarchist and punk rocker Nick Rock'n'Roll was born in Simferopol.
  • 1963: Catalan anarchist Ramón Vila Capdevila dies in Balsareny, Spain. He was an anti-fascist guerrilla fighter and a member of the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT).
  • 1965: After striking since July 22nd, 10,000 postal workers in Montréal workers return to work.
  • 1973: Anarcho-pacifist Emile Bauchet dies in Villers-Sur-Mer, France. Founder of the Calvadosian federation of the International League of Peace Fighters (LICP)
  • 1983: 675,000 successfully strike at ATT phone company over wages, job security, pension plans, health insurance.
  • 1999: Three anarchists arrested and accused of fire attacks on multinational firms. They are members of the “Silvestre” group in Pisa, Italy.
  • 2011: Greek Municipal police removed demonstrators from Thessaloniki’s White Tower square.

Something to keep in mind is that Traditionalism is more than a White Euro thing. It belongs to everyone who believes that ties to the soil and their ancestors are worth more than a pair of bluejeans and an iPhone. Its a revolt against the idea the sum total of human life is nothing more than the exchange of material resources. Its an idea older than any stock exchange, more enduring than any multinational firm. It belongs to every Asian, African, European, American and Oceanian. It is a love of the roots which uphold the great tree of the human race. It is a living votive to the triumphs and travails of our forebears, without whom we would not exist. It is to be proud of who you are, and to tell your brother or sister whatever colour they may be, to be proud of who they are too.

The Seastorm (1/2)

Summary: Ryan left the Vagabond behind. He abandoned the mask, the identity, his old employers. But it’s only a matter of time before all the lies unravel, and here he is now; a dead body in the trunk and his past catching up to him hard and, worst of all, Gavin’s trust in him broken. The only way to get out of this is to work together, but that’s going to be damn near impossible when Ryan’s revealed himself to be the one thing Gavin fears most.

a/n: For my dear friend youre-my-bois~ happy birthday!! <3


t/w: violence, non-detailed descriptions of panic attacks

Here they are now. Ryan is shaking, shaking, can’t stop. He’s cold, he tells himself, that is why. With every sharp turn he takes around the winding cliffside road, the body in the boot of the car gives a sickening thump as it slides and hits the sides of the trunk. Each time Gavin’s breath hitches as he jumps and Ryan has to fight the urge to look over at him, in the passenger seat, with concern. Part of him wants to make sure he’s okay. The rest afraid of what the look on his face might be.

In the end, though, it’s Gavin who breaks the silence.

“Is Ryan even your real name?”

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The stupidity of Danes

Deforestation to promote wind-energy. What a great idea! I mea-… wait, WHAT?! 

Oh dear. Why must I face such stupidity?!

Sometimes I honestly don’t know what to to do except maybe smash my head into the poor table. (It has received some harsh treatment througout the years because of this)

Well, here’s the thing: 

Denmark really wants to be (and is) in front when it comes to alternative energy, especially wind power. Which is great.
But now it has been decided that we need to build a gigantic testing-site in the middle of an old and cherished forest. And against the will of the people living in the area. And before it’s even been comfirmed whether or not it’s legal!

To top things off, the thing isn’t even going to be helping the local or national economy, it’s all damn multinational firms.

Don’t we just love it?!

No, but honestly. There’s a lot of debate already, as to whether wind power is actually CO2 efficient, what with the production and transportation of the mills etc.  But to ruin a unique forest-area (which aside from accomodating unique animals and flora also “takes in” CO2) to build a testside for windpower is just… too ironic.

It showcases what happens when good initiatives and ideas become a part of the market so it ends up being about earning money and not the original noble motive.

Much the same can be said about the medicinal industry.. ….

Luckily a group of activists managed to stop the machines that are going to crush the forest.  ….For now.

A statement has now been issued, that they WILL go through with it next week, whether they have to call the cops or not. (And they will)

..Funny that they are in such a hurry to get it done before the lawsuit is finished in EU and the local court..

I am looking into it now, hoping I can find out when they’re taking up work again. With a little luck I can go, and hopefully be of some help. 

[Maybe I should even bring some of those flower stickers I mentioned in an earlier post :P]