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this blog will rp, follow & ship with multi-muse blogs


this blog will rp, follow & ship with multi-muse blogs

this blog will rp, follow & ship with multi-muse blogs

this blog will rp, follow & ship with multi-muse blogs

this blog will rp, follow & ship with multi-muse blogs

this blog will rp, follow & ship with multi-muse blogs

this blog will rp, follow & ship with multi-muse blogs

this blog will rp, follow & ship with multi-muse blogs

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Send me a symbol and I will tell you…

🌸 = my roleplay petpeeve
🌹 = my opinion on your character
🌻 = a character I wish to write with
🍀 = a ship I wish to write
🌼 = a song I identify with your character
🌷 = a song I identify with my character
🌱 = a plot I want to write with you
🌲 = if I ship our characters together
🌴 = a favorite canon character in my fandom
🌵 = a disliked canon character in my fandom
🌾 = my opinion on OCs
🍁 = my opinion on multimuse blogs
🍄 = my opinion on crossovers
🎄 = my opinion on AUs
💐 = my favorite part about the fandom
🌿 = my least favorite part about the fandom


If I’m RPing with your multimuse blog, I am 100% down with RPing with both character A and character B in the same thread.

If, for instance (and picking generic names), the thread started with Charlie, and Victor is logically nearby, Victor is welcome to butt in. He can pop in for conversation, walk in on Charlie and I, or if your muse for Charles is being stubborn and it’s situationally appropriate, Charlie can excuse himself to the bathroom or go get takeout or answer a phone call in the other room while the story picks up with Victor instead.

I hate that multimuse blogs get so much crap. Some of them work so hard on their blogs and do beautiful replies but hardly anyone will work with them because they’re multimuse. The strange thing is that sometimes, the same people refusing them often end up having multiple accounts. It’s practically the same thing! The only difference is multimuse blogs have them all in one place.

If you are an independent roleplayer in the horror fandom of any kind whether TV Show, Movies, Novels, etc. Whether you are an original character or multimuse blog, please reblog this post to be added to an ever growing list of horror muses. Figured I’d make my own little thing and gather up some new friends along the way!!! Be sure to include muse(s) name(s) in tags please!

Wilford: *Is hanging out with some of the other egos when his phone starts ringing*

Dr. Iplier: What’s that?

Wilford: My Christmas ring tone for Dark.

Anti: Your ring tone for Dark is the Grinch song?

Anti: *starts laughing uncontrollably*

Wilford: *Answers his phone* Hey, Dark. What’s up?

Dark:… Do I hear Anti laughing?

Anti: *snatches the phone from Wilford*

Anti: *sings* You nauseate me, Mister Grinch.

Anti: *starts laughing again*

Wilford: *takes his phone back*

Wilford: Sorry about that.

Dark:… I don’t even want to know.

Send me a number and I’ll tell you which of my muses is most likely to...
  1. Adopt an animal without telling their s/o
  2. Run away from home
  3. Go on a spontaneous road trip
  4. Move in with someone they just started dating
  5. Get accidentally caught up in something illegal
  6. Become internet famous
  7. Write a best selling novel
  8. Become a famous actor
  9. Become an astronaut
  10. Stay up all night binge watching a show
  11. Run their own rp blog
  12. Name an animal the name of another animal
  13. Win a reality TV game show
  14. Run for president
  15. Accidentally kill someone
Shout out to all the rp blogs

Shoutout to all the rp blogs that started as jokes but then you got too attached to the muse and just kept going

Shout out to all the multimuse blogs, yall have so many characters you love and portray. Keeping one character straight is hard enough but yall do it up to dozens of times over???

Shout out to all the oc blogs that started as canon muses, even after all the development and shifting you kept the muse and made them complex and completely your own

Shout out to all the oc blogs built from the ground up! You crafted entire timelines and universes with your bare hands and made something unique and fantastic!!

Shout out to all the fancharacter rp blogs! You weave characters into existing worlds and make them as rich and wonderful as the canon cast!

Shout out to canon divergent muses who know that development doesn’t stop at the end credits and that there are wild and wonderful AUs to play with, so why should their muse be a carbon copy of canon?

Shout out to all the rp blogs just starting out. Yall aren’t cringey, yall are trying your hardest to navigate a community full of rules and drama and that’s not easy. You got this, i believe in you!!!

Star Trek Roleplayers Directory

Several of these have been going around, but none of them seem to be updated regularly anymore, so here is a new one. It includes filters for sorting so it’s easier to find people. However, in order to make this directory work as intended, I’ll need your help in getting information.

The directory is HEREIf you follow this blog, you can also get updates when new people are added.

Who can be added?

  • canon Star Trek characters
  • Star Trek OCs
  • fandomless OCs with a Star Trek verse
  • OCs from other fandoms with a Star Trek AU verse

To be added to the directory:

Reblog this post!

Either add a comment or put in the tags:

  • your character’s name
  • whether they are canon, canon divergent, or OC
  • what series they are from
    • Original and Reboot are considered separate; tell me if you write both or only one
    • OCs – if you have no specific series, put what series you primarily want to interact with (can be multiple)

Multimuse blogs! This will be set up by character, so if you want to be on the list, I’ll need this information for every Star Trek muse you write, please. (If you have too many to reasonably add in a single comment, feel free to reblog the post and message me instead.)

Please spread this around so we can help people in this roleplay fandom find each other!