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An adventurer and a scholar, Dutchman Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje took rare 1885 photographs and sound recordings of Makkah. He was also a pioneering multimedia journalist. The annual Hajj pilgrimage of the Muslims was what drew him to the heart of Islam. Snouck captured crackling, quranic soundscapes using Thomas Edison’s newly-invented wax cylinders. A pioneering traveller, he was a rare Western presence in Makkah, but embraced the culture and religion of his hosts with passion, converting to Islam.

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Activists were being watched by undercover NYPD officers at BLM protests

The New York Police Department has dispatched undercover police officers to anti-police brutality demonstrations led by the Black Lives Matter network and other protest groups, according to court papers the department filed in a lawsuit seeking transparency about its surveillance activities.

On Thursday, the Guardian reported that NYPD legal documents show undercover officers were collecting multimedia recordings and other intelligence at protests held in Grand Central Terminal in July and possibly at those held for the police-involved death of Eric Garner in 2014. Now, a lawsuit has been filed against the NYPD, citing a dangerous implication of undercover policing.

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