In the northwestern Gansu province of China lies the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, a gorgeous expanse of land known for its rainbow-colored rock formations. Standing several hundred meters tall, the multihued rocks are the result of sandstone and other minerals that occurred over 24 million years ago due to tectonic plate movements. Over the course of millennia, wind and rain have carved the rocks into the technicolor, wildly diverse formations we see today.

Photo credit: ImagineChina


Monday Commuters Delighted by London Bridge’s Transformation into Rainbow Brick Road

Commuters in London were treated to a delightfully colorful surprise this morning when the London Bridge was turned into a rainbow pathway stretching 300 meters across the Thames River.

The cheery installation was the work of BBC 1 presenter Gemma Cairney and Spark Your City, a global movement “dedicated to spark joy in everyday city life.” Cairney and her collaborators were up bright and early to make sure the rainbow road was in place by the time commuters were on their way to work. With the colorful tiles, a multihued outfit, free bouquets of flowers, and a sign inviting people to “Love Mondays,” Cairney was a welcome beam of sunshine to Londoners on this gray, rainy morning.

Unfortunately, the rainbow carpet had to be removed earlier this afternoon due to strong winds, but Spark Your City will be back in London with a mysteriously titled “Urban Jungle” surprise on August 12!


Hey everyone! I saw this Inga Dress by @deeetron and i absolutely loved it! So, i decided to recolour this dress with @bepixeled‘s vibrant multihued medley palette (40 swatches). I hope you enjoy this dress as much as i do! 


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The beautiful brightly-coloured beasts that nobody noticed
Until now we had no idea that these five species of fan-throated lizards existed
By Richa Malhotra

One new genus (Sitana) and five new species of fan-throated lizards have been found in the drier parts of India. Fan-throated lizards are small ground dwellers. The males flaunt a multihued, fan-shaped fold of skin on their throats during the breeding season…