multigrain toast

🍏🍏🍞🍞Breakfast today 2 Granny Smith apples topped with cinnamon & multigrain toast with roasted red pepper hummus.

Hummus is a great alternative to butter/margarine on toast if your looking for a healthier choice with minimal effort 👌

I mean, i remember it happening like once very early on in the first book but you cannot tell me that every time Sadie or Carter introduced each other as their siblings and people gave them the questioning “wait related or step-sibling” stare, sadie didn’t either ball out or act exceedinly dramatic about it to carter’s amusement/humiliation

some rando: you don’t look like you’re related.

sadie: *in extreme monotone* oh my god. no has ever told us that before. tell me, sir, how does it feel to be the first person to ever witness mixed race siblings?


some rando: so then… what are you?

sadie: chocolate and vanilla swirl, an oreo, white chocolate, those chocolate ice cream bars with vanilla filling

carter: sadie-



YAAAAASSSSS!!!! I’m so excited!!! I even binged a couple of times this week! But wanna know the secret? Drink heaps and heaps of water, eat when you’re hungry, and do a lot of exercise! I mean like at least 17000 steps a day including a workout.
Also a tip for if you binge… what I do is I have this app called ‘7 minute workout’ and it burns 103 calories per circuit so I just keep doing circuits until I don’t feel so full anymore (or by limbs have gone to jelly!).

Okay so I case you’re wondering, my typical day of eating is….

*Brekkie: Vegemite on 2 pieces of thin, multigrain toast with Berocca & green tea

*Morning tea: Apple

*Lunch: Celery/carrot sticks with peanut putter

*Afternoon tea: Handful of frozen berries or if I have sport that arvo, then a banana

*Dinner: Whatever mum cooks up! I make sure to have at least half a plate of veggies and no mash potato. (I’ll have a little roast potato though, and a fair amount of roast pumpkin! ) Also I like to have a green tea after dinner too

*Dessert!!! If I’ve had a good eating week all week then I reward myself with a small treat on a Friday night. This is usually some Greek yogurt with stevia and cocao powder, or banana pan fried in butter, honey, and cinnamon! Perfection, I’m telling you! 

Also I drink a little less than 3L at day.

Some tips for getting in your exercise…

*I loooove playing soccer at lunch with my friends

*Run!!! You might hate it, but if you have some music and dance along and sing, it makes it more enjoyable and it burns more calories because you’re exerting yourself more!

*7 Minute Workout app (of course!)

*I also have volleyball and soccer 3 days a week, so try and get into some sporting clubs! It’s a great way to make new friends too!

*Have a dance party! If you’re a loner like me you can have a one-woman dance party, but you could also invite some friends over for a sleepover or whatever and just break it down

*And last of all, swim!! This is one of the best sports that you can do for your health. Even just going to the local pool with your friends is great for ya!

If you’re having trouble getting in your exercise or simply don’t like exercise, incorporate friends into anything and it instantly becomes more fun!

But most importantly, DON’T STRAVE YOURSELF!!! If you starve yourself you won’t be a able to focus on anything or exert yourself at all. Instead, eat less carbs, more fruit and veggies, do lots of exercise, and drink heaps of water!

Okay I hope that helped, so byyyyyeeeee!!!

Chocolate Caramel Banana Toast (399 cals)

-½ C Greek Yogurt (70 cals)

-½ tsp. Chia Seeds (10 cals)

-½ medium banana (52 cals)

-1 piece of multigrain toast (100 cals)

-½ medium banana (52 cals)

-1 pumpkin date caramel ball (50 cals)

-1 healthy brownie (65 cals)

I spread the pumpkin caramel date ball on top of the brownies and it was so chocolate-caramel-ey and so delicious!! :)

Secret hoard

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Stiles is perfectly fine, thank you very much. Just because he doesn’t hoard gold or jewels like Lydia, or mirrors like Jackson, or Isaac with his scarves, or Allison and her arrows from every misguided attempt on her life by the humans, or Scott with his animals (he has separate caves in his own mountain filled with different types of animals; the last time Stiles was there, he was positive that he saw a kitten playing with one of Isaac’s scarves, but no one else knows that he knows), or Erica, who hoards pillows of all things… but, whatever, Erica isn’t the one getting an intervention, Stiles is.

“We’re concerned for you, Stiles,” Scott says, eyes wide in obvious concern, even as he uses one large clawed hand to stop a curious puppy from running off too far.

“You were concerned about me last year, too. Nothing’s changed, and I’m perfectly fine! I mean it, I’m fine, okay? Nothing to worry about or be concerned over, because I am totally fine! Seriously, absolutely fine.”

“We’d believe you more if you hadn’t just said the word ‘fine’ more than three times,” Allison points out.

“You need a hoard, Stiles. You’ll die without one. How about coins? I have some to get you started,” Lydia offers, brass coins offered in her clawed hand.

That’s what tips Stiles over the edge because Lydia offering him some of her own hoard is like a human taking a bullet for another human. Except worse, because they’re dragons and dragons aren’t exactly known for their ability to share. In fact, no dragon in the history of dragons has ever shared anything of theirs ever. Stiles doesn’t even think he’s exaggerating with that.

“No! I don’t want your coins, or anything else any of you have brought for me, okay? I already have a hoard!”

The arguments that had started while he was mid-sentence stopped at his revelation, and all of them stare at him. Stiles notices that Lydia seems relieved and she immediately tucks her coins back under her scales.

You have a hoard?” Jackson asks, the disbelief equal to the scorn in his voice. Lydia hisses at him, more smoke than fire, and Jackson settles down again reluctantly.

“I have a hoard, I promise I do, but I can’t tell you more than that, okay?”

“Is it something weird?” Isaac asks promptly.

“Is it sex toys?” Erica asks, grinning.

Stiles rolls his eyes. Buy one damn dildo for yourself as a birthday present, forget what you ordered, open it in front of your friends at your birthday party, and they’ll never let you live it down.

“No, Erica, it’s not sex toys. Otherwise I’d have them all on display and there’d be dildos and vibrators all over my cave,” Stiles deadpans.

Erica snorts a laugh and almost sets Stiles brand new cave rug on fire.

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its funny theres no major taurus placements in my chart but im SUCH a stereotypical taurus like for 1 im lazy and 2 im so into physical Things… nothing gives me more peace of mind than nice perfume and toasted brown multigrain sesame coated bread. its funny bc i know tauruses who are more stereotypically my own sign scorpio than taurus


Norwegian Club:Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Jarlsberg and Muenster Cheese with fresh Tomatoes, Sliced Red Onion and Lingonberry Mayonnaise on Toasted Multigrain Bread, from Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe located in the Norway Pavilion in Epcot.

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i don't know what to do… i have so much weight to lose. i'm 230 lbs right now. i feel so hopeless. help please?

Weight loss is different for everyone. But there are a few things that are universal. I think one of the most important tools to losing weight is your attitude. You have to believe in yourself, have faith that you can succeed. Once you have that, you need plans. And goals, you need that light at the end of the tunnel. Create a meal plan for the week, preplan all your meals (or at least as much as you can).  Don’t be afraid to experiment. Be patient. And keep going. Don’t quit. Eating healthy and working out will always work. There are many different guides you can follow, so do your homework. Some will tell you to count calories and measure everything, some will tell you to eat clean and not to worry. Personally, I need to measure things, and keep track because I tend to overeat if I don’t. But when it comes down to it, do what you feel is right for you. You know yourself better than anyone else, and you will find what works for you. 

Check out these links:
tumblr guide to healthy living (lots of snack ideas and recipes)
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Strawberry Banana Spinach Smoothie 
Eating and exercise
When & What You Should Eat
50 Awesome Pre and Post Workout Snacks* really great list!
Pre workout choices
Premarathon Carbs 

sample meal plan;

breakfast: green tea. slice of multigrain toast, egg white tomato spinach omelette with a spoon of cheese

morning snack: apple slices with 1 spoon of peanut butter

lunch: stir fry. ½ cup brown rice, 1 cup broccoli, ½ cup carrots, 1 whole egg OR 1 cup lean or extra lean ground beef. if using eggs, scramble the eggs. boil the rice. use olive oil spray on a non-stick pan, if using beef, cook it before hand and add to pan, then stir fry the vegetables and add the rice.

afternoon snack: 1 tablespoon homemade hummus with carrots, or any veggies.

dinner: grilled chicken salad; romaine lettuce, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, 1 spoon of olives. dressing: 1 heaping tablespoon of 0% greek yogurt, ½ lemon or lime, salt, ½ garlic clove and mix. OR kidney bean salad. boiled (and dried) 1 cup kidney beans, ½ cup cucumbers, ½ an onion (less or more to your taste), ½ cup tomato, use any vegetables you want. squeeze half a lemon in your salad and add any seasoning. i like greek.

evening snack: 1 banana, strawberries (any berries) 1 heaping tablespoon 0% greek yogurt (any flavour or add honey/splenda), 2 tablespoon flaxseed (or granola)

hope this helps <3 the secret to success is to keep going! you can do it! 

what i ate on september 26 :)

- califa farms almond milk espresso drink
- two slices of ezekiel multigrain toast with an avocado, nutritional yeast & pink salt

- whole wheat spaghetti with garlic marinara sauce, daiya vegan jack cheese, salt & pepper

- beyond meat vegan vietnamese chicken frozen meal with braggs liquid aminos

- a few squares of vegan mint dark chocolate


Last breakfasts from home: Poached Egg with Brie, Tomato, Sundried Tomato Tepanade and Pesto on top of toasted Multigrain Bread [More Breakfast] [More Home]

It seems that there’s something deeply romantic about a perfectly poached egg, such that my mother will make it for us whenever she wants to show her love on a special occasion. The morning before I prepared to leave for Boston (and I do mean “before I prepared”, since I packed until the very last moment I had to leave, which involved a lot of throwing things in bags and hoping that they would fit) I came down expecting my usual yogurt, and found my mother at the stovetop pouring vinegar into a pan of swirling hot water. There was a silent acknowledgment: of the sadness that emanated from her like an aura as the unstoppable turning glass of time steamrolled over our fragile happiness, the busyness as she tried to forget my impending departure. I normally only ate yogurt or things that make me feel incredibly clean for breakfast, but I knew that there was so much more to this poached egg than anything I could eat, especially in America: there was an incredible amount of love. And she smiled quietly as I took the bread and topped it with everything sinfully delicious, because it was my acknowledgment of the extraordinary nature of what I was eating, and what it meant to both me and her. Sometimes, food can do that.