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SOLARIS SPRINGS  is a modern reality, multi-fandom roleplay group where characters can join together and enjoy all of the simple aspects of every-day life.

The lively island of Solaris is home to 4 of the most dazzling districts you could hope to come across. Whether you’re the type for nightlife or peaceful neighborhoods, Solaris can suit your every need for adventure, entertainment, and tranquility.

The beautiful districts known as Solis, Luna, Aurora, and Umbra all welcome you as a new addition to this amazing island. Each district is fit with different statuses; ranging from the political, rich capital of Solis, the North District, to the dangerous, exciting evenings of Luna, the South District. If you prefer a place to raise a family, or even own a nice home or apartment, the East District of Umbra is supplied with many homes ready for the taking, as well as a few entertainment hot spots. Contrary, Aurora, the West District, is known as the district that never sleeps, with it’s first class apartments and casino, 24/7 nightclubs, and seemingly endless boardwalk on the lovely beaches of bright warm sands and glimmering waves.

With 4 administrators for the group, we will be certain you will get in as soon as possible. Many characters are up for grabs, and luckily you can claim up to 3 characters, and then gain a 4th one later on. And, if absolutely necessary, a 5th with mod permission.

Solaris and it’s 4 districts hopes to welcome you soon!


Introducing Septaneus, a new modern fantasy MFRP.

For everyone, the experience is different. Some distinctly remember dying, and Septaneus was the next thing they remember. Some insist that they were in the middle of something important, studying for a test, preparing for a fight, getting to their job, and they were simply plucked for their lives. For some, they had been in darkness for so long, and there was a comforting light, a destination.

The destination, was the city of Septaneus! You are breathing, you are alive, and you are somewhere new. This city pulses with magic and futuristic technology of the likes that you haven’t seen, and the residents are all friendly and used to strangers appearing from thin air in the circle that serves as the plaza for the middle of town. Skyscrapers, cell phones, teleportation, you name it, and they have it, and they it’s all powered by the magic that sometimes seems to practically hang in the air.

There are whispers nearby that there’s “another one,” as Off-worlders, while they have always been appearing in Septaneus, have been appearing at an increased rate. It is a mystery to even the oldest people in the city, but why?

Maybe you’ll be the one to find out.

Septaneus is a new modern-fantasy multifandom roleplay group, where your character will be able to keep their powers. Beginning today, October 1st, we will be accepting any reserves and questions about the premise. Reserves will last until a week after the official opening. Starting midnight EST on October 10, 2017, we will be officially opening and accepting applications.

Please give us a shot, and feel free to consult any of the links below.

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Welcome to Obsian, a city far beneath the Earth. Presumably beneath the Earth. It’s not as though there’s any way to be sure, what with being entirely closed off from the surface.

As if it wasn’t bad enough to find yourself stolen by a subterranean city teeming with magic, secrets and mysterious, possibly malicious rulers, there’s a new mark on your chest, right above your heart, connecting you with another resident of the city. You’ll feel their pain, physical or otherwise, along with everything else. Of course, you’ll feel theirs, too. In a city like this, and with no way to know who you’re connected to, that could be a problem.

You might as well make yourself comfortable, friend.

There’s no way out.

Obsian is a multifandom roleplay group set in a subterranean city and revolving around connections between characters, reopening after an unexpected hiatus.

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